Is Cheaper Always Better? – Jung’s Answer.

When it comes to skincare, ESPECIALLY in the Asian Beauty world, you don’t get many opportunities to save on products since everything generally retails for higher than what you would typically find in your local drugstore. When I worked in skincare retail, I learnt the habits of people shopping for their skin, and ultimately it came down to two questions that provoked your choice of purchase. Here today in this blog post, I really want to have this answered so that no more do we need to worry over something so trivial, if it means getting our shopping done a little bit faster.

So which is actually better? High end or low end Asian Beauty?

Throwing bias aside, we have to look at the pricing points and the label name of different products. If you follow Japanese beauty, then you’ll know that brands such as (but not limited to) Shiseido, SKII and POLA are going to retail higher than brands like Mandom or Kracie. Same goes for Korean beauty, where Whoo and Sulwhasoo are going to go for a steeper price than roadshop brands like Skinfood or Etude House. This is because of the ideal market these particular named brands are trying to target, and their success over the years.

With brands in the higher end spectrum, I’m not speaking for all of us, but having a product from a luxurious brand tends to become an item of display and bragging, don’t you think? I mean, why not show off your $150 clay mask from Whoo, or your $1088 serum from POLA? If you’re discussing HE (high end) VS LE (low end) in regards to presence and stature, then of course the high end will win.

But, what about functionality? This is where it ultimately gets difficult and unable to be answered. Please remember that all our skin types and skin conditions vary amongst ALL of us and therefore what works for some will backfire on others; vice versa. For me to pick one brand over another as the ultimate winner is severely biased, since it works for me and will most probably won’t work it’s full potential on you. When it comes to shopping however, please keep in mind that all skincare is made with a certain mixture of ingredients that are sourced or produced differently, but scraping only the surface of this unfamiliar region, skincare ingredients are more than likely going to be similar between HE and LE.

As far as functionality goes, there isn’t a clear cut winner. For shopping as far as ingredients go however, I would probably hand the ball over to the LE market, since you’re more than likely going to find the same, if not, extremely similar ingredients in either spectrum.

BY THE WAY, don’t be fooled by fancy named ingredients. Norwegian spring water tapped from within the deep mountains flowing into a pristine stream where fish blow rainbow bubbles and fart glitter particles is something you might find on a HE skincare product. Reality is, the water probably comes from a regular distillation process, if not, from a filtered tap. Whether it actually comes from Norway, who knows. The question is, are you going to RISK a few hundred dollars for a fancy named ingredient with ultimate claims, for the sake of your skin, if the ingredient is actually incredibly common and most probably found in LE products that utilize the same ingredient?

How about products going for your specific skin type? If your skin is easy, then by all means go and buy whatever the hell you want. Your skin will readjust and rebalance anyway, with your normal skin type that is virtually at the brink of perfection. For us oily skin types, it comes down to the brand and mass appeal they’re going for; and same goes for dryer skin types or those suffering from lines and wrinkles.

Quite frankly, you’re more likely to have to spend more on your skincare if lines are your biggest concern, or if your skin is dry compared to people who have oilier skin types. Take Shiseido for example. All their lines, regardless of their ultimate claims, are specifically ideal for people who have that bit of dryness where a regular product may fail, and their ingredients also help to “treat” unwanted lines along the skin texture. You won’t necessarily find anything to help you in the LE market that can handle what a luxury brand can offer.

Who wins then?

Does the luxury brand take home the medal, or does the cheaper market sneak up and steal the prize away for the taking?

Anthony, what is the answer?

My humble thoughts are screw whatever people think. You’re probably reading this blog post thinking that I’m an advocate for luxury brands, given my stash of skincare is virtually POLA cosmetics, Sulwhasoo, Whoo and La Mer. Don’t get what I use on my face wrong, because there are plenty of good brands retailing for a fraction of the price of the products I CHOOSE to use. The real answer is, whatever you can afford at the time of your spending, the winner goes to that brand. Sure, luxury brands all have amazing advertising and always win in the product placement game, but what about the lower tiers that rely only on their products to sell without the influence of celebrity endorsement, or cover girls washing their makeup covered faces with nothing, only to reveal perfect skin that has makeup still intact? Does that mean that their products are shit because their names aren’t as strong as other brands who are considered above them as far as ranking goes?

