Natural Daily Look

I don’t know why it came as a shock for people to realize that I do wear makeup regularly, and don’t notice whenever I do until I actually say something. Although, in saying that, most of the comments DO come from males, and probably 5% come from females. Here today I wanted to share with you my way of applying my makeup naturally to enhance my appearance.

This look is incredibly simple to achieve, and most beginners have been able to at least, replicate this look I’m about to show you now. Trust me when I say beginners; I taught a few first time makeup applicators and a few old customers this routine, and they got the hang of it within a day or two. In saying that, don’t expect much of a real look; more so what I would usually wear daily on normal circumstances where I am presenting myself to the public eye.

Special shout out to Emi Lee who suggested this post idea, and for
I am so damn offended. Please excuse the little white stain thingies on the collar and above the pizza logo. I’m pretty sure they’re from when I was attempting to bake another cake, which totally failed. Also, please excuse my nappy ass hair, I’m trying to find a decent hair product that will work for my dry hair, since black owned hair companies here in Perth don’t have what I need to restore the moisture back into my locks.

STEP ONE: Start off with a well prepped face, using adequate skincare without heavy layers.

I usually recommend to keep skincare at a minimal whenever you apply makeup, since too much skincare can prevent makeup sitting nicely on the face. I always cleanse with a pH balanced cleanser, following with a toner to protect my skin, and a light gel type moisturizer of some sort. My objective whenever I apply any sort of makeup is to ensure my skin is hydrated without any sticky or heavy feeling you may get when applying other products like serums, ampoules, even cream.


  • TOSOWOONG Enzyme Powder Wash
  • BENTON Aloe BHA Skin Toner
  • BENTON Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

STEP TWO: Prime your face using two different primers to target skin concerns.

I don’t have severe pore problems these days, but in saying that, makeup tends to emphasize pore visibility on my skin, so I like to apply a silicone based primer around my nose and areas with lines or oiliness. With the rest of my face, I sometimes look dull, so to correct this, I opt for a pink pearl base to brighten up these areas.


  • THE HISTORY OF WHOO Gongjinhyang Mi Essential Base
  • ARITAUM Pore Master Sebum Control Primer

STEP THREE: Using a base you prefer, apply lightly to the skin to enhance the appearance of your face.

I absolutely love dewy makeup, but the formula of dewy products don’t look nice on my skin, so I often choose velvet finishes, or matte formulas. I can always cheat the appearance of glossiness if I use highlighter anyway, right?

I’m also way too lazy for brushes or beauty blenders (though beauty blenders are my absolute favorite tools to use) so I often reach for a cushion compact since they’re quick and easy.


  • SULWHASOO Evenfair Perfecting Cushion in shade 25 Deep Beige

STEP FOUR: Conceal troubled areas using a product one shade lighter or similar tone to your base makeup.

My under eyes get really dry and crease easily no matter what I do. Trust me when I say that no amount of eye cream will help. I’ve gone from using budget branded eye creams, to Shiseido, History of Whoo, Sulwhasoo, POLA BA… you name it, I’ve probably tried it already. Nothing but plastic surgery will help now, so in saying that, I have to make sure the concealer under my eyes isn’t too drying.

For the rest of my face, a pot concealer tends to have the highest coverage, so is easy to hide any trouble spots that the base makeup wasn’t strong enough to conceal. It’s as simple as taking the concealer on your finger tips and dotting it on the area of concern, then using a small dense brush, as if you’re wiping away, brush the concealer to blend into your skin texture and base.


  • THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer in shade 1.5 Natural Beige
  • SHISEIDO Spotscover Foundation in shade S300 (I believe this is only available in Japan only and unless your beauty retailer trades with Japan, you’re more than unlikely to be able to get your hands on this unless you order online or physically go to Shiseido in Japan to get it.)
  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 105 Concealer and Lip

STEP FIVE: Apply cream or liquid highlighter to the upper part of your cheekbones for a natural glow.

I like layering highlighter since powder type can make your skin look a tad chalky. By using a cream or liquid type first, you can naturally add more glow without the chalky or powdery appearance, and tends to look more natural as well. Additionally, you can also add this highlighter down the nose bridge or forehead if you like. You can also replace highlighter with a hydrating concealer a few shades lighter than your base, if you want extra coverage or a more stronger strobe (which is what I did). It’s up to you whether you want to blend it out with a tool or your fingers, but I chose the latter because I’m too lazy for tools, and fingertips gives me decent blending without too much friction against my face.


  • TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Lunchbox in shade 2 Watery Skin, the highlighter only
  • THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer in shade 1.5 Natural Beige

STEP SIX: Set your base with a translucent powder using a big fluffy brush, adding extra powder to bake under the eyes if you crease, and around problematic areas if you tend to get oily.

I like to use loose powder since it’s easy, works nicer than pressed on certain occasions, and since I bake my eyes and nose, it is the obvious choice between formulations. I actually take a small fluffy brush and pack the powder onto my nose and under my eyes, since it works like a beauty blender, without the extra dry feeling you might get if you do baking techniques.

I’ve tried banana powder before, and look… if you have a warmer undertone then go right ahead because it actually is really good. However, my face isn’t yellow in tone, so a yellow powder will only look odd on my skin.

Using a big fluffy brush as well, I swirl it into my skin after applying powder just to lightly buff the product into my skin. If I use a flat top brush, it tends to give my face a “too matte” appearance which doesn’t look right on me.


  • SHISEIDO CLE DE PEAU Poudre Libre Transparente (I’m pretty sure this is available only in Japan, though there are some Shiseido stores around the world, now selling this range)
  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 101 Powder
  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 102 Highlighter (Used for baking only)

STEP SEVEN: Shade in your face to give the illusion of a more structured face shape. Additionally, contour your nose and eyelids at the same time if you prefer doing this.

THIS IS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE PART OF MAKEUP. Using brown powder to cut away your face leaving nothing but perfection behind. Whenever I contour, I have to be very careful, since I am the kind of person who ends up with a dirty looking face from abusing the product, but it’s so much fun. You know those beauty Youtubers that make fun of people who contour to the point it looks like they haven’t washed their faces in 3 months? I’m that kind of contourer. I take contour powder along my jaw and up the sides of my face, focusing the product at the base of my jawline and temples. I then lightly sweep contour along the hollows of my cheekbones for a more sculpted look and finish by shading in the nose for a slimmer appearance.

I’ve always reached for the Too Cool For School shading powder, since the colors aren’t too ashy nor red, which can replicate real shadows along the face. It is, however, not the cheapest here in Perth so I do want to look for a more budget friendly shading powder, since I tend to hit pan after a month of using it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 103 Cheek and Contour
  • TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Artclass By Rodin Createur Du Contour

STEP EIGHT: Fill in your eyebrows following your preferred or natural eyebrow shape, focusing most of the pigment at the ends of the eyebrows for a more fuller and natural appearance.

Since my face is long, I do prefer to keep my eyebrows on the more straighter side, with a thicker appearance to combat the face length and forehead space I have naturally. I’ve always liked arched brows but I’m unable to achieve the look without looking like a hot mess. With that said, I always sculpt my eyebrows with a wax type pomade or a liquid in a chocolate shade, starting from the centre of the eyebrows and drawing a straight line at the top and bottom of the eyebrow, working my way out to the tail. From there on, I fill in that half using angled strokes to achieve the appearance of eyebrow hairs, whilst darkening for a more fuller look. Taking a powder that matches the liquid component of the eyebrows, I then gently shade in the front of the eyebrow, connecting it to the nose contour shading and brushing the hairs into place (an at the same time, softening the eyebrow) with an angled spooly.

I lost my eyebrow brush I got from the Missha store (which is by far my favorite brush for using on my eyebrows since it’s stiff and dense) so I opted for the Etude House angled eyebrow brush, which I really didn’t like. The EH brush is way too flimsy and can’t give me the precise application I’m looking for, so if you have an alternate, then please send in your suggestions!!!


  • LANEIGE Eyebrow Cushion-Cara Two Tone in number 1 Grey Brown
  • ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool number 352 Eyebrow Screw (I bent the brush on a 90° angle for ease of use. Whether you do this as well is to your own discretion)
  • ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool number 351 Eyebrow
  • CLIO Kill Brow Conte Powder Kit (the wax pomade only)

STEP NINE (OPTIONAL): Brush and set the eyebrow hairs into place using a mascara specifically for the eyebrows.

Since my hair is dyed an inch from the roots down, if I choose to wear my hair out, then I will match the eyebrow hairs to my actual hair color for balance. It usually looks odd if you have black or dark brown eyebrows with light colored hair, so I usually take a matching toned eyebrow mascara to not only set, but to tint the hairs themselves. If the pigmentation is a bit too strong, then I follow with a regular spooly to spread the mascara throughout, just to tone down the color.


  • ISEHAN KISS ME Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow in number 2 Orange Brown (I bent the brush on a 90° angle for ease of use. Whether you do this as well is to your own discretion)

STEP TEN: Apply a highlighter to the highest points of your face for extra dimension. This includes your cheekbones, chin, the nose bridge, forehead and cupids bow.

