The Art of Oil Mastery – Interview with Ann Lin Chuah and dōTERRA

Many people question what an essential oil really is, and how it can be beneficial to your regular life, so when I was contacted by Ann the “Wellness” advocate for Dōterra one day, I was outside watching my dog try and harass the plum tree at the back of my house. She asked if I was interested in looking at oils at all. Of course, I am intrigued by everything and decided not to pass this opportunity to branch off into a new route in my journey towards beauty.

So with that, an informal interview was set up between Ann and I, to get to the bottom of what an essential oil really is, and how such a product can be introduced into our already hectic living conditions.

Ann Lin Chuah – The Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA Essential Oils. Note this image belongs to Ann and I do not claim copyright of this source whatsoever.

**note: I’ll make Ann’s comments blue, since blue is my theme’s aesthetic and I guess it makes her responses more evidential throughout my rambling.

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From left to right: Geranium, Whisper, Immortelle, Clarycalm, Lavender Peace and Smart & Sassy. RECOMMENDED BY ANN FOR WOMEN

Of course, beginning with the interview, I had to ask her what the hell an essential oil is, and what it can do for you in the long run. How an essential oil is made and what purpose an essential oil has for your body and health.

“Essential oils are liquids that are distilled by steam or water, deriving from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots; basically any part or material of a plant organism.” Of course, me being me, I asked whether you could just pick a lemon off the tree and squeeze the life out of it to extract what little oils will come from it’s bumpy exterior. At that point, she gave me an “Oh really though?” expression and told me to shut TF up. She then continued saying that “since all plant life produces oils, it’s better to use the essential oil after distillation than to ingest or use the plant as it is, since the oils in natural state can be volatile.”

Now of course, I was shocked to hear that something as simple as a leaf, can contain oils that go kaboom. Ok, not really, but who ever thought that something as simple as an essential oil can be more beneficial to us, than the product itself.

Now doing some research on the brand she is currently promoting, dōTERRA, it was great to see that even something as little as essential oils, they are certified through the CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) system to provide quality products. Basically, every single plant material that is produced at dōTERRA have been (but not limited to) subjected to low-heat steam distillation where the steam circulates throughout the plant material in order to draw out the oils. From there, the oils are carried through the steam for cooling processes, which separates the oils from the water moisture content of the steam. That is how their oils are generally collected.

From left to right: Balance, Easy Air, Frankincense, Ice Blue and Ice Blue Rub Athletic Cream. RECOMMENDED BY ANN FOR MEN

Now, I had to ask, as we all probably know that from a beauty’s perspective, oils can be harsh for our skin. With that question on the table, Ann strongly claims that “yes, oils can be a bit strong for sensitive skin types, which is why it is always recommended through trial and error (YMMV – your mileage may vary) practicing, to take 1 or 2 drops first and then see how you react before you increase your dosage later on, since everyone is different. If anything, oils are lipid materials (they are oil soluble and oil based) so using a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil for example as a diluting ingredient, you can reduce the strength of the essential oil to cater to your personal preferences or tolerance with a ratio of 1 part essential oil to 3 parts carrier. Otherwise, water will do.”

With the inclusion of dilution possible, it is then claimed that dōTERRA essential oils can be virtually used for everyone, no matter what their age is, ethnicity, racial background, religion, whatever. “I even use it on my dog!”

But the real question is, how on earth do you actually USE essential oils. I only have knowledge on skincare, so I have that down packed, but what about everyday use? Not everyone uses or applies skincare daily (and I really need to give these people a huge smack across the face for it) so I can’t speak for the whole nation; no, the world. Luckily, Ann is way more informed and skilled with these things, so for you guys, I cut right into her (not literally, acts of violence are bad. Please don’t try at home) so she could spill all of her little tips and tricks in how she includes essential oils in her lifestyle, and how little things you change can have you joining the bandwagon as well.

From left to right: Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint

“As I mentioned before, always start off with 1 or 2 drops if you have sensitive skin or you’re just starting out.” she said. “Since everyone is different, it’s best to start off slowly and then introduce more to the required amount if you can tolerate it. I like to take my essential oil directly into my palms, and breathe it in, since our sense of smell is directly linked to our brains via the limbic system. Did you know that the limbic system and aromatherapy have been claimed to help improve your sense of smell, your emotions and behavior and your neurological thinking?” I might need essential oils then, since I’m always stuck in a rut when I’m trying to think up content to post about. I also am an “over-emotional” person, according to my good friends, and I always seem happy-go-lucky one moment, then ultra moody the next. I have no idea what they mean by this, but who knows. Maybe a quick sniff of “Motivate” which was recommended to me, might change my feelings and thoughts.

The most common and safest route to including essential oils in your life is to diffuse. I’m not talking about taking your ass over to Coles or Woolies and grabbing one of those Air Wick oil whatcha-ma-call-its. What I mean, is grabbing a diffusing machine (steam or water, up to you) and dripping a few drops of your preferred oil into the machine, clicking the on button and taking the time to breathe in the aroma. “It’s great to diffuse early in the morning when you get up in the morning, to awaken your senses and improve your mood, right after your busy schedule is complete to relax yourself, and right before bed to assist with sleeping,” Ann says. “People who meditate often will feel the effects of essential oils best, since they can help people to relax more and feel at peace with themselves and the world around them.”

But not every single person has a diffuser at home; heck, mine cost me $180 for the machine and a few bottles of Japanese oils. I mean, for something I bought a while back and used rarely, it is a bit much. Luckily for me, Ann gave me information to get you guys a 25% discount on Dōterra oils and gadgets, which I’ll share later on. Nonetheless, maybe some people don’t have the extra money to spend on a $100 machine. What then? “Easy,” she says. “Essential oils that are diffused spread the aroma around the living space in which the diffuser is placed, so it will fill the whole room with scents. Without the diffuser, you can just drop the essential oils directly into your palms and breathe in the scent, which is great for those who aren’t always at home, or for people who aren’t able to use their diffusing machine.”

From left to right: Rosemary, Basil, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Cinnamon Bark, Oregano, Cardamom and Lemongrass. RECOMMENDED BY ANN FOR PEOPLE WHO ENJOY COOKING
Just as above, these oils can all be used in cooking to replace ingredients. This is especially useful if, like me, you HATE buying herbs that last a day or two before wilting, or when prices for ingredients are at an all new level of ridiculousness.

I don’t know why, but whenever I think of essential oils, I never think of them as something you breathe or apply to your face. Nope, I immediately think of cooking. You know, like olive oil for cooking; I think of essential oils in that aspect. Telling Ann this, she immediately laughed and told me “it’s okay to think so, since you can actually use essential oils in your cooking.” Thank you Ann for not making me look like an idiot in that circumstance. It could have been detrimental to my image if I continuously make a fool of myself HAHAHA. Ann mentioned before that oils in their natural state (meaning prior to extraction) are in a volatile state, so using the oil as an oil, is better for your health and wellbeing overall.

I was really unsure what she meant by eating the oil directly than to eat the oil in the form of it’s original state. I had to ask. Turns out, that using essential oils in cooking has been practiced for quite a while now, and it’s as simple as replacing ingredients with it’s oil counterpart. Take cinnamon for example. You usually stir cinnamon into your oatmeal if you want a sweeter taste right? (I prefer sugar in my oatmeal.) Well, instead of using cinnamon, stir in a drop or two of cinnamon oil instead as a healthier alternative, which can enter the blood system faster via the gastrointestinal tract. How about basil in your pasta? I hate eating basil leaves, but love the freshness basil offers your pasta dish. You can easily replace basil leaves with it’s oil counterpart for a similar effect, which also saves you spending a billion dollars on basil leaves, that you can only keep in your fridge for a few days before they wilt. Hey, why not? Especially since fresh herbs are ALWAYS expensive and never on sale.

Ann also claims that if you don’t like buying bulk tablets like as shown above, then simply drip the oil into vegetable capsules and ingest as is for a power-packed dose of essential oils

Last, but not the least, you can apply oils topically onto the skin. This is where my expertise comes in hand. Since oils are of lipid nature, they work best on well cleansed skin that is free from water. If you apply your water type skincare first, then oils can absorb really well. Remember that oils dissolve and break down in the presence of other oils, so it’s advised to not mix oils together unless you’re cleansing your skin, or using a specific diluting oil to decrease the concentration. My personal advice, is to use oil under or above your moisturizer, since oils tend to be more thicker in viscosity than your other skincare products. That way, your toners, essences and whatever else you use, can fully absorb and penetrate the skin first, before applying your oil. In doing so, you prevent product just sitting on the skin’s surface leading to clogged pores and acne.