Take HERA cosmetics for example. The brand was deemed “The best in Korea” for a long time, probably still is. Judging by that title alone, you’d automatically think that HERA is the best for everyone, or that if people are using HERA and claim it to be what it is, then it must be good. I’ve used HERA and I personally think their products are the worst I’ve tried, are expensive considering what you have accessible in today’s age, and would happily save all my money to shop at COSRX instead, where five COSRX products equals ONE HERA product in terms of pricing.

I was actually asked to do this post by many people, to finally put the question to rest, but unfortunately as an individual who has had a taste of both tiers of skincare, there really isn’t a definite answer. All I can say, is to decide what you buy with your own money and hope that it works for your skin. That’s what skincare is to a lot of us, and reviews like mine, or other people out there who are FAR MORE successful than I am, can only say so much since we’re all biased in our own little ways. My advice? Never trust a review online 100% unless your skin is literally identical to theirs. What you may consider expensive, may be cheap to another. Does high end always result in better skin? Of course not. Same goes for cheaper brands.

If you were wondering, yes, this post was also inspired by a personal experience of mine. I knew this girl (and I refer to her as a girl, knowing damn well she is a grown ass woman who acts so childish I refuse to see her other than a little girl) who literally looked down on me because I did have my moments where I went and bought LE products from time to time. She always looked at me with such distaste and it bothered me, because who was she to judge what I chose to use on my skin, or own what I own. Life isn’t about the luxury brands and wealth, if you aren’t entitled to your own opinions, happiness and tastes. If you’re so bothered by what another person does with their money, then you should have a seat and reflect on why it makes you feel this way. It goes to you as well; if you have someone like that in your life. They’re the kind of person that makes you feel bad for walking into a particular store, or for owning something that might be the cheaper alternative to something deemed luxurious. Who needs such negativity in their lives?

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Q&A with Anthonay [ 35 ]

I can’t believe Q&A got this far; I’m so happy I have regular readers for this little tag I started. You guys are probably wondering why I’m late this morning. I overslept, easiest explanation HAHA! I worked 12hrs yesterday and also, the day before I didnt get home till really late as well. Let’s just say fatigue might be setting in again, but I’ll stay strong. Let’s get started.

Honey, you looked really angry on Thursday, how come?

I wasn’t angry, more tired. I have bitch dace syndrome and when I’m that tired, I can’t find myself smiling at all. Sorry if you did get the impression I wasn’t happy that day. I ensure you, I was in a good mood and I just couldn’t force a smile anymore. I wanted to sleep.

How did you get your skin condition to be so flawless?

With a heap of concealer and high coverage base makeup. Literally, my face has just as much flaws as any other person, so I can’t verify with you that my skin is flawless. I will, however tell you that I do spend a lot of time dedicated to addressing my skin everyday, which is probably a huge factor in how my skin is today. Daily cleansing and correct products will ensure you a path to great skin, so just keep up with it, and make sure you have the right products for your face.

You’re an asshole, but a good kind of asshole. You proved that on Saturday and I’m very impressed.

Thanks. This isn’t a question but more of a statement, and I will take this as a compliment. I will assume I know what you’re talking about, and yes, I am an asshole. I’ve been lied to so many times and that has made me this kind of person. I prefer to be direct and honest when needed because sometimes sugar coating isn’t a good thing to use when talking about something at all. At the end of the day, you’d prefer the cold hard truth over something slightly fabricated right?

What’s your next plan with your hair?

I want to change my hair colour once again, and probably going back to almost black since I’m too lazy these days managing silvery grey hair. My main focus is reviving my hair back to somewhat of a healthy condition. Once I get to that point, I want to maintain healthy hair, even if it’s coloured.

You’ve been drinking A LOT of coffee I see. Why, and do you always get coffee at Tommy Sugo now?

I like looking at beautiful faces. Enough said. HAHA

Your date on Thursday going to Ogilvies looked fun. Is the cafe honestly good?

Yes it is. I will note that the owner is someone I know and you guys might assume I’m being biased. Please keep in mind though, that food is most important, no matter who is working there, so if the food is good, I can happily recommend the place to you. Ogilvies is definitely up there for cafes and one of my new favourite places to relax with a cup of coffee and a sandwich without the hefty prices. If you are around Subiaco, please check it out for yourself. Mention my name “Anthony from Cosmehut” as well if you go there, because that might get you extra favours HAHA!

