Product Empties [ SKINCARE ]

I usually don’t do empties posts, and I probably won’t for quite a while; but while I have a lot of empty products, I thought why not let the public know exactly what I have been using and my thoughts on these all. Welcome back to the Beauty Aesthetics, and for the first post of 2017, let’s rummage through my trash! (Quite literally, because I pulled everything out from the trash, so don’t expect clean bottles. The photos I took are pretty “trash” themselves.)

As a reference, in case some of you guys don’t know, during Summer I have oily sensitive skin, prone to acne, and enlarged pores. During Winter, I have combination sensitive skin, prone to acne. My pores seem to be manageable during Winter than it is during the Summer time. I have extremely damaged, color treated hair, with a slightly sensitive scalp all year round, and I have extremely sensitive skin around my armpits, on parts of my arms, thighs and delicate skin on my ankles.

I had to split this post up, because otherwise it’ll be WAY too long. This one in particular will only include skincare items used on my face. Click the links below to read the other Empties posts

Hair (up soon)
Miscellaneous (up soon)

IT’S SKIN Prestige Tonique D’Escargot (I & II)


These toners are part of your hydrating toning section of your skincare routine, where rather than cleaning your skin, you’re delivering essential nutrients to your skin instead. These are designed using the snail technology that helps to repair your skin, provide you with anti aging properties and give overall balanced treatment to target a vast range of skin concerns.

I found that a little goes a very long way using these two toners in particular. The tonique I (light formula) was my favorite between the two as it was runnier than the II and absorbed into the skin quicker as well. Though II was great, the thicker formula meant I had to spend more time patting it into my face. I would probably only repurchase the tonique I again, because I did like using it while I had it and noticed dramatic results to my pores during Summer, and skin balance during the Winter time.

IT’S SKIN Prestige Lotion D’Escargot (I & II)


Just like the toners, the lotions utilize snail technology to repair the skin and treat the skin for a variety of skin concerns.

I actually found that the lotion II (heavier version) kept my skin more moist throughout Winter, and provided adequate hydration during the Summer. Though the lotion I was great as it was, I preferred the heavier feeling on my face. As far as results go, even though lotion I wasn’t as moist as lotion II, I’d still be happy overall using it, as it virtually did the same to my skin. I’d repurchase either of the two, depending on what is in stock.

ETUDE HOUSE AC Clinic Daily Toner


This is the old formulation for the AC range that Etude House has to offer, and you can no longer find this from what I know of. The skincare range utilizes salicylic acid as the main ingredient to combat acne, and skin troubles, whilst controlling sebum in the skin for those who may suffer from oilier skin types. This product alone, also boosts the turnover cycle (TOC) in which, your skin improves dramatically overnight.

I really enjoyed this toner so much, I repurchased 10 of this while this version was still running. Since I have acne prone skin, I rely on this toner so much to control any breakouts that happen randomly throughout my everyday life. Since it’s incredibly cheap as well, I’m more than happy to continually buying this without worrying about cost, or wondering whether it’ll be needed or not. I’ve already made a repurchase from the new AC line that Etude House has to offer, and still enjoying it all the same.

ETUDE HOUSE AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion


Just like the toner, the gel lotion uses salicylic acid, which is friendly for skin and kills off acne causing bacteria, whilst treating and healing the skin. With the gel formula, it provides light feeling on the skin whilst adding a huge level of hydration for optimal skin moisturization.

I liked this lotion too, being that it helped with my acne whenever any spots would pop up out of the blue. The lotion was extremely hydrating, and gave my skin a beautiful sheen which I enjoyed. I haven’t repurchased from the line yet, as I’m still trying to go through a lot of lotion, but once I’ve run out, I definitely will!

MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive


Using fermented yeast extracts, this essence will protect and repair your skin from the early signs of aging, boost your skin’s optimal health and improve TOC with each use. This is a duplicate for the SKII Treatment Essence, at almost half the price.

Whenever I stop using this essence, I can see how much my skin loves it again, whenever I start back up. I have been way too lazy to go down to the Missha store to buy some more, and I really need to ASAP. I definitely hands down, would repurchase this since, this essence alone has improved my skin from absolutely shit-house to something manageable.

