Playing Around with Stick Makeup – First Impressions and Review

They’ve been sitting in my bedroom for quite some time now, so I might as well whip them out and see what stick makeup products can actually do as far as makeup goes. I own 5 Etude House Play 101 sticks, a 3CE shimmer stick that I haven’t used on myself and an I’m Meme Shading stick that’s about to run out.

What sort of makeup look can I create with these products? Keep reading to see what kind of mess I get myself into today.

From left to right: PLAY 101 #3, PLAY 101 #12, PLAY 101 #13, PLAY 101 #11, PLAY 101 #10, 3CE Shimmer Stick #Peach and I’M MEME Shading Stick


Stick makeup isn’t new to the K-Beauty world by any means, but it is unfortunately one of the less popular beauty items in people’s personal disposal. I honestly bought these since each and every one I own were the only available here in Perth, and I felt like blowing my money on crap I didn’t need.

From top to bottom: PLAY 101 #03, PLAY 101 #11, PLAY 101 #12, PLAY 101 #13, PLAY 101 #10, I’M MEME Shading Stick, 3CE Shimmer Stick #Peach


As you can tell from the photos, the products aren’t as pigmented as I hoped for, other than the foundation stick and the shading stick. The others were lacking in pigment. Each formula was notably different as well. PLAY 101 #03, #12, Shimmer Stick and Shading Stick were all creamy in texture, whereas the PLAY 101 #10, #13 and #11 were more satin-powder type.To begin with the makeup, I always start off with a blank canvas, properly cleansed and moisturized. For reference, I use a pH 5.5 cleanser, tone with a pH 4.5 skin and moisturize with a gel type lotion.

Anthony is back at it again with the OLENS Russian Velvet in blue, which I got at Cosmehut for $36 a pair. They are too thick to wear comfortably in my opinion, and I’m hoping that, just like the OLENS x ANNA SUI lenses, these will become thinner over time and be comfortable. For now, I personally don’t recommend them.


I saw a sponsored Etude House video featuring beauty creator Pony, where she drew stripes across her face using the PLAY 101 foundation stick, so I took PLAY 101 #03 and did just that.I found that using this product, using a sponge gave more of a natural application than using a brush since the formula was so creamy. In saying that though, using a sponge only allows the product to apply up to a medium coverage, whereas a brush can stretch the foundation to a medium-full. Using a brush doesn’t allow the product to work well with the skin and emphasizes texture. It also makes the base look very cakey as well. Overall, the finish of the product wasn’t too matte nor too dewy. Somewhere in between, which I quite liked.

With two different shading sticks, I decided to use PLAY 101 #11 on one side, and the I’M MEME Shading stick on the other.

Beginning with the PLAY 101 #11, I applied the contour shade as per usual, but had to use 3 layers altogether just to get some color payoff. The overall tone was way too orange in shade for the product to be used as a contour, but I managed somehow.

I did the same with the I’M MEME StickJudging by the photo, you can immediately tell that the I’M MEME Shading Stick is way more pigmented, and has better color payoff. I only needed a single layer to achieve a contour.

In saying that though, the formula is extremely creamy, and thus, blending out for precise contour proved to be difficult. This can ultimately be fixed by using a brush and being careful; all I had no energy or effort for.

With contour done, I decided to do the same with the two blusher sticks; PLAY 101 #13 on one side, and PLAY 101 #12 on the other.

PLAY 101 #13 was sheer upon application and had fine gold shimmers throughout the product. Since this stick applied smoothly with it’s powdery-satin texture, it made my skin appear fairly smooth. However, blending the product out practically made it disappear. It was fairly disheartening.

In person, you can barely make out the blush color if you pressed your face against my cheekbones. On camera, yeah not a single trace of color at all.

PLAY 101 #12 was my hopeful product, since the formula was creamy type, and the color was noticeable upon application. However, just like the latter, this product blended out into almost nothing. At least in person, you can make out the color on the cheeks, but on camera, you can’t really see anything at all.

The last two sticks were the highlighters, which I was super keen on trying. I love me some highlight, especially cream type as they offer you natural glow that can either be worn alone, or be used as a base for your powders which strengthens the overall highlight.

Following suite, I decided to use PLAY 101 #10 on one side, and 3CE Shimmer Stick #Peach on the other.

PLAY 101 #10 was extremely brittle with it’s powdery texture, so chunks of the stick kept breaking off on my cheek. It was so damn infuriating to use and I really didn’t like it from the get go. The product was also strewn with chunky glitters which wasn’t appealing in the slightest. Overall, blending wise, it worked decently so I was at the very least, able to buff away the chunks of the stick sitting on my cheek bones.

I really don’t like 3CE much as far as their makeup goes, so I wasn’t expecting much when I was trying this shimmer stick.

However, to my surprise, it performed pretty darn well. The formula is on the creamy side, but blends out like a dream. Rather than chunky glitters, the shimmer stick has pearl pigments that actually make the skin appear as if it’s glowing.

After trying out the stick products, I finished off the base makeup by setting everything with a bit of powder, adding nose contour using the I’M MEME Shading Stick and filling in my brows.

For extra trials, I wanted to see how the blush sticks performed if they were to be used with a shadow brush and applied directly onto the eyelid.

With 6 layers, I used a small dense shadow placement brush to apply PLAY 101 #13 onto the entire upper lid, and halfway on the bottom lid. Since the pigment was weak to begin with, I wasn’t expecting the color to really peek through even with a brush, and I wasn’t wrong.

Using a shadow placement brush and PLAY 101 #12, apply the cream to the outer and inner areas of your eyes with preferably, 4 layers since the color wasn’t showing up at all.

I tried using the PLAY 101 #11 on the outer corners, but again, the color was way too sheer, so I opted for a dark taupe eyeshadow instead and placed that on the outer corners to contour the lid, and add color variation. I then set the rest of the eye with translucent powder just because the PLAY 101 sticks were creasing and moving around.

Since I wanted to at least finish off an eye look, I decided to draw a winged liner to tie everything into place.

Just to be extra, I added 3CE Shimmer Stick #Peach to the centre of the lids, inner corners and bottom eyelid for shimmer, and it performed excellently with just a single layer.

With that, finishes the eye look (unless you want to curl and add mascara as well) and gave me enough information to come up with a final judgement on the stick type products.

Overall, I am so dissatisfied with what I used today. The contour products were lacking on both sides since they were too orange, and the PLAY 101 #11 was just too sheer to even be seen on the skin with a single layer. At the very least, the I’M MEME Shading stick was somewhat useful.

The PLAY 101 #12 and #13 were products I sort of had expectations for, which ultimately let me down in the end. They blended away to nothingness with a sponge, and didn’t show up very well with a dense brush. I can’t say anything positive about them, other than the #13 being pretty in shade if you looked at it from it’s packaging.

The PLAY #03 was surprisingly decent as a foundation when used with a sponge, The only fault is that the coverage isn’t the best, and you’d better not risk looking cakey if you’re using a brush.

The 3CE Shimmer Stick #Peach actually blew my expectations out of the water. I fell in love the moment I started blending it into my skin with my sponge, and when I used it on my eye lids. The color is beautiful, the highlight itself is very natural, working alone for a beautiful glow, or as a base for your powder highlights. Out of everything I tried today, I would only recommend you buy this one, since it performed well.

Have you tried the PLAY 101 sticks or stick makeup before, or are intrigued as to why I don’t like them? Maybe you own some stick products that I might like. Let me know down in the comments below, or through my SNS and tell me your experiences with Stick Makeup. As usual, if you enjoyed this post, then give it a like, subscribe to this blog for future updates, and share with your friends and family.

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