Are you planning to do a giveaway soon?

I’d like to, when I become more popular, so yes. It’s something I want to do, because who doesn’t like to receive free things? Promote my blog and I’ll hold a giveaway for y’all.

That’s it for Q&A for today. If you had any questions, then don’t forget to send in your submissions through to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or message me on Wechat.

Anthony signing out.

love anthony ♡

Q&A with Anthonay [ 34 ]

WiFi has been down for a few days, so I am praying to the All Maker that I have enough data left to post this Q&A with you all. If you guys are inexperienced, then basically, y’all are given a week from every Sunday to submit your questions into me through the comments below, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Wechat and I answer them here for you.

Are you cheating on your own store by searching for other beauty stores around Perth?

Haha, this question cracked me up. No, I’m not cheating at all. I think it’s a great way to improve myself by studying products we don’t have in our store, and to also see how customer service is employed elsewhere. From there, I feel like I can use that knowledge to effectively give you guys a better experience with us at Cosmehut. We don’t sell much variety, so it’s obvious how much you guys want new stock coming in, so by browsing other stores, I can gain some info on what is most popular elsewhere and try to push getting in new shipments for you guys to try as well.

Your instagram photos were so good! Where did you go out to eat that day?

Thank you so much for taking time to look at my posts. Greatly appreciate it. I’ve been meaning to find the time to see our old coworker Michelle, and that day was a great opportunity for me. Her store is situated in Subiaco, Perth. If you guys had the time to visit, then please make your way down there, and mention my name Anthony if you do.

Address: 273 Rokeby Road, Subiaco 6008

You’re so aesthetic, please teach me your ways.

I don’t see myself any differently to how I was before. I suppose being yourself is the first step to being deemed “aesthetic” and pay attention to what is popular. For me, I love black, so I try to coordinate black in my photos, as well as natural wildlife, so lots of shots in the garden or parks. Themes are also great, so if you can fit a theme into your photography, then that can be seen as aesthetic as well. Try and make your photos or hobbies aesthetic by keeping your theme and posting about things you think are cool.

I’m still learning about aestheticism, so bare with me. One day, I’ll be deemed cool as well, haha.

Do you try to be funny, or are you just like that?

If by cool, you actually meant dumb, then yes, I’m naturally dumb. I am incredibly dense and ablivious to so much in the world that it impacts my mannerism and speech. I don’t try to be something I’m not, so if you get that impression, I apologize. If you guys find me funny, then thank you, since I don’t find myself funny at all. I try to be myself, and if you like that, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I am not your style, then sorry, but I’m not too fussed since you can’t like every single person you meet.

I finally met you and you are right. You’re so damn cold. How come?

I still have difficulties being in public and around people, so I naturally freeze up, and avoid unnecessary communications with people. Don’t take it too personally, because I’m not trying to be rude at all, it’s just that I’m not entirely comfortable yet, and this is my way of coping as best as I can. If you’re able to get me out of that shell, then congratulstions, because only the All Maker knows how much help I need in the social department.

Your blog isn’t even popular, why do you still do it if you’re not even going to be famous with it?

Well, I never intended on making this blog to become famous whatsoever. I started this blog to share my stories and personal feelings about skincare I’ve used. If that’s how you feel about my little corner, then I apologize for not meeting your expectations. Eventually, I will become more popular, but in the meantime, I am quite content with my high traffic and limited likes on my posts.

I noticed your face structure is weird, but you seem happy with the way you look. Any reasons why?

I don’t know whether to take this as an insult or a compliment. Yes, I have a weird face structure as I have a larger nose and a forward jaw, but I’ve learnt to accept how I look. Sure, I’m not entirely happy with my face, and I’ve made it incredibly clear to you all, but this is the appearance I was given, so why not try to be confident in the way I look?

I’ve mentioned countless times on how I want surgery to align my jaw and make my nose smaller, and that’s something for the future me to decide once and for all. In the meantime, my job is to show beauty coming in different shapes and sizes, and to do that, you must first learn to love you for you.

Are you open to plastic surgery?

