Product Empties – Hair, Skin and Makeup

The last post I made seemed to be popular, so I wanted to do another product empties post again. I was really upset, because I actually lost half of my products when I was cleaning out my stuff. I must have mistaken the empty bottles for trash and threw them all straight in the bin before I could take any photos of them, so unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to get photos of my La Mer soft cream, the Creme de La Mer, POLA Grand Luxe, Albion Skin Conditioner, Sulwhasoo First Treatment Essence, Clinique Moisture Surge cream, Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask or The History of Whoo Whitening Ampoule set.

Nonetheless, I did manage to keep some items and so I will be talking about them here. Prepare yourself for ugly photos, dirty bottles and blurry pictures, because I am a professional blogger after all.


ALLIE Sun block


I mentioned this product many times, and I believe that I did include this in my last empties post. I did end up repurchasing another 2 bottles, which both are now completely used up. I really love this sunblock as it has SPF 50 PA ++++, it’s light weight, absorbs nicely into the skin, gives slight white cast that appears natural on my skin and it’s wearable under makeup. The only problem I encountered with this sunblock is that locally, the prices were initially only $49.95 AUD, but with our ever declining market and dollar strength, prices for this baby are sitting at an average of $55 per bottle. Sure, the price was steep to begin with, but now I’m starting to feel it’s a bit ridiculous.

Would I repurchase? Probably, once the price stabilizes again, otherwise I might have to look for another sunblock that performs just as well as this one (which I can easily find because Allie UV blocks are comparable to Kanebo’s UV Milk/Gel and Innisfree’s Eco Safety IMO).

KOSE Speedy Cleansing Oil


A cheap spend, and a decent oil cleanser. Honestly, when it comes to cleansing, I don’t really care what product I use, provided it does the job effectively, is pH balanced suitable for the skin, and it is easily accessible to me. It’s very rare I stick to one brand of cleanser or cleansing oil, since I generally don’t care about it too much.

This cleansing oil isn’t an exception to my feelings of cleansing. It does the job very well, it’s gentle on my skin, breaks down makeup and emulsifies easily. I can’t really fault it at all, and it’s pretty cheap as well.

Would I repurchase? Sure, if this is the cheapest oil out in the AB market. Otherwise, I’d just go for the cheaper option, if there are any.

MANDOM Bifesta Cleansing Wipes – Bright Up


These have been a GOD SENT product. You guys know I absolutely DESPISE cleansing wipes, but these ones are enriched with the same liquid found in their micellar water, so I’m never worried whenever I use these sheets. I even wrote a whole blog post about them, which you can read about here.

Would I repurchase? I try not too, only because having cleansing wipes at the disposal can encourage laziness when it comes to skincare, but everyone knows that I’ll end up grabbing another package eventually.

MANDOM Bifesta Cleansing Lotion


Here starts the blurry photos.

Just like the wipes, I wrote a whole blog post on this product, so you can have a read of it here.

Would I repurchase? I like this micellar water, but I do prefer the Acne specific one from this range, so not necessarily repurchase the moist version, unless the Acne specific isn’t available. Actually, let me rephrase this.

I would repurchase depending on stock availabilities, in this order:

  1. Acne Care
  2. Bright Up
  3. Moist Up
  4. Q10 Enriched

So, to clarify, if the Acne Care isn’t available, then I would repurchase the cleansing water in the Bright Up formula and so on, so forth.

HELLO FACE Milky Drop Cream


Remember that DoctorCos branded cream I talked about ages ago? This utilizes the same droplet technology where the cream produced liquid droplets upon application to provide extra hydration for the skin. I found that this cream was a bit harder to absorb than the DoctorCos cream, but provided the same level of hydration as the DoctorCos.

Would I repurchase? Since this cream provided my skin with whitening care, that helped with hyper pigmentation, I would say I might repurchase it, since whitening care is so damn expensive. Otherwise, I’m inclined to go for different creams since there are better alternatives to this one in particular.

SECRET KEY Snow White Essence


I heard about this product back when I was working customer service in cosmetics retail, from a Muslim customer who only shopped skin whitening products. She basically told me this was THE product to help brighten the skin, and really stop your skin from getting darker. Since, back then, my peers and a few customers made me feel uncomfortable with my skin tone, I went out and bought a bottle to really “fix” my skin tone.

To clarify, I actually like my skin tone now; I think dark skin, light skin and everything in between are equally beautiful, and for me to think otherwise back then, was a bit stupid. Nonetheless, this is truly an example of how peer pressure or even bullying (if you can call it that) can affect someone’s mental state.

Back to skin care, I used this bottle hoping for a whiter and “more beautiful” me, but this bottle did absolutely nothing other than make my skin appear overly compensated with sebum.

Would I repurchase? HELL NO.

LEADERS INSOLUTION Wrinkle-Tox First Ampoule Mask


I was planning to do a separate blog post on this mask alone, but I lost my photos when I was doing my monthly clean out of images in my phone. Mistakingly, I deleted the mask images along with older blogging content that has already been published, so there goes my hard work down the drain.

Oh well.

As far as this mask goes, it was in this vial-like bottle seeped in serum and wrapped around a stick. The whole mask and design aspect itself was very interesting and nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Using the mask however, my skin was itchy and red upon application, and remained red for the rest of the day. The morning after, my face blew up with pimples.

Would I repurchase? Oh my god yes. I love getting allergic reactions and pimples all over my face.

if you can’t tell this is sarcasm, then you need to turn your locations on so we can chat.

ETUDE HOUSE Dust Cut Facial Mist


I don’t know why I bought this facial mist to be honest, but all I can remember was that the bottle was retailed for $35 AUD. Now, I’m not sure about you guys overseas, but here in Australia, Etude House is NEVER above $30, no sir. I say, that even though I don’t find it expensive at all, if you’re going to purchase a drug store branded item, then you’d expect to be paying drug store prices, right?

Overall, the mist itself was ok, albeit a bit dry on the skin. I mean, it’s to be expected if your mist claims to “cut the dust”.

Would I repurchase? Not at that price. Otherwise, I might get me another bottle.

AVENE Eau Thermale


AKA canned and compressed water.

What is there to say, other than Avene is EXPENSIVE here in Perth, and that it literally is water in a mist can.

It’s good for sensitive skin. BECAUSE IT’S WATER!
It helps to smooth and soften the skin. BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING WATER!!!!!!

Need I say more? Oh BTW I got the largest size and spent $59.95 AUD on it, so other than it being just a can of water, it’s also ridiculously priced. Who in their right mind is OK with spending close to 60 bucks on a can of water?

Would I repurchase? I’m notorious for spending and wasting money on unnecessary shit, but this is a bit too much. I’d rather buy a carton of carbonated water and use that as bathing water, than to repurchase this facial mist.

INNISFREE Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


Cult favorite, my favorite. I have a Whoo clay mask that costed me a whopping $90 that honestly, performs less than what this mask can offer, and the Innisfree only cost me a quarter of the price. It’s a clay mask, it tightens, softens the skin, brightens the complexion AND it tightens pores. Needless to say, everyone can get their hands on it.

Would I repurchase? Of course; it’s cheap, effective, and it lasts a long time.

CLINIQUE Smart Treatment Oil

This is the beginning of dirty packaging as well.

I was pressured by the staff there to purchase a bottle. She literally made me feel like shit, left tissue paper tearing all over my face after I received a facial over there, and disregarded the fact my skin was literally burning when she applied not only a clay mask I’m allergic to, but also a toner that literally causes my skin to bleed. That stupid bitch made me look bad, feel bad, then came and said a few words that would have had me permanently removed from the shopping centre if I didn’t buy this oil. I was absolutely FUMING, but I couldn’t have myself permanently removed; I worked INSIDE the centre.

I bit my tongue and purchased the damn oil. What else could I have done? Sure, I could have told a few people and got them to help me out, but with no solid evidence, it would be word for word. A formal complaint written in handwriting would also have done nothing. Calling the store manager on her pasty ass? Again, word for word. Ain’t there a single thing I could have said or done to fix the issue.

Nonetheless, that’s in the past and I was stuck with a facial oil I didn’t really need. What did I think of it? Well, it was an oil, and it went on my skin. It absorbed terribly, made my skin congested because it sat only on the surface of my skin, and it smelt really weird.

Would I repurchase? I didn’t even want to purchase it to begin with. It felt disgusting during the facial massage.


If this is old packaging, and the new designs came out a while ago, guess how long I had THIS cleanser for.

Yes, I know this is the older formula.

Yes, I know I should have ridden this from my skin care a long time ago.

Yes, I know I ran the risk of skin irritation.

But, I didn’t get any skin troubles, I used it before the expiry date, given that packaging dates differ from the time you open the product and expose it to air for the first time, and I knew that after using this cleanser, I could compare this to the new AC Clean Up.

Would I repurchase? Well, no, because I can’t now. AC Clean Up cleanser, I would purchase it for Summer when my acne gets really bad. It’ll give me an indication as to how the new formula fairs against the classic I’ve fallen in love with over the years.