Again, just like the contouring, I tend to go a little bit too far with my highlight so I definitely need to be careful. Since my face is more on the neutral tone, depending on the base I choose to use, I will opt for a yellow tinged highlighter for a warmer look, a lavender or pink toned highlighter for a cooler look, or a neutral peach toned if I just can’t be bothered at all. Just like I mentioned in step 5, since I already applied highlighter beforehand, I don’t have to focus too much product using this powder type. Instead, I can lightly build up the intensity if need be, or skip this step altogether if I feel the highlighter is just enough.


  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 102 Highlighter
  • SHISEIDO CLE DE PEAU Rehausseur D’Eclat number 16 Almond (I’m pretty sure this is available only in Japan, though there are some Shiseido stores around the world, now selling this range)

STEP ELEVEN: Apply blush to the cheeks to blend in with the contour for vibrancy to the complexion, and to add a bit of color to the skin.

Just as Tyra Banks would say, make the “OH REALLY THOUGH?” face when you apply your blush. You guys probably have no idea what I’m talking about when I’m saying this do you… If in doubt, just search up 6 minute Tyover on Youtube and you’ll find Tyra Banks promoting her makeup sticks, where she talks about the face she makes when applying blush. You’ll also see her apply blush on the apples of her cheeks, which is what I don’t really do.

Since my face is bright in the centre, I want to keep it bright, so rather than apply blush on the apples of my cheeks, when I make the “OH REALLY THOUGH?” face, I add the pigment on the hollow parts of my cheeks just above the contour and blend away, so there is a natural gradation between the shading and the blush. Whatever is left over on the brush, I apply to the bottom half of my nose bridge and blend outwards towards the cheek.

Of course, this does sound like hard work, and it really isn’t but if you’re lazy, just leave the blush on the apples of the cheeks and move right along.


  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 103 Cheek and Contour
  • VDL x PANTONE Expert Color Cheek Book Mini in 6.4 shade 1 Pink (the blush edition that was released before the 2017 color of the year was picked, where the pantone colors were serenity and rose quartz)

STEP TWELVE: Apply mascara to the roots of the eyelash, and with whatever is left over on the wand, apply to the ends of the lashes to create natural volume and length.

For me only, since I don’t like to wear eyeliner (especially since I wear contacts AND have sensitive eyes at that) I only wear mascara to give the illusion of thick roots to get away with not applying an eyeliner. My natural eyelashes are long as well, so rather than looking for a lengthening product, I use any odd mascara that may add volume, but my main intentions are to just darken the lash hairs themselves.


  • INNISFREE Skinny Waterproof Microcara Mascara (the formula is more dry, which is what I prefer. If you don’t like dry formulas then opt for the regular formulation which works incredibly well. The brush on this wand is extremely small so you can easily apply mascara to the upper AND bottom lashes)

STEP THIRTEEN: Finish off with a tint that compliments your skin tone and apply a light layer of gloss or lip balm to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.

I hate reapplying my lip products, so with utter laziness, I always reach for lip tints that will stain my mouth for a good couple of hours, if not, the entire day. This means I can eat whenever I want with no dramas and no need for reapplication. Isn’t that the ultimate dream?


  • MISSHA Velour Flat Pen Tint in Vivid Orange
  • THE HISTORY OF WHOO Secret Court Lip Balm

Since this post really isn’t a very professional one, and completely different to what I would usually share, it makes content like this so much more easier to just play around and type about whatever I really like. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m steering away from what I usually produce here. It’s just nice to take time out once in a while and, you know, type like how I used to.

If you like this sort of content, then please let me know, so I can possibly do some more. If it’s not your taste, then feel free to leave your critiques as well, because any feedback (negative or positive) is good feedback in my opinion. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to this little blog so you know whenever I decide to shoot a post, and share with your friends and family if this material might pique their interests. As per usual, find me below on one of my SNS accounts.

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Things Beauty Instagrammers are “teaching” you wrong – Trends that need to DIE

Now, we all occasionally hop on the Instagram band wagon and follow a few trends that literally take the world by storm, but do they really apply in real life or are these little tips, tricks and standards only for show? I’ve gone through a few things that beauty Instagrammers have shown in their posts and broken them down to see what exactly they’re actually “achieving” by doing all of these things.

***By the way, this blog post DOES contain images that are not of my own, grabbed off the internet and used throughout my blog post. Just clarifying that I do not claim ownership on any of the image materials (besides the ones of my face). Copyrights go directly towards those who own the images, or claim them as their own material.


OK, so we all know what I’m talking about when I say “Instagram eyebrows”. You know, the almost pitch black, super arched eyebrows that look as if they’re drawn on with a sharpie? It’s 2017 people, where them YouTube videos at that were released in 2015 telling you guys to NOT draw your eyebrows like these photos? Y’all are deadass crazy thinking you looking ready to snatch a few when you’re walking around like you just jumped out of the discover page.

Girl you think this cute? Really? Even if you excuse the facial expression, the weird ass looking lips I got going there and the fact my face wanna play a game called “let’s be one shade lighter than my neck”, I still look crazy. Now, to be quite frank, there is no problem with how thick or thin you want your eyebrow shape to be (within reason), the shade (again, within reason considering your hair color) or the shape (within reason, considering your face shape and desired appearance). There is a serious problem though, when your eyebrows look way too artificial in real life; to the point where the line between real and fake no longer exists and becomes an obvious slap to the face and your eyebrows screaming for visual attention. It’s offensive.

It’s so easy to avoid this look and I’m honestly surprised people still have issues with drawing on their eyebrows.

  1. Match the eyebrow hair color to your hair color. You can go up to 2 shades lighter/darker depending on your hair. For example, the darker your hair, the lighter (1 shade) your eyebrows should be and the lighter your hair, the darker (1 to 2 shades darker) your eyebrows should be. What annoys me the most is when you have ash blonde hair with a black brown toned eyebrow. No, just stop. Please.
  2. Keep the front of the brow lightly drawn and start to darken from the centre outwards. This creates a gradient effect and really gives your brows definition without the harshness that Instagram brows portray. This is also the most natural way to give you that strong brow look without looking too overwhelming.
  3. Brush your eyebrow hairs into place using a spooly and set into place with a brow mascara (tinted or clear, doesn’t really matter as long as it looks natural and matches your hair color). This softens the eyebrow makeup and grooms your brow hairs at the same time for a more clean and crisp looking eyebrow.
  4. Pencil is the easiest to use but powder is the most natural. If you opt for a pencil, with a light hand, you want to draw little lines in the direction your eyebrow hairs are growing to give the illusion of real brow hairs. You can also achieve this with liquid or pomade type eyebrow products, but be warned that the payoff for these two products are very strong and you want to be extremely careful at the front of your eyebrows.


Again, there is no need to be looking like the discover page on Instagram. I’m also not saying to not over line your lips, because I’ve seen people over line their lips and it does look cute at times. I’m talking about the people who go from teenage Kylie Jenner to adult Kylie Jenner with their lip products. You are not fooling anybody with that shit. Don’t act like we don’t see your natural lip line 5cm in from the start of your “cupids bow” you created with that mauve lip liner.


This also goes for people who get their plastic surgery done on the lips. This is a bit of a dangerous topic to talk about, but I’ll take the risk anyway. There is no problems with plastic surgery; heck I want my nose done to be honest with you all. You know, if you have the money and you want to, then who cares if you want to get yourself a little nip and tuck here or there. You know, a little upgrade. Where I’m getting at with this is the people who go to the extreme. tHE EXTREME!!1!


Now there are people who aren’t willing or able to get surgery. What’s the next best thing? The Kylie Jenner lip challenge of course! That is, if you’re jumping on the Instagram hype bandwagon with everyone else who will go to immeasurable lengths just because a celebrity promotes it on their page. You guys should know what I’m talking about. Remember the pictures and videos of the people who took shot glasses to their lips, busted their mouths open and had to go to the doctors for some stitches? Or those people who were lucky enough to avoid the glass shattering, but instead ended up with swollen lips and the appearance of the purple fish in Mario?

Now I personally don’t know how to over line lips without looking like an idiot, so unlike the eyebrow one, I’m not offering any advice other than to love your natural lip shape and work with what you got. If you can’t do that, then love what the doctor can and will give you instead. If neither work for you, then I guess there is a tutorial somewhere to help you achieve whatever it is you are looking for. Rule of thumb though, if your liner ends up on your skin, you probably took it too far.


I love me some DIY skincare, and I often go back to my good ol vegetable masks here and there, whenever my skin is purging with breakouts, but sometimes DIYs can get out of hand. If your DIY calls for more effort in actually making the skincare, or ends up being more expensive than buying skincare themselves, then wouldn’t it be easier for you to just go down to your local cosmetics store and buy whatever it is that you need? Also, trying to keep in mind that some ingredients aren’t the most friendly for your skin to begin with?