Of course I am. I want it for myself so badly, but there will always be people sitting on either side of the fence. Some of you agree that plastic surgery is unnecessary and wrong, and some of you are completely open to going through with those measures to change your appearance. I see that, if you’ve thought it out completely and you are willing to go under the knife, go for it. We live in a society where we all have to judge each other to make ourselves feel better, and that in itself is disgusting. If it’s something you want to do for yourself, then by all means, you have my blessings. Only, if you do it for yourself, not for your friend, your family or for anyone else. Your actions, affect yourself the most, so if you’re not doing something for the intentions of your own self, then get back into your corner and have another think.

That’s it for Q&A for this week. Remember I do take all your questions on board, so if you wanted to ask me anything, my social networks are always open for your comments and feedback. I rely heavily on you all to continually submit these questions, so please take the time to ask them. Until my next post tomorrow,

Anthony signing out.

love anthony ♡

Q&A with Anthonay [ 33 ]

Welcome back to my little blog, and as you guys know, the weekends call for weekly Q&A with Anthonay. This is a little segment where you guys can leave all your comments, messages and mails with me and every weekend, I will answer them here on this blog. The vest part is, you guys can ask me ANYTHING you like; it can be beauty related, off topic, thought provoking, random and even stupid questions. Let’s get started right away!

OMG you’re real! Do you think I could get a job where you’re working?

Haha, thank you! Yes, I am real and I’m so happy I’m being recognized. Being incredibly honest with you, chances are quite slim as we already have quite a lot of people here already, and even me getting this job is quite a surprise. It took me a very long time, and with great dedication was I able to even have the manager notice me. It’s surprising since I don’t have a Chinese speaking ability, and since most of the clients are indeed Chinese, it makes this job a little bit difficult.

I’ve noticed you’re doing more sheet masks, but are you interested in wash off masks at all?

Honestly, I don’t like using masks at all, and I try to steer away from using them. I have two pore care masks and the Clinique Even Better mask, and I barely touch them, but I’m thinking to do reviews on them soon because I think these masks would be great to have at your disposal.

I read your review on the Meiji collagen, and tried it for myself. I can’t taste the powder at all though, how come?

Not everyone has the same taste unfortunately, so for me, I noticed the taste. Some people don’t and I will note you guys are lucky. I can’t take the collagen any other way than with my morning coffee, which sucks because I’d prefer to take it at night instead.

Do you wear makeup every day?

No I don’t. I am not one for wearing makeup everyday, if any at all since I’m so lazy putting it on. However, whenever I do, I will at the minimum, put on my base and draw my eyebrows on. Otherwise, I’m fine with just sunblock when I’m out the door.

Do you think whitening actually works? Is Asian whitening more effective than whitening from other brands?

I personally believe whitening is bull. It’s all illusion in my opinion and it comes down to how you perceive your skin. I use whitening products to not lighten my skin, but control my skin tone, and I find that to be effective. Overall though, with an even skin tone, your skin appears lighter but it’s not really whitening in my eyes. Whitening products that give you immediate results are always temporary  and ones that seem like they’re doing nothing are products that control melanin.  At the end of the day, it comes down to your preference whether you want a more long term effect or a temporary, but sunblock everyday can definitely help whiten your skin over time.

I read on your blog that pores play an effect on your skin health. Any other tips to keep pores clean?

For those who haven’t read my post, I’ll give a quick response here. Pores are fundamental in the appearance of our skin. With clean pores, your skin becomes smoother, tighter, brighter and more lifted. In order to have great skin, pore care is a vital step you must include in your skincare routine. I find that removing the small hairs on your face allows your pores to become more easily clean and will brighten your skin tone a lot more. Take a brow razor and brush it along your skin texture to remove the small hairs and you’ll notice a difference immediately. Follow with cleansing your skin correctly and your pores will appear more clean, smaller and as long as you persistently tend to this, you’ll notice a huge difference in how your skin will look.

For a male, you know a lot about the skin. How come?

I took a great passion to it once I set my mind into removing the stubborn acne on my face. From there, I delved deep into studying my face and the skin I have to keep my skin as healthy as possible. From there, I also studied about other skin types and how I can help others with their skin woes. My mission is to be able to be informative for others so that they can achieve their definition of beautiful skin as well. I always say this; “beauty is a gift worth sharing with the world” and it’s something I stand by. Not everyone can have the same aptitude as I do when it comes to the skin, but as long as we are able to help each other, we can all have healthy abs beautiful skin.