This toner, compared to the original smells less chemically, but still has that medicinal scent to it. Other than that, the pricing point was the same, as so were the functions and capabilities.

Would I repurchase? Since I’m using a BHA active now, I’m not 100% sure I can, but otherwise I would, since it helps with acne and isn’t drying like other acne skincare products in the market.

POLA White BA Day Mask

Probably the ONLY high end product I was able to retain in my empties garbage.

This mask is somewhat of an extra step, and dedicated for all the extra people in the AB community. This is like a serum, except it is to be worn AFTER applying your moisturizers and such. That said, if you skip out on lotion, cream or whatever you use to keep your skin well hydrated, then relying on this mask is a huge no no.

I found that this mask was quite moist, kept my skin looking brighter, plumper and more glossy than if I were to skip this product altogether. However, being that BA is a collagen based product and intended for those with aging skin, it didn’t click in my mind that this wouldn’t be compatible with my dehydrated, yet, oily skin type at the time of usage. It goes without saying that this mask left me really oily after 3 hours, and it didn’t help my makeup if worn underneath. As a stand alone product itself though, I found this day mask was beautiful on the skin, even with the oily complexion, and it did keep my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day.

Would I repurchase? Since I can get my hands on POLA for a lovely price of $0, I don’t need to purchase it at all, but I did actually spend my money for this bottle, since my regular supplier of POLA didn’t have any Day Mask left, and I had to venture out to buy one for real. At a starting price point of $205 AUD, I think the fuck not.


POLA Emollient Oil Essence


This hair oil is the most pricey from what I’ve tried so far, sitting at $35 AUD per bottle. It isn’t cheap, but it worked wonders for my severely dry and damaged hair. I could wear the oil essence alone as a leave in, or use it as a pre flat iron treatment to coat and protect the hair itself. The scent is florally and light, which I liked, and the essence was thick enough to have an effect on my hair, but light enough that it didn’t weigh my hair down.

Would I repurchase? Definitely. It’s the best oil I’ve used to date, and I don’t think Western brand hair oils live up to the quality that POLA hair care provides.

FUDGE Clean Blonde Shampoo


Back when I had grey hair, this is all I used to retain the ashy color. It works wonders for people who want to achieve the ashy tone, or for those who want to maintain ash grey or silver hair. The only downfall is that the formula of this shampoo strips your hair completely of any moisture, leaving your hair dry.

Would I repurchase? Now that my hair is brown, I see no need for this shampoo. Maybe if I decide to dye my hair again, I’ll consider it.

FUDGE Clean Blonde Conditioner

OK this photo is unusable even for my standards.

Clearly I went for the blurry aspect of this photo. It’s my aesthetic.

Nah I’m joking.

I actually suck.

This conditioner is purple toned just like the shampoo, and is designed to act as a second wash of purple to achieve less brassy toned hair. However, the color is so light, that this conditioner does nothing to address hair tone whatsoever. On top of that, the conditioning capabilities of this product are so sub par that you’re better off wasting money on the cheapest hair conditioner you can find at the drug store.

Would I repurchase? I’d rather spend the $25 on food to sustain my hunger rather than this.

JOICO Intensive Hydrator Treatment


I actually asked the sales assistant to help me find a rich hair mask to keep my hair feeling softer and less frizzy, in which she suggested this product to me. Going home, I had high expectations for this hair mask, since the only other hair packs I liked were from Ichigami and Fino. This mask performed worse than those two, and left my hair feeling the same after washing, as if I were to not use it at all.

What a waste of $39.95.

Would I repurchase? No, and I’ll happily stick to my Fino for $19.95.

MATRIX Biolage Advanced Keratindose


Unlike other keratin hair care products, this one didn’t smell like I pissed all over my hands. That immediately was a good sign. The same lady that suggested the shitty hair pack, also suggested me this.

As a product, it really kept my hair feeling a little bit healthier and more glossy in appearance. I hate the spray nozzle though, since the keratin essence was too thick to be sprayed on in a fine mist. Nope, the keratin came out in jets of liquid. Overall though, not a bad product, but nowhere near $35 good.

Would I repurchase? If this ever went on sale, then yes. Otherwise, I’ll probably go back to smelling like piss again, with the cheap $6 Korean keratin essences.

TRESEMME Luxurious Moisture Conditioner


Everyone uses Tresemme because it’s big, cheap and easily accessible. I only bought a bottle because the AB stores didn’t have any Ichikami in stock, and that made me real sad. Nonetheless, as a fill in conditioner, it lasted longer than my Ichikami (I use a LOT of conditioner) and it worked fine too.

Would I repurchase? Sure, if I can’t find a replacement to Ichikami since it iS ALWAY S OUT OF STO C    K

ICHIKAMI Moisturizing Shampoo


Speaking of the devil, this shampoo is my go to. It smells nice, works nice, and it’s $25 per bottle so nothing too crazy. I can wash with this and literally go without conditioner if I’m running late, and my hair won’t feel dry at all.

Would I repurchase? I don’t know, ask the AB stores when they’re getting their stock back.

ICHIKAMI Moisturizing Conditioner


Just like above, this works great, smells great and costs the same amount of money. There really is nothing else to say about it.

Would I repurchase? Yes.

YANAGIYA Hair Tonic – Super Cool


This tonic is supposed to stimulate the hair follicles to effectively keep your hair healthier and grow stronger. I bought this only because my head gets really hot, and I wanted a tonic to cool down the scalp in order to make my makeup last longer throughout the day. This tonic did just that.

I guess as far as it’s “actual” claims goes, it did alright. Nothing fancy.

Would I repurchase? Depending on my tolerance to heat in the upcoming summer, I might have to think about it.


TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Artclass By Rodin – Illuminizer


I don’t know if I can give a fair review on this since I was only able to use the highlighter 5 times before I accidentally dropped it and it smashed everywhere in my bathroom causing me to cry heavily for he next 300 years as I reflect back in my life trying to pinpoint where I went wrong as a child.

As far as a highlight goes, it worked beautifully from memory, the colors were really nice and the shimmer was natural since it wasn’t strewn with chunky glitters. Just like the contour, the powder itself is very smooth, and glides upon the skin for a beautiful yet skin like finish.

Would I repurchase? Well I have to, since I never even got to try it out properly.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Artclass By Rodin – Contour


Speaking of contour, this is probably the 6th one I’ve used up completely since I first got my hands on it. I love contour, probably a bit too much. That’s probably why I always look muddy in real life, whenever people see me.

Would I repurchase? Well, I only used 6 so far, so I don’t know…

INNISFREE Long Wear Cushion


This is the OG cushion and not the new formula. I’m yet to try it out and see whether it’s the same thing or something completely different, but from what I had here, the cushion itself was nice, matte and stayed on for a very long time.

Would I repurchase? I actually want the My Cushions, you know, the ones with the hella fancy packaging where you can custom design your own case to make it match your cushion aesthetics. If I can get that, then yes I would love to buy another one.

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray


I have been sleeping on NYX for so damn long, and I’m so mad with myself because NYX is actually so damn good! This setting spray included.

I can’t say much, since this literally goes over the top of your makeup, makes your base real glossy and sets makeup into place for the entire day.

Would I repurchase? It’s a couple of dollars, fuck the Too Cool For School one I was using before.

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ATTEMPT TWO: Red Light Only

Throwing away the idea of the rosy pink makeup in my last attempt, I went only for the red light concept with the natural one side, and full glam on the other. Again, with Krystal of F(x) as my inspiration, I decided to reattempt the Red Light makeup.

Is there really a need for me to say that I CLEARLY DO NOT own this image NOR DO I CLAIM COPYRIGHT, or is that already a given?

I have to stress that I am NOT a professional makeup artist, nor have I received an ounce of training whatsoever, and so I kindly ask you not to expect much at all.

STEP ONE: Start off with a clean and well moisturized face. For the full Krystal effect, have only one contact lens in the eye you are going to do the heavy makeup on.

The natural lighting was weirdly changing every 5 minutes, because here in Australia, winter is undefined. It’s either oddly sunny, heavily raining with clouds scattered throughout the sky, or both at the same time. With that said, hopefully some pictures aren’t brighter than other ones.

As far as skincare goes, I always wash my face with a pH 5.5 cleanser, tone using a pH 4.5 skin and moisturize using a gel type lotion.

I’m using my trusty old OLENS x ANNA SUI grey contact, sitting at a DIA of 14.2mm. I have a GEO Flower lens which is 15mm DIA but I found that it looked too strange to have a natural 13.8mm eye with a 15mm DIA lens. If you own a 14.5mm lens and your eyes are as big as mine, then I’d probably recommend you try using that as it creates a better effect. BTW I don’t recommend wearing these lenses for a long period of time, since the lens itself is fairly thick and can become irritatingly uncomfortable to wear as it gets drier.

STEP TWO: Prepare your face by applying your base, concealer and cooking material. Skip this step if you prefer to do your eyes first.

But I use a lot of powder. Probably best to avoid baking like I do.

