Playing with Dubious Eyeshadows – Introducing Myself to Possible Eye Infections

Being involved in the beauty world, it comes to no surprise that all my friends, family and virtually everybody I encounter, know that I revolve around a lifestyle that most people probably have no time for; that is, everything beauty related. With that, also means I get the few odd gifts from friends; things like fake lashes, lipsticks in shades I would never imagine myself wearing, and of course, extremely budget friendly eye shadows.

Oh my lord, the amount of eye shadows I have received in my life in uncountable, though, none I have received thus far have been anything CLOSE to drugstore. I’m talking about the products you’d find at the dollar store. Things that no beauty would ever THINK to even try. I am however, an experimenter and a person who likes to at least, try and utilize whatever is given to me.

I  managed to keep two shadow palettes, so today, I really want to see what a $2 AUD eye shadow can REALLY do.

When I say these are less than drugstore quality, I literally mean they are less than drugstore friendly. These eyeshadows are so cheaply manufactured and made, even drugstores don’t want them. Introducing you guys to the Runway Glamour Eyeshadow Palettes, in the collections Berry Bloom and Blue Magic.

Each palette comes with 6 shades; all are shimmery with small glitters. This means, a general eye look can’t be made with these eyeshadows if you are someone who prefers matte eye looks, or prefer using mattes for eye contouring and definition. I for one, am part of that bandwagon, preferring a semi-matte shimmer at the very least to define the outer corners or shading in the crease.

Before doing anything with the eyeshadows, I took the time to look at what were in my hands, make a quick prayer, re-evaluate my position in life and have the phone ready for when I will admit myself into hospital. I already know how budget eyeshadows, ESPECIALLY ones that aren’t even drugstore friendly, can be weak in pigmentation, chalky looking, crumbly in the pan, full of fall outs and just, ugly in general. Even though I’m hoping that these eyeshadows aren’t to that nature, I am secretly aware that my expectations will become a reality.

Unfortunately (?) my expectations were true. Here’s the arm swatch for reference.

TOP TO BOTTOM using the best of my color descriptions as possible, as these had no names: BLUE MAGIC PALETTE – silver, lavender purple, light aqua blue, dusty turquoise, maroon, navy blue. BERRY BLOOM PALETTE – champagne, muted brick, dusty rose, copper, warm taupe, chocolate.

The blue shadow palette looked pretty in the pan, though they’re all colors I’d never use in my life. Maybe the plum and navy blue, but just those two shades. It also came with a tiny sponge tip applicator which was cute, though I’ll never use it in my life.

The pink palette was just as pretty, and actually had wearable shades, so I was the most excited with this one out of the two. However, I was super upset to see that this palette didn’t even HAVE a shitty sponge tip applicator so that made me real mad. Anthony was mad, then he became sad.

Since I’m dealing with eyeshadows, I decided to try and play around as much as I could while I was putting myself at risk for an eye infection or irritation. For reference, I started off with an already made up base, eyebrows, slight nose contour and highlight. I tried a variety of brushes including Pony Effect, Etude House, Missha and MAC. I ended up sticking with Pony Effect brushes, since they performed the best with these shadows.

Reference: I’m combination sensitive with acne prone skin. I used Sulwhasoo CC cream, Pony Effect Mattifying Blur Powder, Clio Conte de Brow and TCFS Artclass.
Starting off with the Blue palette, I applied several layers of the light aqua. Several layers WERE necessary because lack of pigmentation.
I used the lavender purple shade on the inner corner and the dusty turquoise on the outer corner. Again, I applied 5 layers.
After blending the harsh edges, I topped off using the silver color, which literally did nothing to the eyes. I doubt you can even see anything in this photo, since I couldn’t even see anything in real life.
Lastly, to test out the pigmentation, I used the navy blue color to line the eye in a cat shape. I was surprised color could come out since the lighter tones needed several layers for a glimpse of pigment.
Onto the Berry Bloom palette, I tested muted brick, dusty rose and copper. All the eyeshadows looked way too similar with each other to distinguish the difference between the three. I decided to stick with the dusty rose shade, applying several layers onto the lid.
With the warm taupe, I blocked off the inner and outer corners and blended to remove harsh edges.
Again, I doubt you can see, but I used the lightest shade (in this instance, champaign) on the centre of the lid for variation.
Lastly, I used the chocolate to line the eyes to test the pigmentation. After using below quality shades, I was taken aback by the chocolate shade even coming out with color.

Overall, the eyeshadows were lacking in pigment, and required a minimum of 5 layers for color to even show up. Since these eyeshadows are all shimmery, it makes the color on the lids even worse, as it makes the eyes more and more glittery, puling away from the color payoff it lacks.

The blue palette applied smoothly with fingers, and the pink did as well, bar the champagne tone, being really chalky and powdery in texture from finger swatches and application. Brush application was even worse, making the smooth texture become really powdery and difficult to apply. The amount of fallout though… don’t even get me started. Oh, BTW I also tried the shadows with a wet brush, and that didn’t do anything. In fact, it wiped off all the shadow I had with my lids. UGH.

To choose my favorite colors from these two palettes wasn’t hard. In the blue palette I really liked the wine and the navy shades respectively. Even though the wine wasn’t as pigmented, it still gave me a light wash of color. The navy was the most pigmented in the palette, and could be used as eyeliner, or as a contour shade for a dark smoky look. From the pink palette, I liked the copper and the dark brown shade. Again, the copper gave me color payoff more than I was expecting, and though the dark brown wasn’t pigmented enough for a strong eyeliner, there was at the very least, color coming off the brush I was using.

Would I recommend? Surprisingly, yes. I started off with Missha cosmetics, since Missha was the only K-Beauty retailer here in Perth at the time, other than The Face Shop, which was out of my way to go to. Since I applied makeup inexperienced, I had no clue what the hell I was doing, and ended up wasting products because I thought I was doing everything correctly.

For a beginner, these eyeshadows aren’t going to blow out your budget at all, have colors you can experiment with and being that these shadows aren’t strong in pigment, means you’re not going to leave the house looking horrendous; well, not as bad as I would have starting out with makeup. If you at the very least know your way around makeup products, then you can skip this recommendation because these shadows are shit.

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