I recently saw a DIY that required you to create a paste using pure agar agar (gelatinous seaweed) mixed with gold leaf, crushed tomato pulp, melted honey and crushed fresh green tea leaves. I live in Australia. Where in the hell you gon find me some fresh tea leaves? You want me to buy some expensive ass gold leaves only to waste them by tearing it apart just to leave on my face for about 5 minutes? Agar agar? Girl you really trying it by telling me to pour hot agar agar onto my face before it completely solidifies at room temperature. The only facial I’m getting is a blood facial where the heat from the agar agar bout ready to rip and burn my skin wide open, for the tomato pulp to sting TF outta me. It’s completely OK though, because I’m making my way down to India, just so I can harvest a few tea leaves to put into my mask anyway. The 20hr flight will be worth it because the tea leaves will end up soothing my busted face and all that travel, time and effort will DEFINITELY be worth it in the end.


It sounds completely ridiculous doesn’t it. I’m not saying that all DIY projects are bad, but there are some out there that are on the borderline of being a little too “extra” and I personally find a tad unnecessary. If you’re going to do a DIY, then I strongly suggest using DIY ingredients that are very accessible and also things that won’t cost you an arm or a leg. Green tea for example, can be used for virtually anything. Simply grab a used green tea bag, leave it in the freezer overnight and you have an instant eye mask that will help to de-puff the eye bags. The tea itself is wonderful as a replacement for tap water that you can use if you have acne prone or dull skin. Decanting the tea into a little spritz bottle can replace your toner, or used on a few cotton pads will give you a 5 minute sheet mask. Soaked in a cotton gauze and wrapped around a stick will yield you a scalp cleaner that will pull sebum away from your hair, refresh it as if you used a shampoo and works wonders for dandruff.

If you’re going to be smart with your DIY projects, then you can save so much time AND money. If you’re hopping on the Instagram bandwagon however and following these meticulous and ridiculous tasks, then you’re going to end up with an empty bank account, and probably a damaged face.


I love me some oil, but I hate using it with makeup. It must’ve been a few months back but this one brand took over the Instagram discover page as the “miracle product” to help prevent cakey makeup, keep your skin hydrated and give you an amazing glow to the skin. Is it necessary to have though? Hell no.

Did you know that makeup is all oil based? If you follow basic chemistry rules, it states that oil dissolves oil. Why is this important? Using an oil under or over your makeup will only speed up the process of makeup decomposition and unfortunately, that means more cakey looking makeup, a base that doesn’t last as long as you’d like to hope, and the fact that your skin feels oily (because you used an oil, duh) you will end up using all this excess powder to combat. The one rule when it comes to using a powder over an oil is to NOT. Makeup artists on Youtube all tell you to blot the excess oil off your face before you apply powder to prevent cakey makeup, so the fact that you have to remove the oil after you actually apply it defeats the whole purpose, and is a waste of money. On top of that, but combatting the oiliness calls for extra powder and mattifying makeup, which takes away the whole glow process, and makes you use more product than you usually do without an oil.

Keep in consideration that not all oils are good for the face and may clog pores. Be warned for you large pored, and oily skin types who want to go along with this hype; for you may be in for a lot of issues like blackheads, overly porous skin for example. My general rule for skin oils are that if it is readily emulsify-able in water, then it shouldn’t go near your makeup. If your oil only sits on the surface of the skin and doesn’t absorb, then it shouldn’t come near your face.


Now I thought this fad died back in 2012 but it’s 2017 and shit still going strong. This type of mask is the kind where you apply a thick layer to your dry skin (avoiding your eyebrows and hairline) and wait for 15 minutes until hard. You then peel away all of the uglies and take a close look at the mask to see how much crap comes out from it and be amazed at how filthy your skin is. Any of my readers will know that I absolutely HATE peeling masks, and find them so unnecessary. Unless it’s a modeling mask where it actually traps the moisture into your skin, peeling masks only cause you more damage in the end.

  1. Peeling mask causes extra tension to the skin which increases your skin’s aging process. Hi wrinkles
  2. Pulling off the mask also causes your skin to become irritated with it’s tugging. Remember that the peeling mask works like bandaid, and if you peel off bandaid from your skin, what happens? Exactly.
  3. The post treatment for peeling masks are virtually inexistent, if you follow any typical Westerner’s beauty journey. What even is skincare to them honestly? Pulling out blackheads from your face is one thing, leaving your pores wide open is another. If you don’t close up your pores and leave them dilated, they will REMAIN dilated, meaning unmanageable pores and more blockages. More blockages, means more oxidizing rates, and more oxidizing means more blackheads. More blackheads means more mask, and so on and so forth. You guys get the idea.

You then see the stupid people who place peeling mask all over their bodies and try to make it a trend. Yes, we see how idiotic you are and we see how much money you want to waste/how much extra time you have on your hands you’re using unnecessarily when there are more important or useful things you could be doing in the meantime; ie reading my blog. I won’t tell you to not buy the mask, but honestly, it’s a bit of a hit or miss sort of thing that I find causes more damage than any good.

One more thing, working in skincare, all peeling masks virtually work the same. Let me tell you how annoying it is, having to tell you guys that a peeling mask works no differently to the one shown on Instagram/Youtube and it’s only the color of the product that is different. If you specifically want the black mask because it’s what everyone else is using, then you’re dumb to deny purchasing a different brand/different color mask that works exactly the same, especially if the mask we are suggesting to you is cheaper.


Ok, so this is where it gets a little bit extra. I love me some under eye mask from time to time; AT NIGHT. Not before makeup and most certainly not AFTER APPLYING FOUNDATION! People on Instagram are getting ridiculous putting a sheet mask on after applying their base makeup. Would you go and put a moisturizer on over your foundation? Why on earth would you want to put serum all around your eyes after makeup has been applied? It will destroy your hard work, and practically cause your makeup to break down or become cakey. Not only that but depending on the sheets you get, they can be really heavy under the eyes as well and don’t work as a basic prime for your eye bags.

My tip is to keep skincare as skincare, primer as primer and makeup as makeup. Fusing the three together works HORRIBLY and will only result in a waste of time and money. If you use the eye masks, then they work in the whole skincare thing you have going on, but used under makeup, depending on the formula can be a hit or a miss for you. Used above makeup, well… you’re pretty silly if you wanna go ahead and follow everyone else on Instagram.

This concludes my post; well, rant about the stupid shit that goes on throughout the discover page on Instagram. Know anything else that raises a few eyebrows that you’ve seen people do online for a little bit of fame or entertainment? Let me know, I’d love to voice my opinions.

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Product Empties [ MAKEUP ]

I usually don’t do empties posts, and I probably won’t for quite a while; but while I have a lot of empty products, I thought why not let the public know exactly what I have been using and my thoughts on these all. Welcome back to the Beauty Aesthetics, and for the second post of 2017, let’s rummage through my trash! (Quite literally, because I pulled everything out from the trash, so don’t expect clean bottles. The photos I took are pretty “trash” themselves.)

As a reference, in case some of you guys don’t know, during Summer I have oily sensitive skin, prone to acne, and enlarged pores. During Winter, I have combination sensitive skin, prone to acne. My pores seem to be manageable during Winter than it is during the Summer time. I have extremely damaged, color treated hair, with a slightly sensitive scalp all year round, and I have extremely sensitive skin around my armpits, on parts of my arms, thighs and delicate skin on my ankles.

I had to split this post up, because otherwise it’ll be WAY too long. This one in particular will only include makeup items. Click the links below to read the other Empties posts

Hair (up soon)
Miscellaneous (up soon)

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Perfect Day Makeup Fixer


This is a facial mist you apply after your makeup to not only make your makeup last throughout the entire day, but to create a radiant complexion without any greasiness or dry patches on your skin. The mist is very fine, to not disrupt the makeup you have applied to your face, and dries very quickly for those who need a quick fix and out-the-door sort of product.

I really enjoyed this mist so much, as the claims were super true to what they were offering. The mist was super fine so it set my makeup instantaneously, made my skin bright, kept my makeup lasting all day and didn’t cause any dry patches as a lot of makeup mists tend to do. What I didn’t like was that it never lasted very long, so after a week or so (that is saying I wear makeup everyday; otherwise after 7ish days) the bottle was empty. Considering the price was $20 AUD, I thought this product was not value for money at all, and there are better alternates to this mist that perform just as well, for less of the price. I have so far repurchased 3 bottles, but I’m not too sure whether I’m ok for making it a 4th.

SOFINA Primavista Ange Long Keep Base UV


The pink primer that helps to control sebum production in the skin, make makeup last throughout the entire day, but isn’t drying so perfect for all skin types.

I love this primer, and has become a holy grail for me. Not only is it a pink base, to brighten up the skin complexion, it also controls oily skin types, but isn’t drying in the least. I never have a problem using this primer and I have literally made everyone around me use this one product for flawless makeup every single day. I have already repurchased the primer 5 times so far, and I’m not changing up my base any time soon. I swear, if you can, get your hands on this baby ASAP!