STEP THREE: Prepare your eyelids using a primer and base color.

I used concealer and a muted taupe shade as my base color for the eyeshadow.

I forgot about the bake on my nose, that I ended up leaving it for too long. After removing the bake, my nose felt incredibly dry afterwards.

STEP FOUR: Draw your guide for your eyeliner using shadow before applying eyeshadows

This step really is optional. I’m just terrible at planning and usually go with the flow when it comes to everything, so just as a precaution, I chose to draw the guideline for my own benefit. Heck, maybe this step might help one of you guys.


STEP FIVE: Avoiding the middle of your eyelids, apply your dark shadow on the entirety of your eyelid, including and emphasizing the crease. Extend the color all the way to the front and inner corners of the eye, and drag along the bottom eyelid halfway from the front of the eye.

Krystal actually had black on her eyes, but since I wanted the look to be a bit softer, I opted for brown. The color is also way more forgiving than black is.

STEP SIX: Using your finger or a dampened shadow placement brush, apply a shimmery shade that is two shades lighter than your crease color to the blank areas of your eyelids for color variation.

If you used black, then a silver or a gold shimmer will look really nice with this look. Otherwise in my case, I used a shimmery copper with fine glitters.


STEP SEVEN: Line your eyes following the guideline you created, winging the liner upwards to create a cat wing.


STEP EIGHT: Fill in your brow either the way you usually do them, or seek permission from the All Maker and rock an angry birds styled brow.

I didn’t ask the All Maker though, and unfortunately for me, I’m going to hell. God dammit.

Unlike Krystal’s eye look, by using brown and adding the central shimmer, the eye looks less dark and more wearable.

STEP NINE: Curl your lashes and apply your mascara, and if necessary, apply highlight to your half of the face to complete the makeup for your dark side.

With the concept photos, Krystal appeared to not be wearing any blush or contour at all, so it’s up to you whether you want to apply it or not. I added the tiniest bit of blush to the outer cheek for color to the face, and highlight along the cheekbones to bring back some liveliness to the skin.

Once again, my facial expression is giving off the “I’m dead to the world” feels.

STEP TEN: Starting off with your natural eye, make sure to have primed and set your eyelid ready for eyeshadow. Take a camel shade and apply to the inner and outer eyelid for definition.

Usually I pray for pigment when it comes to eyeshadows, but in this case, I really wanted no pigment whatsoever. This eye look needed to be extremely light, as if it were barely there, in order to achieve the “no makeup” feel.

STEP ELEVEN: Line your eyes with dark brown eyeshadow, being careful not to extend past the eye line. Follow the natural shape to create the “no liner” appearance. Drag the color slightly down to the bottom eyelid for the “puppy” liner look. Alternatively, apply BROWN eyeliner to the upper water line and in between the lashes for the “no liner” appearance.

Except, I lost my pencil liner so I can’t actually fill in the water line naturally. I went for the latter instead.


STEP TWELVE: Fill in your brows very naturally, following the natural shape and curvature of your brow, to make them look as if they haven’t been drawn on. Curl and apply mascara to your lashes and with that, completes your natural eye look.


STEP THIRTEEN: Finish off the rest of your makeup however you please. Make sure to create the gradient lip look on your dark makeup side, and that completes the Red Light inspired makeup.

I also decided to contour my nose because why the fuck NOT.



Once again, I’m probably going to do another attempt, this time, trying to actually recreate the proper look, by paying close attention to their eye makeup and the rest of the face. For the time being, if you enjoyed this post, then don’t forget to like it, subscribe to keep up to date with future blog posts and share with your friends and family. As per usual, your feedback is highly regarded and appreciated so don’t forget to leave any comments down below, or through my SNS.

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ATTEMPT ONE: Red Light x Rosy Pink

I woke up one day thinking that I have palettes I haven’t touched, just sitting in my bedroom and it’s about time I tried them out to see what I can pull out of my ass as far as a makeup look goes. Being lazy in bed, I placed my headphones in my ears and put my music on shuffle. Sure enough, the first song that came on was F(x)’s Red Light, which threw inspiration into my head.

But let’s take a moment at how damn womanly I look though.

This makeup look I’m sharing with you is a red light inspired makeup that is slightly more wearable than the concept photos they released for a member in particular, Krystal. I also looked to Pony makeup tutorials for inspiration and fell in love with one of her simple looks, called Rosy Peach makeup, where I decided to use the colors on my lids for a more “made up” look. Keep reading to see how I achieved this mess.

Just like in the red light concept photos, one side will be slightly more natural than the other half of my face, rocking out a more glammed up look that is a little bit more wearable for going out. (Though I don’t recommend it because the makeup itself just looks strange to be worn out in public).

STEP ONE: Always start off with a freshly cleansed and moisturized face. Oh, and get your hair out of the way by tying it up, or securing with a makeup brush like I did.

I can’t stress enough how important skincare is for your face AND your makeup. Without adequate care for your skin, you can’t achieve decent makeup, so I strongly advise investing your money more into skincare than you do your makeup products. Remember that even terrible makeup products will work better if your skin condition is at it’s prime, than if you were to apply the same products on an unclean canvas.

As per usual, I cleansed with a 5.5pH cleanser, toned with a 4.5pH skin, and moisturized with a gel lotion.

Why my face looking like I’m dead to the world? I mean, I am, but still… By the way, new contacts are Russian Velvets from OLENS in blue, which aren’t the best contacts but are wearable for occasions like this. Personally don’t recommend because they’re uncomfortable.

STEP TWO: Apply your base and concealer as per usual, and additionally, if you prefer cream products, you can apply your cream contour/highlight in this step as well. Finish with a bit of powder and bake under your eyes.

There isn’t any wrong or right method when applying your base, so long as you apply it in a manner that prevents your makeup looking cakey or streaky. Make sure the base adheres nicely to the skin, is well blended and that most importantly, you are happy with the final results.

I chose to go a shade lighter than my skin tone simply because I want the shading of my face to look stronger.

I decided to also do my eyebrows in the same step as well, since I think brows can ultimately frame the face and give you an outline to how you want your eye makeup to look. Leaving the bake under your eyes is also optional, but I left mine simply because you’re applying eye shadows and if any fallout does occur, it’s easy to sweep it away with the bake.

Giving you those Kim K vibes.
Basically, you want your base, bake and brows in place before you start the eyes, or completely fuck everything off and start with the eyes first if that’s how you do your makeup. I chose the latter because #lazyyyyyy

STEP THREE: Apply a base and a base color to the eyelids to create a blank canvas for eyeshadows to be worn upon.

I have very delicate eyelid skin, where the veins literally peek through. A traditional eye primer isn’t enough to cover the veins so I opted for concealer instead for added coverage. If you don’t have the same problem then a traditional shadow primer will do just fine.

I used a muted taupe color over the entire eye as a base color.

I even drew terrible guidelines to where to place the shadows. Ah so professional.

STEP FOUR: Starting with the natural side, apply a wash of rose pink color onto the lids.

STEP FIVE: Use a muted wine color in the outer V and blend into the rose pink shadow for contouring. Intensify the outer corner by using  chocolate eyeshadow with a light hand. You don’t want the eye to look too dark, just enough for definition

STEP SIX: To add light to the eyelid, apply a shimmery peach toned shadow on the centre of the lids, inner corners and the entirety of the bottom eyelid. Blend slightly to remove harsh edges.

Guess what’s on my lip, cause I have no idea what it is TBH.

STEP SEVEN: Using a liner of your choice (I chose liquid cause it’s the easiest to draw with IMO), follow the natural shape of your eye and draw an extremely thin line, dragging the liner out slightly. Don’t lift the wing upwards or create a long wing as this creates a cat effect, which defeats the purpose of the natural look. What you want to achieve here is a naturally defined eye line. With the same chocolate shadow you used to contour with, apply that at the end of your bottom lid to connect the eyeliner for a “puppy” sort of liner feel.

STEP EIGHT: For the makeup side, just as before, you want to apply the same rose color to the mobile lid, and contour using the wine shade from before.

So just like before, apply your base tone to the eyes before adding color.
Then your rose.
Then your wine. Might as well grab yourself some REAL wine while you’re at it.

STEP NINE: Use a camel shade to define the outer V and drag the color into the crease, making sure to blend the colors naturally with each other. Using the same chocolate shade from before, intensify the corner and drag the color slightly into the crease; this time you are trying to make the eye darker, so you can go ham at this stage if you want.

So apply your camel shade around the areas shown, and then apply chocolate to redefine and intensify.

STEP TEN: Using the same peach tone, apply the color to the centre of the lid, inner corners and bottom eyelid for color variation and to add light to the eyelid.

STEP ELEVEN: Apply eyeliner, this time, winging the liner up to create a cat eye effect. Just like with the natural side, use the chocolate color on the bottom lid to connect. With this, completes the eye makeup.

That eyeliner is messy, why did I NOT see that before.