Please also remember, that every single person’s advice when it comes to oils all vary and are usually affected by how they learnt or experienced first hand. I always apply oils using the finger tips if I’m using them on my face, since the palms of your hands carry a lot of sebum. Using my finger pads or a facial contouring machine (I use my Tuneage massaging head all the time), I gently massage my face in upwards and outwards motions starting from the jaw and working my way up to my cheeks, temples and finally, the forehead. Of course, never neglecting the neck since it tends to be the area in which you show aging first, taking the essential oils in upward motions along my neck line and décolletage.

“I recommend Frankincense in your skincare then, since it helps to improve the signs of imperfections, rejuvenates the skin and keeps it moisturized,” Ann claims. TOC (turn over cycle) is necessary in skincare if you want dramatic and long lasting changes to your skin texture and underlying health, but I already target the TOC with my watery skincare items, so of course I had my eyes on another product of theirs, since this ingredient is so widely known and used in modern skincare today. Melaleuca, or more commonly known as, tea tree, is excellent used for antibacterial care, for acne skin types, controlling and maintaining sebum output in the skin, soothing the skin from irritations caused by environmental factors and providing a (small) level of protection against the sun.

I actually received a sample of Melaleuca from Ann to try out, and the oil was very easy to work with. The viscosity was that almost resembling a thick water, and absorbed almost instantly into my skin with minimal massaging or patting required. This is important because even though massage can e beneficial for the skin especially with a lubricant, any friction should be avoided at all costs if you want your skin to remain wrinkle free for as long as possible. This also worked well mixed in with my lotion from the History of Whoo, and over my skincare as a sleeping treatment.

With all of this information though, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially since I focus more on skincare, and Ann focuses a lot of her time on the oils themselves. I asked her how she personally includes oils in her life, since it might give us a bit of insight as to how normal people can work on including such products into their regular living routines.

“Simple tasks can incorporate the use of essential oils for therapeutic care, or for cleansing and purifying. Take your laundry for example. Dropping a few drops of oil into your washing can allow the fragrances to linger with your clothing, giving you regular doses of aromatherapy throughout the day. Even in my household cleaning, I like to add a few drops of oil when I clean to deodorize and kill borne viruses and bacteria.”

What about outside of house life? What about you? “Well, coming from a chinese background, we believe that looking after your feet is of great priority since your toes are all directly linked to the rest of the organs in your body. Taking essential oils and massaging key points in your feet can have amazing benefits to your health in the long run, and with the aid of using essential oils, you can really target specific concerns with the art of just massaging and using the correct oils.”

She continues, saying that “since essential oils are all fragranced, it means (she) doesn’t have to buy deodorant or perfume as applying a drop behind your ears, on your wrists and along your clavicles is enough to keep my mind at peace throughout the day, but also release a calming, yet beautiful scent that can replace alcohol based and harmful eau de toilettes. Going natural has also changed (my) perception on general wellbeing, and I can’t look back at all the toxic chemicals I used to ingest, applied to my body or breathed in.”

Heck, even I was convinced. I know for sure I use a lot of chemicals in my life and the desire to go a bit more natural is slowly creeping up on me. Maybe after my huge streak with reviewing and playing with my cosmetics, I might eventually join this healthy movement too.

From left to right: On Guard, Easy Air, Citrus Bliss, Balance, Lavender Peace, Frankincense, DigestZen and Motivate. RECOMMENDED BY ANN AS A STARTER PACK containing a balance of aromatic scents, emotion boosters, a skincare oil and an oil to maintain that “Summer Body”

Now as promised, I did ask Ann how us fellow beauties and regular homebodies can enjoy the life of dōTERRA in our own houses. “It’s very simple, just click and follow!” she says. “If a technologically unaware person can do it, then so can you.”

I’m pretty sure that comment was targeted at me HAHAHA. Nonetheless, she provided a referral website tag that you can find if you click here and she says if you click “JOIN & SAVE” located at the top of the page, then you can enjoy 25% off the wholesale retail prices. If, in doubt you have no idea which oils will work best for you, then she also gave me a business card stating an email address is all you need to book an oil consultation with her as well. Of course, all can be found on that webpage, along with other goodies like the product range, gadgets and even recipes utilizing the essential oils.

With that interview done, I might as well have myself a little browse and see what oils are screaming out to this beauty blogger. Though I thanked you in person already, I want to thank Ann Lin Chuah here on The Beauty Aesthetics once again, for getting in contact with me and taking the time to undergo this interview, and sharing how essential oils are as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

To summarize:
  1. Essential Oils are extracted from plant materials only. They are therefore natural and healthy alternatives to the harmful chemicals we include in our regular lives on a daily basis.
  2. You can use essential oils in multiple ways; whether they are for aromatherapeutic purposes, detoxing yourself from unnecessary materials like sugar, for massages and also skincare, to name a few.
  3. Whether you have a diffuser or not, you can still enjoy the fragrances of essential oils by dripping directly into your palms and breathing in the scent, by adding to your laundry, or dripping a few drops onto your pillows before going to bed at night.
  4. Ingredients like fresh herbs, crystalized powders like cinnamon, or bulky fruits like lemons and grapefruit can simply be replaced in recipes with  few drops of essential oils, saving you money and space in the fridge or pantry.
  5. Essential oils can be utilized in skincare as well, whether you use them alone before or after your moisturizer, or mixed in with your skincare products for additional boosts in nourishment.

Simply head off to
and click JOIN & SAVE
to save yourself a whopping 25% off the retail pricing of all these products.

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Natural Daily Look

I don’t know why it came as a shock for people to realize that I do wear makeup regularly, and don’t notice whenever I do until I actually say something. Although, in saying that, most of the comments DO come from males, and probably 5% come from females. Here today I wanted to share with you my way of applying my makeup naturally to enhance my appearance.

This look is incredibly simple to achieve, and most beginners have been able to at least, replicate this look I’m about to show you now. Trust me when I say beginners; I taught a few first time makeup applicators and a few old customers this routine, and they got the hang of it within a day or two. In saying that, don’t expect much of a real look; more so what I would usually wear daily on normal circumstances where I am presenting myself to the public eye.

Special shout out to Emi Lee who suggested this post idea, and for
I am so damn offended. Please excuse the little white stain thingies on the collar and above the pizza logo. I’m pretty sure they’re from when I was attempting to bake another cake, which totally failed. Also, please excuse my nappy ass hair, I’m trying to find a decent hair product that will work for my dry hair, since black owned hair companies here in Perth don’t have what I need to restore the moisture back into my locks.

STEP ONE: Start off with a well prepped face, using adequate skincare without heavy layers.

I usually recommend to keep skincare at a minimal whenever you apply makeup, since too much skincare can prevent makeup sitting nicely on the face. I always cleanse with a pH balanced cleanser, following with a toner to protect my skin, and a light gel type moisturizer of some sort. My objective whenever I apply any sort of makeup is to ensure my skin is hydrated without any sticky or heavy feeling you may get when applying other products like serums, ampoules, even cream.


  • TOSOWOONG Enzyme Powder Wash
  • BENTON Aloe BHA Skin Toner
  • BENTON Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

STEP TWO: Prime your face using two different primers to target skin concerns.

I don’t have severe pore problems these days, but in saying that, makeup tends to emphasize pore visibility on my skin, so I like to apply a silicone based primer around my nose and areas with lines or oiliness. With the rest of my face, I sometimes look dull, so to correct this, I opt for a pink pearl base to brighten up these areas.


  • THE HISTORY OF WHOO Gongjinhyang Mi Essential Base
  • ARITAUM Pore Master Sebum Control Primer

STEP THREE: Using a base you prefer, apply lightly to the skin to enhance the appearance of your face.

I absolutely love dewy makeup, but the formula of dewy products don’t look nice on my skin, so I often choose velvet finishes, or matte formulas. I can always cheat the appearance of glossiness if I use highlighter anyway, right?

I’m also way too lazy for brushes or beauty blenders (though beauty blenders are my absolute favorite tools to use) so I often reach for a cushion compact since they’re quick and easy.


  • SULWHASOO Evenfair Perfecting Cushion in shade 25 Deep Beige

STEP FOUR: Conceal troubled areas using a product one shade lighter or similar tone to your base makeup.

My under eyes get really dry and crease easily no matter what I do. Trust me when I say that no amount of eye cream will help. I’ve gone from using budget branded eye creams, to Shiseido, History of Whoo, Sulwhasoo, POLA BA… you name it, I’ve probably tried it already. Nothing but plastic surgery will help now, so in saying that, I have to make sure the concealer under my eyes isn’t too drying.

For the rest of my face, a pot concealer tends to have the highest coverage, so is easy to hide any trouble spots that the base makeup wasn’t strong enough to conceal. It’s as simple as taking the concealer on your finger tips and dotting it on the area of concern, then using a small dense brush, as if you’re wiping away, brush the concealer to blend into your skin texture and base.


  • THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer in shade 1.5 Natural Beige
  • SHISEIDO Spotscover Foundation in shade S300 (I believe this is only available in Japan only and unless your beauty retailer trades with Japan, you’re more than unlikely to be able to get your hands on this unless you order online or physically go to Shiseido in Japan to get it.)
  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 105 Concealer and Lip

STEP FIVE: Apply cream or liquid highlighter to the upper part of your cheekbones for a natural glow.

I like layering highlighter since powder type can make your skin look a tad chalky. By using a cream or liquid type first, you can naturally add more glow without the chalky or powdery appearance, and tends to look more natural as well. Additionally, you can also add this highlighter down the nose bridge or forehead if you like. You can also replace highlighter with a hydrating concealer a few shades lighter than your base, if you want extra coverage or a more stronger strobe (which is what I did). It’s up to you whether you want to blend it out with a tool or your fingers, but I chose the latter because I’m too lazy for tools, and fingertips gives me decent blending without too much friction against my face.


  • TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Lunchbox in shade 2 Watery Skin, the highlighter only
  • THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer in shade 1.5 Natural Beige

STEP SIX: Set your base with a translucent powder using a big fluffy brush, adding extra powder to bake under the eyes if you crease, and around problematic areas if you tend to get oily.

I like to use loose powder since it’s easy, works nicer than pressed on certain occasions, and since I bake my eyes and nose, it is the obvious choice between formulations. I actually take a small fluffy brush and pack the powder onto my nose and under my eyes, since it works like a beauty blender, without the extra dry feeling you might get if you do baking techniques.

I’ve tried banana powder before, and look… if you have a warmer undertone then go right ahead because it actually is really good. However, my face isn’t yellow in tone, so a yellow powder will only look odd on my skin.

Using a big fluffy brush as well, I swirl it into my skin after applying powder just to lightly buff the product into my skin. If I use a flat top brush, it tends to give my face a “too matte” appearance which doesn’t look right on me.


  • SHISEIDO CLE DE PEAU Poudre Libre Transparente (I’m pretty sure this is available only in Japan, though there are some Shiseido stores around the world, now selling this range)
  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 101 Powder
  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 102 Highlighter (Used for baking only)

STEP SEVEN: Shade in your face to give the illusion of a more structured face shape. Additionally, contour your nose and eyelids at the same time if you prefer doing this.

THIS IS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE PART OF MAKEUP. Using brown powder to cut away your face leaving nothing but perfection behind. Whenever I contour, I have to be very careful, since I am the kind of person who ends up with a dirty looking face from abusing the product, but it’s so much fun. You know those beauty Youtubers that make fun of people who contour to the point it looks like they haven’t washed their faces in 3 months? I’m that kind of contourer. I take contour powder along my jaw and up the sides of my face, focusing the product at the base of my jawline and temples. I then lightly sweep contour along the hollows of my cheekbones for a more sculpted look and finish by shading in the nose for a slimmer appearance.

I’ve always reached for the Too Cool For School shading powder, since the colors aren’t too ashy nor red, which can replicate real shadows along the face. It is, however, not the cheapest here in Perth so I do want to look for a more budget friendly shading powder, since I tend to hit pan after a month of using it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 103 Cheek and Contour
  • TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Artclass By Rodin Createur Du Contour

STEP EIGHT: Fill in your eyebrows following your preferred or natural eyebrow shape, focusing most of the pigment at the ends of the eyebrows for a more fuller and natural appearance.

Since my face is long, I do prefer to keep my eyebrows on the more straighter side, with a thicker appearance to combat the face length and forehead space I have naturally. I’ve always liked arched brows but I’m unable to achieve the look without looking like a hot mess. With that said, I always sculpt my eyebrows with a wax type pomade or a liquid in a chocolate shade, starting from the centre of the eyebrows and drawing a straight line at the top and bottom of the eyebrow, working my way out to the tail. From there on, I fill in that half using angled strokes to achieve the appearance of eyebrow hairs, whilst darkening for a more fuller look. Taking a powder that matches the liquid component of the eyebrows, I then gently shade in the front of the eyebrow, connecting it to the nose contour shading and brushing the hairs into place (an at the same time, softening the eyebrow) with an angled spooly.

I lost my eyebrow brush I got from the Missha store (which is by far my favorite brush for using on my eyebrows since it’s stiff and dense) so I opted for the Etude House angled eyebrow brush, which I really didn’t like. The EH brush is way too flimsy and can’t give me the precise application I’m looking for, so if you have an alternate, then please send in your suggestions!!!


  • LANEIGE Eyebrow Cushion-Cara Two Tone in number 1 Grey Brown
  • ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool number 352 Eyebrow Screw (I bent the brush on a 90° angle for ease of use. Whether you do this as well is to your own discretion)
  • ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool number 351 Eyebrow
  • CLIO Kill Brow Conte Powder Kit (the wax pomade only)

STEP NINE (OPTIONAL): Brush and set the eyebrow hairs into place using a mascara specifically for the eyebrows.

Since my hair is dyed an inch from the roots down, if I choose to wear my hair out, then I will match the eyebrow hairs to my actual hair color for balance. It usually looks odd if you have black or dark brown eyebrows with light colored hair, so I usually take a matching toned eyebrow mascara to not only set, but to tint the hairs themselves. If the pigmentation is a bit too strong, then I follow with a regular spooly to spread the mascara throughout, just to tone down the color.


  • ISEHAN KISS ME Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow in number 2 Orange Brown (I bent the brush on a 90° angle for ease of use. Whether you do this as well is to your own discretion)

STEP TEN: Apply a highlighter to the highest points of your face for extra dimension. This includes your cheekbones, chin, the nose bridge, forehead and cupids bow.

Again, just like the contouring, I tend to go a little bit too far with my highlight so I definitely need to be careful. Since my face is more on the neutral tone, depending on the base I choose to use, I will opt for a yellow tinged highlighter for a warmer look, a lavender or pink toned highlighter for a cooler look, or a neutral peach toned if I just can’t be bothered at all. Just like I mentioned in step 5, since I already applied highlighter beforehand, I don’t have to focus too much product using this powder type. Instead, I can lightly build up the intensity if need be, or skip this step altogether if I feel the highlighter is just enough.


  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 102 Highlighter
  • SHISEIDO CLE DE PEAU Rehausseur D’Eclat number 16 Almond (I’m pretty sure this is available only in Japan, though there are some Shiseido stores around the world, now selling this range)

STEP ELEVEN: Apply blush to the cheeks to blend in with the contour for vibrancy to the complexion, and to add a bit of color to the skin.

Just as Tyra Banks would say, make the “OH REALLY THOUGH?” face when you apply your blush. You guys probably have no idea what I’m talking about when I’m saying this do you… If in doubt, just search up 6 minute Tyover on Youtube and you’ll find Tyra Banks promoting her makeup sticks, where she talks about the face she makes when applying blush. You’ll also see her apply blush on the apples of her cheeks, which is what I don’t really do.

Since my face is bright in the centre, I want to keep it bright, so rather than apply blush on the apples of my cheeks, when I make the “OH REALLY THOUGH?” face, I add the pigment on the hollow parts of my cheeks just above the contour and blend away, so there is a natural gradation between the shading and the blush. Whatever is left over on the brush, I apply to the bottom half of my nose bridge and blend outwards towards the cheek.

Of course, this does sound like hard work, and it really isn’t but if you’re lazy, just leave the blush on the apples of the cheeks and move right along.


  • PONY EFFECT Magnetic Brush Pro number 103 Cheek and Contour
  • VDL x PANTONE Expert Color Cheek Book Mini in 6.4 shade 1 Pink (the blush edition that was released before the 2017 color of the year was picked, where the pantone colors were serenity and rose quartz)

STEP TWELVE: Apply mascara to the roots of the eyelash, and with whatever is left over on the wand, apply to the ends of the lashes to create natural volume and length.

For me only, since I don’t like to wear eyeliner (especially since I wear contacts AND have sensitive eyes at that) I only wear mascara to give the illusion of thick roots to get away with not applying an eyeliner. My natural eyelashes are long as well, so rather than looking for a lengthening product, I use any odd mascara that may add volume, but my main intentions are to just darken the lash hairs themselves.


  • INNISFREE Skinny Waterproof Microcara Mascara (the formula is more dry, which is what I prefer. If you don’t like dry formulas then opt for the regular formulation which works incredibly well. The brush on this wand is extremely small so you can easily apply mascara to the upper AND bottom lashes)

STEP THIRTEEN: Finish off with a tint that compliments your skin tone and apply a light layer of gloss or lip balm to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.

I hate reapplying my lip products, so with utter laziness, I always reach for lip tints that will stain my mouth for a good couple of hours, if not, the entire day. This means I can eat whenever I want with no dramas and no need for reapplication. Isn’t that the ultimate dream?


  • MISSHA Velour Flat Pen Tint in Vivid Orange
  • THE HISTORY OF WHOO Secret Court Lip Balm

Since this post really isn’t a very professional one, and completely different to what I would usually share, it makes content like this so much more easier to just play around and type about whatever I really like. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m steering away from what I usually produce here. It’s just nice to take time out once in a while and, you know, type like how I used to.

