Product Empties [ MAKEUP ]

I usually don’t do empties posts, and I probably won’t for quite a while; but while I have a lot of empty products, I thought why not let the public know exactly what I have been using and my thoughts on these all. Welcome back to the Beauty Aesthetics, and for the second post of 2017, let’s rummage through my trash! (Quite literally, because I pulled everything out from the trash, so don’t expect clean bottles. The photos I took are pretty “trash” themselves.)

As a reference, in case some of you guys don’t know, during Summer I have oily sensitive skin, prone to acne, and enlarged pores. During Winter, I have combination sensitive skin, prone to acne. My pores seem to be manageable during Winter than it is during the Summer time. I have extremely damaged, color treated hair, with a slightly sensitive scalp all year round, and I have extremely sensitive skin around my armpits, on parts of my arms, thighs and delicate skin on my ankles.

I had to split this post up, because otherwise it’ll be WAY too long. This one in particular will only include makeup items. Click the links below to read the other Empties posts

Hair (up soon)
Miscellaneous (up soon)

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Perfect Day Makeup Fixer


This is a facial mist you apply after your makeup to not only make your makeup last throughout the entire day, but to create a radiant complexion without any greasiness or dry patches on your skin. The mist is very fine, to not disrupt the makeup you have applied to your face, and dries very quickly for those who need a quick fix and out-the-door sort of product.

I really enjoyed this mist so much, as the claims were super true to what they were offering. The mist was super fine so it set my makeup instantaneously, made my skin bright, kept my makeup lasting all day and didn’t cause any dry patches as a lot of makeup mists tend to do. What I didn’t like was that it never lasted very long, so after a week or so (that is saying I wear makeup everyday; otherwise after 7ish days) the bottle was empty. Considering the price was $20 AUD, I thought this product was not value for money at all, and there are better alternates to this mist that perform just as well, for less of the price. I have so far repurchased 3 bottles, but I’m not too sure whether I’m ok for making it a 4th.

SOFINA Primavista Ange Long Keep Base UV


The pink primer that helps to control sebum production in the skin, make makeup last throughout the entire day, but isn’t drying so perfect for all skin types.

I love this primer, and has become a holy grail for me. Not only is it a pink base, to brighten up the skin complexion, it also controls oily skin types, but isn’t drying in the least. I never have a problem using this primer and I have literally made everyone around me use this one product for flawless makeup every single day. I have already repurchased the primer 5 times so far, and I’m not changing up my base any time soon. I swear, if you can, get your hands on this baby ASAP!

IOPE Cushion Blusher #1


Utilizing the air puff and cushion technology, IOPE came out with their revolutionary blush cushion for perfect blush application that gives you a rosy, yet natural glow. Perfect for those who want to express innocence, or for those who enjoy that “no makeup, natural beauty” sort of look.

I hated this product; it did not show up on my skin personally (because I’m pretty dark) and it doesn’t do anything other than make my face look oily. Not the healthy “I just got out of the shower” sort of sheen either. I’m talking the “I dipped my face in a bowl of extra virgin olive oil, so who wants to crack and egg on my face and see how long it sizzles for” sort of oily look, which ain’t cute. If you enjoy wasting your money, grab this and you’ll be satisfied. For us normal people, turn a blind eye to this piece of shit like I’m doing now, because you will be beyond disappointed. I’m just trying to save you money and time; thank me later.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Artclass by Rodin Createur du Contour


With three shades of warm toned browns, this will give you the perfect contour without looking too orange, or too grey. The shades mimic actual shadows on your skin, to give you the perfect sculpted appearance without looking too overdone.

I’ve so far bought 15 (because I contour TF out of my face every single time) so I generally hit pan within 3 weeks. I can’t express my love into words, so please think of something for me to say so that I can express my feelings perfectly.

ARITAUM Pore Master Sebum Control Powder


Finely milled translucent powder that helps to cover pores, and control sebum at the same time. Because it has no color, it is perfect for ALMOST all skin tones. I say almost, because some POC have more reddish undertones and less pinkish or greyish undertones, so it MIGHT not suit them the best.

I loved this because it controlled sebum, covered my pores, and was dirt cheap. I can’t say anything else, because it literally is just a generic finish powder that does what it claims. I would repurchase this, if the Innisfree No Sebum powder isn’t available.

INNISFREE No Sebum Powder


Literally the same as above, there is no comparison to the Aritaum Pore Master, with this product. It literally is the same thing, same claims, same functions and same results. I will interchange the repurchasing of this product depending on stock availability. As far as pricing goes, there is literally a 50c difference here in Perth, so even then, there is no difference other than branding and packaging.

What are your empties for 2016/2017? Have you used any of these products before, or have any products for me to try out this year? Let me know in one of my SNS below, or leave me a comment on this blog post! Also, please let me know if you want any full reviews of any of these products (if one isn’t up already, or you want an updated review)

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4 thoughts on “Product Empties [ MAKEUP ]

  1. I got the Sofina primer based on your recommendation and I love it alot so thank you! It’s nice to have one that controls oil yet doesn’t feel so silicony. I also agree that the iope cushion blusher is shit.


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