STEP TWELVE: Curl and apply mascara, define the face with contour (I sharpened the dark makeup side, and left the contouring natural on the other half of my face) and highlight. Apply a little bit of muted rose blush if you like, or skip this step if you want.

Try not to apply too much highlight like I did; I went crazy.

I could probably sit on a cliff and guide ships back to shore safely with the amount of highlighter I used.

STEP THIRTEEN: Finish the makeup with a pink or nude lipstick and that finishes the complete look.

Or, you can add extra if you want. It’s makeup after all and you can do whatever you please with the products you spent your money on. Treat yo’self.

Please do your hair, unlike me. I just look messy now.

So, if you read up till here, then you’d realize by the end of this tutorial that the makeup isn’t exactly F(x) style, nor is it Pony style. I got inspiration from the two and used both ideas to create this look. If you do however, want me to try (and probably fail) recreate either looks, then please let me know in the comments below or via one of my SNS accounts. Don’t forget if you enjoyed this post, then give it a like, subscribe to this blog and share with your friends and family. Until the next post, this has been Anthony from The Beauty Aesthetics.

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Is Cheaper Always Better? – Jung’s Answer.

When it comes to skincare, ESPECIALLY in the Asian Beauty world, you don’t get many opportunities to save on products since everything generally retails for higher than what you would typically find in your local drugstore. When I worked in skincare retail, I learnt the habits of people shopping for their skin, and ultimately it came down to two questions that provoked your choice of purchase. Here today in this blog post, I really want to have this answered so that no more do we need to worry over something so trivial, if it means getting our shopping done a little bit faster.

So which is actually better? High end or low end Asian Beauty?

Throwing bias aside, we have to look at the pricing points and the label name of different products. If you follow Japanese beauty, then you’ll know that brands such as (but not limited to) Shiseido, SKII and POLA are going to retail higher than brands like Mandom or Kracie. Same goes for Korean beauty, where Whoo and Sulwhasoo are going to go for a steeper price than roadshop brands like Skinfood or Etude House. This is because of the ideal market these particular named brands are trying to target, and their success over the years.

With brands in the higher end spectrum, I’m not speaking for all of us, but having a product from a luxurious brand tends to become an item of display and bragging, don’t you think? I mean, why not show off your $150 clay mask from Whoo, or your $1088 serum from POLA? If you’re discussing HE (high end) VS LE (low end) in regards to presence and stature, then of course the high end will win.

But, what about functionality? This is where it ultimately gets difficult and unable to be answered. Please remember that all our skin types and skin conditions vary amongst ALL of us and therefore what works for some will backfire on others; vice versa. For me to pick one brand over another as the ultimate winner is severely biased, since it works for me and will most probably won’t work it’s full potential on you. When it comes to shopping however, please keep in mind that all skincare is made with a certain mixture of ingredients that are sourced or produced differently, but scraping only the surface of this unfamiliar region, skincare ingredients are more than likely going to be similar between HE and LE.

As far as functionality goes, there isn’t a clear cut winner. For shopping as far as ingredients go however, I would probably hand the ball over to the LE market, since you’re more than likely going to find the same, if not, extremely similar ingredients in either spectrum.

BY THE WAY, don’t be fooled by fancy named ingredients. Norwegian spring water tapped from within the deep mountains flowing into a pristine stream where fish blow rainbow bubbles and fart glitter particles is something you might find on a HE skincare product. Reality is, the water probably comes from a regular distillation process, if not, from a filtered tap. Whether it actually comes from Norway, who knows. The question is, are you going to RISK a few hundred dollars for a fancy named ingredient with ultimate claims, for the sake of your skin, if the ingredient is actually incredibly common and most probably found in LE products that utilize the same ingredient?

How about products going for your specific skin type? If your skin is easy, then by all means go and buy whatever the hell you want. Your skin will readjust and rebalance anyway, with your normal skin type that is virtually at the brink of perfection. For us oily skin types, it comes down to the brand and mass appeal they’re going for; and same goes for dryer skin types or those suffering from lines and wrinkles.

Quite frankly, you’re more likely to have to spend more on your skincare if lines are your biggest concern, or if your skin is dry compared to people who have oilier skin types. Take Shiseido for example. All their lines, regardless of their ultimate claims, are specifically ideal for people who have that bit of dryness where a regular product may fail, and their ingredients also help to “treat” unwanted lines along the skin texture. You won’t necessarily find anything to help you in the LE market that can handle what a luxury brand can offer.

Who wins then?

Does the luxury brand take home the medal, or does the cheaper market sneak up and steal the prize away for the taking?

Anthony, what is the answer?

My humble thoughts are screw whatever people think. You’re probably reading this blog post thinking that I’m an advocate for luxury brands, given my stash of skincare is virtually POLA cosmetics, Sulwhasoo, Whoo and La Mer. Don’t get what I use on my face wrong, because there are plenty of good brands retailing for a fraction of the price of the products I CHOOSE to use. The real answer is, whatever you can afford at the time of your spending, the winner goes to that brand. Sure, luxury brands all have amazing advertising and always win in the product placement game, but what about the lower tiers that rely only on their products to sell without the influence of celebrity endorsement, or cover girls washing their makeup covered faces with nothing, only to reveal perfect skin that has makeup still intact? Does that mean that their products are shit because their names aren’t as strong as other brands who are considered above them as far as ranking goes?

Take HERA cosmetics for example. The brand was deemed “The best in Korea” for a long time, probably still is. Judging by that title alone, you’d automatically think that HERA is the best for everyone, or that if people are using HERA and claim it to be what it is, then it must be good. I’ve used HERA and I personally think their products are the worst I’ve tried, are expensive considering what you have accessible in today’s age, and would happily save all my money to shop at COSRX instead, where five COSRX products equals ONE HERA product in terms of pricing.

I was actually asked to do this post by many people, to finally put the question to rest, but unfortunately as an individual who has had a taste of both tiers of skincare, there really isn’t a definite answer. All I can say, is to decide what you buy with your own money and hope that it works for your skin. That’s what skincare is to a lot of us, and reviews like mine, or other people out there who are FAR MORE successful than I am, can only say so much since we’re all biased in our own little ways. My advice? Never trust a review online 100% unless your skin is literally identical to theirs. What you may consider expensive, may be cheap to another. Does high end always result in better skin? Of course not. Same goes for cheaper brands.

If you were wondering, yes, this post was also inspired by a personal experience of mine. I knew this girl (and I refer to her as a girl, knowing damn well she is a grown ass woman who acts so childish I refuse to see her other than a little girl) who literally looked down on me because I did have my moments where I went and bought LE products from time to time. She always looked at me with such distaste and it bothered me, because who was she to judge what I chose to use on my skin, or own what I own. Life isn’t about the luxury brands and wealth, if you aren’t entitled to your own opinions, happiness and tastes. If you’re so bothered by what another person does with their money, then you should have a seat and reflect on why it makes you feel this way. It goes to you as well; if you have someone like that in your life. They’re the kind of person that makes you feel bad for walking into a particular store, or for owning something that might be the cheaper alternative to something deemed luxurious. Who needs such negativity in their lives?

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The Art of Oil Mastery – Interview with Ann Lin Chuah and dōTERRA

Many people question what an essential oil really is, and how it can be beneficial to your regular life, so when I was contacted by Ann the “Wellness” advocate for Dōterra one day, I was outside watching my dog try and harass the plum tree at the back of my house. She asked if I was interested in looking at oils at all. Of course, I am intrigued by everything and decided not to pass this opportunity to branch off into a new route in my journey towards beauty.

So with that, an informal interview was set up between Ann and I, to get to the bottom of what an essential oil really is, and how such a product can be introduced into our already hectic living conditions.

Ann Lin Chuah – The Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA Essential Oils. Note this image belongs to Ann and I do not claim copyright of this source whatsoever.

**note: I’ll make Ann’s comments blue, since blue is my theme’s aesthetic and I guess it makes her responses more evidential throughout my rambling.

Please note that this post contains affiliated links and a discount worth 25%. In no way is this post specifically created, intended for making profits. In fact, with this post, I don’t make a single amount of profit whatsoever, nor do I benefit in any single way. Whether you decide to use the referral link or not is to your own discretion.

All photos within this blog post have been taken with my personal camera, and DO belong to me, hence why The Beauty Aesthetics logo is scattered throughout the photos. Unless stated otherwise, these images are of my own and I therefore do claim copyright on these images.

From left to right: Geranium, Whisper, Immortelle, Clarycalm, Lavender Peace and Smart & Sassy. RECOMMENDED BY ANN FOR WOMEN

Of course, beginning with the interview, I had to ask her what the hell an essential oil is, and what it can do for you in the long run. How an essential oil is made and what purpose an essential oil has for your body and health.

“Essential oils are liquids that are distilled by steam or water, deriving from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots; basically any part or material of a plant organism.” Of course, me being me, I asked whether you could just pick a lemon off the tree and squeeze the life out of it to extract what little oils will come from it’s bumpy exterior. At that point, she gave me an “Oh really though?” expression and told me to shut TF up. She then continued saying that “since all plant life produces oils, it’s better to use the essential oil after distillation than to ingest or use the plant as it is, since the oils in natural state can be volatile.”