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[ BEAUTY 101 ] Pour Acid onto your Face

You read it correctly; here on The Beauty Aesthetics, I’m encouraging you all to go out into the world, grab yourselves some acid and slather it onto your skin. Not just any acid though, specific acids that can turn your troubled skin into something so flawless, you’d think you’d have someone photoshopping your appearance in real life.

I mean, unless you want to get actual corrosive acid and pour that on your face, resulting in burnt skin, possible chemical poisoning and melted eyeballs, then GO RIGHT AHEAD!

But what exactly is an acid, and how do you incorporate it into a skincare regime? A lot of people reading my COSRX BHA review got really confused as to what the product actually is, and why I used it the way I did, so today, I wanted to take a step back and reintroduce the 101 to you all so you know exactly what acid will suit your skin the best and how to add it into your skincare routine.

****just a warning, as I tend to include in a lot of posts, it’s wise to check what type of skin you have before trying out new products or venturing out to buying things without adequate research or knowledge. I strongly advise you all to definitely check whether ANY product is right for you before doing anything regrettable and if you are able to, patch test before making a purchase. If you are pregnant and wanting to try acids, then please refer to a doctor before going to buy an acid product, but my suggestion is to NOT until you have stopped breast feeding, as it’s not recommended to use any active ingredients whilst carrying a baby or feeding it with your fluids. You also want to make sure to APPLY SPF DAILY REGARDLESS as active ingredients can sensitize your skin, meaning it will react to sunlight much easier, resulting in much harsher or quicker damages.

What is an acid?

As the name suggests, it is an active ingredient (obviously acidic) that is incorporated into your skin care for exfoliating or cleansing purposes. There are currently 4 different types of acids out in the market:

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) – Universally common and is currently popular in the Western/Japanese markets.
  2. Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) – Universally common and is currently popular in the Western market, slowly creeping into the Asian Beauty realm.
  3. Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA) – Not as well known or talked about, but still an acid that you can access in the Western market.
  4. Lipo Hydroxy Acid (LHA) – The least known as it is an acid generally found ONLY in high end skincare products, if even used at all.

Acids can come in the form of different products ranging from cleansers and washing liquids, to gel type exfoliators, toners and even creams. Depending on what products you choose to use in your beauty regime, you can mix and match different products to include acids into your life. It is advised as an acid is an active ingredient, not to be used with other actives on the same application as it may reduce the effects of other products you use, or may cause extreme skin sensitivities.

I guess from hereon out, I’ll break down each type of acid, so you get some information on each category and see whether it is suitable for you.


AHA’s are hydrophilic (meaning they dissolve in water) acids that react with the upper layer of the dermis to dissolve dead skin cells. The bonds between the desmosomes are broken down to allow for easy exfoliation. This means, that AHA’s are incredibly effective for those with normal to dry skin types, as it doesn’t disturb the water content in the skin, even to the point they may add hydration as well.

All AHA’s require to sit within a pH level of 3-5 in order to work effectively on the skin. Anything more acidic may cause damage to the dermis, and vice versa with a more alkaline pH where the effects aren’t s strong.

SUITABLE FOR: sun damage, aging, pigmentation problems and brown spots, wrinkling, rosacea and congested skin (upper layers).

There are currently six different AHA ingredients. Listed (in descending order of strength) below, the smaller the molecule, the stronger the effect of the AHA; vice versa.

  • GLYCOLIC ACID (SUGAR CANE) – Acts as a degreaser, but may increase sebum levels in the skin to control, so is most ideal for very dry skin types.
  • LACTIC ACID (MILK, YOGHURT, SOUR BUTTER MILK, FERMENTED FRUIT) – Antimicrobial, hydrating, adjusts melanin and is pH balancing for the skin.
  • MALIC ACID (APPLES, PEARS, CHERRIES) – Hydrating, soothing and increases the respiration of tissues.
  • CITRIC ACID (LEMONS, ORANGES, GRAPEFRUIT) – Anti-aging, brightens the skin and increases the thickness in the dermis.
  • MANDELIC ACID (BITTER ALMONDS) – Controls pigment in the skin.

Glycolic and lactic acids are the most common AHA ingredients found in the market, so you’re more than likely using one of the two acids in your skincare should you be already incorporating AHA in your routine. If I were to recommend an AHA ingredient to invest in, then I’d personally opt for lactic acid, or citric acid, as they both have multiple benefits, and they are bio compatible too. In saying that though, lactic acid is far stronger than citric acid, so it’ll come down to the strength of the AHA you require for your skin’s needs.


BHA’s are lipophilic (meaning they dissolve in oils) and keratolytic (can remove excess skin or conditions like warts) acids that have a smaller molecule than AHA does. That means, they not only work with the epidermis, but they are able to effectively clean deep in the follicles and pores of the skin to remove waste materials like excess sebum, dead cells, blackheads, dirt and makeup. Since BHA targets sebum, it is recommended for those with oilier skin types, or acneic skin with it’s abilities to cleanse the pores.

Just like an AHA, all BHA acids must sit within a pH of 3-5 for the effects to work on the skin. Anything too acidic can damage, and anything too alkaline will result in weaker effects. The effects and lipophilic nature of BHA can leave skin dry or dehydrated, so it usually isn’t recommended for those who have drier skin types.

SUITABLE FOR: blackheads, whiteheads, congested skin and pores, acne, wrinkles and ingrown hairs.

NOT SUITABLE FOR: people who are allergic to aspirin.

All BHA’s are made up of salicylic acid, which is an ingredient so commonly used in anti-acne skincare. It’s commonly found and derived from willow tree bark, wintergreen oil and sweet birch.

Some brands carry salicylic acid in a low percentage (roughly 2%) whereas some brands will use betaine salicylate (salicylic acid in a different compound) which is gentler than the latter, but often used in a higher percentage (roughly 5%). If I were to recommend, I’d personally opt for the betaine salicylate BHA’s as they are more gentle on the skin, yet still just as effective, without the overly dry skin feel you may get if you were to use a salicylic acid product.


  1. AHA and BHA are the most common of the 4 hydroxy acids. You’re more than likely to find a BHA or an AHA than you would an LHA or a PHA.
  2. AHA and BHA are fairly harsh, so it isn’t recommended for sensitive skin types. If anything, patch test beforehand to see if your skin can tolerate it.
  3. AHA and BHA will sensitize your skin, so it is a requirement to wear SPF daily to prevent any damage to the skin and/or reverse any effects of the chemical exfoliation.
  4. Hydroxy acids help to boost the TOC (turn over cycle) to produce new skin cells, resulting in clearer and brighter looking skin. They can also help to promote the growth of collagen (not generate NEW collagen) and is recommended to be used in conjunction with skincare products that help to boost the skin health.
  5. Check the ingredients to see which kind of AHA or BHA is used. Some companies will use synthetically sourced ingredients rather than the latter. You also want to see whether the company uses extracts of the ingredient or the concentrate only. For example, tomato ketchup VS actual tomatoes.


They’re virtually the same as AHA’s but are more gentle on the skin, so can be an alternative to AHA products for those who suffer from sensitive skin types, or are unable to handle the strength of an AHA. This is due to their larger molecular size, which also means it works better to exfoliate the dermis for normalizing the skin thickness.

There are only three known PHA’s at the moment:

  • GLUCONOLACTONE (Oxidized glucose, naturally occurring the the human body) – Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, possessing the properties of regular AHA ingredients.
  • LACTOBIONIC ACID (Oxidized lactose, or the sugars found in milk) – Humectant (draws moisture from the air and into the skin), antioxidant and soothing.
  • GALACTOSE (Sugar naturally found in the human body) – Can help to heal wounds and skin damages.

It is noted that gluconolactone is more ideal for drier skin types, and lactobionic acid is better for more normal skin types. Galactose is a far better PHA for those who have severe skin damages or wounds caused from stressed skin.


It is virtually the same as a BHA, except more lipophilic in nature. Since they have a larger molecule than regular BHA, they are unable to penetrate as deep and sits at a pH of 5.5, which is ideal for regular skin health. Since they are more gentle, it is recommended for those with oily skin types who also suffer from sensitivities.

They do, however, work to dissolve oils in the skin better, so resulting in dry or dehydrated skin is a given, thus not suitable for anyone with dry skin, maybe even normal.

LHA’s mimic tretinoin (the active ingredient in retin-A) which helps to unclog pores and enhance cell production. Just like regular BHA’s, LHA can be used for rosacea, or if you’re looking for an ingredient that is antibacterial or anti-inflammatory. That said, LHA is targeted for those who have strong wrinkling or sensitive/irritated acne bumps.

