[ LET’S PLAY ] Shopping Haul and Ogilvies Cafe

If you guys weren’t aware, I posted earlier on that I wasn’t going to do my usual post about the odd skincare product I’ve been using recently. Nope, instead I went out with one of my readers, who happens to be a friend of mine. As you guys might have noticed, Perth city is thriving with lots of little shops and so many locals taking to the streets to eat out and spend away. Today, I was one of the locals having a good time for myself and this is what I got myself into. By the way, please excuse the bad photo qualities, as I’m having trouble with my phone.


I left the house and met up with my friend at the station in Cannington, where we were confused as to what to do today. We also learnt that I have no idea how to catch public transport, nor have any navigational skills whatsoever. Alas, I received a message and our journey began in the hub of Subiaco. My old coworker Michelle left us at Cosmehut and decided to take a different path from beauty, to open up her little store in Subiaco central. The once thriving restaurant, now a vintage cafe is back up and running, making beautiful foods and coffees with not only great taste, but they are all beautiful pieces of art as well.

The coffee at the store is not only one of the best coffees I’ve ever had in my entire life, but the little designs they make with the milk is to die for. The barista specializes in coffee art, and today, I wanted a kkuma coffee, that is to say, a cup of joe with a little teddy on it. Here’s what I got.


If you’re around Subiaco and want really tasty foods, drinks or have time to kill, then please check out the cafe because you won’t be disappointed. The menu is well priced, the store looks vintage but well decorated, and the boss is definitely friendly. I’m not just saying that because Michelle used to work with us, I’m genuinely saying she is a nice person and definitely a great manager of the store. Her food quality is great, her ability to keep customers happy is also something to note on, and she sells Blk water in her store, so two HUGE thumbs up for that. I ordered myself the signature steak sandwich (my favourite item on the menu) with a side of potato salad and fried noodles.




so tasty


hi L.


Please note, because I know some of you may be asking, I’m not just suggesting this cafe because I know the owner, but because putting my networking aside, I’d happily come here as a customer to purchase food, drink, or just hang out here. The atmosphere is awesome and I truly love being inside this little cafe.


PH: (08) 9382 1736

SATURDAY : 8:30AM – 2:30PM


So, after eating, we decided to go down to the little park nearby and take photos of our water bottles. One thing led to the other, and I somehow ended up getting photos taken of me. HAHA, here’s the results.

***DISCLAIMER: I am ugly



HAT : Topman – $49.95
JACKET : Myer – $69.95
SHIRT : Factorie – $20
PANTS : Myer – $60
SHOES : Hype – $120
BAG : Online from DTEA – $25
WATCH : Pulsar $299


We had to burn off (well, I did since I ate the most) all the calories, and what better excuse to use when there are shops lined side by side literally everywhere you walk? First store was some fancy jewelry place that looked like it was catered for elderly women. Had I known that they only sold pearl items, I wouldn’t have walked inside, but my curiosity got the better of me. Ugh, I hate pearls so much.

After that, we went to another jewelry store, except this time, everything was fake and incredibly cheap. I’m not one for fake rings or ear pieces, but they’d make really cute presents especially with Christmas drawing near.


Second, L’Occitane and I thought they would sell more skincare products, but instead, I was shocked to see how many scented items they have. The smell was overwhelming and I chose to leave without a proper examination of what they had for sale. No purchases yet.

Third stop and we walk into Mecca to see what the huge hype was about. Surprisingly enough, it had La Mer right at the entrance door and I was incredibly amazed. I have not been able to find La Mer anywhere in Perth, and the only way I was able to get my hands on it was to order through the service desk in special stores, or online. What took me into the most shock, was the Soft Cream retail price for only $420 where prices online that I thought seemed normal began at $3000. Bruh, how in the hell do I live when there is THAT MUCH of a price difference? Again, no purchase, but I now know where to get my supply of La Mer once I’m ready to purchase another cream.


I was on a mission to find other beauty stores to expand my knowledge and products, which proved difficult since a lot of beauty stores are tucked away in so many alley ways or just strewn about in the most random areas. As soon as I stepped into the central heart of the city, we made our way into Cosmehut NB, the sister store of the carousel store I work in. Met by Sherry, L and I walked around trying to find things we don’t have in our store, and I picked up the Moistfull Collagen Trial Set from Etude House, and some rose bathing salts.


Etude House Collagen Moistfull Trial Set – $8

I haven’t used the Moistfull Collagen before, so this was a little experience for me to give a shot as I’ve seen online that people either love it, or hate it. It does come a lot cheaper than other branded collagen products, so I’m keen to see how this works out for me. The bathing salts however, are one of my favorites and I’m excited to use these on my days off. They not only provide you with soft skin and a beautiful aroma, but they’re enriched with collagen and hyaluronic acid, so beauty benefits whilst taking a bath! By the way, can I comment here at how beautiful Sherry looked that day. Unfortunately, I can’t post a photo of her, otherwise she’ll punch me in the face. BUM-BOW!