IOPE Cushion Blusher #1


Utilizing the air puff and cushion technology, IOPE came out with their revolutionary blush cushion for perfect blush application that gives you a rosy, yet natural glow. Perfect for those who want to express innocence, or for those who enjoy that “no makeup, natural beauty” sort of look.

I hated this product; it did not show up on my skin personally (because I’m pretty dark) and it doesn’t do anything other than make my face look oily. Not the healthy “I just got out of the shower” sort of sheen either. I’m talking the “I dipped my face in a bowl of extra virgin olive oil, so who wants to crack and egg on my face and see how long it sizzles for” sort of oily look, which ain’t cute. If you enjoy wasting your money, grab this and you’ll be satisfied. For us normal people, turn a blind eye to this piece of shit like I’m doing now, because you will be beyond disappointed. I’m just trying to save you money and time; thank me later.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Artclass by Rodin Createur du Contour


With three shades of warm toned browns, this will give you the perfect contour without looking too orange, or too grey. The shades mimic actual shadows on your skin, to give you the perfect sculpted appearance without looking too overdone.

I’ve so far bought 15 (because I contour TF out of my face every single time) so I generally hit pan within 3 weeks. I can’t express my love into words, so please think of something for me to say so that I can express my feelings perfectly.

ARITAUM Pore Master Sebum Control Powder


Finely milled translucent powder that helps to cover pores, and control sebum at the same time. Because it has no color, it is perfect for ALMOST all skin tones. I say almost, because some POC have more reddish undertones and less pinkish or greyish undertones, so it MIGHT not suit them the best.

I loved this because it controlled sebum, covered my pores, and was dirt cheap. I can’t say anything else, because it literally is just a generic finish powder that does what it claims. I would repurchase this, if the Innisfree No Sebum powder isn’t available.

INNISFREE No Sebum Powder


Literally the same as above, there is no comparison to the Aritaum Pore Master, with this product. It literally is the same thing, same claims, same functions and same results. I will interchange the repurchasing of this product depending on stock availability. As far as pricing goes, there is literally a 50c difference here in Perth, so even then, there is no difference other than branding and packaging.

What are your empties for 2016/2017? Have you used any of these products before, or have any products for me to try out this year? Let me know in one of my SNS below, or leave me a comment on this blog post! Also, please let me know if you want any full reviews of any of these products (if one isn’t up already, or you want an updated review)

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UVA and UVB? – The Sunblock 101

We all know what the sun is, and why we should protect our skin from direct sunlight, but do you actually know what sunblock does and how you should apply it? I wanted to come back with another 101 lesson, because not only is it Summer over in the states and in Asia, but it’s drawing closer to the hotter days here in Perth too. Sun protection is a must and so, here I am with my 101 lesson on how to effectively protect your skin.

Today, I’ll be covering:

  1. The difference between UVA and UVB
  2. SPF and PA protection
  3. Physical and Chemical sunblock
  4. Common Q&A’s with sunblock
  5. Correct application of sunblock

UV rays are split into 3 different ray forms. UVA, UVB and UVC. Luckily for us, UVC is readily absorbed by the dead layers of our skin and does little to no harm. What about UVA and UVB then?

UVA are long rays of radiation and are the most damaging to our underlying skin cells. They are the main cause for wrinkling and premature aging. UVA rays also have a huge impact on our pores as well, causing them to enlarge over time which causes larger, more pronounced pores and skin sagging. Did you know that up to 90% of our wrinkles are caused by UVA rays? It takes roughly 20 to 30 years before you’re able to see the true effects of UVA damage to the skin, but with regular exposure to unprtected skin, the damage builds up and soon enough, you’ll be looking like a prune. UVA rays are so potent they can penetrate through almost anything. Sitting by a window indoors with sunlight hitting your face? You’re still exposed to UVA rays honey. Not even the window can help you in your need of time.

UVB rays are shorter in wavelength and aren’t as potent as UVA rays are. They however, are the cause for skin tanning and sunburn. Of course, with that, it can cause skin cancer too. UVB is more forgiving though towards those with a darker skin complexion. Rule of thumb is, the more fairer your skin tone, the more easier it is to see, AND experience the effects of UVB damage. 

How can you determine the protection value of your sunblock? On your sunblock bottles, you’ll see SPF written by it with a number value. SPF indicates protection against UVB rays. Some say that more UVB rays are filtered based on how high the SPF value is. This is necessarily not the case. SPF indicates how long your skin is protected against UVB, and not the percentage of rays filtered out. SPF1 can protect your skin for 10 minutes before you have to reapply. Honestly though, who has the time to reapply sunblock every 10 minutes? Not me, hence why the recommended SPF value you should be using is set at 15, which is 2hrs and 30mins worth of protection. SPF30, which is the normal value for sunblocks these days is set for 5hrs of protection.

So, does applying 2 products with SPF30 value, give you the protection of an SPF60 product? NO! This is a huge myth that I wanted to crack today. SPF value does not add on top of each other, so for those people who think you get a longer duration for your sunblocks by applying in layers, then think again. How about applying SPF with different values on top of each other? The SPF product that has the higher value will be the amount of protection you get. For example, a product with SPF50 and a product with SPF30 applied over, will give you an SPF protection of 50,not 80.

PA indicates the protection of UVA rays. Your sunblock will show you PA with up to three + signs which indicates the protection value. One + sign is the lowest protection and four + signs is currently the highest protection available in the market. Unluckily for those who use Western branded sunblocks, the PA value isn’t shown on the bottle. You guys will see broad spectrum printed on the packaging but that’s about it. Broad spectrum indicates you get protection against BOTH UVA and UVB but you don’t get an actual value for UVA protection. Who knows exactly how much your sunblock will protect you for.

Just like the SPF value, PA value does not stack on top of each other. So, two uses of PA++ sunblock will not give you PA++++ protection. You will still get only PA++ protection. Of course, this applies for different value sunblocks as well. Using PA+++ with a sunblock with PA+ protection will ultimately give you PA+++ protection. 

So, who should be applying sunblock? If you’re over 6 months old and exposed to any form of sunlight then you should be applying sunblock. A baby’s skin is extremely delicate, so it’s noted at the age of 6 months, it’s best to keep the baby’s skin as healthy as possible by protecting it with a UV shield to avoid skin damage. Saying that though, baby’s skin is also very thin and therefore, more sensitive to adult skin, so what kind of sunblock suits them best? 

There are two different types of sunblock in the market. Physical and chemical which work differently to each other. Physical sunblock creates a shield on the skin that reflects the sun rays AWAY from the skin as if it’s bouncing off. You might have heard people refer to this type of sunblock as bounce cream, because of the theory behind how physical blocks work. Chemical sunblock actually ABSORB the sun rays into the skin and create a chemical reaction to turn the radiation into heat in order to block the damage. There are 6 key points to address when choosing which sunblock is best for you.

  • Turbidity

Physical sunblock have a huge amount of turbidity based on the ingredients. You’ll notice when you apply physical blocks, it leaves a greyish-white cast on the skin, which to some, may not be ideal for them. The turbidity of physical sunblock however, can keep skin fairer over time, and is ideal for those who are looking to protect their skin tone.

Chemical sunblock has no turbidity and leaves no cast whatsoever on the skin. Most people opt for chemical sunblock when applying makeup, because of it’s natural finish.

  • Instant Effect

Physical sunblock instantly creates a shield for the skin to protect against UV damage by reflecting sun rays away. That means, you can be exposed to the sun as soon as you apply a physical sunblock. For convenience, physical sunblock is more quicker to use on busy or rushed days.

Chemical sunblock works differently by absorbing sun rays, so the shield effect doesn’t apply for this type of sunblock. You may have heard people tell you to wait 30 minutes before exposure to the sun after using sunblock. This is the type of sunblock that this applies to. This is due to the fact that you need time for your skin to fully absorb the sunblock for the effects of protection to work. Most people only recommend chemical sunblock to those who have extra time to sit around and wait in the morning for lack of convenience.

  • Lasting Ability 

Physical sunblock lasts longer than chemical because of it’s shield effect. Even when your skin absorbs the sunblock, you still have that shield protecting your skin, so for those working indoors and are using physical block, then rest assured your skin will still be fairly protected. Physical sunblocks tend to be waterproof too, meaning they have an astounding lasting ability and protect your skin from weather and sweat.

Chemical sunblock fully absorbs into the skin, so your protection time is limited to roughly 3hrs since chemical doesn’t have the shield effect. You have to reapply chemical sunblock every 3 hours to keep your skin protected, even indoors, and most especially if your face gets wet.

  • Blending Ability

Physical sunblocks run very thick because of it’s fat forming elements in the ingredients. They use mineral dust types of ingredients to protect the skin, which contributes to it’s viscosity and finish. Since mineral dust is powdery, it makes the formula more dry and not the best to fit the skin texture as you’re required to work the product into the skin with a lot more effort than normal for absorption. Physical sunblock may also clog pores because of it’s fatty formula.