Now, as I mentioned before, your hydroxy acids can come in virtually any form ranging from a cleanser to a night cream. So in saying that, what would be the most ideal stage to apply your hydroxy acids? Since all active ingredients are pH dependent, I would recommend you to use an acid right after cleansing, since the ingredients work better on bare skin, and are unlikely to be affected by the pH of your other skincare. You’re also exfoliating your skin, so it would make logical sense to apply an acid before you apply your cream, right?

I like to use BHA, since I have a combination skin type (and for the life of me, can’t find an LHA anywhere here in Perth) with acne skin. I usually wash my skin with a pH balanced cleanser and pat my skin dry with my hands. Right after, I apply my BHA in either a liquid or a toner form directly onto my skin and wait for 30 minutes before continuing with the rest of my skincare. Though it’s not advised, if my skin texture feels rough, then I follow with an AHA liquid and again, wait another half hour before continuing with my skincare. Since BHA works better in the pores and AHA works better on the dermis layers, it would make sense to cleanse the pores first, before cleansing the skin.

Since my skin can surprisingly handle it, I also use BHA twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) using betaine salicylate in the morning, and salicylic acid at night; with adequate sun protection throughout the day, minimum of SPF 50 PA+++ in a physical block form.

Have you used acids before or are you going to incorporate acids into your skin care routine? What tips and tricks do you have when using your hydroxy acid skincare products? If you liked this post, then please click the little star icon  to show your support. Don’t forget to subscribe to this lovely little blogger, share with your friends and family and spread the love of Asian Beauty with the world.

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[ REVIEW ] BENTON Aloe BHA Skin Toner

Yet another acid on the face. My desires to achieve the perfect skin and the ideal skincare routine that works for me throughout the day had me to explore some more BHA products and this little bottle sent to me from Style Story is of no exception. If you haven’t already read, then please check out Powder Wash and Blackhead Liquid from my Style Story range; as this toner comes under the same category, in which I got this bottle for free for reviewal purposes.

Unfortunately, I did want these posts to come out a lot earlier, but with being really sick and busy with SO much schedules blocking my way, I have been super behind with my posting so I do strongly apologize.

As per usual, this writer has troublesome skin. Not only is the skin dehydrated with a combination skin type (oily in the t and dry in the u), he also suffers from acne and sensitivities around the mouth area.

****side note: this review is indeed sponsored and I will be providing a discount code for you guys, but as any other review I make in this blog, all comments are made up of my own thoughts and feelings and in no way am I changing up anything to glorify or bash this product to see fit, unless that is truly how I feel.  I also want to note that being a sponsored post, I will NOT be making any profits from any sales towards any of these products. If you feel uncomfortable making a purchase from this post, then feel free to shop elsewhere. Otherwise, the complementary code I will be giving you guys are free for your use. OK ONTO THE REVIEW!


Packed with ultra beneficial ingredients such as aloe and salicylic acid, this toner hydrates and preps your skin to help with the absorption of skincare products in the next step in your routine. It has a pH of 6, which is ideal for skin.

  • Aloe: Soothes, moisturizers.
  • Salicylic Acid: Exfoliates, reduces sebum, and is anti-inflammatory which is great for acneic skin.
  • Snail Mucin: Supports natural cell regeneration and replenishes moisture to increase firmness

For all skin types.

This toner, being a BHA containing 0.5% active salicylic acid, helps those with acne prone skin, blackheads and rough skin texture to recreate a flawless skin appearance. With aloe vera extract, it helps to condition, soothe and restore lost hydration to the skin, snail filtrate to repair and treat damaged skin, and sodium hyaluronate to add vitality and moisturizing care. From what the toner claims, it helps to practically treat any skin condition that the average person may suffer.

Let’s check the ingredients to see exactly what we’re dealing with.

INGREDIENTS: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Snail Secretion Filtrate, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Usnea Barbata (Lichen) Extract, Arginine, Salicylic Acid (0.5%), Althaea Rosea Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Beta-Glucan, Polyglutamic Acid, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Psidium Guajava Fruit Extract, Aspalathus Linearis Extract,  Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Cross Polymer

Ingredients that are highlighted have a safety reading of 4, which doesn’t mean much for a lot of people. It just means there MAY be effects to the skin if used improperly over a long period of time. This ingredients list is pretty darn good, with that 1 safety ingredient, that really shows some sort of alarm (that can be totally disregarded if you aren’t too conscious of minor safety labels.) Other than that, no ingredient causes acne, or irritations other than snail secretion that may irritate those who have severe dust allergies, or those who are allergic to aspirin. Salicylic Acid is an active ingredient in this product, so it is strongly recommended to steer clear away from direct sunlight if unprotected, and allow the product to work on your skin for about 30 minutes, before continuing with the rest of your skin care. Since your skin will become sensitized from actives, it is strongly recommended to wear sunblock every single day and avoid direct sunlight to areas of application, or mixing other active ingredients within the 30 minute time frame.

The first ingredient isn’t aqua which is so damn pleasing to see, and a common factor in all Benton cosmetics. Other than the last ingredient in the list, the product is virtually made up of floral, and natural ingredients which may also please a lot of people who are looking specifically for skincare that isn’t jam packed with additives and preservatives. Trust me, working in the skincare industry opened my eyes up to the fact there are so many people who refuse to use skincare that contain anything PEG (or alike), preserved or fragranced.

DO NOT USE or patch test if you are allergic to aspirin, dust, if you are prone to/suffer from erythema, tumefaction or urtication.

The packaging is simple and green colored. A sturdy plastic bottle with a small pump applicator and a very simple description. Honestly, it fits my aesthetic, but for other people looking at it, the Benton Aloe Skin Toner may look dull and plain. However, in saying so, the Benton packaging (for the entire stock and not just the toner) does give you that pharmaceutical feel to it, and doesn’t look cheap. In fact, it was a surprise to my few friends after telling them that Benton is on the affordable side of the K-Beauty realm and that it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg for their cosmetics. Since I used this toner WITH and without the COSRX BHA (for experimental purposes), I used this toner for longer than a month, and I’ve only hit a quarter of the 200mL of liquid it comes with, so this will last you quite a while.

For the product inside, the toner is clear with the viscosity ever so slightly thicker than water. It absorbs almost instantaneously into the skin, leaving your face sleek, smooth and less oily in texture. My skin never felt dry, nor did it feel sticky in the slightest, which was a shock to me as aloe tends to leave my skin tacky, and snail products end up leaving my hair glued to my face. There is an extremely slight scent in the product, that you can only detect if you stick your nose in the liquid, and it smells fairly fresh. Quite pleasing honestly, since I hate overly scented toners. I had no reactions to the toner, even if I were to cut my skin accidentally if I were to be too rough with my face razor, nor did it cause me any breakouts. In fact, since using this toner, I feel like my acne has subsided dramatically and whatever odd breakout that does occur on my skin, is healed within days with just this toner alone. I would say it is amazing, but I’m sort of angry, because I still need to review some acne patches and now that I’m not having breakouts these days, it’s really difficult to do so.

Again, just like the COSRX BHA, it is wise to check the condition of your hands when applying this toner, as after all, it is a BHA and some BHA products can cause your hands to peel. If that is the case, then I recommend to use a cotton pad upon application, though I haven’t had any problems with it thus far, and my hands usually ALWAYS peel.

Usually when I apply toner, I leave my face dampened after cleansing and apply toner directly onto the skin, with patting motions to fully absorb the liquid and the excess moisture from cleansing. I tried with this toner to see if I could do the same, but resulted in suds smearing across my skin. I recommend you to fully dry your face before applying this toner, taking a pump or two directly into the palms of your hands/cotton pad, and patting it into the skin to apply evenly and absorb well. From thereon, comes the waiting game, where I’ll probably take myself to bed and watch a few Youtube videos for half an hour before continuing on with the rest of my skincare.

From the duration of using this toner, I can definitely say my skin is nowhere near as oily anymore, makeup lasts a lot longer than what I’m generally used to and my skin looks and feels balanced. There isn’t any great changes in the appearance or cleanliness of my pores (well, what do you expect with only 0.5% salicylic acid) but there have been amazing results with treating and controlling the texture of my skin, and acne, which are my main two concerns and the actual claims for this product.

Prior to applying toner, I washed my face with a 5.5 pH cleanser. I started off with a moisture content of 34.7% and an oil content of 15.6%. Overall, skin was already adequately balanced.
After applying toner, skin’s water content was 52.5% and oil level was 23.6%. Moisture levels increased by 17.8% and sebum by 8%. Overall, skin remained well balanced.

For price, one bottle at Style Story costs about $22.95 AUD, which, just like the Tosowoong Cleanser, is by far one of the cheapest toners I have used in my entire life. The cheapest toner I have had to date has cost me $22 AUD. With only less than a dollar difference in pricing, I’d definitely choose this toner again, over the $22 toner that comes from the Korean roadshop brand starting with the letter E. Why wouldn’t you want to get your hands on this?