That’s it for this week with the Q&A. Don’t forget to like and follow my blog if you found this interesting and until the next post.

Anthony signing out.

love anthony ♡

Q&A with Anthonay [ 31 ]

Do you guys know what’s happening with WordPress lately? I schedule in posts that I write up in advanced to have them either not post, or completely wipe out clear the moment it hits scheduled hour. If you guys know what the problem is, then please let me know so I can try and do something about it. In the meantime, here’s another Q&A session with Anthonay where you submit your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions into me every weekend, I answer them for you.

What register can you sing in?

Well, I don’t sing well, but I think I can sing in between G#1 and E#4. My vocal range isn’t flash hot so there’s really know way I can sing songs in a very low register or a vey high register. It’d be too hard for me.

Do you prefer doing makeup or skincare reviews?

I honestly LOVE makeup reviews so much, but at the end of the day, I still firmly believe that you can’t do a good makeup review if you can’t look after your skin properly, so I generally stick to skincare reviews more often than never, since skincare is the most important at the end of the day. I’ve got a lot of Kbeauty requests coming in for makeup that I’m trying to push out now, so for you guys, they’ll come in due time, but for the meantime, I do really want to focus on the skincare.

How do you feel now that Summer is here?

I think I’ve made it clear enough that I really HATE Summer. I love the cold and the rain, so Winter is my ideal season. With Summer brings about huge heat waves that I can’t stand, and so many flies buzzing around you and contaminating your food. Ugh, with flies also comes maggots roaming around your garbage and wherever else they may hang out, and they also crawl around and contaminate everything else around you. I wish flies didn’t exist. On top of that, Summer here in Perth generally sits at 35℃ to 45℃ and bruh, anything above 20 is when I am dying of heat stroke.

Do you proof read your posts at all?

I’m assuming you asked this because you found typos in a lot of my posts. Honestly, I read my posts a few times before publishing, but I am a decently fast reader, so I will more often completely miss a lot of typos when I read, and will have no idea of their existence until someone mentions it to me.

Why do Koreans have a “Summer” and a “Winter” makeup item for?

There are two main seasons in all of the world, so it’s logical sense to have two different types of makeup for each season as the weather, climate and humidity all play a part in what season is which. Obviously, in Summer, the weather is more humid and boiling hot, so you don’t want anything too heavy or dewy during Summer time to avoid the unneeded oilier skin look. Winter time is more colder and dry so something hydration heavy is more essential to prevent dry or cracked makeup and dull skin.

Summer Kbeauty items lean more towards matte but radiant finishes, and Winter products have more of a dewy finish with a super brightening effect on your skin. The main purpose of base Kbeauty items is to deal with the type of weather you have in your state or country, and work around it to brighten your skin depending on that particular climate.

Are you often mistaken for a different race to what you are?

Almost everyday. I get mistaken for so many Asian races that it gets annoying whenever somebody asks me. Every single day I get the “Oh, are you ______?” question and I’m very tired of having to explain my story to them. I am now basically giving up and telling them all “YES” just to satisfy them. Whenever I explain myself, it seems that people aren’t too happy with my answer, like, LOL sorry my race disappointed you?

Can you do a makeup guide through to your header icon?

I’m assuming you’re talking about my garden photo, and yes. A lot of you guys have actually asked about the makeup for that photo, and it’s very easy to accomplish. It focuses on the skin more than anything, and strong eyebrows with subtle shading and light features that still are able to hold it’s own. If you guys really want that tutorial, then I can definitely do something about it.

What are your views on idols getting cosmetic surgery, and would you get something done as well?

I don’t actually care if someone gets surgery or not. There’s a disgust built up for those who change their appearance, that seems to have come from nowhere that really annoys me. I think that anyone who gets surgery done is no less of a person they were prior. Any surgery done is their own thing they should be dealing with ALONE, and not with the accompaniment of the public eye. If someone can get surgery done, and if they choose to go ahead with it, then so be it. I will not judge based on that alone, because, who the hell am I to judge honestly. As for me, i would love to have a new nose that’s more slimmer and taller, since shading everyday takes so much time and I mostly have no time to contour everyday.