Now of course, I was shocked to hear that something as simple as a leaf, can contain oils that go kaboom. Ok, not really, but who ever thought that something as simple as an essential oil can be more beneficial to us, than the product itself.

Now doing some research on the brand she is currently promoting, dōTERRA, it was great to see that even something as little as essential oils, they are certified through the CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) system to provide quality products. Basically, every single plant material that is produced at dōTERRA have been (but not limited to) subjected to low-heat steam distillation where the steam circulates throughout the plant material in order to draw out the oils. From there, the oils are carried through the steam for cooling processes, which separates the oils from the water moisture content of the steam. That is how their oils are generally collected.

From left to right: Balance, Easy Air, Frankincense, Ice Blue and Ice Blue Rub Athletic Cream. RECOMMENDED BY ANN FOR MEN

Now, I had to ask, as we all probably know that from a beauty’s perspective, oils can be harsh for our skin. With that question on the table, Ann strongly claims that “yes, oils can be a bit strong for sensitive skin types, which is why it is always recommended through trial and error (YMMV – your mileage may vary) practicing, to take 1 or 2 drops first and then see how you react before you increase your dosage later on, since everyone is different. If anything, oils are lipid materials (they are oil soluble and oil based) so using a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil for example as a diluting ingredient, you can reduce the strength of the essential oil to cater to your personal preferences or tolerance with a ratio of 1 part essential oil to 3 parts carrier. Otherwise, water will do.”

With the inclusion of dilution possible, it is then claimed that dōTERRA essential oils can be virtually used for everyone, no matter what their age is, ethnicity, racial background, religion, whatever. “I even use it on my dog!”

But the real question is, how on earth do you actually USE essential oils. I only have knowledge on skincare, so I have that down packed, but what about everyday use? Not everyone uses or applies skincare daily (and I really need to give these people a huge smack across the face for it) so I can’t speak for the whole nation; no, the world. Luckily, Ann is way more informed and skilled with these things, so for you guys, I cut right into her (not literally, acts of violence are bad. Please don’t try at home) so she could spill all of her little tips and tricks in how she includes essential oils in her lifestyle, and how little things you change can have you joining the bandwagon as well.

From left to right: Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint

“As I mentioned before, always start off with 1 or 2 drops if you have sensitive skin or you’re just starting out.” she said. “Since everyone is different, it’s best to start off slowly and then introduce more to the required amount if you can tolerate it. I like to take my essential oil directly into my palms, and breathe it in, since our sense of smell is directly linked to our brains via the limbic system. Did you know that the limbic system and aromatherapy have been claimed to help improve your sense of smell, your emotions and behavior and your neurological thinking?” I might need essential oils then, since I’m always stuck in a rut when I’m trying to think up content to post about. I also am an “over-emotional” person, according to my good friends, and I always seem happy-go-lucky one moment, then ultra moody the next. I have no idea what they mean by this, but who knows. Maybe a quick sniff of “Motivate” which was recommended to me, might change my feelings and thoughts.

The most common and safest route to including essential oils in your life is to diffuse. I’m not talking about taking your ass over to Coles or Woolies and grabbing one of those Air Wick oil whatcha-ma-call-its. What I mean, is grabbing a diffusing machine (steam or water, up to you) and dripping a few drops of your preferred oil into the machine, clicking the on button and taking the time to breathe in the aroma. “It’s great to diffuse early in the morning when you get up in the morning, to awaken your senses and improve your mood, right after your busy schedule is complete to relax yourself, and right before bed to assist with sleeping,” Ann says. “People who meditate often will feel the effects of essential oils best, since they can help people to relax more and feel at peace with themselves and the world around them.”

But not every single person has a diffuser at home; heck, mine cost me $180 for the machine and a few bottles of Japanese oils. I mean, for something I bought a while back and used rarely, it is a bit much. Luckily for me, Ann gave me information to get you guys a 25% discount on Dōterra oils and gadgets, which I’ll share later on. Nonetheless, maybe some people don’t have the extra money to spend on a $100 machine. What then? “Easy,” she says. “Essential oils that are diffused spread the aroma around the living space in which the diffuser is placed, so it will fill the whole room with scents. Without the diffuser, you can just drop the essential oils directly into your palms and breathe in the scent, which is great for those who aren’t always at home, or for people who aren’t able to use their diffusing machine.”

From left to right: Rosemary, Basil, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Cinnamon Bark, Oregano, Cardamom and Lemongrass. RECOMMENDED BY ANN FOR PEOPLE WHO ENJOY COOKING
Just as above, these oils can all be used in cooking to replace ingredients. This is especially useful if, like me, you HATE buying herbs that last a day or two before wilting, or when prices for ingredients are at an all new level of ridiculousness.

I don’t know why, but whenever I think of essential oils, I never think of them as something you breathe or apply to your face. Nope, I immediately think of cooking. You know, like olive oil for cooking; I think of essential oils in that aspect. Telling Ann this, she immediately laughed and told me “it’s okay to think so, since you can actually use essential oils in your cooking.” Thank you Ann for not making me look like an idiot in that circumstance. It could have been detrimental to my image if I continuously make a fool of myself HAHAHA. Ann mentioned before that oils in their natural state (meaning prior to extraction) are in a volatile state, so using the oil as an oil, is better for your health and wellbeing overall.

I was really unsure what she meant by eating the oil directly than to eat the oil in the form of it’s original state. I had to ask. Turns out, that using essential oils in cooking has been practiced for quite a while now, and it’s as simple as replacing ingredients with it’s oil counterpart. Take cinnamon for example. You usually stir cinnamon into your oatmeal if you want a sweeter taste right? (I prefer sugar in my oatmeal.) Well, instead of using cinnamon, stir in a drop or two of cinnamon oil instead as a healthier alternative, which can enter the blood system faster via the gastrointestinal tract. How about basil in your pasta? I hate eating basil leaves, but love the freshness basil offers your pasta dish. You can easily replace basil leaves with it’s oil counterpart for a similar effect, which also saves you spending a billion dollars on basil leaves, that you can only keep in your fridge for a few days before they wilt. Hey, why not? Especially since fresh herbs are ALWAYS expensive and never on sale.

Ann also claims that if you don’t like buying bulk tablets like as shown above, then simply drip the oil into vegetable capsules and ingest as is for a power-packed dose of essential oils

Last, but not the least, you can apply oils topically onto the skin. This is where my expertise comes in hand. Since oils are of lipid nature, they work best on well cleansed skin that is free from water. If you apply your water type skincare first, then oils can absorb really well. Remember that oils dissolve and break down in the presence of other oils, so it’s advised to not mix oils together unless you’re cleansing your skin, or using a specific diluting oil to decrease the concentration. My personal advice, is to use oil under or above your moisturizer, since oils tend to be more thicker in viscosity than your other skincare products. That way, your toners, essences and whatever else you use, can fully absorb and penetrate the skin first, before applying your oil. In doing so, you prevent product just sitting on the skin’s surface leading to clogged pores and acne.

Please also remember, that every single person’s advice when it comes to oils all vary and are usually affected by how they learnt or experienced first hand. I always apply oils using the finger tips if I’m using them on my face, since the palms of your hands carry a lot of sebum. Using my finger pads or a facial contouring machine (I use my Tuneage massaging head all the time), I gently massage my face in upwards and outwards motions starting from the jaw and working my way up to my cheeks, temples and finally, the forehead. Of course, never neglecting the neck since it tends to be the area in which you show aging first, taking the essential oils in upward motions along my neck line and décolletage.

“I recommend Frankincense in your skincare then, since it helps to improve the signs of imperfections, rejuvenates the skin and keeps it moisturized,” Ann claims. TOC (turn over cycle) is necessary in skincare if you want dramatic and long lasting changes to your skin texture and underlying health, but I already target the TOC with my watery skincare items, so of course I had my eyes on another product of theirs, since this ingredient is so widely known and used in modern skincare today. Melaleuca, or more commonly known as, tea tree, is excellent used for antibacterial care, for acne skin types, controlling and maintaining sebum output in the skin, soothing the skin from irritations caused by environmental factors and providing a (small) level of protection against the sun.

I actually received a sample of Melaleuca from Ann to try out, and the oil was very easy to work with. The viscosity was that almost resembling a thick water, and absorbed almost instantly into my skin with minimal massaging or patting required. This is important because even though massage can e beneficial for the skin especially with a lubricant, any friction should be avoided at all costs if you want your skin to remain wrinkle free for as long as possible. This also worked well mixed in with my lotion from the History of Whoo, and over my skincare as a sleeping treatment.

With all of this information though, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially since I focus more on skincare, and Ann focuses a lot of her time on the oils themselves. I asked her how she personally includes oils in her life, since it might give us a bit of insight as to how normal people can work on including such products into their regular living routines.