Chemical sunblock has a more creamy and moist texture which readily absorbs into the skin, just like a moisturizing lotion. Most chemical sunblocks have a runny viscosity to them, some even resembling the viscosity of hydrating toners. These however, tend to feel more oilier and more wet, than physical sunblocks.

  • Irritation

Physical sunblock doesn’t use chemical reactions to protect the skin, rather they use a shield effect to bounce radiation away from the skin. Physical sunblocks are recommended for those with sensitive skin types, and babies who’s skin is most delicate.

Chemical sunblock works by absorbing sun rays into the skin and converting the rays into heat to be absorbed. This chemical reaction can irritate those with sensitive skins and can cause your baby to have skin allergies when used on their delicate skin. I must say that Asian branded (not too sure of the Western brands) sunblocks that are 100% chemical, have all been thoroughly tested to be hypoallergenic and nobody can really say that one sunblock is better than the other based on this alone. However, rule of thumb is that the more sensitive your skin is, the less you should use chemical sunblock to reduce the likelyhood of skin irritation.

  • Ingredients

Physical sunblock contains only two main ingredients.

Titanium dioxide, Zinc (II) Oxide

Any sunblock that has either or both of these ingredients fall under the physical sunblock category. Rule of thumb, if your sunblock doesn’t contain these two ingredients then assume the sunblock is a chemical type!

Chemical sunblock contains the following ingredients. 

Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Octylcrylene, Octinoxate, Octisalate, Homosalate, Helioplex, 4-MBC, Mexoryl SX and XL, Tinosorb S and M, Uvinal T150, Uvinal A Plus. 

Any sunblock that contains these ingredients offers you chemical protection against UV rays. You’re more likely to find a sunblock that has BOTH an ingredient of a physical block with an ingredient from a chemical together, than you would a 100% chemical sunblock.

Of course, by now you should know what sunblock is and how each one works. But what about the most important of all? How to apply and use sunblock effectively? And, what about questions that have now arose from all these facts? I’ll answer the 3 most commonly asked questions I could find on the internet.

Can I apply a makeup product with SPF value in replacement of sunblock?

No you can not. Some may argue with this, but I feel that makeup that offers SPF and PA protection will not guarantee you any sort of protection whatsoever, unless you use the suggested amount of sunblock for your makeup, which is two knuckles worth or the size of an AU 10¢ piece (a quarter for US currency.) Did you know that not applying enough sunblock to your skin reduces protection rates by 75%? Let me ask though, are you willing to apply THAT MUCH base on your face and risk looking like the monster from The Grudge? I strongly suggest you apply sunblock before makeup to guarantee some form of protection for your skin. As long as you use your sunblock and SPF makeup, making up the quantity of the suggested sunblock amount is ok. 

For example, let’s say the suggested amount of sunblock is 50mL to be used everyday. If your makeup offers no protection whatsoever, you MUST use 50mL of sunblock before applying makeup. If your makeup offers you sun protection, then using 30mL of sunblock and 20mL of makeup is ok, since you’re still reaching the required 50mL necessary. You understand? I still stand by my word though, and think you should apply sunblock correctly first, before applying makeup, SPF protection offered or not. It’s definitely better to apply extra sunblock than to apply not enough.

I applied just sunblock onto my skin. Can I wash my face with only foam cleanser?

No you can not. Treat sunblock as if it were a makeup product when you’re washing your face. Would you wash your makeup off with just a foam cleanser and risk skin damage and irritation? I hope not! Sunblock, particularly physical sunblock, can clog pores and are made up of fat forming components, so a product that breaks down oil into particles is necessary in your cleansing routine when dealing with sunblock. You can actually read how to cleanse your skin correctly clicking here. If your sunblock is waterproof, then most definitely cleanse your skin with an oil type cleanser before going ahead and using your foam. Makes sense, cause obviously the sunblock is waterproof, and you’d be silly to use just water to clean the sunblock off with a cleanser. If your sunblock isn’t waterproof, then though I strongly believe an oil cleanser is necessary, a micellar water before your face wash can ultimately be enough to rid your skin from the sunblock.

Is it true that the higher the protection, the more likely it can irritate my skin? 

Unfortunately, yes it does. The higher the value of the protection, the more stronger it is to keep skin free from damage, thus, more chance to irritations and troubles. If your skin is easy to react with sunblock, then I recommend using a lower SPF and lower PA rating sunblock and regularly apply throughout the day. It’s better to apply a lower protection sunblock every 3hrs than to apply a higher protection sunblock once in the morning.

Every single day, I treat sunblock as a step of my skincare routine. Whenever I do my skincare, without fail, I always use sunblock depending on what I use. My general rule of thumb is the more hydrating my skincare is, or the more layers I apply, the less thick my sunblock will be. The less hydrating my skincare is, or the less layers I apply, the thicker my sunblock is. This is because physical sunblocks aren’t readily blendable, and apply thickly, so when used on a sticky, hydrated face, the sunblock doesn’t blend into my skin. Vice versa, when my skin isn’t too moist, thicker sunblocks like physical type soak extremely well and provide a more satin finish, yet not drying to keep my skin in check.

With chemical sunblock, when applied on top of a thick skincare routine, it adds just the right amount of oiliness to my skincare to really balance out the moisture, and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. It also soaks in almost instantaneously which works well for a complex routine. With a more limited skincare routine however, chemical sunblocks tend to feel extremely oily and a tad uncomfortable, even if it’s designed to give ampoule hydration. I also tend to do smaller skincare steps when I’m in a rush, so I usually don’t have the time to wait 30 minutes before leaving the house. This is just my personal way of using sunblock, and what may work for me, will necessarily not always work for you. The best way to see which sunblock works for your face, is to apply it directly to your skin. Not your hands, but your face. If you happen to receive any samples, they’re a great way to try before you buy, or if not, most Asian cosmetics stores will have testers of sunblock for you to give a shot as well.

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Quadruple Cleansing Routine? – My 2016 Cleansing 101 Lesson

I have to say, since I’ve updated my cleansing habits, I haven’t felt the need to use any pore cleansing specifics as of late. With a good cleansing routine, you’ll notice how much cleaner your pores become and you can save money on expensive pore masks, pore strips, pore ANYTHING at the end of the day. Today, I wanted to steer away from a review and get down to the nitty gritty, because if you don’t know the fundamentals of using products effectively or properly for that matter, no amount of expensive products are able to help, so here’s a little 101 lesson for you guys as a treat from me.

As I’ve mentioned countless times, your skin condition and skin appearance is greatly influenced by the health and condition of your pores. Without clean and maintained pores, you have skin troubles. Skin troubles can lead to a declined skin appearance, skin texture and issues with breakouts or sagging at the end of the day. This Cleansing 101 will tell you how to clean your pores thoroughly in order to have the utmost clean skin.

You guys must know by now that the double cleansing routine is a staple amongst the AB community and is fundamental to have clean skin, right? Soko Glam kicked it up a notch and introduced the triple step cleansing routine which consists of a cleansing wipe, an oil, and a facial cleanser. Now, if you know me, I’m an extra kind of person, and all my 101’s and reviews are a tad extra. Today, let me introduce you to the Quadruple Cleansing Routine which not only wastes a good 10 minutes on washing your face, but sheds a great deal of weight from your wallet! Nah, just kidding. This is surprisingly a cheap but effective cleansing routine that you may probably pick up after reading this.

This routine consists of the following steps:

  1. Lip and eye makeup removal
  2. Oil cleansing
  3. Traditional cleansing
  4. Micellar water cleansing

Let’s start off by having a face of makeup on half my face, completely smudged and blurred as if I’ve worn it for an entire day.

Here, I have a smoky eye using various tahoe and brown shadows, brown liner, waterproof mascara, foundation, base, contour, highlight, blush, eyebrow, lipstick and lip gloss.
And here is what my face looks like clean with no makeup.


    note, this is only necessary for those who wear eye shadow, eye liner and mascara, or place makeup around the eye area.

    • Soak a cotton pad with remover and place on the eyelid, gently massaging with the pads of your fingers over the entire eye area for about 5-10 seconds. Sweep away from the eye in a downwards diagonal movement without tugging the eye lids and surrounding skin. Repeat with the other eye. 

    • Then, take a cotton bud or Q-Tip, depending on what you have at home, and soak it in remover. As if your’e applying mascara, brush against the eyelashes, and in between the lash roots to break down the mascara. Gently and carefully wipe off eyeliner and traces of makeup from the water line and lash line.

    • Lastly, soak a cotton pad with remover, and  in gentle buffing motions, remove lip makeup. The buffing motions will also give your lips a micro exfoliating effect to remove dead skin collecting on the surface of your lips.