An extra bonus for you guys; if you shop at Style Story and use the coupon code ANTHONY15, then you can drop the price even more by 15%, which then makes the price sit at $19.50.

If it still works that is, hahahaha.


  • pH balanced at 6 on the pH scale, to work with your acid mantle barrier and your skin.
  • 200mL is a decent amount per bottle
  • Being a BHA, it isn’t drying on the skin whatsoever, and didn’t cause me irritations if I shave too carelessly on the day.
  • Virtually has no smell.
  • Lasts quite a long time.
  • Makes skin really smooth, fights acne pretty well.
  • Very good ingredients list. The only concern was salicylic acid with the category 4 rating, which can ultimately be disregarded since it doesn’t really mean much.
  • There is no water/aqua in the ingredients list; it is replaced with aloe barbadensis leaf water.


  • Being a BHA, you have to wait 20 to 30 minutes for the product to work at is optimal state before continuing with the rest of your skincare.
  • Since you’re supposed to wear SPF every single day anyway, it’s not really a con, but you’re encouraged to wear SPF daily since BHA can make your skin more sensitized to UV rays and sun damage.


PRICE ★★★★★

★☆☆☆☆ – I want all my time wasted and all my money back for this crap. If I could turn back time and tell my past self not to use this, then I would without a single doubt. If I find this in my collection or if someone gave it to me, I’ll set it on fire and pray to the All Maker to repent for using such a terrible product.

★★☆☆☆ – It’s pretty bad and I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anybody, but it’s nice to give it a go for myself. I’ll only use it if it was given to me for free and I’m severely desperate.

★★★☆☆ – It’s nice but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get another one for myself. Maybe if it was on special then I’d consider buying it, otherwise there are better products that I like a lot more than this.

★★★★☆ – It’s quite good and I would repurchase definitely. It’s not a staple yet, but if I can’t find anything better, then I’ll happily stick to this product.


Now that you know what the stars mean, you can figure out what I mean by my personal ratings.

VERDICT: Once again, I am thoroughly impressed with Lauren from Style Story, who recommended this toner to me, because I always thought nothing would be able to replace that Etude House toner I’ve been using for YEARS ON END. She really knows her skin very well, and I’m so glad to have made this discovery too. Not only does it contain only good ingredients, I can vouch for the claims it offers, in that it kept my skin so smooth, balanced and free from acne. I can’t ask for anything more. It’s also so cheap and effective, I’m probably going to ditch my History of Whoo skincare (which is a bit devastating).

Have you been sleeping on BHA products? Are you now intrigued by them and want to give them a shot? Or maybe you’ve used this product before, or have a different BHA that you’ve totally fallen in love with. Let me know down in the comments below what you think of the Aloe BHA Skin Toner by Benton. Don’t forget to like this review, share with your friends and family and don’t forget to add my SNS sites down below for extra content and everyday life.

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What’s In My Bag? 

Heaps of people were wondering what the hell I carry in my clutch, since it was always bulged and heavy. To answer this question, I decided to snap a quick photo and basically go through all the things I carry along in my daily life.

Now, it’s very obvious that I will carry my house keys (the little blue plush animal thing) and my wallet (the black one) with me if I were to go out. How else will I be able to return home, or do anything that involves cash? HAHAHAHA

Going from right to left:

  • Étude House My Beauty Tool blotting papers – I get very oily throughout the day in my T-zone so blotting is a must. I like this one in particular, as it comes in a compact with a mirror and a sponge with adhesive, which makes blotting sebum so much easier and more hygienic.
  • Oscar wireless headphones – Who can honestly be bothered with headphones that move around and literally get in your way, especially if you’re carrying a clutch? Wireless headphones means no dramas, and discreet listening PLUS this also doubles as a portable charger. Why not kill two birds with one stone?
  • Rohto Lycée Contact eye drops – It’s pink and it keeps my eyes moisturized without damaging my contacts. I’m not a huge fan of this product so if you have any recommendations, then please let me know because I’m definitely in need of good eye drops for contact wearers.
  • Kailijumei Flower Lipstick – If I feel like adding a pop of color to my lips, then I generally reach for this color changing balm for it’s moisturizing capabilities and long lasting wear. The case also has a small mirror which is convenient for travel and quick touch ups.
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair & La Mer Brightening Essence Intensive samples – Just in case my skin is lacking hydration, I carry whatever samples with me as a backup for hydration when touching up or as a booster when I have to leave the house without makeup.
  • The History of Whoo Luxury Golden Cushion – Again, I just carry whatever cushion with me, but this one generally comes along with my trips because I quite like the formula and the design of the case is great for show.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra Moisturizing Hand Therapy – I always have dry hands so I try to carry at least one hand cream around with me so I can maintain soft and smooth hands throughout the day. I also double this as a cream type perfume by applying a tiny bit of hand cream behind my ears for subtle fragrance.
  • Shiseido Cle De Peau Rouge Liquid Eclat – I have mine in shade 12, which is the ultimate nude shade for my lips. Literally the exact tone of my natural lips, which gives me that voluminous lip appearance without looking like it’s makeup.
  • Sulwhasoo Beauty Pouch – This little pouch contains a handheld mirror and a small metal comb; both very unnecessary and very extra. It feels luxurious though, and for the price ($45 AUD) why not carry it around with me for show? I guess it DOES have some practicality to it in the end, in case I need a mirror or a hair brush.
  • 3CE Stylenanda Moist Glossing Face Oil Mist – Just like the beauty samples, if my skin feels lacking, then I’ll quickly spritz my face and go about my day. This formula not only makes my skin feel more hydrated, but it also gives my skin an impeccable dewiness that no amount of highlighter can achieve.
  • My Gummy candies – I usually bring whatever snack around in my bag, because I’m a fat ass and you highkey always see me eating something. Snacks generally vary depending on the amount of sleep I get; on days I’m lacking energy, I usually carry sweets with me, and days I’m normal, I carry savory foods.

The clutch is from Zara and cost $49.95 AUD. I bought mine in the navy blue shade, but other colors were available when I picked mine up. The simple design and color scheme of the navy blue clutch dresses up your simple clothing style (in my case, I generally wear black comfortable clothes) or adds a level of sophistication to your look.

Now that this post answers your question, my question to you is “what do YOU carry around in your bag?” If you enjoyed this post then don’t forget to like, subscribe and share with your friends and family. You can find my current SNS down below.

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Goodbye to Beauty – Memoirs of a Beauty Advising Life


Since I’m probably never going to talk about it, let’s type up a history of what has happened to me since relinquishing my position as a beauty advisor for a Perth Asian Beauty store.

How do I say this without getting myself into trouble? Hmm…

Well, for starters, I no longer work as a skincare shop assistant anymore. Basically, to make it easier for people to understand what I’m trying to say is, I would LOVE to continue working to sell skincare and share my passion with people. I haven’t really been talking to anybody about it really, but I do know that a lot of you Aussie readers here are indeed, based in Perth, and you guys do come into the store quite often. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see me there looking out of the window, or “quietly” singing along to the music that is always on blast every Thursday. It’s time for me to move along and see where the next path takes me.

Oh, but that doesn’t mean anything really, since I’ll continue to take your messages and comments and try to help you as much as I can, whether I’m physically there or not. Hence why I always leave my SNS down below so that if you’re ever in a bind and you need some good ol’ truth to go along with your skincare or makeup purchases. It just means, that I won’t be able to see you in person and share the emotions with you. I guess, in a way it will make people so much more happier that I’m gone, because lowkey there are people that come in occasionally, who I’ve sort of angered and they really hate me. OOPS!

I guess this is where I start to share with you my memories and my thoughts on the whole thing.

Where do I see myself in the future? Well, honest to the All Maker, I have no idea whatsoever. See, I really only started my skincare journey to tackle my acne, and when my friend at the time, told me to go and apply as a beauty advisor in an Asian beauty store, that’s when my journey took me to a whole new realm, discovering more and more, and learning as I go. Now that this route is a no go for me, there really isn’t anything else that I can do other than to do exactly what I was doing before any of this happened, and that is to document all of my beauty finds here on this humble little blog.

I guess if there was anything to be thankful for, it is that I made a few good friends throughout this journey. One has left for Indonesia, where she will extend her VISA in order to come back here to Australia. Another, has gone to focus on her college, working part time to help support herself, and reacquaint with her new home. The last friend, she doesn’t know what to do anymore, but has packed up and left the “cozy” little family and wants to rediscover happiness once more. No matter our paths, I know that they’re only a phone call away, and if I call them, I know they WON’T PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE BECAUSE I HAVE TERRIBLE TIMING AND MY STUPID ASS WANNA CALL THEM WHENEVER THEY ARE BUSY.