“Simple tasks can incorporate the use of essential oils for therapeutic care, or for cleansing and purifying. Take your laundry for example. Dropping a few drops of oil into your washing can allow the fragrances to linger with your clothing, giving you regular doses of aromatherapy throughout the day. Even in my household cleaning, I like to add a few drops of oil when I clean to deodorize and kill borne viruses and bacteria.”

What about outside of house life? What about you? “Well, coming from a chinese background, we believe that looking after your feet is of great priority since your toes are all directly linked to the rest of the organs in your body. Taking essential oils and massaging key points in your feet can have amazing benefits to your health in the long run, and with the aid of using essential oils, you can really target specific concerns with the art of just massaging and using the correct oils.”

She continues, saying that “since essential oils are all fragranced, it means (she) doesn’t have to buy deodorant or perfume as applying a drop behind your ears, on your wrists and along your clavicles is enough to keep my mind at peace throughout the day, but also release a calming, yet beautiful scent that can replace alcohol based and harmful eau de toilettes. Going natural has also changed (my) perception on general wellbeing, and I can’t look back at all the toxic chemicals I used to ingest, applied to my body or breathed in.”

Heck, even I was convinced. I know for sure I use a lot of chemicals in my life and the desire to go a bit more natural is slowly creeping up on me. Maybe after my huge streak with reviewing and playing with my cosmetics, I might eventually join this healthy movement too.

From left to right: On Guard, Easy Air, Citrus Bliss, Balance, Lavender Peace, Frankincense, DigestZen and Motivate. RECOMMENDED BY ANN AS A STARTER PACK containing a balance of aromatic scents, emotion boosters, a skincare oil and an oil to maintain that “Summer Body”

Now as promised, I did ask Ann how us fellow beauties and regular homebodies can enjoy the life of dōTERRA in our own houses. “It’s very simple, just click and follow!” she says. “If a technologically unaware person can do it, then so can you.”

I’m pretty sure that comment was targeted at me HAHAHA. Nonetheless, she provided a referral website tag that you can find if you click here and she says if you click “JOIN & SAVE” located at the top of the page, then you can enjoy 25% off the wholesale retail prices. If, in doubt you have no idea which oils will work best for you, then she also gave me a business card stating an email address is all you need to book an oil consultation with her as well. Of course, all can be found on that webpage, along with other goodies like the product range, gadgets and even recipes utilizing the essential oils.

With that interview done, I might as well have myself a little browse and see what oils are screaming out to this beauty blogger. Though I thanked you in person already, I want to thank Ann Lin Chuah here on The Beauty Aesthetics once again, for getting in contact with me and taking the time to undergo this interview, and sharing how essential oils are as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

To summarize:
  1. Essential Oils are extracted from plant materials only. They are therefore natural and healthy alternatives to the harmful chemicals we include in our regular lives on a daily basis.
  2. You can use essential oils in multiple ways; whether they are for aromatherapeutic purposes, detoxing yourself from unnecessary materials like sugar, for massages and also skincare, to name a few.
  3. Whether you have a diffuser or not, you can still enjoy the fragrances of essential oils by dripping directly into your palms and breathing in the scent, by adding to your laundry, or dripping a few drops onto your pillows before going to bed at night.
  4. Ingredients like fresh herbs, crystalized powders like cinnamon, or bulky fruits like lemons and grapefruit can simply be replaced in recipes with  few drops of essential oils, saving you money and space in the fridge or pantry.
  5. Essential oils can be utilized in skincare as well, whether you use them alone before or after your moisturizer, or mixed in with your skincare products for additional boosts in nourishment.

Simply head off to
and click JOIN & SAVE
to save yourself a whopping 25% off the retail pricing of all these products.

Do you currently use essential oils in your life? Maybe you have already heard of, or tried dōTERRA before. What are your thoughts on their products and how have YOU incorporated it into your lifestyle? As per usual, if you liked this post then click on the star icon below to show your support. Don’t forget to subscribe and share with your family too if you found this helpful. If you want more information or for general chit-chat, then my SNS is listed down below.

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Natural Daily Look

I don’t know why it came as a shock for people to realize that I do wear makeup regularly, and don’t notice whenever I do until I actually say something. Although, in saying that, most of the comments DO come from males, and probably 5% come from females. Here today I wanted to share with you my way of applying my makeup naturally to enhance my appearance.

This look is incredibly simple to achieve, and most beginners have been able to at least, replicate this look I’m about to show you now. Trust me when I say beginners; I taught a few first time makeup applicators and a few old customers this routine, and they got the hang of it within a day or two. In saying that, don’t expect much of a real look; more so what I would usually wear daily on normal circumstances where I am presenting myself to the public eye.

Special shout out to Emi Lee who suggested this post idea, and for
I am so damn offended. Please excuse the little white stain thingies on the collar and above the pizza logo. I’m pretty sure they’re from when I was attempting to bake another cake, which totally failed. Also, please excuse my nappy ass hair, I’m trying to find a decent hair product that will work for my dry hair, since black owned hair companies here in Perth don’t have what I need to restore the moisture back into my locks.

STEP ONE: Start off with a well prepped face, using adequate skincare without heavy layers.

I usually recommend to keep skincare at a minimal whenever you apply makeup, since too much skincare can prevent makeup sitting nicely on the face. I always cleanse with a pH balanced cleanser, following with a toner to protect my skin, and a light gel type moisturizer of some sort. My objective whenever I apply any sort of makeup is to ensure my skin is hydrated without any sticky or heavy feeling you may get when applying other products like serums, ampoules, even cream.


  • TOSOWOONG Enzyme Powder Wash
  • BENTON Aloe BHA Skin Toner
  • BENTON Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

STEP TWO: Prime your face using two different primers to target skin concerns.

I don’t have severe pore problems these days, but in saying that, makeup tends to emphasize pore visibility on my skin, so I like to apply a silicone based primer around my nose and areas with lines or oiliness. With the rest of my face, I sometimes look dull, so to correct this, I opt for a pink pearl base to brighten up these areas.


  • THE HISTORY OF WHOO Gongjinhyang Mi Essential Base
  • ARITAUM Pore Master Sebum Control Primer

STEP THREE: Using a base you prefer, apply lightly to the skin to enhance the appearance of your face.

I absolutely love dewy makeup, but the formula of dewy products don’t look nice on my skin, so I often choose velvet finishes, or matte formulas. I can always cheat the appearance of glossiness if I use highlighter anyway, right?

I’m also way too lazy for brushes or beauty blenders (though beauty blenders are my absolute favorite tools to use) so I often reach for a cushion compact since they’re quick and easy.


  • SULWHASOO Evenfair Perfecting Cushion in shade 25 Deep Beige

STEP FOUR: Conceal troubled areas using a product one shade lighter or similar tone to your base makeup.

My under eyes get really dry and crease easily no matter what I do. Trust me when I say that no amount of eye cream will help. I’ve gone from using budget branded eye creams, to Shiseido, History of Whoo, Sulwhasoo, POLA BA… you name it, I’ve probably tried it already. Nothing but plastic surgery will help now, so in saying that, I have to make sure the concealer under my eyes isn’t too drying.

For the rest of my face, a pot concealer tends to have the highest coverage, so is easy to hide any trouble spots that the base makeup wasn’t strong enough to conceal. It’s as simple as taking the concealer on your finger tips and dotting it on the area of concern, then using a small dense brush, as if you’re wiping away, brush the concealer to blend into your skin texture and base.


  • THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer in shade 1.5 Natural Beige
  • SHISEIDO Spotscover Foundation in shade S300 (I believe this is only available in Japan only and unless your beauty retailer trades with Japan, you’re more than unlikely to be able to get your hands on this unless you order online or physically go to Shiseido in Japan to get it.)
  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 105 Concealer and Lip

STEP FIVE: Apply cream or liquid highlighter to the upper part of your cheekbones for a natural glow.

I like layering highlighter since powder type can make your skin look a tad chalky. By using a cream or liquid type first, you can naturally add more glow without the chalky or powdery appearance, and tends to look more natural as well. Additionally, you can also add this highlighter down the nose bridge or forehead if you like. You can also replace highlighter with a hydrating concealer a few shades lighter than your base, if you want extra coverage or a more stronger strobe (which is what I did). It’s up to you whether you want to blend it out with a tool or your fingers, but I chose the latter because I’m too lazy for tools, and fingertips gives me decent blending without too much friction against my face.


  • TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Lunchbox in shade 2 Watery Skin, the highlighter only
  • THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer in shade 1.5 Natural Beige

STEP SIX: Set your base with a translucent powder using a big fluffy brush, adding extra powder to bake under the eyes if you crease, and around problematic areas if you tend to get oily.

I like to use loose powder since it’s easy, works nicer than pressed on certain occasions, and since I bake my eyes and nose, it is the obvious choice between formulations. I actually take a small fluffy brush and pack the powder onto my nose and under my eyes, since it works like a beauty blender, without the extra dry feeling you might get if you do baking techniques.

