ATTEMPT TWO: Red Light Only

Throwing away the idea of the rosy pink makeup in my last attempt, I went only for the red light concept with the natural one side, and full glam on the other. Again, with Krystal of F(x) as my inspiration, I decided to reattempt the Red Light makeup.

Is there really a need for me to say that I CLEARLY DO NOT own this image NOR DO I CLAIM COPYRIGHT, or is that already a given?

I have to stress that I am NOT a professional makeup artist, nor have I received an ounce of training whatsoever, and so I kindly ask you not to expect much at all.

STEP ONE: Start off with a clean and well moisturized face. For the full Krystal effect, have only one contact lens in the eye you are going to do the heavy makeup on.

The natural lighting was weirdly changing every 5 minutes, because here in Australia, winter is undefined. It’s either oddly sunny, heavily raining with clouds scattered throughout the sky, or both at the same time. With that said, hopefully some pictures aren’t brighter than other ones.

As far as skincare goes, I always wash my face with a pH 5.5 cleanser, tone using a pH 4.5 skin and moisturize using a gel type lotion.

I’m using my trusty old OLENS x ANNA SUI grey contact, sitting at a DIA of 14.2mm. I have a GEO Flower lens which is 15mm DIA but I found that it looked too strange to have a natural 13.8mm eye with a 15mm DIA lens. If you own a 14.5mm lens and your eyes are as big as mine, then I’d probably recommend you try using that as it creates a better effect. BTW I don’t recommend wearing these lenses for a long period of time, since the lens itself is fairly thick and can become irritatingly uncomfortable to wear as it gets drier.

STEP TWO: Prepare your face by applying your base, concealer and cooking material. Skip this step if you prefer to do your eyes first.

But I use a lot of powder. Probably best to avoid baking like I do.

STEP THREE: Prepare your eyelids using a primer and base color.

I used concealer and a muted taupe shade as my base color for the eyeshadow.

I forgot about the bake on my nose, that I ended up leaving it for too long. After removing the bake, my nose felt incredibly dry afterwards.

STEP FOUR: Draw your guide for your eyeliner using shadow before applying eyeshadows

This step really is optional. I’m just terrible at planning and usually go with the flow when it comes to everything, so just as a precaution, I chose to draw the guideline for my own benefit. Heck, maybe this step might help one of you guys.


STEP FIVE: Avoiding the middle of your eyelids, apply your dark shadow on the entirety of your eyelid, including and emphasizing the crease. Extend the color all the way to the front and inner corners of the eye, and drag along the bottom eyelid halfway from the front of the eye.

Krystal actually had black on her eyes, but since I wanted the look to be a bit softer, I opted for brown. The color is also way more forgiving than black is.

STEP SIX: Using your finger or a dampened shadow placement brush, apply a shimmery shade that is two shades lighter than your crease color to the blank areas of your eyelids for color variation.

If you used black, then a silver or a gold shimmer will look really nice with this look. Otherwise in my case, I used a shimmery copper with fine glitters.


STEP SEVEN: Line your eyes following the guideline you created, winging the liner upwards to create a cat wing.


STEP EIGHT: Fill in your brow either the way you usually do them, or seek permission from the All Maker and rock an angry birds styled brow.

I didn’t ask the All Maker though, and unfortunately for me, I’m going to hell. God dammit.

Unlike Krystal’s eye look, by using brown and adding the central shimmer, the eye looks less dark and more wearable.

STEP NINE: Curl your lashes and apply your mascara, and if necessary, apply highlight to your half of the face to complete the makeup for your dark side.

With the concept photos, Krystal appeared to not be wearing any blush or contour at all, so it’s up to you whether you want to apply it or not. I added the tiniest bit of blush to the outer cheek for color to the face, and highlight along the cheekbones to bring back some liveliness to the skin.

Once again, my facial expression is giving off the “I’m dead to the world” feels.

STEP TEN: Starting off with your natural eye, make sure to have primed and set your eyelid ready for eyeshadow. Take a camel shade and apply to the inner and outer eyelid for definition.

Usually I pray for pigment when it comes to eyeshadows, but in this case, I really wanted no pigment whatsoever. This eye look needed to be extremely light, as if it were barely there, in order to achieve the “no makeup” feel.

STEP ELEVEN: Line your eyes with dark brown eyeshadow, being careful not to extend past the eye line. Follow the natural shape to create the “no liner” appearance. Drag the color slightly down to the bottom eyelid for the “puppy” liner look. Alternatively, apply BROWN eyeliner to the upper water line and in between the lashes for the “no liner” appearance.

Except, I lost my pencil liner so I can’t actually fill in the water line naturally. I went for the latter instead.


STEP TWELVE: Fill in your brows very naturally, following the natural shape and curvature of your brow, to make them look as if they haven’t been drawn on. Curl and apply mascara to your lashes and with that, completes your natural eye look.


STEP THIRTEEN: Finish off the rest of your makeup however you please. Make sure to create the gradient lip look on your dark makeup side, and that completes the Red Light inspired makeup.

I also decided to contour my nose because why the fuck NOT.



Once again, I’m probably going to do another attempt, this time, trying to actually recreate the proper look, by paying close attention to their eye makeup and the rest of the face. For the time being, if you enjoyed this post, then don’t forget to like it, subscribe to keep up to date with future blog posts and share with your friends and family. As per usual, your feedback is highly regarded and appreciated so don’t forget to leave any comments down below, or through my SNS.

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