    The reason why Lip and Eye Makeup removers exist are because you shouldn’t just rely on cleansing oil alone to rid yourself from this makeup. These days, there are a whole heap of waterproof and smudge proof formulas out in the market that an oil type cleanser can not fully remove, so as a precaution, it is always vital to separately remove eye makeup (in particular) in two different steps. This can reduce the chances of eye infections and damages to your eye sight and skin. Makeup left on the eyes can cause premature wrinkling, break outs and dark circles.


    • Apply a liberal amount of oil to your face and using your finger pads, massage the oil into your skin for 30 or so seconds to effectively break down makeup on the skin surface.

    • With your middle and ring finger, focus the massaging along your pores, particularly the nose, chin and cheek area. Don’t massage the oil for longer than a minute in total.
    • Take the time to emulsify the oil, using warm water. The oil should become a milky consistency. Massage the face for another minute or two, again, focusing on the pores using your middle and ring fingers.
    • Wash away the oil with warm water and ensure your skin is completely clean from the emulsified oil.

    There are two different types of oils in the market; liquid type and solid type. I usually recommend liquid types to everyone, as they’re quick and easy to use. Solid (also known as balm type) is basically a solidified block of oil that melts with the warmth of your hands. Since balm types are generally more rich in texture, people with oilier skin types may feel unclean using it, and thus, is more ideal for all you dry skin beauties because of it’s moisturizing capabilities.

    If you guys studied chemistry, you know that water and oil generally don’t mix well, and oils can break down other oils. Since makeup is oil based, it is essential to include an oil in your cleansing routine so that the makeup can be effectively broken down. This also has a similar effect inside your pores; where your sebaceous glands secrete sebum, which can be broken down simply with an oil cleanser. As I mentioned above, don’t heavily rely on oil cleansers to remove eye makeup, as oils work by turning makeup into small residual particles. These particles, if not cleansed off properly, can re-enter the pores and cause skin irritations or damage to the skin. If you only use an oil to cleanse your eye makeup, take a Q-Tip and run it against the areas on your eyes that had the most makeup. The Q-Tip should pick up little bits of makeup, because the oil has not completely rid you from your makeup yet.

    What about people who don’t wear makeup? You still applied SPF right? (I honestly hope you did because sun protection is important and if you didn’t then say hello to sun spots and wrinkles baby.) Sunblock works similarly to makeup and so it is important to take the extra care to remove sunblock effectively. Sunblock left on the skin can cause irritations and can clog pores, so even if I don’t wear makeup, I never skip out on oil cleansing.

    By the way, never use a wet wash cloth to remove oil cleansers. Wash cloths not only hold bacteria, but cause friction against the skin. As well as that, remember that oil cleansing causes residual particles to sit on the skin, which is the combination of sebum and broken down makeup. Using a wash cloth isn’t going to effectively cleanse your skin from the residue and you’ll just end up smearing it everywhere on your face, if not also in the wash cloth itself. Eww!!


    • Taking your low pH cleanser, foam up the product in your hands using water and apply to the face and neck.

    • Either using your cleansing brush, or finger pads, gently massage and buff the skin texture for a minute or so, again, as with the oil, focusing on your pores.

    • Wash away with warm water until your face is clean, then continue washing your face for roughly a minute with cold water to contract your pores and also give your skin tightening and cooling effects.

    Since a makeup remover works by breaking makeup down into residue, facial cleansers work to break down the residual particles in order to be effectively washed away. Relying on just a facial wash to remove makeup is WAY too harsh on the skin, and since there isn’t any residue created from makeup removing specifics, you’re only smearing makeup around everywhere, and causing unnecessary friction to the skin, which may lead to wrinkling and skin irritations.

    Why low pH cleanser and not just any odd cleanser in the market? Well, our skin natural acid mantle barrier has a pH averaging 5.5, which is slightly acidic. Using an acid wash won’t disturb our acid mantle, so our skin stays healthy and free from damage and bacteria. Using a high pH cleanser however, breaks down our barrier and can cause wrinkling, skin damage and allows our skin to be more prone to infection. Sure it gives you that squeaky clean feeling, but it’s causing more harm than good. It also doesn’t remove the residue from the face effectively, so you’re inevitably wasting time. Did you know it’s best to use just water in the morning to wash your face? If you have oilier skin type, then use a low pH cleanser, but for you guys with dry or normal skin, water in the morning is OK!

    There are so many different types of cleansers in the market now, so I wanted to touch on them too. You have your regular cleansers that you lather up into a foam and apply the bubbles to your face, solid soaps which come in bar form, and powdered enzymes that are granulated particles. These have been very common on the Asian market, but I feel will slowly creep into the Western world soon enough too. Most of my readers are AB enthusiasts but just to be careful, for you Western beauty lovers out there, here’s the 101 on powder and soap cleansers.

    Soap Cleansers are as the name suggests; solid bars of soap. Not just any soap, but one designed for use on the face. It is vital you choose a soap that is neutralized with a pH lower than 7. Solid soaps also tend to be more gentle and contain more natural ingredients so it’s perfect for you guys who have ingredient issues. They effectively clean away dead skin cells and can remove residue left behind on your skin (to a certain extent). Putting it out there, soap cleansers are a great alternative to morning washes and also people who wore the bare minimum on their face (i.e.: sunblock or CC cream ONLY). For a full face of makeup, because soaps contain more natural ingredients, they don’t effectively remove all the residue from heavy or full face makeup days. Never choose a cleanser based on ingredients if your main purpose for the cleanser is to break down makeup!

    Powder Enzymes basically come in powdered form and can foam up incredibly well. They work by removing proteins and oils effectively when in contact with water. These powdered enzymes are fairly harsh however and I can recommend these ONLY to people with oily skin types. Long term usage can affect your skin condition, so for those with dry and flaky skin using this for a long duration, may experience severe sensitivities over time. Whenever I use powdered enzymes, I only use them on my t-zone where I tend to get a bit oilier. Powdered enzymes are very strong cleansers that are ideal for you guys who want to rebalance your skin and control sebum, or want a vigorous cleanse.

    There are other types of cleansers as well, including cream type, milky type and stick type, which all work similarly but I personally think it’s a bit excessive. Cream types work better for dry skin as they are nourishing but don’t offer good cleansing abilities, milky types are more runny and tend to get messy, again, better for dry skin, and sticks foam up when you press the stick to your face and massage. Sticks can ultimately irritate the skin if you aren’t careful as you only get foam through friction.


    • Taking a cotton pad, soak with cleansing water and apply along your skin texture to cleanse the skin from any left over impurities that the previous three steps of cleansing could not do. Focus around the sides of your nose, any porous areas of skin or areas that are hard to reach, or need extra conditioning.

    Honestly speaking, this step can be replaced with any astringent toner you own or enjoy using. The reason I choose to use micellar water instead is because not only is it hydrating, but it works better to remove any residue that may have been left behind from what your cleanse couldn’t achieve. Micellar waters also improve skin cell turnover and are effective at cleansing the skin as well. This isn’t to say that astringent toners don’t do the same, it’s more of a personal preference for me.

    Toners are usually divided in two categories; astringent and hydrating. Astringent toners fall under the cleansing category as these toners work to rid your pores from impurities, remove dead skin cells and overall, purify the skin. Hydrating toners fall under skin care, as these provide nutrients to the skin rather than to cleanse.

    When you use a micellar water or an astringent toner, make sure you saturate the cotton pad. Never use these products sparingly as you’re directly applying the cotton to your skin. An unsaturated cotton can cause unnecessary friction to the skin which may lead to skin irritations and damage. Yes, everything you use on your skin can cause irritations, hence why you may have heard a lot of Asian people in particular, say that they avoid touching their faces with anything whenever possible. A good micellar water is one that sits in the middle of both, cleansing and skincare. If your micellar water is only intended to clean, then it isn’t really a micellar water.

    Whenever I do this step at night, I do my usual detoxing massage with the saturated cotton. I personally find that this massage really gets into the pores and also, cleans my skin so well that it starts to glow and remain glowing the morning after. Remember, going back to pores, your skin TRULY glows when your pores are clean and your skin is only clean through effective skin cleansing.

    Starting from your cheeks, gently buff the cotton along your cheek and cheekbone in a circular motion 3-5 times.
    Run the cotton in circular motions against your most prominent pores, then follow up the nose to your forehead. Repeat this 3-5 times.
    Buff in a circular motion on your forehead and follow down your temples to your chin. Repeat 3-5 times.
    Buff in a circular motion along the jaw bone 3-5 times. 

    From here on, just follow with the rest of your skincare. Should I do a part two to this, to follow up with my current skincare routine of 2016? Let me know, because your feedback helps me decide what kind of posts to push out to you.

    I didn’t realize how long this post would be, but alas, every single one of my DIY or 101 posts have been long, because I always want to give you as much information as possible. If you thoroughly enjoyed this post, or found it helpful in any way, then please don’t forget to like this post, share with your friends and family and subscribe for more informative posts on skincare and makeup. I’ve searched online so far and haven’t seen anyone else be as extensive in their cleansing as I am, so I guess I’m the first person to ever do the Quadruple Cleansing Routine! Haha, be a dear and help me make this post an eye opener for others?