DO ME CARE Deep Cleansing Mask


Using ingredients from volcanic ash to cucumber, this mask helps to purify the skin and free the pores from waste materials that may cause blackheads or acne, whilst soothing the skin and providing adequate hydration.

I hated this mask so much. It’s a cult favorite in Taiwan, and I know that heaps of people really like this mask. I used it and did not see a single difference whatsoever. Whenever I washed my face, my skin never felt any different, my pores stayed the same and there was basically no change in the slightest. If I had anything good to say, I would literally have it in gold flashing writing just so that there was a positive about this mask. Definitely a waste of money, time and effort using this useless product and no way in hell would I repurchase.

CURE Natural Aqua Gel


This water based peeling gel is a chemical exfoliant that gently peels away the dead skin on your face or body without any irritations. It is a huge seller in Japan, where one bottle is said to sell every 12 seconds.

Though I don’t really enjoy exfoliating, this product definitely worked wonders on my skin, and I never saw any irritation using this at all. This was handy to have in the bathroom, and a great way to keep your skin clean and smooth all year round. I’ still tossing between making another purchase, or leaving it behind. I personally do find this product amazing beyond words can explain, but I’m a bit too lazy to exfoliate like, all the time. Keep in mind though, I used one pump each time, and overall, this bottle lasted me for about 6 months.

FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil


A gentle cleansing oil that fully strips your skin of waste material left inside pores, and makeup worn throughout the day.

I don’t see anything special with this cleansing oil, nor do I find any cleansing oil that much different from each other anyway. I only purchased this oil, because POLA increased their Australian prices (again) and I wanted to find something a little bit cheaper this time around. I don’t think I’d repurchase unless I really have no other option for cleansing oils. Just a side note, that FANCL always sells this with another product, be it a cleanser or some sort, or another small “travel” sized cleansing oil. Either the oil is too expensive for what it’s worth, or it is way too unpopular as a standalone product.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil


Using the power of olive oil, this replenishes your skin deep down with hydration, whilst removing your makeup effortlessly off your face for clean and supple looking skin.

I bought this because After School’s Im Jinah (Nana) promoted this on the Korean beauty talk show, Get It Beauty. Just like any other cleansing oil, this is no different from any other oil I’ve used, besides the fact, my skin felt softer after cleansing and a little less dry. Other than that, nothing much. The olive oil smell was evident each time I used the oil, so if that’s something you were wondering about, take note. I would repurchase this again, since it was surprisingly cheap and lasted quite a while.

MANDOM Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (Acne Care)


Now you guys know how much I love this product, so is there any need for me to say anything at all? This micellar water keeps your skin hydrated, soothed, protected, improved TOC, purifies AND cleanses all in one swipe. This can remove the majority of your makeup, works as a toner, works as a standalone product for the ultimate lazy day (or lazy person) and is incredibly cheap. Need I say more?

Of course, I have repurchased this, and I’m slowly exploring through the different kinds that Mandom corp has to offer. So far, the acne formula is my favorite, followed by the brightening formula. The moist formula is ok, since the other kinds do already offer adequate hydration already.

DOCTORCOS Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced


This mask works as a multipurpose product and is an essential for those who have lazy days in their skincare regime, or for the ultimate lazy person who lacks time or effort to treat their skin.

I raved about this last year, and I still love this gel cream/mask even today. I’m waiting for new stock to arrive so I can once again use this whenever need be for it really does do magic for my skin, especially Summer time where my skin craves for less products but more hydration. It’s cheap, and for those who are money conscious, this will replace so much steps in your skincare routine without hurting the bank, or time.

ACWELL No 4 Aqua Clinity Cream


This cream, ideal for sensitive skin types provides an abundance of hydration whilst soothing the skin.