That’s the end of Q&A for this week. Remember to submit your questions in to me before every Sunday because I usually type these out really early in the morning and push it out to you guys. You can like me on my Facebook and read my past content, or message me your questions. You can also leave your questions down in the comments section below if you’re a blogger. Always stay beautiful and until the next post,

Anthony signing out.


Q&A with Anthonay [ 30 ]

I’ve finally hit post 30 for this tag and I’m super excited for it. This one is a little late; I woke up today with a cold, a migraine and I might actually have conjunctivitis from God knows where. Thank you all for supporting this little tag and getting me this far, because I didn’t actually think honestly that it would progress this long. As usual, you can always submit your questions in to me, and I’ll answer them all one by one.

Do you like, or have used Western skincare before?

I have, and it’s not that I entirely hate Western skincare altogether, but i find that the formula for Western skincare is a bit too dry for me. I do enjoy looking dewy since my skin looks bad with a matte finish, and Western products tend to give my skin a matte feel to it. I’ve used all different types of brands, from low end supermarket brands to high end brands, and I find that they don’t agree with me at all. I enjoy using Clinique’s serums and La Mer, but other than that, I’m not liking a lot of Western products for the finish on m skin, and the feel it has.

How do you get lots of likes or followers on your blog?

If I knew the answer to this, then I’d tell you, but I don’t. I generally sit on 2 to 3 likes, and I’m rarely able to gain new followers on my blog. I’m definitely fine with that since I don’t write any of my posts just for the likes or gaining a huge follower count. I don’t actually care about that at all. The reason I blog personally, is because I enjoy doing it and it’s something to chew up some free time. I started off just wanting to journal in everything I learnt and from there, I progressed into doing small reviews on products I’ve tried. My biggest focus is to help others with their learning of skincare products and drawing their attention to products that I enjoy using. If I get likes because of it, then good. Otherwise, it’s not a concern for me. I think to be a good blogger means you dedicate your passion towards doing your job and you’ll be recognized eventually, but putting in the hard work from the start till the end is utmost important.

Your blog seems to be changing a lot; an reasons why?

My blog changes with me. It evolves around my evolution and expansion of knowledge,  which is possibly why my posts haven’t been the same as it used to be when I first started out blogging. I remember when I used to just write off the top of my head and engage a lot of readers. These days, it seems more like a journal entry, and that’s simply because I’ve now adapted to that format of writing. I will definitely say with confidence that as I get older, this blog will as well, and it will change regularly with the way I change as well.

Do you like gardening?

I don’t like doing the gardening, but i love plants a lot. I think trees and flowers are beautiful, but ask me to plant one and I’ll heavily disappoint you.

Do you prefer BB creams or foundations?

I think BB creams work better with my skin, since I don’t need the ultra high coverage that foundations tend to give. I mean give me a good foundation and I’ll use it, but the medium coverage a BB cream gives me makes it so much better looking on y skin. That, and BB creams are formulated to be more hydrating, with the benefits of a base color, a primer and essences to treat your skin as well. Foundations generally don’t give you that benefit.

Why choose to use a Korean style skincare routine when you can just use two products on your face?

Korean style skincare works better for me. It comes down to the person individually and I prefer layering in moisturizer and extra care rather than relying solely on one product that could feel too heavy on my skin.

That’s it for this week’s Q&A. Thank you once again for supporting this tag I started, probably at the beginning of the year. It’s definitely something I’ll continue to do if you guys keep submitting your questions in. Remember that this will only work with your help, so keep sending in all your concerns, thoughts or anything you like and remember to always stay beautiful.

Anthony signing out.


[ SKIN SOLUTIONS ] The Golden Hour

Have you ever heard the term “beauty sleep” thrown around whenever people talk about getting some shut eye at night? Well, studies show that going to sleep can improve your physical appearance, as there are proven results showing that sleeping at a certain time can give you a boost in overall health and glow to your complexion the morning after. This time of the night, is called the Golden Hour, and here I’ll discuss how certain times of the night can affect your skin health for the following day. This was initially a Q&A question submitted in by one of my readers, and now has become a dedicated post. CONGRATULATIONS!

