ATTEMPT ONE: Red Light x Rosy Pink

I woke up one day thinking that I have palettes I haven’t touched, just sitting in my bedroom and it’s about time I tried them out to see what I can pull out of my ass as far as a makeup look goes. Being lazy in bed, I placed my headphones in my ears and put my music on shuffle. Sure enough, the first song that came on was F(x)’s Red Light, which threw inspiration into my head.

But let’s take a moment at how damn womanly I look though.

This makeup look I’m sharing with you is a red light inspired makeup that is slightly more wearable than the concept photos they released for a member in particular, Krystal. I also looked to Pony makeup tutorials for inspiration and fell in love with one of her simple looks, called Rosy Peach makeup, where I decided to use the colors on my lids for a more “made up” look. Keep reading to see how I achieved this mess.

Just like in the red light concept photos, one side will be slightly more natural than the other half of my face, rocking out a more glammed up look that is a little bit more wearable for going out. (Though I don’t recommend it because the makeup itself just looks strange to be worn out in public).

STEP ONE: Always start off with a freshly cleansed and moisturized face. Oh, and get your hair out of the way by tying it up, or securing with a makeup brush like I did.

I can’t stress enough how important skincare is for your face AND your makeup. Without adequate care for your skin, you can’t achieve decent makeup, so I strongly advise investing your money more into skincare than you do your makeup products. Remember that even terrible makeup products will work better if your skin condition is at it’s prime, than if you were to apply the same products on an unclean canvas.

As per usual, I cleansed with a 5.5pH cleanser, toned with a 4.5pH skin, and moisturized with a gel lotion.

Why my face looking like I’m dead to the world? I mean, I am, but still… By the way, new contacts are Russian Velvets from OLENS in blue, which aren’t the best contacts but are wearable for occasions like this. Personally don’t recommend because they’re uncomfortable.

STEP TWO: Apply your base and concealer as per usual, and additionally, if you prefer cream products, you can apply your cream contour/highlight in this step as well. Finish with a bit of powder and bake under your eyes.

There isn’t any wrong or right method when applying your base, so long as you apply it in a manner that prevents your makeup looking cakey or streaky. Make sure the base adheres nicely to the skin, is well blended and that most importantly, you are happy with the final results.

I chose to go a shade lighter than my skin tone simply because I want the shading of my face to look stronger.

I decided to also do my eyebrows in the same step as well, since I think brows can ultimately frame the face and give you an outline to how you want your eye makeup to look. Leaving the bake under your eyes is also optional, but I left mine simply because you’re applying eye shadows and if any fallout does occur, it’s easy to sweep it away with the bake.

Giving you those Kim K vibes.
Basically, you want your base, bake and brows in place before you start the eyes, or completely fuck everything off and start with the eyes first if that’s how you do your makeup. I chose the latter because #lazyyyyyy

STEP THREE: Apply a base and a base color to the eyelids to create a blank canvas for eyeshadows to be worn upon.

I have very delicate eyelid skin, where the veins literally peek through. A traditional eye primer isn’t enough to cover the veins so I opted for concealer instead for added coverage. If you don’t have the same problem then a traditional shadow primer will do just fine.

I used a muted taupe color over the entire eye as a base color.

I even drew terrible guidelines to where to place the shadows. Ah so professional.

STEP FOUR: Starting with the natural side, apply a wash of rose pink color onto the lids.

STEP FIVE: Use a muted wine color in the outer V and blend into the rose pink shadow for contouring. Intensify the outer corner by using  chocolate eyeshadow with a light hand. You don’t want the eye to look too dark, just enough for definition

STEP SIX: To add light to the eyelid, apply a shimmery peach toned shadow on the centre of the lids, inner corners and the entirety of the bottom eyelid. Blend slightly to remove harsh edges.

Guess what’s on my lip, cause I have no idea what it is TBH.

STEP SEVEN: Using a liner of your choice (I chose liquid cause it’s the easiest to draw with IMO), follow the natural shape of your eye and draw an extremely thin line, dragging the liner out slightly. Don’t lift the wing upwards or create a long wing as this creates a cat effect, which defeats the purpose of the natural look. What you want to achieve here is a naturally defined eye line. With the same chocolate shadow you used to contour with, apply that at the end of your bottom lid to connect the eyeliner for a “puppy” sort of liner feel.

STEP EIGHT: For the makeup side, just as before, you want to apply the same rose color to the mobile lid, and contour using the wine shade from before.

So just like before, apply your base tone to the eyes before adding color.
Then your rose.
Then your wine. Might as well grab yourself some REAL wine while you’re at it.

STEP NINE: Use a camel shade to define the outer V and drag the color into the crease, making sure to blend the colors naturally with each other. Using the same chocolate shade from before, intensify the corner and drag the color slightly into the crease; this time you are trying to make the eye darker, so you can go ham at this stage if you want.

So apply your camel shade around the areas shown, and then apply chocolate to redefine and intensify.

STEP TEN: Using the same peach tone, apply the color to the centre of the lid, inner corners and bottom eyelid for color variation and to add light to the eyelid.

STEP ELEVEN: Apply eyeliner, this time, winging the liner up to create a cat eye effect. Just like with the natural side, use the chocolate color on the bottom lid to connect. With this, completes the eye makeup.

That eyeliner is messy, why did I NOT see that before.

STEP TWELVE: Curl and apply mascara, define the face with contour (I sharpened the dark makeup side, and left the contouring natural on the other half of my face) and highlight. Apply a little bit of muted rose blush if you like, or skip this step if you want.

Try not to apply too much highlight like I did; I went crazy.

I could probably sit on a cliff and guide ships back to shore safely with the amount of highlighter I used.

STEP THIRTEEN: Finish the makeup with a pink or nude lipstick and that finishes the complete look.

Or, you can add extra if you want. It’s makeup after all and you can do whatever you please with the products you spent your money on. Treat yo’self.

Please do your hair, unlike me. I just look messy now.

So, if you read up till here, then you’d realize by the end of this tutorial that the makeup isn’t exactly F(x) style, nor is it Pony style. I got inspiration from the two and used both ideas to create this look. If you do however, want me to try (and probably fail) recreate either looks, then please let me know in the comments below or via one of my SNS accounts. Don’t forget if you enjoyed this post, then give it a like, subscribe to this blog and share with your friends and family. Until the next post, this has been Anthony from The Beauty Aesthetics.

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