I bought this, asking the store clerk to give me something that will suit my skin very well. She told me that this is a gel formula so it’ll be nice on the skin, but keep my skin free from irritation and it’s light enough to wear under makeup. She was SO WRONG about it being light. Though the cream did keep my skin soothed and hydrated, it created a barrier which trapped everything into the skin. This is BAD for those who are looking to wear makeup, because this literally is WAY TOO THICK and will only make your makeup sit on the surface of the skin, rather than soak in effectively. This is terrible as makeup on the skin’s surface means it moves around all day, and easily transfers or prone to breaking apart. That said, this is one of my favorite creams of all time and I would repurchase, since this is just as effective as a sleeping pack.

IT’S SKIN Power 10 PO Effector


This is a power packed serum with PO standing for pore functional cosmetic. This, as the name implies, smoothes over the skin, to refine pores, and provides a barrier to protect your pores from damage against the UV rays and excessive clogging from sebum production.

I actually didn’t see much of a difference using this, other than my skin becoming so smooth each time I used it. I mean, it felt nice for he first hour, before my skin turned back into shit again. I think that’s it’s worth the money, since this is dirt cheap and just as effective as the price range is against your wallet. Not a repurchase, and not worth the time.

MISSHA Brown Sugar Facial Scrub


This works similar to the Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub, where you gently massage your skin with the sugar particles until the sugar dissolves into a thick honey like substance, leave on your skin for 10 minutes before washing it off completely for more dewy, and hydrated skin.

I really like this, and it definitely made my skin more smooth, more hydrated and super bright each and every time I used it. I wish the Missha store was closer to home, because like the essence, I have been way too lazy to repurchase, though I really want to. I’ve already gone through 3 bottles, and (hopefully) a 4th will come soon.

MANDOM Bifesta Moist Cleansing Sheets


I also like these wipes so much, and if you read my posts about this range from Mandom (you read my posts, right?) then I need not say any more. These are virtually identical to the cleansing lotions, except their sheets are already saturated and air tight packed away for your own disposal.

Again, practically useful for so many things and perfect for those who are just WAY TOO BUSY or too damn LAZY. I have repurchased 10 so far (of each) and I personally don’t care whether I use the bright formula, or the moist formula, since they are equally just as good as each other.

MISSHA Super Aqua Perfect Cleansing Tissues


These tissues are essential for removing makeup on the go, after a long day, or for lazy people. These will keep your skin moist after each use.

I found that these were basic makeup removal wipes that did keep my skin very moist each time I used it, but they dried out very quickly as well, if you don’t use them very frequently. Since I prefer not to use makeup wipes that aren’t skincare based (like the Mandom ones) I don’t use them fast enough for them to remain moist. That said, they are still quite good, but expensive compared to other brands of wipes you can easily access at your local drug store or general shopping outlet. I don’t think I’ll repurchase since the Mandom is a better alternate and for a similar price.

MISSHA All Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun


This is a physical sunblock that provides an instant shield for the skin to bounce away harmful UV rays to protect against skin cancer and early signs of aging. It offers a strong white cast that helps with skin whitening and prevents your skin from becoming dark out in the sun.

I really like this sunblock as it not only offers your skin an SPF rating of 50, but PA protection of 3 pluses, which is incredibly high, and a general standard for Korean sun block. This might not be for you, as this DOES contain titanium dioxide, whic igves you that greyish-white cast to the skin, and being a physical bloc, it is incredibly hard to blend. This however, works pretty decently with my sensitive skin, and allows me to leave the house immediately after application being it creates a shield for my skin. I would definitely repurchase this again, though, like the other Missha products, I’m just way too lazy. That said, I’ve already repurchased this 3 times so far, and never have regretted.

KANEBO Allie UV Mineral Moist NEO


This chemical hybrid sunblock applies thinly to the skin with its built-in water like technology that allows for quick absorption, easy glide application and hydrating capabilities. It not only bounces UV rays off the skin, but any UV rays that end up being absorbed, convert to heat energy to combat the damage that UV rays can offer.