We then stopped off at the Faceshop after their reopening a few months ago. I honestly wondered why they even shut down in the first place, since their traffic hasn’t changed since the beginning of their opening here in Perth. Probably to gain more traffic as it definitely made people aware when they did shut down temporarily. Nonetheless, the store is open once again, and I picked up a few sheet masks and a face mist.


The Faceshop Argan Oil In Water Radiating Moisture Mist – $35


The Faceshop sheet masks – $4.90 each (per piece)

I completely forgot how damn expensive the Faceshop is, picking up 7 sheet masks and a face mist cost me an arm and a leg. If the prices were sky high (well, I really should say, if I actually paid attention) then I’d not have made a single purchase at all. These sheet masks better be the best damn sheet masks I’ve used in my entire life, or I will be heavily disappointed with myself. On top of that, I got shit all testers that aren’t even worth mentioning about, since they’re all products I KNOW are useless, especially for my skin.

PH: (08) 9300 9360

SATURDAY : 9:30AM – 5:30PM

Now, everyone is familiar with Lush, besides me. I haven’t heard of Lush unit AFTER the huge trend of bath bombs went viral on twitter. Finally having the day off to explore, I went to see for myself as to why Lush has become so popular amongst all of Perth. There were literally soaps EVERYWHERE from the moment I walked inside the store, and the place was packed full of people of all ages. It was a spectacular to see and I’m glad I made the effort to go inside and purchase something.


Lush Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb – $6.50


Lush So White Bath Bomb – $6.50

For the time being, I purchased two bath bombs that I am eager to try, as they smell divine. The shop assistants at Lush aren’t the best, and to be very honest with you, I wasn’t planning to go until my coworker told me to check one of the Lush staff members out. Unfortunately, the person wasn’t working there today so eh, but buying two bombs might make me a regular if these are as good as people claim them to be. I got one called So White, a bomb with an apple scent and Tisty Tosty with a floral scent infused with rose buds. Going back to the assistants, I found them to be way too pushy and very in your face with they sees technique. For me, being a more reserved and conservative person (quite a shock, right?) I found their tactics to be a bit overwhelming, and none in the least exciting from a customer’s point of view. Eh, other people like it so if that’s their style, then two thumbs up for them. For me, the blank face emoji and a hand emoji, ie: 😒✋

PH: (08) 9325 8974


Now this was the most difficult task of all. Finding other Asian beauty stores. We ended up only finding one that day, and boy am I glad I did. The store is called Fabulous Beauty and inside, they sell almost similar products to what we sell in ours. The store may be small and very cramped, but the goodies inside are like, OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!

The store person was incredibly pushy and telling me about all these products that I already knew about, but at least she’s enthusiastic about her job. Damn girl, I just wanted a price, not an explanation of what the product is. I will say though, her knowledge is amazing and she truly knows her stuff. My real mission was to compare prices between Fabulous and our store, and instead, I walked out with products I necessarily don’t need, but wanted for a while. Oops. The investigation did however, go to planned and I found out that our prices in our store and fairly similar to the prices in Fabulous beauty. If I had to choose where to shop, then I’d choose for convenience and that would be Cosmehut. Nonetheless, if you’re in North Bridge, then take a look for yourself. The Wechat service they provide is appalling though. They update their stock advertisings regularly, but don’t expect them to even reply to you through the messages.


Amatoro Bathing Salts – $5 each (per piece)
Alkali Hot Water Bear Bus (?) Bath Salts – $5 each (per piece)

The History of Whoo Whitening Sun BB SPF45 – $7520151210_195252_lls_mr1449884904297.jpg20151210_195456_richtonehdr_mr1449884925773.jpg

The History of Whoo Glow Lip Balm Special Set – $4520151210_195136_lls_mr1449884865778.jpg


The History of Whoo Luxury Golden Cushion SPF50+ / PA+++ – $115


EVERYDAY : 11:30AM – 6:30PM

I’m excited to try all the goodies I picked up from each respective store; in fact, I’m throwing in a bath bomb now and seeing what the hype is about. Give it a like if you found this post interesting and don’t forget to leave comments down below if you’ve ever been t these places before. Do you know any other places I can get beauty products from? Let me know too, because I’m always on the prowl for more products and more locations around Perth. You can find me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram if you wanted to talk to me online, or look at my beautiful face, and if you have Wechat, then scan the QR code below.


Anthony signing out.


Q&A with Anthonay [ 28 ]

As this segment goes, I come back every weekend to compile a list of questions to answer that you guys all have sent in to me. Welcome to the weekly corner of my blog that you guys all love to read, the Q&A with Anthonay. You guys messaged me A LOT through the DM’s on twitter and inbox feature on Facebook, and it’s nice and all, but sometimes I’d love a comment once in a while too. Nonetheless, you guys sent me a few questions that I wanted to answer so here we go.