I’ve tried banana powder before, and look… if you have a warmer undertone then go right ahead because it actually is really good. However, my face isn’t yellow in tone, so a yellow powder will only look odd on my skin.

Using a big fluffy brush as well, I swirl it into my skin after applying powder just to lightly buff the product into my skin. If I use a flat top brush, it tends to give my face a “too matte” appearance which doesn’t look right on me.


  • SHISEIDO CLE DE PEAU Poudre Libre Transparente (I’m pretty sure this is available only in Japan, though there are some Shiseido stores around the world, now selling this range)
  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 101 Powder
  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 102 Highlighter (Used for baking only)

STEP SEVEN: Shade in your face to give the illusion of a more structured face shape. Additionally, contour your nose and eyelids at the same time if you prefer doing this.

THIS IS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE PART OF MAKEUP. Using brown powder to cut away your face leaving nothing but perfection behind. Whenever I contour, I have to be very careful, since I am the kind of person who ends up with a dirty looking face from abusing the product, but it’s so much fun. You know those beauty Youtubers that make fun of people who contour to the point it looks like they haven’t washed their faces in 3 months? I’m that kind of contourer. I take contour powder along my jaw and up the sides of my face, focusing the product at the base of my jawline and temples. I then lightly sweep contour along the hollows of my cheekbones for a more sculpted look and finish by shading in the nose for a slimmer appearance.

I’ve always reached for the Too Cool For School shading powder, since the colors aren’t too ashy nor red, which can replicate real shadows along the face. It is, however, not the cheapest here in Perth so I do want to look for a more budget friendly shading powder, since I tend to hit pan after a month of using it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 103 Cheek and Contour
  • TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Artclass By Rodin Createur Du Contour

STEP EIGHT: Fill in your eyebrows following your preferred or natural eyebrow shape, focusing most of the pigment at the ends of the eyebrows for a more fuller and natural appearance.

Since my face is long, I do prefer to keep my eyebrows on the more straighter side, with a thicker appearance to combat the face length and forehead space I have naturally. I’ve always liked arched brows but I’m unable to achieve the look without looking like a hot mess. With that said, I always sculpt my eyebrows with a wax type pomade or a liquid in a chocolate shade, starting from the centre of the eyebrows and drawing a straight line at the top and bottom of the eyebrow, working my way out to the tail. From there on, I fill in that half using angled strokes to achieve the appearance of eyebrow hairs, whilst darkening for a more fuller look. Taking a powder that matches the liquid component of the eyebrows, I then gently shade in the front of the eyebrow, connecting it to the nose contour shading and brushing the hairs into place (an at the same time, softening the eyebrow) with an angled spooly.

I lost my eyebrow brush I got from the Missha store (which is by far my favorite brush for using on my eyebrows since it’s stiff and dense) so I opted for the Etude House angled eyebrow brush, which I really didn’t like. The EH brush is way too flimsy and can’t give me the precise application I’m looking for, so if you have an alternate, then please send in your suggestions!!!


  • LANEIGE Eyebrow Cushion-Cara Two Tone in number 1 Grey Brown
  • ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool number 352 Eyebrow Screw (I bent the brush on a 90° angle for ease of use. Whether you do this as well is to your own discretion)
  • ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool number 351 Eyebrow
  • CLIO Kill Brow Conte Powder Kit (the wax pomade only)

STEP NINE (OPTIONAL): Brush and set the eyebrow hairs into place using a mascara specifically for the eyebrows.

Since my hair is dyed an inch from the roots down, if I choose to wear my hair out, then I will match the eyebrow hairs to my actual hair color for balance. It usually looks odd if you have black or dark brown eyebrows with light colored hair, so I usually take a matching toned eyebrow mascara to not only set, but to tint the hairs themselves. If the pigmentation is a bit too strong, then I follow with a regular spooly to spread the mascara throughout, just to tone down the color.


  • ISEHAN KISS ME Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow in number 2 Orange Brown (I bent the brush on a 90° angle for ease of use. Whether you do this as well is to your own discretion)

STEP TEN: Apply a highlighter to the highest points of your face for extra dimension. This includes your cheekbones, chin, the nose bridge, forehead and cupids bow.

Again, just like the contouring, I tend to go a little bit too far with my highlight so I definitely need to be careful. Since my face is more on the neutral tone, depending on the base I choose to use, I will opt for a yellow tinged highlighter for a warmer look, a lavender or pink toned highlighter for a cooler look, or a neutral peach toned if I just can’t be bothered at all. Just like I mentioned in step 5, since I already applied highlighter beforehand, I don’t have to focus too much product using this powder type. Instead, I can lightly build up the intensity if need be, or skip this step altogether if I feel the highlighter is just enough.


  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 102 Highlighter
  • SHISEIDO CLE DE PEAU Rehausseur D’Eclat number 16 Almond (I’m pretty sure this is available only in Japan, though there are some Shiseido stores around the world, now selling this range)

STEP ELEVEN: Apply blush to the cheeks to blend in with the contour for vibrancy to the complexion, and to add a bit of color to the skin.

Just as Tyra Banks would say, make the “OH REALLY THOUGH?” face when you apply your blush. You guys probably have no idea what I’m talking about when I’m saying this do you… If in doubt, just search up 6 minute Tyover on Youtube and you’ll find Tyra Banks promoting her makeup sticks, where she talks about the face she makes when applying blush. You’ll also see her apply blush on the apples of her cheeks, which is what I don’t really do.

Since my face is bright in the centre, I want to keep it bright, so rather than apply blush on the apples of my cheeks, when I make the “OH REALLY THOUGH?” face, I add the pigment on the hollow parts of my cheeks just above the contour and blend away, so there is a natural gradation between the shading and the blush. Whatever is left over on the brush, I apply to the bottom half of my nose bridge and blend outwards towards the cheek.

Of course, this does sound like hard work, and it really isn’t but if you’re lazy, just leave the blush on the apples of the cheeks and move right along.


  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 103 Cheek and Contour
  • VDL x PANTONE Expert Color Cheek Book Mini in 6.4 shade 1 Pink (the blush edition that was released before the 2017 color of the year was picked, where the pantone colors were serenity and rose quartz)

STEP TWELVE: Apply mascara to the roots of the eyelash, and with whatever is left over on the wand, apply to the ends of the lashes to create natural volume and length.

For me only, since I don’t like to wear eyeliner (especially since I wear contacts AND have sensitive eyes at that) I only wear mascara to give the illusion of thick roots to get away with not applying an eyeliner. My natural eyelashes are long as well, so rather than looking for a lengthening product, I use any odd mascara that may add volume, but my main intentions are to just darken the lash hairs themselves.


  • INNISFREE Skinny Waterproof Microcara Mascara (the formula is more dry, which is what I prefer. If you don’t like dry formulas then opt for the regular formulation which works incredibly well. The brush on this wand is extremely small so you can easily apply mascara to the upper AND bottom lashes)

STEP THIRTEEN: Finish off with a tint that compliments your skin tone and apply a light layer of gloss or lip balm to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.

I hate reapplying my lip products, so with utter laziness, I always reach for lip tints that will stain my mouth for a good couple of hours, if not, the entire day. This means I can eat whenever I want with no dramas and no need for reapplication. Isn’t that the ultimate dream?


  • MISSHA Velour Flat Pen Tint in Vivid Orange
  • THE HISTORY OF WHOO Secret Court Lip Balm

Since this post really isn’t a very professional one, and completely different to what I would usually share, it makes content like this so much more easier to just play around and type about whatever I really like. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m steering away from what I usually produce here. It’s just nice to take time out once in a while and, you know, type like how I used to.

If you like this sort of content, then please let me know, so I can possibly do some more. If it’s not your taste, then feel free to leave your critiques as well, because any feedback (negative or positive) is good feedback in my opinion. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to this little blog so you know whenever I decide to shoot a post, and share with your friends and family if this material might pique their interests. As per usual, find me below on one of my SNS accounts.

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[ BEAUTY 101 ] Pour Acid onto your Face

You read it correctly; here on The Beauty Aesthetics, I’m encouraging you all to go out into the world, grab yourselves some acid and slather it onto your skin. Not just any acid though, specific acids that can turn your troubled skin into something so flawless, you’d think you’d have someone photoshopping your appearance in real life.

I mean, unless you want to get actual corrosive acid and pour that on your face, resulting in burnt skin, possible chemical poisoning and melted eyeballs, then GO RIGHT AHEAD!

But what exactly is an acid, and how do you incorporate it into a skincare regime? A lot of people reading my COSRX BHA review got really confused as to what the product actually is, and why I used it the way I did, so today, I wanted to take a step back and reintroduce the 101 to you all so you know exactly what acid will suit your skin the best and how to add it into your skincare routine.