This sunblock is more towards the chemical side of sunblock, where it leaves your skin close to no white cast, and soaks into the skin extremely well. This however, isn’t the most kindest to sensitive skin, though I had no issues using it. Allie offers an SPF rating of 50 with a PA level of 4 pluses, which is the highest in sunblock from what I’ve seen thus far. I would without a doubt, repurchase this sunblock, whenever it’s on sale, as the bottle alone costs around $55 AUD and isn’t cheap at all. If in desperate need, I have alternatives that I like just as much. I have repurchased this sunblock on sale 3 times so far, and original pricing 4 times.

KOSE Fasio UV Gel


This is a chemical sunblock that utilizes water like technology just like the Kanebo Allie sunblock. Since it has no physical block traits, this absorbs UV rays rather than bouncing it off, to convert the energy into heat in order to protect the skin.

Just like Allie, this offers SPF 50 with a 4 plus PA rating. I love this sunblock because it’s similar to the Allie sunblock, without the white cast, and easy blending abilities. Perfect for under the makeup, but is not friendly to sensitive skin, though I had no issues with using it. You need to wait AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to sun exposure for the sunblock to take into effect and this sunblock doesn’t prevent kin darkening. I would repurchase this as an alternate to the Allie sunblock whenever it isn’t on sale. Otherwise, I wouldn’t repurchase this at all, even though I liked it so much.

INNISFREE Eco Safety Daily Sunblock


This is a chemical hybrid sunblock that is identical to the Kanebo Allie sunblock, but offers less sun protection.

This sunblock only offers an SPF of 35 and a PA rating of 2 pluses, which is weaker than the Allie one, and gives white cast, whilst being water like in texture. I think this is happy medium between the Missha and the Kanebo sunblock and if you’re looking for something that works like both, get this sunblock. I really liked this sunblock, but like the KOSE Fasio, I won’t repurchase if Allie is on sale. Otherwise, I’d choose this one happily. If anything, this is great to just keep in the bathroom for special days. FYI the Innisfree sunblock, compared to the Allie sunblock, is less irritating since the protection is weaker, and isn’t as much of a chemical block as the Allie one is.



This comes from their Gongjinhyang basic range of Whoo’s extensive line of skincare, which focuses on anti aging and pore care, or for those who suffer from skin imbalance and acne. Utilizing the properties of ginseng and wild flowers, this herbal toner protects the skin from harmful damage against environmental factors, whilst improving the skin for a vast variety of skin troubles. This toner comes under the hydrating toner of your skincare routine.

This toner, as expensive as it may be, is one of my life savers. It really keeps my pores in check, keeps my skin really moist, works well with the TOC, has kept my acne in bay for so long and really plumps my skin. If it weren’t so expensive, then I’d repurchase without a doubt. Unfortunately, we aren’t all made of money, and I’m not prepared to throw away $100 AUD on a toner that wil give me the same results as another product. Not going to lie though, this is my 5th bottle and counting so…



This is Whoo’s best-selling product, for its strong anti aging claims, and general skin boosting properties. This product works coinciding with any OTHER WHOO product or range you may be using, or as a standalone product that literally improves your skin from the bottom up.

This is so fucking expensive, sitting at $250 AUD per bottle, and literally is liquid gold. If it didn’t do anything for my skin, I would look away in a heart beat, but it’s just my luck for this to be a staple in my skin care now, and I have no choice but to repurchase each and every single time I run out. I need to sue LG and History of Whoo for making such an amazing product. So far, I’m on my third bottle (and trying to save as much as I can)

THE HISTORY OF WHOO Seol Moisturizing and Whitening Cream


This comes from the WHOO whitening skincare line that targets uneven skin tone with dry skin, to help recreate balance and protect the skin from further darkening.

This worked really well with acne spots, hyper pigmentation and tanning, but it’s expensive as well, sitting at about $120 AUD per bottle. I’m not prepared to waste money on this shit, even though it worked really well. If anything, the cream isn’t the most hydrating, and there are better alternatives that could probably do as well as this cream, if not, better. Until I can find a better (and cheaper) alternative, this will have to be on my repurchase list.

What are your empties for 2016/2017? Have you used any of these products before, or have any products for me to try out this year? Let me know in one of my SNS below, or leave me a comment on this blog post! Also, please let me know if you want any full reviews of any of these products (if one isn’t up already, or you want an updated review)

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