About Me

Hello you, yes… you! Thank you so much for stopping by my little humble blog filled with beauty reviews ranging from skincare in the Asian market, and makeup trials. This is a little journal of what I use, what you guys request for me and everything else in between. It’s so nice to meet your acquaintance and I hope you come along with me throughout this entire experience.


A little bit of information for you:

  • I have combination sensitive skin. My T-Zone sits on the oily side, whereas my U-Zone is normal, leaning towards dry. My nose, neck and chin are mildly sensitive, and usually are more prone to irritations throughout Winter.
  • My skin is fairly acne prone as well; though I have seemed to have controlled my acne very well these past few years, I still have the odd breakouts around my cheeks, particularly when my skin is irritated, when I stay out in the sun for too long, when I’m stressed, or just being straight up lazy.
  • My skin tone is on the darker side, sitting at roughly a MAC 25-30 with neutral to slightly pink in undertone during Winter and MAC 30 with neutral undertone during Summer. In Korean branded base makeup, I usually sit at roughly #23 Natural Beige for products.
  • My hair is colour-treated, fairly damaged from Japanese style straightening perms and naturally dry.
  • I’m short sighted and can’t see very clearly without my glasses. I dislike wearing glasses most of the time though, so I tend to wear contacts; preferably an ashy colour or grey.
  • I also eat a lot of junk foods and fuel myself with coffee every morning; skimping out on water up until the evening.

Want to know more about me? My social links are down below for you β™‘

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You can also email me as well (BUSINESS ONLY)



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