Do you spend more money on skincare or makeup?

Two people in store asked me this recently, but I’m answering it here since through my personal messages, this question came up. I love spending money on the latest makeup trend or the need sensation taking everyone by storm. I love trying out the new lip pies that hit the counter, or a revolutionary eyeliner that has become so hot it’s selling out fast. At the end of the day though, your makeup is only makeup and it can only perform optimally on a well looked after face. I don’t see the point in investing in a $400 makeup product, only to waste it if your face remains unclean and your skin issues aren’t well treated. I therefore spend more money on the skincare side, since good skin is what makes your makeup look beautiful. Taking good care of your skin is what sheds time off in the morning when you’re applying that BB cream or concealer. You’ll notice, that when you tend to your skin concerns starting from the skincare, you’ll need less time, product and effort in treating it or hiding it with the aid of makeup, which saves you extra minutes looking after, or doing something else. It’ll cut back on how much you need to use on your face which then leads to more natural looks since you’re not applying heavy layers of foundation or concealer to your skin.

To summarize, good skin means less makeup. Less makeup means less money thrown away, so I think personally, it’s vital to invest your money into skincare, so you’re not needing to buy unnecessary makeup products to conceal your flaws.

Can you overdose on beauty supplements?

Of course you can. Just like how you can overeat meats or have too much of one thing in your life, over consuming supplements can cause detriment to your body, and it ain’t pretty. Overdosing on things like vitamin C tablets or ceramide can cause your body to become upset. Vitamin C is well known for the benefits of a brighter and livelier kin tone, and high doses of vitamin is linked to skin whitening as well. However, consuming more than the recommended daily intake of vitamin C can cause your stomach to flip upside down and give you the runs, if not, harmful damage to your digestive system.

Ceramide, a building block for the production of collagen, water retention and healthy skin/hair is often consumed and found in a lot of beauty supplements to keep our bodies healthier and stronger. Overdosing on ceramide though, can actually decrease the strength of your hair, worsen your skin’s appearance and cause opposite reactions within your body.

Your best bet, go see a doctor or enquire with a pharmacist beforehand so you can get enough information from them in order to take your supplements in the correct dosage. Enquire with them the minimum and maximum YOU personally can take so you can adjust your levels according to what you want to improve in.

How did you get your hair grey?

I underwent multiple bleaching sessions. I tried to do it myself and my air ended up looking rainbow with 50 colors in my hair. Since I gave up on self bleaching, I went to a salon where they took my hair from a grade 8 (orange-blonde tone) to a grade 10 (light blonde). From there, I went for another bleaching session to lift my hair up to as close to white as possible. Please keep in mind though, that before I bleached my hair, the color was dark brown, so possibly sitting on the lines of a grade 3 or 4. While my hair was being treated, the damage I caused my hair with the self bleaching became incredibly aggravated, and my hair started to melt away. By the end of the bleaching, I had to chop almost all of my hair off, since I had huge balls of jelly sitting off of my scalp. Whatever was left over, seemed to be the healthier parts of my hair that was able to endure the vigorous bleaching sessions over time.

From there, my hair was a grade 12, basically white with the slightest tinge of yellow. My hairdresser added a purple toner to my hair, to remove all traces of gold and warmth from my hair, and we left it in for half an hour, which gave me the grey hair color. To maintain my hair color, I make sure to treat my hair with purple shampoo every few days to remove any yellow tones peeping through the grey.

Do you have to use serum when you care for your face?

No you don’t. Serums are basically thick creams you apply before your moisturizers (don’t forget to moisturize after because serums are NOT moisturizers, and though they hydrate fairly well depending on what you get, they can’t keep your skin hydrated for long) that are power packed full of special treatment ingredients to target certain specific skin issues. I’d say, unless you’re looking for a particular skin treatment you wanted to tackle, serums aren’t that all important, and you can simply stick with your 3 step skincare regime.

My lips are always dry. What can I use to help keep them hydrated?

I also suffer from excessively dry lips. I don’t go a day without chapped lips, so I can understand your struggles a lot. The only thing that has worked for me throughout my 21 years of living on this planet is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I apply that every night before I go to bed, and I wake up with very soft, well nourished lips. From there I will put another layer of mask onto my lips again in the morning whilst washing and tending to the cleansing routine of my face. Now, once I’ve done with cleansing using my foam cleanser (and any wash off masks I may have used during that period as well), I wash my lips with lukewarm water to remove any trace of the lip mask, and follow with a simple lip balm to keep my lips well hydrated.

To avoid dry lips throughout the day, stick to lip glosses, tinted lip balms or hydrating lipsticks. Anything that is matte will cause your lips to become chapped again, and lip tints are a huge no-no. Whenever you put anything against your lips, be it food, a tissue, whatever it is, apply a layer of lip balm to your lips to keep them from becoming dry. Until I find a better solution, this is what I’ve been doing (and it’s a pain in the ass).

