[ REVIEW ] MANDOM Bifesta Cleansing Sheet Moist

I usually despise cleansing tissues and always tell you guys never to use them as they usually don’t contain much skincare properties. They also tend to be too abrasive and also shift the pH levels in your skin so much that you have to focus your following products to rebalance the skin. I finally came across a cleansing wipe from Japan that I wanted to talk about here that might even sway me to disregard everything I’ve thus said in the past. Please note that here in Australia, the weather is fairly dry during Winter, as well as lighting being poor. This will be evidential in the photos as I tried to only use natural lighting only, for a more better result, thus some photos are way overexposed than others. Before I start, I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my readers and leaving me with positive messages. Yes I haven’t been pushing out reviews as of late, but it’s nice to hear that you guys are patiently waiting for my return. Without further ado, continue reading to see my views on Mandom Corporation’s Bifesta Cleansing Sheets.



  • 化粧水成分からつくったクレンジングだから、メイク落としから化粧水までコレ1枚!洗い流さなくてもOK。
  • 1枚で顔全体をふき取れる大判シート(150mm×200mm)
  • 肌あたりのやさしいやわらかシート採用
  • 肌へのやさしさを考えた摩擦低減処方
  • 無香料、無着色、オイルフリー
  • 保湿型ビタミンCとAHAの一種の乳酸配合。ベタつかず、すっきりした素肌へ。
  • メラニンを含む古い角質
  • 黒ずみ=毛穴の汚れ
  • 保湿性洗浄成分配合
  • 保湿型ビタミンC配合 (ビスグリセリルアスコルビン酸)
  • 乳酸(角質柔軟成分)配合


  • うるおいを守る吸着性アミノ酸配合。乾燥から守り、みずみずしくしっとりした素肌へ。
  • 保湿性洗浄成分配合
  • 吸着性アミノ酸(保湿)配合 (ジヒドロキシプロピルアルギニンHCl)




















Two types of skin lotion-derived moisturizing/cleansing ingredients quickly “float” and envelop oil-based makeup, as well as dullness-causing dead skin cells, while maintaining moisture. Gently massage with Cleansing Wipes without rubbing: they easily and smoothly remove even the thickest eye makeup and foundation trapped in pores, turning the skin translucent after each wipe.

  • Containing cleansing water with skin lotion-derived ingredients, for everything from makeup removal to skin care! No need for rinsing.
  • Large enough (150 mm x 200 mm or approx. 5.9 in. x 7.8 in.) for full-face coverage
  • Containing about 5.9 ml of cleansing water per sheet
  • Soft and gentle on skin
  • Friction-reduced formula for skin
  • Fragrance free, Colorant Free and Oil Free


  • Containing moisturizing Vitamin C and lactic acid (a type of AHA) for non-sticky and fresh skin
  • Dead skin cells containing melanin; skin appears darkened when pores are clogged with dirt.
  • Containing moisturizing/cleansing ingredients
  • Containing moisturizing Vitamin C (Bis-glyceryl Ascorbate)
  • Containing lactic acid (dead cell softener)
  • Containing adsorptive hyaluronic acid (moisturizer)


  • Containing moisturizing adsorptive amino acid for freshly moisturized skin protected from dryness
  • Containing moisturizing/cleansing ingredients
  • Containing adsorptive amino acid (Dihydroxypropyl Arginine HCI)



Large Bifesta Wipes are generously moistened with the Cleansing Lotion. One sheet is enough to completely remove makeup





Take out one sheet at a time, and use it on dry skin. Start with feature makeup in the eye area and on lips. To remove eye makeup, place a folded sheet on the eye area for a while, and wipe off gently.




Refold the sheet to use a clean part of the sheet, and repeat this until the sheet remains unsoiled.





Makeup removal is complete when the sheet remains unsoiled. Since the moisturizing ingredients stay on skin, it is not necessary to wash the face afterward. You can move on to the next step of your usual skin care routine.


Unlike other branded tissues which are purely for makeup removal only, Mandom has changed the revolution by revolving their tissues around a skincare product that doubles as a makeup cleanser. With the explanation alone, it is safe to assume that their ideology behind their cleansing tissues are their cotton sheets being super saturated in their cleansing lotion to not only remove the makeup, but maintain optimal skin health at the same time. The cleansing lotions alone are ideal for skincare as a multipurpose and a huge staple amongst many Japanese people.

Unlike other branded tissues, the Bifesta Cleansing Sheets come with a plastic top cover to protect the moisture in the tissues and prevent drying out. Now tell me what other brand does this, because I’d like to know. Korean brands (except Leaders from what I know) don’t have the same packaging as Bifesta does, let alone all of the brands you find in Target or Western makeup stores. Each package comes with 46 pieces of tissues, all of them fairly saturated and all of them condensed tightly into the package. The rest of the packaging is different as well, because it seems to be some sort of plastic-like foil hybrid to keep the tissues inside as moist as possible, by reducing the chance of moisture evaporation. I have the moist version at the moment and I have to say I’m not a fan of the colour, since it’s bright pink and I don’t like pink much. The blue packaging from the Bright Up line seems to be more ideal in terms of colour, but my skin tends to dry to these days and I opted for the latter instead. I have also used the Bright Up before and they are just as moist as the moist version, of course, with the added benefits of whitening care to prevent the effects of sun damage to the skin. This, despite it being fragrance free (meaning it contains no perfumes to mask a smell) this product has a strong alcohol smell. I’m not put off by it so keep in mind if you have a sensitive nose, this one has a stink.