During the night, when you fall asleep, your skin undergoes a strong cycle of cell regeneration and repairing to recondition or reform the skin texture. It is noted that the longer you sleep, the more your skin can heal, but it is essential that we prepare our skin for repairing by tending to our skin’s needs through cleansing and nightly care. All dermatologists, no matter whether they focus their studies on Western beauty or Asian beauty, will tell you that cleansing and tending to your skin in the night is possibly the utmost important steps to take in order to achieve flawless looking skin.

By sleeping for 7 to 9 hours a night, you feel more beautiful, and you can actually look more beautiful too. During your most deepest sleep, your body produces growth hormones that increase the process of regeneration, boosts collagen levels in the skin for tighter and youthful skin and proteins for skin strengthening to boost your immunity to infections, acne problems and skin deterioration. However, tending to your skin should be applied during the hours of the golden hour to maximize your skin’s output of all the goodies to wake up the most beautiful.

Korean people in particular claim that between 10PM and 2AM every night are when your cells from head to toe are at it’s  peak to regenerate, so it’s advised that you start any care from the moment it hits 10PM and you should fall asleep no later than 12AM at night. With a minimum of 2 hours rest during the golden hour, it is shown that those who sleep during the golden hour have clearer, brighter and more supple skin apposed to those who disregard the golden hour.

So how exactly should you cleanse your skin to reap the benefits of the golden hour? Here are my little tips to wake up with more flawless skin.

1) Proper skin cleansing

The moment it reaches 10PM, start removing all your makeup in preparation for your usual cleanser. I advise in using oil based cleansers, or an oil &water hybrid cleanser to effectively break down all traces of makeup, and unclog pores for a cleaner face prior to using your cleanser. When you use oil based products, the oil molecules are able to cling to all the dirt, makeup residues and any pollutants inhabiting your skin surface and deep into the pores so when you go to wash your skin, your pores become unclogged, dirt free and enlarged before you wash your face. Simply massage your face with an oil cleanser, focusing on the areas with the most heaviest makeup and around your largest pores to rid yourself from all the toxins and waste matter that can damage the skin.

Once your skin is clean, follow with a cleanser of your choice depending on your skin type and needs. Make sure to leave your face damp after washing away the oil cleanser using warm water to ensure your pores have opened up. Lather the cleanser into a thick foam and gently buff at your skin, focusing on following your skin texture, and in small circles, focus the cleanser along your pores to effectively clean your skin. Wash with warm water, and follow with cold water to constrict your pores.

Depending on whether you need to or not, you can follow with a wash off mask to target specific skin problems. If you use a mask, don’t wash your face with cold water until the mask has been removed with warm water. If you use an exfoliator, it is best to use it at night to shed all the dead skin cells off your face to prevent clogged pores during the night. That way, when you sleep, your skin can repair and strengthen the new skin that is revealed after exfoliating.

2) Toning

While your face is damp (not soaking wet and not completely dry) apply your toner to your skin by using either your hands or a gentle cotton pad, and follow your skin texture. By leaving your face damp, the water acts as a catalyst to help lock in hydration into your skin, rather than drying out your face. If you have a First Treatment essence, use this before your toner. There are also two different types of toners, so keep in mind to use the type of toner catered for your skin. Cleansing toners are usually thinner in consistency and work to cleanse your skin from any residual waste matter that may be sitting on your skin’s surface even after double cleansing. Hydrating toners run a little bit thicker and really soak into your skin well with boosted hydration care than cleansing toners do.

Toners are also more than likely to be pH balanced and help to recalibrate your skin back to optimal pH levels to reduce irritations and skin troubles. Skipping toner may be okay for some people, but for people like me, pH plays a huge role in the health of your skin, and without a good toner, your skin can shift too far up or down the pH levels and affect your skin in many different ways.

3) Essences, serums and ampoules

This is where most of your night care comes from. Essences, serums or ampoules, depending on what you get (and depending on whatever your brand refers to the product as) have highly concentrated ingredients to effectively target your skin troubles, especially during the night when your skin regenerates. Again, while your face is slightly damp from the toner, apply your serum to your face and allow the product to saturate your skin well. There isn’t a limit to how many essences or serums you can use, but keep in mind that not everyone works well with multiple layers on their face. It took me probably a year and a half to get used to a 12 or 13 step skincare routine without feeling like I lathered on 50 layers of crap on my face.