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    [ REVIEW ] MANDOM Bifesta Cleansing Sheet Moist

    I usually despise cleansing tissues and always tell you guys never to use them as they usually don’t contain much skincare properties. They also tend to be too abrasive and also shift the pH levels in your skin so much that you have to focus your following products to rebalance the skin. I finally came across a cleansing wipe from Japan that I wanted to talk about here that might even sway me to disregard everything I’ve thus said in the past. Please note that here in Australia, the weather is fairly dry during Winter, as well as lighting being poor. This will be evidential in the photos as I tried to only use natural lighting only, for a more better result, thus some photos are way overexposed than others. Before I start, I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my readers and leaving me with positive messages. Yes I haven’t been pushing out reviews as of late, but it’s nice to hear that you guys are patiently waiting for my return. Without further ado, continue reading to see my views on Mandom Corporation’s Bifesta Cleansing Sheets.



    • 化粧水成分からつくったクレンジングだから、メイク落としから化粧水までコレ1枚!洗い流さなくてもOK。
    • 1枚で顔全体をふき取れる大判シート(150mm×200mm)
    • 肌あたりのやさしいやわらかシート採用
    • 肌へのやさしさを考えた摩擦低減処方
    • 無香料、無着色、オイルフリー
    • 保湿型ビタミンCとAHAの一種の乳酸配合。ベタつかず、すっきりした素肌へ。
    • メラニンを含む古い角質
    • 黒ずみ=毛穴の汚れ
    • 保湿性洗浄成分配合
    • 保湿型ビタミンC配合 (ビスグリセリルアスコルビン酸)
    • 乳酸(角質柔軟成分)配合


    • うるおいを守る吸着性アミノ酸配合。乾燥から守り、みずみずしくしっとりした素肌へ。
    • 保湿性洗浄成分配合
    • 吸着性アミノ酸(保湿)配合 (ジヒドロキシプロピルアルギニンHCl)




















    Two types of skin lotion-derived moisturizing/cleansing ingredients quickly “float” and envelop oil-based makeup, as well as dullness-causing dead skin cells, while maintaining moisture. Gently massage with Cleansing Wipes without rubbing: they easily and smoothly remove even the thickest eye makeup and foundation trapped in pores, turning the skin translucent after each wipe.

    • Containing cleansing water with skin lotion-derived ingredients, for everything from makeup removal to skin care! No need for rinsing.
    • Large enough (150 mm x 200 mm or approx. 5.9 in. x 7.8 in.) for full-face coverage
    • Containing about 5.9 ml of cleansing water per sheet
    • Soft and gentle on skin
    • Friction-reduced formula for skin
    • Fragrance free, Colorant Free and Oil Free


    • Containing moisturizing Vitamin C and lactic acid (a type of AHA) for non-sticky and fresh skin
    • Dead skin cells containing melanin; skin appears darkened when pores are clogged with dirt.
    • Containing moisturizing/cleansing ingredients
    • Containing moisturizing Vitamin C (Bis-glyceryl Ascorbate)
    • Containing lactic acid (dead cell softener)
    • Containing adsorptive hyaluronic acid (moisturizer)


    • Containing moisturizing adsorptive amino acid for freshly moisturized skin protected from dryness
    • Containing moisturizing/cleansing ingredients
    • Containing adsorptive amino acid (Dihydroxypropyl Arginine HCI)



    Large Bifesta Wipes are generously moistened with the Cleansing Lotion. One sheet is enough to completely remove makeup





    Take out one sheet at a time, and use it on dry skin. Start with feature makeup in the eye area and on lips. To remove eye makeup, place a folded sheet on the eye area for a while, and wipe off gently.




    Refold the sheet to use a clean part of the sheet, and repeat this until the sheet remains unsoiled.





    Makeup removal is complete when the sheet remains unsoiled. Since the moisturizing ingredients stay on skin, it is not necessary to wash the face afterward. You can move on to the next step of your usual skin care routine.


    Unlike other branded tissues which are purely for makeup removal only, Mandom has changed the revolution by revolving their tissues around a skincare product that doubles as a makeup cleanser. With the explanation alone, it is safe to assume that their ideology behind their cleansing tissues are their cotton sheets being super saturated in their cleansing lotion to not only remove the makeup, but maintain optimal skin health at the same time. The cleansing lotions alone are ideal for skincare as a multipurpose and a huge staple amongst many Japanese people.

    Unlike other branded tissues, the Bifesta Cleansing Sheets come with a plastic top cover to protect the moisture in the tissues and prevent drying out. Now tell me what other brand does this, because I’d like to know. Korean brands (except Leaders from what I know) don’t have the same packaging as Bifesta does, let alone all of the brands you find in Target or Western makeup stores. Each package comes with 46 pieces of tissues, all of them fairly saturated and all of them condensed tightly into the package. The rest of the packaging is different as well, because it seems to be some sort of plastic-like foil hybrid to keep the tissues inside as moist as possible, by reducing the chance of moisture evaporation. I have the moist version at the moment and I have to say I’m not a fan of the colour, since it’s bright pink and I don’t like pink much. The blue packaging from the Bright Up line seems to be more ideal in terms of colour, but my skin tends to dry to these days and I opted for the latter instead. I have also used the Bright Up before and they are just as moist as the moist version, of course, with the added benefits of whitening care to prevent the effects of sun damage to the skin. This, despite it being fragrance free (meaning it contains no perfumes to mask a smell) this product has a strong alcohol smell. I’m not put off by it so keep in mind if you have a sensitive nose, this one has a stink.

    In Cosmehut Carousel, which is where I not only work, but get most of this skincare from, we retail the Cleansing Sheets for $16.95 AUD and online, the Sheets are retailing on average, $14. The pricing isn’t too bad actually, and you get 46 VERY LARGE wipes in each package, so I would say it’s pretty decent since you go through less wipes with the size you get. Of course, being an Asian product, it is a hell of a lot more expensive than Western branded makeup wipes, but the quality is far different and I’d rather splurge my $16.95 for something I enjoy using on my face, rather than $2 that’s probably wrecking my skin. Did I mention these wipes are also more pH balanced, meaning they readjust your acid mantle barrier in your skin, to prevent irritations?

    INGREDIENTS: Water, Glycerol, Ethanol, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, PEG 400, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Sodium Citrate, Tocopheryl Acetate, EDTA-2NA, Citric Acid, Styrene/PVP Copolymer, Rosemary, Phenoxyethanol, Methyl Parahydroxybenzoate, Methacrylic Acid Glyceryl Amide Acetate/Stearyl Methacrylate Copolymer

    Ingredients highlighted in BOLD are level one category for acne so there is probably a minimal chance of this breaking you out. Patch test if possible, because YMMV and different skin reacts to different products. Ingredients highlighted in orange are sitting at category 3 and 4 for safety issues. Now, with Japanese cosmetics and skincare, there are always a whole heap of ingredients with this safety warning that I’m usually never fazed by them anymore. Of course, if you are worried, then please do some research beforehand to see whether this is appropriate for you and whether this is something you’re looking into getting for yourself. Most of the orange ingredients are indeed preservatives and acids which may explain the reason for the categorization (as acids have a huge impact on skin texture/balance.) If it makes it any better for you, I read online somewhere (and don’t ask me for the link because I can’t even remember where I read it off the top of my head) that most of the “dangerous” or safety warning ingredients are used sparingly, and are only allowed a maximum of 1% quantity to pass Japan’s Food and Drug Association checklist.

    Now of course, for the nitty gritty, let’s discuss the claims in the product. The Moist Sheets are intended for, obviously, moisturizing care and to prevent your skin from feeling dry. Being a makeup sheet as well, it is meant to clear makeup effectively too, without being too abrasive on the skin. Well, from my experience of using this (and I’ve so far gone through 3 packets) I haven’t experienced a single breakout thus far, my skin has never felt dry from using the sheets and my skin always feels well hydrated after using the sheets unlike other branded wipes I’ve tried. The sheets almost feel as if I am using the actual Cleansing Lotion on my face, but in a portable form, which I do like a lot. As the description, the sheets are VERY large and are fairly soft on the skin, yet durable at the same time. Applying ampoule pressure to the skin when using the sheet, retains the sheet’s strength, and you’re more likely to tear the sheet if you’re extremely rough with the tissue itself, of your skin texture is extremely rough too. By the end of the day, I usually have a 5 o’clock shadow, and using the sheet around my mouth or chin usually tears the tissue because of my facial hairs. However, on the rest of my face, the sheet is fine and removes all traces of makeup effectively.

    I notice as well, whenever I use the sheets, I don’t feel especially clean (because I’m so used to feeling clean after throwing water on my face and with a dedicated cleansing routine) but my skin seems to be clean regardless of how I feel. The wipes truly do remove all traces of makeup with ease, and your skin actually does appear and look cleaner afterwards. On extremely lazy days, or nights I have to go to sleep ASAP for work the next morning (like every single Monday night after work) I strongly rely on these cotton sheets a lot to remove my makeup and quickly clean my skin. Using this alone, going over my face twice to remove makeup, and then once more to ensure my skin is fairly clean and hop right into bed, by the next morning, my skin is actually plump and not too damaged or dry.