In Cosmehut Carousel, which is where I not only work, but get most of this skincare from, we retail the Cleansing Sheets for $16.95 AUD and online, the Sheets are retailing on average, $14. The pricing isn’t too bad actually, and you get 46 VERY LARGE wipes in each package, so I would say it’s pretty decent since you go through less wipes with the size you get. Of course, being an Asian product, it is a hell of a lot more expensive than Western branded makeup wipes, but the quality is far different and I’d rather splurge my $16.95 for something I enjoy using on my face, rather than $2 that’s probably wrecking my skin. Did I mention these wipes are also more pH balanced, meaning they readjust your acid mantle barrier in your skin, to prevent irritations?

INGREDIENTS: Water, Glycerol, Ethanol, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, PEG 400, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Sodium Citrate, Tocopheryl Acetate, EDTA-2NA, Citric Acid, Styrene/PVP Copolymer, Rosemary, Phenoxyethanol, Methyl Parahydroxybenzoate, Methacrylic Acid Glyceryl Amide Acetate/Stearyl Methacrylate Copolymer

Ingredients highlighted in BOLD are level one category for acne so there is probably a minimal chance of this breaking you out. Patch test if possible, because YMMV and different skin reacts to different products. Ingredients highlighted in orange are sitting at category 3 and 4 for safety issues. Now, with Japanese cosmetics and skincare, there are always a whole heap of ingredients with this safety warning that I’m usually never fazed by them anymore. Of course, if you are worried, then please do some research beforehand to see whether this is appropriate for you and whether this is something you’re looking into getting for yourself. Most of the orange ingredients are indeed preservatives and acids which may explain the reason for the categorization (as acids have a huge impact on skin texture/balance.) If it makes it any better for you, I read online somewhere (and don’t ask me for the link because I can’t even remember where I read it off the top of my head) that most of the “dangerous” or safety warning ingredients are used sparingly, and are only allowed a maximum of 1% quantity to pass Japan’s Food and Drug Association checklist.

Now of course, for the nitty gritty, let’s discuss the claims in the product. The Moist Sheets are intended for, obviously, moisturizing care and to prevent your skin from feeling dry. Being a makeup sheet as well, it is meant to clear makeup effectively too, without being too abrasive on the skin. Well, from my experience of using this (and I’ve so far gone through 3 packets) I haven’t experienced a single breakout thus far, my skin has never felt dry from using the sheets and my skin always feels well hydrated after using the sheets unlike other branded wipes I’ve tried. The sheets almost feel as if I am using the actual Cleansing Lotion on my face, but in a portable form, which I do like a lot. As the description, the sheets are VERY large and are fairly soft on the skin, yet durable at the same time. Applying ampoule pressure to the skin when using the sheet, retains the sheet’s strength, and you’re more likely to tear the sheet if you’re extremely rough with the tissue itself, of your skin texture is extremely rough too. By the end of the day, I usually have a 5 o’clock shadow, and using the sheet around my mouth or chin usually tears the tissue because of my facial hairs. However, on the rest of my face, the sheet is fine and removes all traces of makeup effectively.

I notice as well, whenever I use the sheets, I don’t feel especially clean (because I’m so used to feeling clean after throwing water on my face and with a dedicated cleansing routine) but my skin seems to be clean regardless of how I feel. The wipes truly do remove all traces of makeup with ease, and your skin actually does appear and look cleaner afterwards. On extremely lazy days, or nights I have to go to sleep ASAP for work the next morning (like every single Monday night after work) I strongly rely on these cotton sheets a lot to remove my makeup and quickly clean my skin. Using this alone, going over my face twice to remove makeup, and then once more to ensure my skin is fairly clean and hop right into bed, by the next morning, my skin is actually plump and not too damaged or dry.

This is an indication of my unclean skin. My skin had 28.7% water content with a 12.9% oil percentage, which indicates my skin is very imbalanced and lacking a lot of hydration.
Excuse the darkness, the lighting outside suddenly became overcast and it started to hail. After using the sheets on my skin, my water increased by a total of 18% and my oils increased by 8.1%. This indicates that my skin has not only become more hydrated, but more balanced too.

For makeup removal, this can break down all my base makeup extremely well, as well as the majority of lip products (excluding super staining lip tints), eyeshadows, eyebrow makeup and most eyeliners. For water proof eye makeup, I strongly suggest resting the cleansing sheet against your eye and gently massage the eyes using the pads of your fingers to break down the makeup for roughly 15 seconds. Gently wipe in one motion away from the eye and go over eyelashes separately for extra detail cleaning. Scrubbing the makeup with the tissue is faster, yes, but extremely damaging to the surrounding skin and unless you’re not concerned for fine lines and crows feet, I definitely do not recommend you be too vigorous around these sensitive areas.