****just a warning, as I tend to include in a lot of posts, it’s wise to check what type of skin you have before trying out new products or venturing out to buying things without adequate research or knowledge. I strongly advise you all to definitely check whether ANY product is right for you before doing anything regrettable and if you are able to, patch test before making a purchase. If you are pregnant and wanting to try acids, then please refer to a doctor before going to buy an acid product, but my suggestion is to NOT until you have stopped breast feeding, as it’s not recommended to use any active ingredients whilst carrying a baby or feeding it with your fluids. You also want to make sure to APPLY SPF DAILY REGARDLESS as active ingredients can sensitize your skin, meaning it will react to sunlight much easier, resulting in much harsher or quicker damages.

What is an acid?

As the name suggests, it is an active ingredient (obviously acidic) that is incorporated into your skin care for exfoliating or cleansing purposes. There are currently 4 different types of acids out in the market:

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) – Universally common and is currently popular in the Western/Japanese markets.
  2. Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) – Universally common and is currently popular in the Western market, slowly creeping into the Asian Beauty realm.
  3. Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA) – Not as well known or talked about, but still an acid that you can access in the Western market.
  4. Lipo Hydroxy Acid (LHA) – The least known as it is an acid generally found ONLY in high end skincare products, if even used at all.

Acids can come in the form of different products ranging from cleansers and washing liquids, to gel type exfoliators, toners and even creams. Depending on what products you choose to use in your beauty regime, you can mix and match different products to include acids into your life. It is advised as an acid is an active ingredient, not to be used with other actives on the same application as it may reduce the effects of other products you use, or may cause extreme skin sensitivities.

I guess from hereon out, I’ll break down each type of acid, so you get some information on each category and see whether it is suitable for you.


AHA’s are hydrophilic (meaning they dissolve in water) acids that react with the upper layer of the dermis to dissolve dead skin cells. The bonds between the desmosomes are broken down to allow for easy exfoliation. This means, that AHA’s are incredibly effective for those with normal to dry skin types, as it doesn’t disturb the water content in the skin, even to the point they may add hydration as well.

All AHA’s require to sit within a pH level of 3-5 in order to work effectively on the skin. Anything more acidic may cause damage to the dermis, and vice versa with a more alkaline pH where the effects aren’t s strong.

SUITABLE FOR: sun damage, aging, pigmentation problems and brown spots, wrinkling, rosacea and congested skin (upper layers).

There are currently six different AHA ingredients. Listed (in descending order of strength) below, the smaller the molecule, the stronger the effect of the AHA; vice versa.

  • GLYCOLIC ACID (SUGAR CANE) – Acts as a degreaser, but may increase sebum levels in the skin to control, so is most ideal for very dry skin types.
  • LACTIC ACID (MILK, YOGHURT, SOUR BUTTER MILK, FERMENTED FRUIT) – Antimicrobial, hydrating, adjusts melanin and is pH balancing for the skin.
  • MALIC ACID (APPLES, PEARS, CHERRIES) – Hydrating, soothing and increases the respiration of tissues.
  • CITRIC ACID (LEMONS, ORANGES, GRAPEFRUIT) – Anti-aging, brightens the skin and increases the thickness in the dermis.
  • MANDELIC ACID (BITTER ALMONDS) – Controls pigment in the skin.

Glycolic and lactic acids are the most common AHA ingredients found in the market, so you’re more than likely using one of the two acids in your skincare should you be already incorporating AHA in your routine. If I were to recommend an AHA ingredient to invest in, then I’d personally opt for lactic acid, or citric acid, as they both have multiple benefits, and they are bio compatible too. In saying that though, lactic acid is far stronger than citric acid, so it’ll come down to the strength of the AHA you require for your skin’s needs.


BHA’s are lipophilic (meaning they dissolve in oils) and keratolytic (can remove excess skin or conditions like warts) acids that have a smaller molecule than AHA does. That means, they not only work with the epidermis, but they are able to effectively clean deep in the follicles and pores of the skin to remove waste materials like excess sebum, dead cells, blackheads, dirt and makeup. Since BHA targets sebum, it is recommended for those with oilier skin types, or acneic skin with it’s abilities to cleanse the pores.

Just like an AHA, all BHA acids must sit within a pH of 3-5 for the effects to work on the skin. Anything too acidic can damage, and anything too alkaline will result in weaker effects. The effects and lipophilic nature of BHA can leave skin dry or dehydrated, so it usually isn’t recommended for those who have drier skin types.

SUITABLE FOR: blackheads, whiteheads, congested skin and pores, acne, wrinkles and ingrown hairs.

NOT SUITABLE FOR: people who are allergic to aspirin.

All BHA’s are made up of salicylic acid, which is an ingredient so commonly used in anti-acne skincare. It’s commonly found and derived from willow tree bark, wintergreen oil and sweet birch.

Some brands carry salicylic acid in a low percentage (roughly 2%) whereas some brands will use betaine salicylate (salicylic acid in a different compound) which is gentler than the latter, but often used in a higher percentage (roughly 5%). If I were to recommend, I’d personally opt for the betaine salicylate BHA’s as they are more gentle on the skin, yet still just as effective, without the overly dry skin feel you may get if you were to use a salicylic acid product.


  1. AHA and BHA are the most common of the 4 hydroxy acids. You’re more than likely to find a BHA or an AHA than you would an LHA or a PHA.
  2. AHA and BHA are fairly harsh, so it isn’t recommended for sensitive skin types. If anything, patch test beforehand to see if your skin can tolerate it.
  3. AHA and BHA will sensitize your skin, so it is a requirement to wear SPF daily to prevent any damage to the skin and/or reverse any effects of the chemical exfoliation.
  4. Hydroxy acids help to boost the TOC (turn over cycle) to produce new skin cells, resulting in clearer and brighter looking skin. They can also help to promote the growth of collagen (not generate NEW collagen) and is recommended to be used in conjunction with skincare products that help to boost the skin health.
  5. Check the ingredients to see which kind of AHA or BHA is used. Some companies will use synthetically sourced ingredients rather than the latter. You also want to see whether the company uses extracts of the ingredient or the concentrate only. For example, tomato ketchup VS actual tomatoes.


They’re virtually the same as AHA’s but are more gentle on the skin, so can be an alternative to AHA products for those who suffer from sensitive skin types, or are unable to handle the strength of an AHA. This is due to their larger molecular size, which also means it works better to exfoliate the dermis for normalizing the skin thickness.

There are only three known PHA’s at the moment:

  • GLUCONOLACTONE (Oxidized glucose, naturally occurring the the human body) – Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, possessing the properties of regular AHA ingredients.
  • LACTOBIONIC ACID (Oxidized lactose, or the sugars found in milk) – Humectant (draws moisture from the air and into the skin), antioxidant and soothing.
  • GALACTOSE (Sugar naturally found in the human body) – Can help to heal wounds and skin damages.

It is noted that gluconolactone is more ideal for drier skin types, and lactobionic acid is better for more normal skin types. Galactose is a far better PHA for those who have severe skin damages or wounds caused from stressed skin.


It is virtually the same as a BHA, except more lipophilic in nature. Since they have a larger molecule than regular BHA, they are unable to penetrate as deep and sits at a pH of 5.5, which is ideal for regular skin health. Since they are more gentle, it is recommended for those with oily skin types who also suffer from sensitivities.

They do, however, work to dissolve oils in the skin better, so resulting in dry or dehydrated skin is a given, thus not suitable for anyone with dry skin, maybe even normal.

LHA’s mimic tretinoin (the active ingredient in retin-A) which helps to unclog pores and enhance cell production. Just like regular BHA’s, LHA can be used for rosacea, or if you’re looking for an ingredient that is antibacterial or anti-inflammatory. That said, LHA is targeted for those who have strong wrinkling or sensitive/irritated acne bumps.

Now, as I mentioned before, your hydroxy acids can come in virtually any form ranging from a cleanser to a night cream. So in saying that, what would be the most ideal stage to apply your hydroxy acids? Since all active ingredients are pH dependent, I would recommend you to use an acid right after cleansing, since the ingredients work better on bare skin, and are unlikely to be affected by the pH of your other skincare. You’re also exfoliating your skin, so it would make logical sense to apply an acid before you apply your cream, right?

I like to use BHA, since I have a combination skin type (and for the life of me, can’t find an LHA anywhere here in Perth) with acne skin. I usually wash my skin with a pH balanced cleanser and pat my skin dry with my hands. Right after, I apply my BHA in either a liquid or a toner form directly onto my skin and wait for 30 minutes before continuing with the rest of my skincare. Though it’s not advised, if my skin texture feels rough, then I follow with an AHA liquid and again, wait another half hour before continuing with my skincare. Since BHA works better in the pores and AHA works better on the dermis layers, it would make sense to cleanse the pores first, before cleansing the skin.

Since my skin can surprisingly handle it, I also use BHA twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) using betaine salicylate in the morning, and salicylic acid at night; with adequate sun protection throughout the day, minimum of SPF 50 PA+++ in a physical block form.

Have you used acids before or are you going to incorporate acids into your skin care routine? What tips and tricks do you have when using your hydroxy acid skincare products? If you liked this post, then please click the little star icon  to show your support. Don’t forget to subscribe to this lovely little blogger, share with your friends and family and spread the love of Asian Beauty with the world.

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