What is your most favourite thing to wear during the morning, afternoon, night and during your sleep?

I hate clothes so much; sometimes I wish it was possible to just walk around naked. I love taking my clothes off at the end of the day and sleeping completely nude, doing things nude and just being nude altogether. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not a nudist or anything, I just hate the feeling of heavy clothes sitting on your body, especially during a hot Summer’s day/night.

In the morning, unless it’s freezing, I will slip into a singlet and some shorts. If I have to go out, I will most probably wear jeans and a shirt of some kind. Most chances, I’ll also bring a jacket of some sort with me to cover up my skin to prevent damage or burning. During the night, I’m usually at home, so I will strip down to the bare minimum and wear a singlet and some light shorts just to cover up. Whenever I sleep though, I try my absolute hardest to keep at least my underwear on, but somehow I wake up every morning and I’m completely naked. I must subconsciously take my clothing off while I sleep. I don’t even know.

Do you use whatsapp?

No I don’t. I used to before my phone number mysteriously went around and everyone started adding me, and talking to me. Look, I don’t mind sharing with you guys my wechat, Facebook or anything like that for that matter, since it doesn’t reveal my personal contact number or anything like that. Whatsapp however, sort of did, and when random people started to add me and message me everyday, it got out of hand, and I deleted the app altogether. Nowadays, I generally keep my number to myself, my family and closest friends. If I don’t recognize the number, I don’t pick up. Don’t ask me how it got to this topic, but to answer your question once again, no. I do not have whatsapp, and possibly will not get whatsapp again.

That’s it for this week’s installment of Q&A with Anthonay. Remember, you can always message me your questions through to my SNS or leaving comments below here. I check my emails everyday as well, so if you didn’t add me on my SNS (I will ask why! No not really) you can also submit questions through to me via emails as well. Until the next Q&A.

Anthony signing out.


The Liebster Award!


I woke up and checked my phone, noticing a notification pop up on my phone screen. I thought to myself, “Hmm, two notifications; possibly replies to comments I made on other blogs, since nobody on WordPress really checks me out.” NOPE! Turns out one of my recent followers have tagged me and nominated me for the Liebster award, which I’m so ecstatic about. Thank you to the author of Hapa Bunny, who you definitely check out if you’re into K-Beauty, or any beauty for that matter. Her careful reviews and brilliant insight to things are worthy of reading.

Here’s the main segment and what the Liebster Award is about. Basically, it started out in the blogosphere as a way to get to know one another, and gain awareness for newcomers or underrated bloggers starting their big break. There are a few basic rules that you need to satisfy when awarded.

The Rules

  • Thank whoever nominated you by linking back to their blog
  • Include the Liebster Award sticker/button in the post or on your blog
  • Answer all the questions that the previous blogger posted
  • Post 11 random facts about yourself
  • Make 11 questions of your own for your nominees
  • Nominate (relatively new or undiscovered) 11 bloggers deserving of the award!
  • Copy these rules into your post.

Now for my bit; Hapa Bunny has selected 11 questions that I need to answer, so I’ll get into that right away.

The Questions

1) What is your favorite dessert (if you have one)?

I am not a very big sweet tooth, which you’ll find out about if you read my adventure post; coming up on Friday AWST. In saying that though, I like cake, ice-cream, donuts, tarts, anything pastry and smothered in cream. I just like food in general, as long as it’s not overly sweet, sour or salty. I’m just a fat person in disguise, using a thin person’s body as a cloak to conceal my hidden food babies.

2) Do you have any hobbies?

Clearly, blogging is a hobby of mine, and though I’m so lazy typing up and finishing posts (a post I started 4 months ago is only getting published next week), it’s something I enjoy doing on my days off or during my free time. I also love music, so shoot me a good song and I’ll sing (more like screech) the lyrics as best as I can and dance to the beat. I also love to paint, draw and cook. I’m an artsy fartsy person, and it’s really all I’m good at.

3) How did you get your blog name?

I initially started out as tvlips the beauty blog which got no recognition at all, since it was too common. I chose that name as my twitter account at the time was called tvlips to fit the twitter aesthetics going around during that period, and partly because I was too lazy to recreate a new twitter name. After three months into blogging, I decided to give my space a revamp, with a new header, new name and new appearance. I decided to call my little blog The Beauty Aesthetics since many people I know always tell me how my appearance is tumblr worthy (I don’t personally see how) and tumblr seems to be the home for aestheticism.

4) What are your favorite TV shows?