Will I be reminiscent of these past two years? Of course I will. I met so many people working in skincare; L, who I mentioned in my blog AGES ago. We don’t talk anymore but when we did, the memories were fun and it was nice just sitting around and talking, or dropping coffee off to her at school. Grace, the both of them. One of the Graces’ is a girl who I believe is 3 years older than me, and she is a party animal. We don’t talk much but she’s really pretty and she used to tell me to go out to the club with her. The other Grace is a woman who LOVES to talk. Beauty, life, everything really. Whenever I want to talk (which is rarely TBH) I will message her and the few odd messages back and forth will usually turn into a 3 hour phone call. Claire, oh my lord she is soooooooo fun to be with. The first time I ever went out with her, we were in a club and we danced like little thotties to Jay Park and KARD. The night was young and the drinks were so expensive, but so good. I saw me some fine ass people that night, but I swear if I wasn’t working that night, I could have looked nicer. Instead I clubbed in my work outfit. If only I could stay with longer that night.

Of course, with meeting your share of nice people, you meet complete assholes. I remember this one customer who always had a lot of money, and came in to buy THOUSANDS of dollars worth of product. Well she was really good with me for such a long time, until she mistakenly misplaced a product and called me up on the phone. I think within the space of 30 minutes, she spent cursing me and telling me to go to hell, because I apparently stole her bottle of toner. Yes, me trying to sell you things yet stealing from you… makes total sense. At the end of the day, she realized it was her own damn fault and she apologized deeply, in order to demand uncalled for discounts on everything she purchased because the prices were too high for her liking.

Oh, I can’t forget the day this customer refused my service because I wasn’t a girl, nor was I straight. See, I went to offer this young girl some advice on this particular skincare item she was staring at for quite awhile. I immediately approached her and she takes one good look at me and says “I don’t like to be served by stupid faggots” and walks to the other side of the room. Mind you, she also tried to avoid speaking to me in English, because my coworker was able to speak her preferred language, Mandarin. Anywho, basically, I remember she asked my coworker to help her translate everything for her since the bottle was in Japanese, and she couldn’t read it. What was funny, was that my coworker couldn’t read Japanese either, so she took a quick look and called me over. This customer literally looked like she was disgusted from then on, and I stood there for a good minute just reading the packaging and looked back up at her. Since her facial expression was terrible, I turned to my coworker and pretty much told her to translate everything I was about to say, into Chinese since she wanted to avoid talking to me at all costs.

I began with “If you want my help, I would like an apology for your rude comment you made earlier on first,” which not only baffled the customer, but also my coworker. She told me to show a little bit of respect for the customer since the customer “is always right”. Whoever made that rule up needs a good smack across the head, because the customer isn’t always right in every single situation. Anyway, I told my coworker that if she wanted my help, she was to tell this customer EXACTLY what I said. She denied since she didn’t want to be on bad terms with this customer. I knew that would happen, so I took the liberty of pre-translating in my mind for this customer so I told her, directly in Mandarin, “I want an apology.”

The customer looked shocked and said, “An apology for what, faggot?” and being my usual self, replied back with “An apology for calling me a faggot, for being so damn rude and for having that ugly ass facial expression the moment I was called over to help you decipher this Japanese, that I’m NOT going to be helping you with.”

BOY she walked out of the store so fast, and I’m pretty sure she made a complaint about me because the next few weeks, I got a warning for being rude and unprofessional. WELL THEN!

The best memories of all would be the group dinners we had back in the day. My first ever dinner was hosted at my house where I made a hot pot soup and had my coworkers come over to eat and be merry. Let’s just say that I realized a lot of things that night. One of those thoughts being that you shouldn’t mix champagne, cider, moscato, beer AND whiskey together AT ALL because you will end up with a severe hangover and you will be drowning in your own vomit. Another thing is to not invite people over to your house if they don’t know how to use their inside voice at 1am in the morning.

The second dinner was enjoyable, as we had it at someone else’s house. We spend the whole day shopping for ingredients, then preparing the hot pot (what a surprise) in the space of 10 minutes. Thank the All Maker than instant hot pot soup exists, though I strongly suggest you prepare the soup from scratch if you want your broth to be full of flavor. We ended up talking the entire night about crap and how we’re all so unhappy with our love lives. I didn’t drink that day, but gave myself a killer stomach ache from eating a whole bowl of chili.

The last dinner I can remember, we actually ate out. Nene Chicken in Victoria Park to be exact. We were welcoming a new member to the team; another guy and it was my first time to ever meet him properly. We ended up spending a good $100 on fried chicken and drinks, which was totally worth it; that was until I got so wasted I couldn’t even sit down properly. I think we left at about 10 o’clock and going into work the next day, I was told that I was really quiet and I threw up everywhere. I must’ve drunk that much for me not to remember anything after 7pm, because I found out so much shit the next day from al my coworkers. Apparently, my mouth is so unfiltered when I’m drunk, and I literally spit the truth if you were to ask me something.

Ah, the memories. All I can say, is that for the past two years, it has been one hell of an adventure, and it’s sad to have to pack up and leave. However, there always is an end to everything, but for now, here’s me closing the doors on a world of sales and opening up the door back into the blogging world once more.

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[ REVIEW ] COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

So Anthony goes from washing his face with powder, to exfoliating his skin with ACID? Yes, the infamous BHA Blackhead Power Liquid is finally in my hands, and it’s thanks to Style Story for sending it to my house, along with some other goodies. If you haven’t already read, I have typed up a post on the Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash and gave it a good rating based on how it works alone. (YOU SHOULD READ THAT POST AS WELL). Just like the powder wash, this BHA product is a huge favorite amongst the KBeauty junkies, is all over Instagram as a HG product and has pretty much taken the world by storm. Even a few of my friends who aren’t about the Korean skincare life, have sworn by this one bottle of liquid and has told me many times to hurry up and grab myself one. So now that I finally have, let’s take a look as to why every single person seems to have fallen in love with this damn product.

Keep in mind this writer has troublesome skin. Not only is the skin dehydrated with a combination skin type (oily in the t and dry in the u), he also suffers from acne and sensitivities around the mouth area.

****side note: this review is indeed sponsored and I will be providing a discount code for you guys, but as any other review I make in this blog, all comments are made up of my own thoughts and feelings and in no way am I changing up anything to glorify or bash this product to see fit, unless that is truly how I feel.  I also want to note that being a sponsored post, I will NOT be making any profits from any sales towards any of these products. If you feel uncomfortable making a purchase from this post, then feel free to shop elsewhere. Otherwise, the complementary code I will be giving you guys are free for your use. OK ONTO THE REVIEW!


What is COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid?

An oil-soluble acid exfoliant the can clear the dead skin cells deep within the pores to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and prevent break outs. With a light watery texture, it works with your skin to soften and improve over time, to provide a flawless, blemish free and brighter skin tone.

Unlike the majority of BHA products in the market, COSRX uses betaine salicylate as the main ingredient opposed to the more generic and more common, salicylic acid. This means that it is ideal for those who suffer from acne, as it can help to fight the signs of acne production before it occurs, and also helps to treat the pre-existing acne on your skin. It also contains willow bark water as the main ingredient unlike other branded products that use the generic “aqua” as their moisture ingredient. The BHA Blackhead Liquid can also help oily skin types to control the amount of sebum produced on the skin.

Being that it gently exfoliates your skin and helps to deep cleanse the pores at the same time, you can use the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid everyday, opposed to your physical/chemical scrubs that you can only use once or twice a week. It is also balanced with a pH of 4, to protect your acid mantle whilst providing you with a deep clean for the perfect skin texture and appearance.

This product judging by the description, tackles everything I need in life. Not only does it work to minimize the pores, but it also helps to keep the pores clean from impurities or blockages, in turn helping those who suffer from excess sebum production. It also helps to control and fight off signs of acne, whilst gently peeling away the dead skin for a more softer and brighter skin tone. Overall, the claims offer you less oil, better pores, no pimples, brighter skin AND improved skin texture all in one. Now I must say, who wouldn’t want that? BHA, being an acid type, obviously needs a pH low enough to function properly, so it’s nice to see that this product sits at a pH of 4, which is slightly acidic to work well with your skin. Each bottle comes with 100mL of product, which is the standard for most road store branded toners and exfoliants.

On that note, let’s take a look at the ingredients and see how well this little list fairs against our skin.

INGREDIENTS: Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Water, Butylene Glycol, Betaine Salicylate, Niacinamide, 1,2-Hexanediol, Arginine, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Hexanediol

Ingredients listed in bold have an acne reading of 1, and ingredients highlighted have a safety reading of 3. Since safety only measures the impact of how an ingredient will affect your skin with prolonged use over a VERY long duration of time, I don’t think it’s something really worthy of mentioning, considering so many other external factors are more likely to cause you harm than something that appears at the end of an ingredients list. Butylene Glycol, as I’ve mentioned in so many of my blogs, has an acne reading of 1 and acts as a solvent and moisturizer. This ingredient basically helps to prevent your skin from drying out, and is vital in a product like this BHA Power Liquid, since BHA tends to dry your skin out. I’d say the alarm is there only for those who suffer extreme cases of acne and may be alarmed by ingredients that show even the slightest probability of acne induction. As for normal people who usually don’t express acne, or someone like me who has only minor to moderate acne occasionally, this isn’t something to be wary about.

