Kyla’s Fat? – Controversial Conversation

If you follow KPOP and are an avid fan of the Pledis born girl group, Pristin, then I’m sure you’ve heard the news of Pristin’s youngest, Kyla, leaving for treatment. What kind of treatment is it however? Could it be the acclaimed injuries she received that has been floating around, or is it the fact she can no longer take the criticism anymore?

I’ll share my thoughts below.

Before I say anything on the topic, I want to throw out a disclaimer.

These opinions are of my own and the way I feel should not determine how you too feel about this issue. Keep in mind that the KPOP world is more than just a group of people singing, but a business. The idols that the companies throw out there are the products, and we listeners, are the market; the consumers. I will be using reflections on actual markets and produce as a reference to describe things and in no way do I mean any ill harm to the image of Kyla, nor am I here to express distaste in her appearance. Quite frankly, I think she looks perfectly fine, but you’ll see that in the post. Keep that in mind while you read what I have to say on the entire issue.
OH and one more thing. I tend to be oblivious to the way I talk and type, so if I do end up coming off rude or insensitive, please let me know because there is a 90% chance I had no idea about it, and am open to your feedback to address any issue if there may be any at all. Thank you!

FIRST and foremost, if you have’t read or heard anything, Pristin’s Kyla has been receiving a lot of backlash from netizens for her physical appearance, making comments on her figure, her thighs, her stomach, her everything. Their words, and I quote, are that “she looks fat,” and “she’s one of the biggest girls I have seen debut on stage.”

She’s 15 years old. F I F T E E N !

Anywho, netizens have decided it was a good idea to screencap images of Kyla and hashtag things like #obese or #fat on her images, to which a lot of people agree with the nasty comments made about her.

It has been reported that Kyla has withdrew from the group temporarily to receive treatment for an alleged injury she sustained while on promotion, but some netizens speculate she is taking the time off to avoid the public eye as she may be having depression from her negative backlash on her appearance. What does Anthony think of this entire issue?

For starters, as I mentioned in the disclaimer, Kyla is indeed a product of Pledis. Let’s say that Pledis is a Sephora store and they’re looking to promote a certain product and have it available for the customers to try and buy (us listeners). As a customer, would you not like your product to be as functional and as good (if not, better) than what is also being promoted in the store? For Kyla’s situation, I regrettably have to say that yes, she is quite big in terms of what you’d see for a typical FEMALE artist.

I specifically draw attention to the word female. Why is that so? Most males in the industry don’t ever get pressured into looking a certain way in regards to their physical appearance. So long as you have abs, you rip your shirt off and gyrate your hips in a motion that makes it look like you’re humping the air (LEETEUK FROM BONAMANA ERA OH MY GOD YES), most people are satisfied. When it comes to women however, it seems your body needs to be slender, with minimum curvature and be as pale as snow, otherwise you don’t fit into the social standards for female KPOP artists.

Let’s compare this situation with Kyla to a male artist. Have you heard of Super Junior’s Shindong? He has been known to be the bigger artist when it came to male idols, and yet, most people gave him more slack. Why? Well he’s a member of one the most popular male groups to date, and, well, he’s a man. He even said it himself.

“I can be bigger because I am a man. I shouldn’t have to change my weight based on other people’s opinions. However, you are a woman and you should be skinny otherwise nobody will like you.”

Please tell me what kind of bullfuckery this load of shit is? Let me start off saying Shindong that you are in NO position of saying ANYTHING like that to a woman. Her body, her choice, if what you are saying is true. IF you choose to be big, then by all means go for it. That should NOT stop any woman from doing the same, if that is what makes her happy. Secondly, what you said is sexist as it implies men are far more superior than women when it comes to body weight and body appearance. Why can a man be allowed to be bigger than the social norms, but a woman can’t?

This is prime example of the double standards set on female artists like Kyla, which I’m not OK with. Yes, I will have to fully agree that her size is not appreciated as far as KPOP goes, since unfortunately, the standards are tall, slim and innocent looking. Kyla is tall, but not slim in the slightest. However, as a MEMBER OF SOCIETY AND AN INDIVIDUAL OF HER OWN RIGHT I think she has every right to manage her appearance the way she likes. Besides, as previously mentioned, she is only 15 years old, healthy at that. She is still growing and who knows how she’ll end up looking after she matures. Heck, she herself wouldn’t have a clue. If you’re that worried about her appearance more so than her actual stage presence and rapping abilities then you need to have a good sit down and reflect on yourself. As for the past or the future, none of it matters right now.

What SHOULD be our concern is that Kyla is in recovery mode, and we all should, as consumers, wish her the best in her treatment, and hope that she can return to the stages as a rapper again, if that is what she wants to achieve in her life. Not to fat shame and call her derogatory terms to insult her visuals. The problem lies not only in the companies being pressured to create the perfect group (to rival the big 3 and make maximum profit) but us consumers as well. If we continually put pressure on our idols to perform, look and/or act a certain way, then we will forever be trapped in this vicious and toxic cycle because companies will enforce skinny idols and certain appearances to us all. I for one want to see a variety of people all loving who they are, not some dehumanized product being programmed to to perform a certain way for money. These idols are humans, not machines. Treat them like decent people, not like the dirt on our shoes.

That’s all I wanted to say. Any other issues worth talking about, or any additional points you’d like to include? Feel free to drop them in the comments below or through my SNS.




– Anthony Jung.


Complete Writer’s Block

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I suppose until I regain some of my inspiration back, I won’t be posting for a little bit longer. I do have the PONY EFFECT brushes and the cushion if you want a review on them all, plus, the History of Whoo cushion but other than that, I don’t really have anything new to talk about as of yet.

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