I don’t watch TV, mainly because I don’t have the time to, or I’m just too tired to stay awake and watch a program. Going back to my childhood though, I loved anything that revolved around the supernatural or classic anime, and even today I still like those kinds of shows. My all time favorite thing to watch would be Sailor Moon. I actually found it so inspiring for me, since I’m not very bright, always late, incredibly lazy and a bit of a crybaby, just like Usagi-chan, or Sailor Moon. She would always put everyone else’s lives before her own, and would even risk death, just to see those she cares about live another day. Something like that, with a good moral is something I love to watch, and Sailor Moon is definitely one of those shows that can dictate that. I feel like I can fit that character very well since I sucked at school, is terrible at sports, an incredibly lazy person beyond words can explain and my hair always stands out amongst the crowd. Also, she flies around naked in the last episode and I found that funny omg.

5) What is your favorite color(s)?

I don’t like colors based on the actual color. I’m way more complicated than that, and I choose my favorite colors based on what the color is used for. I am not sure how to explain, so I’ll word it like this. Someone is wearing a dress, but the color itself doesn’t suit the person. I’ll choose my favorite color based on what the person suits. To generalize how I perceive favorite colors, I associate them with something, and if it matches, it becomes my favorite color. I still lost you guys, didn’t I?

6) What is your dream destination?

I don’t really have a dream destination, but I definitely want to travel the world one day, to see everyone and meet them face to face. Even though I’m so awkward and shy, it’s something I want to do, since I’m better at conveying my true feelings in person than online, which I generally have to do most of the time, since most of my friends aren’t here in Perth with me. If anything, my dream detonation would be a place where all my friends and family could gather together and have no worries at all.

7) What is your favorite movie?

Again, I don’t watch movies very often, so I’m basing this on my childhood, and my all time favorite movie in the entire world would have to be So Close, a Cantonese movie I loved watching when I grew up. I love action movies so much, and especially love Asian fighting movies. I find that they really get me fired up and they’re so exhilarating to watch. NEVER watch a stay movie with me, because I hate scary movies first of all, and secondly, I’ll probably rip your arm off, or have a heart attack.

8) What is your favorite thing to do with friends?

I love to go and eat out with friends, I find that eating together comfortably is a great way to bond, and strengthen friendship. If I can’t go out and eat with you comfortably, or even be myself around you, then we can’t be friends. That means I need to be ultra annoying and eat very sloppily and judging by how you react, I can decide whether I will enjoy my time with you or not. Basically, any activity that I can do comfortably with people, I’ll enjoy.

9) What are your talents?

I had to ask my friends what my personal talents were, since I’m not too sure myself. They all said I was good at languages, as I’m able to remember a lot better than other people, and actually, music. Beauty is another talent they mentioned, and also the fact that I’m able to speak about beauty for hours on end, is something in itself. Now, asking my very close friends, they said my most biggest talent of all was being a f@!&ing b*%$# a#^ c*(% mother f&$%*%. I have lovely friends.

10) What is your biggest goal in life?

Achieve world domination. No, not really. I just want to be happy, well off and be able to make everyone proud of me. I’m very simpleminded like that, and little things like happiness is all I truly want (as well as millions of dollars to continue this line of work cause damn beauty products are so pricey at the end of the day).

11) What is your biggest goal for your blog?

My biggest goal is to get this blog noticed by more people, since my initial plan was to try and help those who needed some guidance to achieve their envisioning of perfect skin. I also want to try YouTubing as well, since it looks like fun, and it’s best to talk through a camera rather than typing it out, because that way, it feels a little more intimate. Basically, the more people I can help or interest, the more I am able to push posts out to you all. That is a huge goal and one I don’t see myself succeeding any time soon, but I’ll still try!

11 Random Facts

  1. I’m single (hint! DATE ME! Nah just joking my standards are way too high).
  2. I can (somewhat) stand on point still, even though my toes are barely able to support my weight standing on them now.
  3. I eat more than what people assume I’m able to eat.
  4. I actually don’t have perfect skin as people say I do, and struggle really badly with controlling my acne.
  5. I wanted to be a makeup artist since grade three, after seeing my aunt apply makeup on the night she went clubbing with her friend.
  6. I love to sing where nobody can hear me, or if I’m around comfortable people.
  7. I love coffees and teas and I think I survive off them every single day.
  8. I take three tablets of placenta and 1500mg of collagen a day to keep my skin in this condition. Beauty is a struggle and I’m not even sure how it’ll work for me in the distant future, but whilst I’m struggling, might as well use it to my advantage.
  9. Although I’m very mean and rude, I actually still have a lot of people who will stand by my side. Possibly because of my kind heart, which I don’t like to show very often.
  10. I’m known for being wise beyond my years, although I don’t personally see it.
  11. I get annoyed with wrong spelling, overuse of emojis and people who don’t use correct punctuation or grammar. I’m not too fussed with lowercase letters or uppercase letters for everything, but everything else, yeah.