I’d say overall, the ingredients list is pretty darn good, and it’s nice to see there aren’t any artificial preservatives or artificial fragrances added to this product. I’d dare say that even a sensitive skin type person may be able to use this based on the ingredients list alone. COSRX uses 4% betain salicylate in the ingredients, which I personally find high, compared to other brands who use roughly 1 or 2% salicylic acid, so keep that in mind. Betaine salicylate is actually more gentler on the skin than salicylic acid is, which also makes it more easier to use for those with sensitive skin types. Also, note the first ingredient isn’t “water” or “aqua” but instead, it’s willow bark water. If you didn’t know, willow bark water has slight BHA properties in it as well, though compared to betaine salicylate, it isn’t worth the mention, other than the fact it replaces general water which usually ends up being a filler ingredient in most cosmetics.

DO NOT USE if you are allergic to betaine salicylate, or the other ingredients in the list. You also shouldn’t use if you incorporate any products that include retinoid (vitamin A) or vitamin C products as this will cause your skin to have severe irritations and backlash, and it’ll decrease the effects of both the vitamins and this BHA. Another note, if you’re allergic to aspirin, then I strongly suggest you visit a doctor or patch test before making a purchase of this product.

Unfortunately the camera couldn’t pick up on the liquid content inside the bottle, since the liquid is virtually clear toned as well. So far within the time of me trying out this product, I have used a little over half way down the black label (somewhere in between Power and Liquid).

For the packaging, the bottle is sleek; it’s see through and labelled black, with a clear cap and a black pump dispenser. Nothing screams out to me with the design, but being that COSRX is on the affordable side of the Korean skincare world, it doesn’t look nor feel cheap. The bottle itself is a sturdy plastic, meaning that if you’re a clutz like I am, you’re not going to damage the bottle if you accidentally drop it on the floor. Since the bottle is clear, you have a good indication as to when your liquid is running low, which is probably the best part of the whole design in my opinion.


As for the actual product inside, the liquid is clear and has the viscosity of water, only slightly thicker. It feels a tad oily upon application but absorbs almost immediately into the skin and leaves a sleek, but soft skin texture that isn’t too sticky, nor too dry. There is a very slight chemically scent present, but dissipates within minutes after application, and didn’t really bother me. I wouldn’t have noticed either way if I wasn’t sticking my nose into the liquid. I didn’t notice any irritations on my skin at all, unless I were to be too rough with my daily face shave and cause micro tears in the skin. Even then, the pain only lasts a few seconds before it completely disappears. The directions specifically state to apply with a cotton and as if you’re cleaning your skin, wipe against the skin texture in your toner/essence stage of skin care, and avoid the delicate eye areas. After application, be sure to use sunblock. I’ve read other reviews on this product, and the majority of people have also stated to use cotton pads, only if your hands start to peel; since this product is designed to remove dead skin. I’ve trialled this product for nearly a month now, and I’ve yet to see my hands shed, so I guess it depends on your skin and how your skin can tolerate it.

When I apply the BHA liquid, I generally tone first using a cleansing toner of some sort, otherwise I apply directly onto my skin right after washing. Using a cotton pad, I take a few pumps and I work my way up from my neck, then take another pump directly onto the finger tips and massage into my nose and porous areas of the skin. I then allow the product to work it’s magic in the space of a half hour wait. In this time, I generally sit around, watch a bit of Youtube or have a mug of coffee. The waiting game is the hardest part for me. The reason being, is that you need enough time for the product to fully absorb into the skin for the exfoliating to be at it’s most optimal, otherwise you run the risk of the product not working to it’s full potential, thus causing your skin to reject by producing blackheads or acne. After half an hour, I just go about my regular skin routine, making sure to have some form of SPF coverage, as BHA can cause your skin to sensitize, especially in direct sunlight.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog posts for a while, then you’d know that I’ve always mentioned that my pores have been small and I’ve never really had any trouble with blackheads whatsoever. Well, ever since using this product, I can now apologize to you all because, this bottle of liquid magic has tightened my pores even more than I could ever imagine, and has kept my skin so clean that I am most probably going to revise my entire outlook in life. This means that I can stop my Meiji Collagen intake since this BHA liquid can do everything the Meiji did for me, without the expense of $50 AUD per month. I could probably even replace my HG essences with this one product. (GOODBYE MISSHA FTE). On top of that, using for nearly a month, twice a day (surprised my skin could even tolerate it) has only reduced the amount of liquid by a teeny tiny bit, so I can verify that this bottle will last you a very long time.

Most reviews I’ve read on “cult favorite BHA products” found in the Western market often state that they dry your skin out like no tomorrow. I was half expecting it to be the same with this COSRX product, or at a level comparable to Clinique’s skincare products, but I was surprised to find that my skin never felt dry, but at the same time, my sebum levels in the skin actually reduced by a ten-fold throughout the day. I am even inclined to say that my excessive oily t-zone is slightly shifting to a more normal to oily skin type.

I’ve taken 3 tests to check my skin condition prior to using the Power Liquid to give you guys an average indication of what state my skin was. The average water content in my skin was 50.9% and sebum at 22.8%. Overall, my skin was well balanced.
After application, I retook the test 3 times. On average, my skin had a water content of 51.4% and a sebum reading of 23.1%.  That means, my skin increased in moisture by 0.5% and sebum by 0.3%. Overall, my skin stayed well balanced.

For price, one bottle at Style Story costs about $21.95 AUD, which, just like the Tosowoong Cleanser, is by far the cheapest toner/essence/exfoliator (whichever you want to categorize this product as, that is), I have used in my entire life. The cheapest toner I have had to date has cost me $22 AUD, the cheapest essence at $48 and the cheapest exfoliator at a hefty $55 AUD. Of course, the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid wins, and quite frankly, the effectiveness of this product compared to the three I mentioned put together, shits all over them all. Why wouldn’t you want to get your hands on this?

An extra bonus for you guys; if you shop at Style Story and use the coupon code ANTHONY15, then you can drop the price even more by 15%, which then makes the price sit at $18.65.


  • pH balanced at 4 on the pH scale, to work with your acid mantle barrier and your skin.
  • 100mL is a pretty decent amount per bottle
  • Being a BHA, it isn’t drying on the skin whatsoever, and only caused me irritations if I shave too carelessly on the day.
  • Slight smell that disappears really quickly.
  • Lasts quite a long time.
  • Makes skin really smooth, fights acne pretty well, brightens face complexion, clears pores from blackheads and tightens pores.
  • Very good ingredients list. The only concern was butylene glycol with an acne trigger of 1, which isn’t too bad as it’s more likely going to impact on the hydration levels of your skin more than it clogging your pores or aggravating acne.
  • There is no water/aqua in the ingredients list; it is replaced with willow bark water which has slight BHA properties to it, which is fitting for this product.


  • Being a BHA, you have to wait 20 to 30 minutes for the product to work at is optimal state before continuing with the rest of your skincare.
  • Since you’re supposed to wear SPF every single day anyway, it’s not really a con, but you’re encouraged to wear SPF daily since BHA can make your skin more sensitized to UV rays and sun damage.


PRICE ★★★★★

★☆☆☆☆ – I want all my time wasted and all my money back for this crap. If I could turn back time and tell my past self not to use this, then I would without a single doubt. If I find this in my collection or if someone gave it to me, I’ll set it on fire and pray to the All Maker to repent for using such a terrible product.

★★☆☆☆ – It’s pretty bad and I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anybody, but it’s nice to give it a go for myself. I’ll only use it if it was given to me for free and I’m severely desperate.

★★★☆☆ – It’s nice but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get another one for myself. Maybe if it was on special then I’d consider buying it, otherwise there are better products that I like a lot more than this.

★★★★☆ – It’s quite good and I would repurchase definitely. It’s not a staple yet, but if I can’t find anything better, then I’ll happily stick to this product.


Now that you know what the stars mean, you can figure out what I mean by my personal ratings.

VERDICT: For me to turn around and say that I did notice a change in my pores, and the cleanliness of my pores went from what I thought to be extremely clean, to unbelievable changes, this definitely can’t receive a rating other than HG. There really isn’t anything else I can say other than for you all to go and purchase it online for yourselves before it’s sold out in every single retail store near you AND online.

Have you been sleeping on BHA products? Are you now intrigued by them and want to give them a shot? Or maybe you’ve used this product before, or have a different BHA that you’ve totally fallen in love with. Let me know down in the comments below what you think of the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid by COSRX. DOn’t forget to like this review, share with your friends and family and don’t forget to add my SNS sites down below for extra content and everyday life.

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