Some people, like me are too lazy to use these, but Asian skincare has taken serums into mask format, so using serum enriched sheet masks can help your skin absorb a huge quantity of serum in one go for a boost to your skin’s health and appearance. Leave it on for 15 or so minutes before ripping the mask off and patting your skin almost dry. It’s up to you if you want to follow up with other serums at your disposal but otherwise, these sheet masks are enough to skip serums out of your skincare whenever you use them.

4) Emulsions and moisturizers

Whatever you want to call them, it’s vitally important you moisturize after you apply your serums to lock in hydration, which prevents your pores from filling up with unneeded sebum. Moisturizing keeps your water to oil balance in check so by adding a huge dosage of hydration, you’re essentially cutting down on sebum levels in your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated can also reduce the likelihood of premature aging, and prevent scaly skin as you get older.

5) Eye and lip creams

Other than your neck, your eyes generally age faster than any other part of your body, so take note in keeping those areas well hydrated as well. Since we often miss out on hydrating our three O areas (eyes and lips, where we generally don’t cleanse or apply products) using an eye cream during the night will prevent crows feet, oily or parched eye areas and reduces the appearance of dark circles or swelling. Your lips also need some care too, as our lips will regenerate during the night. Apply lip balm or lip masks before you sleep for supple, soft and more plump looking lips whilst tackling any aging damages caused through environmental means.

6) Creams and sleeping masks

This isn’t vital, but some people will go the extra step in hydrating by using night creams and sleeping packs to boost the hydration levels even more. Most of the time, they work to add an extra level of moisturizing to your skin care, but also give your skin the added boost to make your skin elastic, promote the acid mantle function and fend off aging factors. Sleeping masks are more heavier than creams are and should be used every few days in conduction with night creams. Sleeping packs sometimes also work by using aromatherapy to help calm you whilst you sleep, in order to reduce stress levels that can inhibit the repairing state of your body whilst in deep sleep.

Did you know that your mind is also connected to your body function? Your skin won’t become any more beautiful when you’re not sleeping. It is known that sleeping a good amount every night reduces stress; sleep can relax you. Things like rosacea, eczema and acne tend to flare up when you’re stressed, particularly if your mind is not in a good state, so sleeping shuts off the emotional part of the brain which relaxes you, and in turn, improves your skin condition over the resting period. Think of it as a bodily reset for the day, to reboot and improve by the morning.

There are three extra tips I wanted to share with you that can help improve your skin over night. When you have completed your skincare, you should try and go to sleep before 12AM so you get at least 2 hours of golden hour in your resting time.

1) Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your side can actually promote fine lines and wrinkles to form on your face, since gravity can play a huge role in how your skin appears over time. By sleeping on your back, your body weight is shifted evenly so the effects of gravity aren’t as apparent. There is an old wives tale saying that “sleeping on silk pillows make your skin more beautiful” however there is no proof that silk pillows help in any way whatsoever. Sleeping on your side using a silk pillow will still force your body weight to shift unevenly, thus increasing the likelihood of premature aging.

2) Massage your extremities

Your hands and feet are probably the most impotent areas of your body to tend to. Your hands and feet are the extremities of your body that are most affected by heat and cold, so tending to your hands and feet will keep your skin looking better during the golden hour. By massaging your hands in particular, you’re shifting heat evenly through your body, which can help you to either warm up (which improves hydration care) or cool down (which improves pore size and sebum output). Don’t forget to moisturize your hands and feet as well.

3) Keep your hair loose

Some people swear by tying their hair up whilst sleeping to keep their hair healthier, but studies show that tying your hair up can actually affect the hair follicles. Your hair follicles become stressed when your hair is tied, clipped or pulled back for long periods of time, which makes your hair thinner, more brittle and prone to falling out. Not only that, but tying your hair up can have adverse results in your skin, forcing your face to stretch which can ultimately lead to sagging in the future.

I’m thinking of new ways to end my posts because I find my endings very boring. Do I link  my social networking sites to my posts like my Facebook Page or my other SNS sites? Do I ask you questions like how your skin reacts during the night, or whether you sleep at certain times of the night to maximize your skin’s appearance the morning after? I’ll think of a good ending soon enough, that’ll become somewhat like a signature for all my future posts. If you’re reading this, shouldn’t you be asleep now? I’ll end it here so you can get some shut eye.

Anthony signing out.