My Questions for You

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What do you do in your free time?
  3. What’s your “go to” song when you’re in a good or bad mood?
  4. Have you experienced love before?
  5. Have you ever splurged a bit of money on unnecessary stuff before? For example, an expensive hand wash, simply because you like the brand.
  6. What is your approach to things you’re unfamiliar with, or never done before?
  7. What do you seek in a potential spouse? Are you vain and shallow, or are you more intimate with feelings and personality?
  8. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  9. What do you think about (or do) whilst you’re alone in the shower?
  10. How long have you been interested in beauty, and when did you finally get around to talking about it on the internet?
  11. Where do you see your blog in 5 years time?

The Nominees

I don’t know many people in the blogging world, so I can’t tag 11 people. I also don’t know who’s actually done it or not, but I’ll go ahead and tag you guys anyway, and hope to read your responses to this fun tag!

I was also going to tag Misha but she was already tagged by Hapa Bunny, but ah well. I’m excited to see her response too!

Thanks again for nominating me! Hopefully this tag gets me noticed a little more so I can share my stories and experiences with you all. If you liked this post, then don’t forget to click the little star and hit the follow button for a subscription to my future posts. Don’t forget to leave your comments and add me on my SNS sites to communicate with me about anything! I already clocked 2000 words so I need to stop. Until the next post~

Anthony signing out.


Q&A with Anthonay [ 21 ]

Welcome back to the (usually) weekly post called Q&A with Anthonay, where you submit your beauty, off topic, stupid or though provoking questions to me and I answer them honestly and to the best of my abilities. In all honesty, I’ve been writing up other blogs that I completely forgot to do this segment, so apologies for that. Apparently my most popular time of the day is 10PM on Sunday anyway so, as long as it’s up before then~ Let’s get started.

Do you type your blogs on your phone or computer?

Actually, I feel more comfortable typing them up on my phone, and generally stick to using my phone when I create blogs. If anything, I’ll save it as a draft and then edit it on the computer just to keep it clean. Otherwise, I don’t really touch the computer at all when I blog.

What kind of blogger are you and where do you see yourself in the future doing this blog?

I initially started it as a means to educate my friends in skincare and whatnot, which is how I started. From there, I went a little bit crazy and purchased so much products to review them, which I never ended up doing. I suppose I really just wanted to try new cosmetics and new skincare items to let people know how it works on my multi dimensional skin (since I practically suffer from almost every single skin type) to really help not only my friends, but an entire world of helpless people turning to online for tips in keeping their skin fresh too. I think I need to write a full post about it, which I’ll possibly do later on, so keep tuned in.

In the future, I hope that I can become someone who is known, not for fame, but known as someone of inspiration or as a helper. I never intended this blog to be a means to gain stardom, but I did make this blog so that people can read my experiences and understand my knowledge, and hopefully be of any help to anyone who’s lost or needs a little bit of guidance.

I saw on twitter you’re expanding to the food life. Will you transition slowly to become a food blogger rather than a makeup blogger?

Not really, since my passion is skincare and cosmetics. If anything, I just wanted to expand a little bit, since I tend to go out to eat a lot whenever I get the chance to hang out with friends. I’m not ditching my love for updating you guys with my pretty face, reviews and all that jazz, but it’d be nice to share with you places I’ve enjoyed eating at, and if you’re a Perthie like I am, then maybe you too can try out the local foods and let me know how you went too.

What is your favourite skincare brand to this date?

Most of you are probably thinking it’s Missha, but actually, I’ve expanded out from that brand loyalty and I’m starting to enjoy brands I’ve never thought would be compatible with my skin. I’ve jumped ship so many times; first it was Pola, then Olay, Neutrogena, Etude House, Missha again, It’s Skin, Sulwhasoo and now, without a doubt it has to be History of Whoo. You know when you’ve gone through so many brands and you just can’t be settled on just one brand because you like too many things? I am in that position right now, and I actually feel like I’m cheating on all my previous favourites. Sorry~

Do you bleach your skin? Your photos look like your skin is getting lighter and lighter.

Nope, and I possibly won’t bleach my skin at all. Having white skin doesn’t mean anything, and dark skin is just as beautiful. Sure, I may wish I had lighter skin and use products to enhance that lighter skin tone from time to time, but I am still going to be dark regardless, and I’m happy with that. As for the photos, I don’t know how or why, but my camera tends to whitewash my face all the time. If I try to edit my skin darker to match my real skin tone, it looks incredibly blackface, which is not something I want to do. Possibly why people are surprised to see me in real life because I am so much darker in real life than I am in photos.

When was the last time you were embarrassed?

Not too long ago actually. I get embarrassed when someone shouts my name, regardless of the situation. I was in a position where I was too far away for someone to say my name and I would be able to hear. Since I was far away, they shouted my name really loud, which caused people to look at me, and yep. That’s the last time I was embarrassed.