    This is an indication of my unclean skin. My skin had 28.7% water content with a 12.9% oil percentage, which indicates my skin is very imbalanced and lacking a lot of hydration.
    Excuse the darkness, the lighting outside suddenly became overcast and it started to hail. After using the sheets on my skin, my water increased by a total of 18% and my oils increased by 8.1%. This indicates that my skin has not only become more hydrated, but more balanced too.

    For makeup removal, this can break down all my base makeup extremely well, as well as the majority of lip products (excluding super staining lip tints), eyeshadows, eyebrow makeup and most eyeliners. For water proof eye makeup, I strongly suggest resting the cleansing sheet against your eye and gently massage the eyes using the pads of your fingers to break down the makeup for roughly 15 seconds. Gently wipe in one motion away from the eye and go over eyelashes separately for extra detail cleaning. Scrubbing the makeup with the tissue is faster, yes, but extremely damaging to the surrounding skin and unless you’re not concerned for fine lines and crows feet, I definitely do not recommend you be too vigorous around these sensitive areas.

    I applied 4 staining lipsticks, foundation, concealer, waterproof eyeliner, highlighter, contour, eyebrow, mascara and three budge proof eyeshadows, all lightly powdered down with some translucent loose powder.
    With one single swipe along my arm, the cleansing sheet was able to pick up a lot of makeup. This image also shows you how big the sheet is. The sheet, though it doesn’t seem so, is able to cover my entire face, and I have a fairly large face surface.
    With the single swipe, only the lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow remained, with very little traces of eyeshadow peeping through.
    After two more sweep overs, almost all traces of makeup remained, with the lip products staining ever so slightly on my arm. The rest of the makeup was removed completely.

    One more thing to add, since this is a product that is revolved around another product, you can actually get the Cleansing Lotion used in these Cleansing Sheets separately. I’ve always used a product (like a sheet mask or something similar) and they never have the same essence/skin sold separately. It’s always a struggle, particularly if I like said essence/skin and can’t get it because it’s exclusive ONLY to the said mask/wipe. This one is different and I truly thank Mandom Corp. for doing something right! That said, you can use the Cleansing Sheets in conjunction with the Cleansing Lotion for the ultimate gentle, water AND oil free cleansing routine.


    • Unlike Western branded wipes, Bifesta Cleansing Sheets are pH balanced; being more ideal for your skin
    • Oil Free, Colourant Free and Fragrance Free
    • The sheets itself are very large sized, and one sheet is probably more than enough for your entire face
    • The sheet material is sturdy and strong, but gentle against the skin’s surface to reduce as much unnecessary friction on the skin
    • The essence in the sheet itself, is from an ACTUAL product developed by Mandom Corp, and not some exclusive essence. This means, if you like the essence itself, you can buy it in liquid form to use as well
    • Very cheap, considering what you are paying for. Definitely worth the money and worth the investment
    • Two different sheet types to address your specific concerns; blue sheets contain vitamin C for a boost in skin radiance, and can help with pigmentation spots or dull skin, pink sheets contain more nourishing ingredients for a boost in hydration
    • This used alone can honestly work as a skincare routine, since it uses the Cleansing Lotion as the main ingredient in this product
    • Didn’t break me out once, and soothes skin fairly well


    • The ingredients list may upset some people
    • YMMV, what works for me might not work for you
    • Didn’t give me a very clean feeling when using the lotion wipe, despite my skin being clean
    • Strong alcohol smell
    • Might be a bit pricey for some people
    • Being a Japanese product, it might not be accessible where you live and your best bet would be to search online for it


    QUALITY ★★★★★
    PRICE ★★★★☆
    OVERALL ★★★★★

    ★☆☆☆☆ – I want all my time wasted and all my money back for this crap. If I could turn back time and tell my past self not to use this, then I would without a single doubt. If I find this in my collection or if someone gave it to me, I’ll set it on fire and pray to the All Maker to repent for using such a terrible product.

    ★★☆☆☆ – It’s pretty bad and I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anybody, but it’s nice to give it a go for myself. I’ll only use it if it was given to me for free and I’m severely desperate.

    ★★★☆☆ – It’s nice but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get another one for myself. Maybe if it was on special then I’d consider buying it, otherwise there are better products that I like a lot more than this.

    ★★★★☆ – It’s quite good and I would repurchase definitely. It’s not a staple yet, but if I can’t find anything better, then I’ll happily stick to this product.


    Now that you know what the stars mean, you can figure out what I mean by my personal ratings.

    Without a doubt, I always say that a proper cleansing routine should be your main priority, because you only have one skin, and you should be taking care of it to the best of your abilities. However, we all have our lazy days once in a while, and it’s always nice to have something quick and easy to use whenever we can not conjure up the energy to drag ourselves to our bathrooms. I recommend these cleansing sheets to basically everyone for a few reasons.
    One, the sheets are pH balanced, and it’s vital to use a pH balanced product, because your skin is naturally acidic. Using an alkaline product on your face can damage your skin’s barrier, causing bacteria to invade and thus, pimples. That, and your skin gets very dry with a weakened acidity and your skin is more prone to irritations when the acid mantle is disrupted.
    Two, this sheet uses Bifesta Cleansing Lotion as an ingredient; a skincare product I’ll be sharing with you all next, so stay tuned. The sheets itself can replace an entire skincare routine, if you’re that tired or lazy.
    Three, these sheets are so ginormous that one sheet is enough to clean your entire face, a second sheet for extra backup cleaning, and a third sheet can be used to seal moisture into your skin. With that alone, I notice my skin remains plump the next day, and cell turnover rate improves my skin texture quite dramatically. I can’t get this with any other cleansing sheet, and the fact this one does makes this a HG status product to have at your disposal.

    If you don’t already own a Bifesta Cleansing Sheet pack in your skincare staple, then rush out the door and grab one now. If you liked this review, don’t forget to click on the star, share with your friends and family and comment below what you think of this product or review. As I said before, next review is on the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, and why that too should be a skincare staple to own as well.

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    I can’t believe Q&A got this far; I’m so happy I have regular readers for this little tag I started. You guys are probably wondering why I’m late this morning. I overslept, easiest explanation HAHA! I worked 12hrs yesterday and also, the day before I didnt get home till really late as well. Let’s just say fatigue might be setting in again, but I’ll stay strong. Let’s get started.

    Honey, you looked really angry on Thursday, how come?

    I wasn’t angry, more tired. I have bitch dace syndrome and when I’m that tired, I can’t find myself smiling at all. Sorry if you did get the impression I wasn’t happy that day. I ensure you, I was in a good mood and I just couldn’t force a smile anymore. I wanted to sleep.

    How did you get your skin condition to be so flawless?

    With a heap of concealer and high coverage base makeup. Literally, my face has just as much flaws as any other person, so I can’t verify with you that my skin is flawless. I will, however tell you that I do spend a lot of time dedicated to addressing my skin everyday, which is probably a huge factor in how my skin is today. Daily cleansing and correct products will ensure you a path to great skin, so just keep up with it, and make sure you have the right products for your face.

    You’re an asshole, but a good kind of asshole. You proved that on Saturday and I’m very impressed.

    Thanks. This isn’t a question but more of a statement, and I will take this as a compliment. I will assume I know what you’re talking about, and yes, I am an asshole. I’ve been lied to so many times and that has made me this kind of person. I prefer to be direct and honest when needed because sometimes sugar coating isn’t a good thing to use when talking about something at all. At the end of the day, you’d prefer the cold hard truth over something slightly fabricated right?

    What’s your next plan with your hair?

    I want to change my hair colour once again, and probably going back to almost black since I’m too lazy these days managing silvery grey hair. My main focus is reviving my hair back to somewhat of a healthy condition. Once I get to that point, I want to maintain healthy hair, even if it’s coloured.

    You’ve been drinking A LOT of coffee I see. Why, and do you always get coffee at Tommy Sugo now?

    I like looking at beautiful faces. Enough said. HAHA

    Your date on Thursday going to Ogilvies looked fun. Is the cafe honestly good?

    Yes it is. I will note that the owner is someone I know and you guys might assume I’m being biased. Please keep in mind though, that food is most important, no matter who is working there, so if the food is good, I can happily recommend the place to you. Ogilvies is definitely up there for cafes and one of my new favourite places to relax with a cup of coffee and a sandwich without the hefty prices. If you are around Subiaco, please check it out for yourself. Mention my name “Anthony from Cosmehut” as well if you go there, because that might get you extra favours HAHA!

    Are you planning to do a giveaway soon?

    I’d like to, when I become more popular, so yes. It’s something I want to do, because who doesn’t like to receive free things? Promote my blog and I’ll hold a giveaway for y’all.

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