I applied 4 staining lipsticks, foundation, concealer, waterproof eyeliner, highlighter, contour, eyebrow, mascara and three budge proof eyeshadows, all lightly powdered down with some translucent loose powder.
With one single swipe along my arm, the cleansing sheet was able to pick up a lot of makeup. This image also shows you how big the sheet is. The sheet, though it doesn’t seem so, is able to cover my entire face, and I have a fairly large face surface.
With the single swipe, only the lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow remained, with very little traces of eyeshadow peeping through.
After two more sweep overs, almost all traces of makeup remained, with the lip products staining ever so slightly on my arm. The rest of the makeup was removed completely.

One more thing to add, since this is a product that is revolved around another product, you can actually get the Cleansing Lotion used in these Cleansing Sheets separately. I’ve always used a product (like a sheet mask or something similar) and they never have the same essence/skin sold separately. It’s always a struggle, particularly if I like said essence/skin and can’t get it because it’s exclusive ONLY to the said mask/wipe. This one is different and I truly thank Mandom Corp. for doing something right! That said, you can use the Cleansing Sheets in conjunction with the Cleansing Lotion for the ultimate gentle, water AND oil free cleansing routine.


  • Unlike Western branded wipes, Bifesta Cleansing Sheets are pH balanced; being more ideal for your skin
  • Oil Free, Colourant Free and Fragrance Free
  • The sheets itself are very large sized, and one sheet is probably more than enough for your entire face
  • The sheet material is sturdy and strong, but gentle against the skin’s surface to reduce as much unnecessary friction on the skin
  • The essence in the sheet itself, is from an ACTUAL product developed by Mandom Corp, and not some exclusive essence. This means, if you like the essence itself, you can buy it in liquid form to use as well
  • Very cheap, considering what you are paying for. Definitely worth the money and worth the investment
  • Two different sheet types to address your specific concerns; blue sheets contain vitamin C for a boost in skin radiance, and can help with pigmentation spots or dull skin, pink sheets contain more nourishing ingredients for a boost in hydration
  • This used alone can honestly work as a skincare routine, since it uses the Cleansing Lotion as the main ingredient in this product
  • Didn’t break me out once, and soothes skin fairly well


  • The ingredients list may upset some people
  • YMMV, what works for me might not work for you
  • Didn’t give me a very clean feeling when using the lotion wipe, despite my skin being clean
  • Strong alcohol smell
  • Might be a bit pricey for some people
  • Being a Japanese product, it might not be accessible where you live and your best bet would be to search online for it


PRICE ★★★★☆

★☆☆☆☆ – I want all my time wasted and all my money back for this crap. If I could turn back time and tell my past self not to use this, then I would without a single doubt. If I find this in my collection or if someone gave it to me, I’ll set it on fire and pray to the All Maker to repent for using such a terrible product.

★★☆☆☆ – It’s pretty bad and I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anybody, but it’s nice to give it a go for myself. I’ll only use it if it was given to me for free and I’m severely desperate.

★★★☆☆ – It’s nice but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get another one for myself. Maybe if it was on special then I’d consider buying it, otherwise there are better products that I like a lot more than this.

★★★★☆ – It’s quite good and I would repurchase definitely. It’s not a staple yet, but if I can’t find anything better, then I’ll happily stick to this product.


Now that you know what the stars mean, you can figure out what I mean by my personal ratings.

Without a doubt, I always say that a proper cleansing routine should be your main priority, because you only have one skin, and you should be taking care of it to the best of your abilities. However, we all have our lazy days once in a while, and it’s always nice to have something quick and easy to use whenever we can not conjure up the energy to drag ourselves to our bathrooms. I recommend these cleansing sheets to basically everyone for a few reasons.
One, the sheets are pH balanced, and it’s vital to use a pH balanced product, because your skin is naturally acidic. Using an alkaline product on your face can damage your skin’s barrier, causing bacteria to invade and thus, pimples. That, and your skin gets very dry with a weakened acidity and your skin is more prone to irritations when the acid mantle is disrupted.
Two, this sheet uses Bifesta Cleansing Lotion as an ingredient; a skincare product I’ll be sharing with you all next, so stay tuned. The sheets itself can replace an entire skincare routine, if you’re that tired or lazy.
Three, these sheets are so ginormous that one sheet is enough to clean your entire face, a second sheet for extra backup cleaning, and a third sheet can be used to seal moisture into your skin. With that alone, I notice my skin remains plump the next day, and cell turnover rate improves my skin texture quite dramatically. I can’t get this with any other cleansing sheet, and the fact this one does makes this a HG status product to have at your disposal.

If you don’t already own a Bifesta Cleansing Sheet pack in your skincare staple, then rush out the door and grab one now. If you liked this review, don’t forget to click on the star, share with your friends and family and comment below what you think of this product or review. As I said before, next review is on the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, and why that too should be a skincare staple to own as well.

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  1. This was such a well written, thorough, and informative post! There needs to be more of these out there. Thank you (honestly) for taking the time to really evaluate and review this product! I’m off to go snag myself a package of these 🙂

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