That’s it for this week’s Q&A’s. Submit your questions in via commenting below or through my SNS sites. You know the rest of the ending right? I’m too tired to finish the rest, so I’m going straight to bed now. Catch you guys in the next post.

love anthony ♡

[ TAG ] The TMI Tag – A window into my life


I was on my usual stalk of blogs under the beauty tag, and came across a really fun tag by Simply Sammie Louis, which I wanted to do. She tagged everyone to do it, and because I like to pretend I have friends, I’m choosing to do it as well. Reading some of the questions, I realized how similar they were to some of your questions you submitted in to me through facebook, twitter and email for my daily Q&A. Without further ado, let’s get into these questions and hopefully entertain you at the same time.

1) What are you wearing?

Lmao nothing; I literally took my clothes off and I’m going for a shower after this.

2) Ever been in love?

Way too many times. Unfortunately, because I’m pretty ugly, I won’t be able to hold a relationship.

3) Ever had a terrible breakup?

Yeah, and funnily enough, it was due to my appearance. I wasn’t attractive enough for the person and now look at me. loOK AT ME NOW!

4) How tall are you?

I think I’ve shrunk slightly. I used to be 6’1 and now I swear I’m only just scraping 6’0 now.

5) Any tattoos?

Not at the moment, but I really do want one. The thing is, I’m not sure what I want on my body, or where I want it.

6) Any piercings?

Nope, but thinking of getting an ear pierced with a little black stud, or a star or something cool and aesthetic.

7) OTP?

VKook. Y’al kpop fans will know who I’m talking about.

8) Favourite show?

I love Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. They are my all time favourite shows to watch. For western shows however, I really did like Charmed and the Medium. I like things of the supernatural or anything to do with magic.

9) Favourite bands?

I don’t like bands, but I like groups if they’re counted. You guys know I like kpop; my favourite groups being BTS, 2PM, AOA, MAMAMOO and SPICA.

10) Something you miss?

I miss a lot of things, but at the moment, the thing I miss the most is companionship.

11) How old are you?

Freshly turned 21; I’m so old omg.

12) Zodiac sign?

I’m a leo if you follow the western signs, or a dog for the Chinese zodiac.

13) Quality you look for in a partner?

Not only must they be attractive, but they must have a good personality and be able to deal with my constant mood swings or applaud my spur of the moment vanity.

14) Favourite quote?

Bitch you’re trash.

15) Favourite actor?

I don’t really have one actually, since I don’t watch movies, or TV for that matter. If anything, I like Fan Bing Bing because she’s pretty, but I’m not even sure what she’s like on the big screen.

16) Loud music or soft?

Depending on my mood, or if  want to sing or not; most times than never I listen to loud upbeat music that gets my mood up and running.

17) Where do you go when you’re sad?

Usually to bed and cry whilst stuffing my face with chocolate and complaining how I don’t get fat from all this binge eating, then I go out for a walk and automatically end up at my friend’s house for a good 4 or so hours before returning home.

18) How long does it take you to shower?

Not very long at all; I usually average half an hour to the entire day depending.

19) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

I wake up at 4 in the morning and leave home by 9am, just to make it to work on time.

20) Ever been in a physical fight?

Can’t say I have been in a real fight before, but I have on occasion pushed my little sister over a few times just because it’s funny to see her face plant the ground and then get punched in the face by her. Mind you, she’s only 4 so she doesn’t know anything.

21) Turn on?

Everything basically.

22) Turn off?

Cockiness, and actually overly muscly people, or those who think the gym is most important in their lives. While I’m at it, I really hate people who use emojis or people who can’t type properly or spell. Messy handwriting as well, and people who honesty can not see any of their flaws because their heads are stuck so high up their assholes they can’t see anything around them other than their big fat egos. OMG and I can not stand people who just sit around and complain about everything yet they do nothing for themselves or for others, or people who are fat who complain about their health and wellbeing but go into a McDonalds drive through, orders a soft serve cone and inhales the damn thing in just two bites.

23) Fears?

I have a fear of everything, and nothing. I’m scared of so many things, I wouldn’t be able to list it all because I’d be too scared to see how long the list would be. I’m probably scared of you guys reading this as well.

24) Last thing that made you cry?

When I ran into the wall and cut my face on the corner bit, at 4:30 in the morning and couldn’t do anything because it was too dark and I couldn’t see where I was, or where the light was so I sat down and sobbed for an hour then realized where I was an went into the kitchen to grab an ice cream and question my life and sanity.

25) Last time you said you loved someone?

This morning, to my little sister, when she was being a brat and didn’t want to have her hair tied up in a front pony tail, as in, I braided her hair so her braid would be at the front of her body, starting from under the chin.

26) Last book you read?

I don’t read books, I read blogs. The last blog I read was this TMI tag done by Sammie Louis.

27) The book you’re currently reading?


28) Last show you watched?

I was on Youtube watching the Weekly Idol show with Girl’s Day; that counts right?

29) Last person you talked to?

Again, little sister. This time I was being nice to her and telling her she couldn’t go outside and she was crying and being annoying so I pulled my tongue at her and walked away.

30) The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

Her name is Sarah and she’s the biggest bitch out; hate that chick. Nah she’s actually cool we talk almost everyday.

31) Favourite food?

I like food in general; there are some ingredients I dislike, but overall I will at least try and eat everything. Basically, I’m a fat person trapped inside this petite, beautiful body that makes all my friends really jealous.

32) Favourite drink?

I love bubble tea like no tomorrow. gain, I drink basically any bubble tea and there are only a select few I dislike, otherwise give it to me and I’ll polish it within 3 minutes.

33) Last time you were insulted?

5 minutes ago by my dad; he said I was a clown and had funny hair.

34) Last time you kissed someone?

I think it was before I started to feel like I had a col, so must have been 4 days ago.

35) Place you want to visit?

EVERYWHERE! Mainly around America. I want to visit LA, Memphis, Chicago, Oregon and Nashville most of all. There are important people living there who I really want to go and see. Otherwise, definitely Turkey and all over Asia. Probably not Bali, since I’ve heard it’s so humid there all year round and I can’t stand heat whatsoever.

36) Favourite flavor of sweets?

I like anything grape or watermelon flavored. I can do orange, but it’s not the greatest. Mint flavor is meh but I really love mints. That doesn’t make sense does it…

37) What instruments do you play?

I used to be able to play so many instruments as if I was musically talented, then I gave up and chose not to be good at anything anymore. I can barely play recorder as it is, and that’s one of the mont easiest instruments you can learn.

38) Favourite piece of jewelry?

I love rings and watches a lot, although most of my jewelry are ones I’ve bought myself. The only thing I hold to this date that I haven’t bought myself is the 21 charm my friend got me for my birthday, which I’m probably going to treasure for the rest of my life.

39) Last sports you played?

Pshh sports.

40) Last song you sang?

I don’t sing, I screech. I cackled to So Crazy by T-ARA does that count as singing even though it probably drove some of my clients away?

41) Favourite chat up line?

I’m pretty dense. It literally takes someone to ask if I wanna do the nasty for me to realize they were even flirting in the first place. Yet, apparently I’m the biggest flirt of all. WHAT EVEN IS FLIRTING?

42) Who should answer these questions next?

I have a few people in mind who I would want to answer these questions, but other than those who I am about to tag, I hope all of you guys who are reading this will do it too!

For the special people, I nominate a few of my favourite bloggers:

  • Mish Misha
  • Dorkchops (except I have a feeling she’s already done one)
  • Omie Hester
  • Deborah
  • and I really wanted to tag a guy, but I have no guy followers so uhm… yeah please follow me male bloggers and let’s be friends so I can make you do these tags with me. Inserts the crying emoji three times.

Don’t forget to tag me in your posts so I can read your answers too (and hopefully you all do it otherwise I’ll be super duper sad and actually cry for real, meaning I’ll need to change the answer for question 24 and tag you in it.)

Enjoyed this post? Give me a like and hit that subscribe button for reviews on cosmetics or other silly posts I come up with. Any other tags that you think I should do? Don’t forget to let me know about them through the comments below, or through my SNS sites. Until the next post~

love anthony ♡

btw I’m sitting at the computer looking at the title image and found out if I moved my head away from the screen, the colors became more vibrant, and if I moved my head closer to the screen, the flours became opaque and almost disappeared. Yes, I’m a loser like that and simple things keep me occupied. Peace out ✌


Okey, so some of you know me as technologically in-advanced. So, I don’t have a clue if I joined Bloglovin or not, but apparently I’m supposed to paste this into my blog so here you guys are, if you wanted to Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

BTW, can someone let me know how to use Bloglovin cause I’m pretty lost now. Thank you.

MOTD: Healthy Skin Look

Hi guys, so as you may know from my previous post earlier on in the morning, it’s my birthday. I’m still going to work, so I decided today’s makeup for work will be quick and easy, to show off my skin in order to boost sales for the skincare products we sell at Cosmehut. This is what I look like today.


What I used:

– Banila Co Prime Primer to smooth out my skin and pores
– Missha M Perfect BB Cream in 27 mixed with POLA D Milk as base
– Clio Kill Cover Foundation in 4 as highlighter along my cheekbones, chin and t-zone
– Too Cool For School Artclass as shade to contour my cheekbones, temples and nose
– 3CE Magic Touch Face Maker as additional highlight for under eye lids and brow bone
– Clio Conte Brow in Sand and Pomade to fill add set my eyebrows
– Étude House Dear My Wish Lipstick in BE202
– Rimmel Japan Magical Stay Lipcoat to set lipstick
– Missha Covermaster Loose Powder in 23 to set face and eyelids

Additional tip: to get the dewy skin I achieved in my photos, I applied a facial mist before applying base, on a sponge tI dampen whilst applying base, and after makeup to set into place. Not only that, but I mixed in some moisturizer with my base makeup to not only make it more hydrating, but to also add a luminous touch to my appearance.

love anthony ♡