Goodbye to Beauty – Memoirs of a Beauty Advising Life


Since I’m probably never going to talk about it, let’s type up a history of what has happened to me since relinquishing my position as a beauty advisor for a Perth Asian Beauty store.

How do I say this without getting myself into trouble? Hmm…

Well, for starters, I no longer work as a skincare shop assistant anymore. Basically, to make it easier for people to understand what I’m trying to say is, I would LOVE to continue working to sell skincare and share my passion with people. I haven’t really been talking to anybody about it really, but I do know that a lot of you Aussie readers here are indeed, based in Perth, and you guys do come into the store quite often. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see me there looking out of the window, or “quietly” singing along to the music that is always on blast every Thursday. It’s time for me to move along and see where the next path takes me.

Oh, but that doesn’t mean anything really, since I’ll continue to take your messages and comments and try to help you as much as I can, whether I’m physically there or not. Hence why I always leave my SNS down below so that if you’re ever in a bind and you need some good ol’ truth to go along with your skincare or makeup purchases. It just means, that I won’t be able to see you in person and share the emotions with you. I guess, in a way it will make people so much more happier that I’m gone, because lowkey there are people that come in occasionally, who I’ve sort of angered and they really hate me. OOPS!

I guess this is where I start to share with you my memories and my thoughts on the whole thing.

Where do I see myself in the future? Well, honest to the All Maker, I have no idea whatsoever. See, I really only started my skincare journey to tackle my acne, and when my friend at the time, told me to go and apply as a beauty advisor in an Asian beauty store, that’s when my journey took me to a whole new realm, discovering more and more, and learning as I go. Now that this route is a no go for me, there really isn’t anything else that I can do other than to do exactly what I was doing before any of this happened, and that is to document all of my beauty finds here on this humble little blog.

I guess if there was anything to be thankful for, it is that I made a few good friends throughout this journey. One has left for Indonesia, where she will extend her VISA in order to come back here to Australia. Another, has gone to focus on her college, working part time to help support herself, and reacquaint with her new home. The last friend, she doesn’t know what to do anymore, but has packed up and left the “cozy” little family and wants to rediscover happiness once more. No matter our paths, I know that they’re only a phone call away, and if I call them, I know they WON’T PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE BECAUSE I HAVE TERRIBLE TIMING AND MY STUPID ASS WANNA CALL THEM WHENEVER THEY ARE BUSY.

Will I be reminiscent of these past two years? Of course I will. I met so many people working in skincare; L, who I mentioned in my blog AGES ago. We don’t talk anymore but when we did, the memories were fun and it was nice just sitting around and talking, or dropping coffee off to her at school. Grace, the both of them. One of the Graces’ is a girl who I believe is 3 years older than me, and she is a party animal. We don’t talk much but she’s really pretty and she used to tell me to go out to the club with her. The other Grace is a woman who LOVES to talk. Beauty, life, everything really. Whenever I want to talk (which is rarely TBH) I will message her and the few odd messages back and forth will usually turn into a 3 hour phone call. Claire, oh my lord she is soooooooo fun to be with. The first time I ever went out with her, we were in a club and we danced like little thotties to Jay Park and KARD. The night was young and the drinks were so expensive, but so good. I saw me some fine ass people that night, but I swear if I wasn’t working that night, I could have looked nicer. Instead I clubbed in my work outfit. If only I could stay with longer that night.

Of course, with meeting your share of nice people, you meet complete assholes. I remember this one customer who always had a lot of money, and came in to buy THOUSANDS of dollars worth of product. Well she was really good with me for such a long time, until she mistakenly misplaced a product and called me up on the phone. I think within the space of 30 minutes, she spent cursing me and telling me to go to hell, because I apparently stole her bottle of toner. Yes, me trying to sell you things yet stealing from you… makes total sense. At the end of the day, she realized it was her own damn fault and she apologized deeply, in order to demand uncalled for discounts on everything she purchased because the prices were too high for her liking.

Oh, I can’t forget the day this customer refused my service because I wasn’t a girl, nor was I straight. See, I went to offer this young girl some advice on this particular skincare item she was staring at for quite awhile. I immediately approached her and she takes one good look at me and says “I don’t like to be served by stupid faggots” and walks to the other side of the room. Mind you, she also tried to avoid speaking to me in English, because my coworker was able to speak her preferred language, Mandarin. Anywho, basically, I remember she asked my coworker to help her translate everything for her since the bottle was in Japanese, and she couldn’t read it. What was funny, was that my coworker couldn’t read Japanese either, so she took a quick look and called me over. This customer literally looked like she was disgusted from then on, and I stood there for a good minute just reading the packaging and looked back up at her. Since her facial expression was terrible, I turned to my coworker and pretty much told her to translate everything I was about to say, into Chinese since she wanted to avoid talking to me at all costs.

I began with “If you want my help, I would like an apology for your rude comment you made earlier on first,” which not only baffled the customer, but also my coworker. She told me to show a little bit of respect for the customer since the customer “is always right”. Whoever made that rule up needs a good smack across the head, because the customer isn’t always right in every single situation. Anyway, I told my coworker that if she wanted my help, she was to tell this customer EXACTLY what I said. She denied since she didn’t want to be on bad terms with this customer. I knew that would happen, so I took the liberty of pre-translating in my mind for this customer so I told her, directly in Mandarin, “I want an apology.”

The customer looked shocked and said, “An apology for what, faggot?” and being my usual self, replied back with “An apology for calling me a faggot, for being so damn rude and for having that ugly ass facial expression the moment I was called over to help you decipher this Japanese, that I’m NOT going to be helping you with.”

BOY she walked out of the store so fast, and I’m pretty sure she made a complaint about me because the next few weeks, I got a warning for being rude and unprofessional. WELL THEN!

The best memories of all would be the group dinners we had back in the day. My first ever dinner was hosted at my house where I made a hot pot soup and had my coworkers come over to eat and be merry. Let’s just say that I realized a lot of things that night. One of those thoughts being that you shouldn’t mix champagne, cider, moscato, beer AND whiskey together AT ALL because you will end up with a severe hangover and you will be drowning in your own vomit. Another thing is to not invite people over to your house if they don’t know how to use their inside voice at 1am in the morning.

The second dinner was enjoyable, as we had it at someone else’s house. We spend the whole day shopping for ingredients, then preparing the hot pot (what a surprise) in the space of 10 minutes. Thank the All Maker than instant hot pot soup exists, though I strongly suggest you prepare the soup from scratch if you want your broth to be full of flavor. We ended up talking the entire night about crap and how we’re all so unhappy with our love lives. I didn’t drink that day, but gave myself a killer stomach ache from eating a whole bowl of chili.

The last dinner I can remember, we actually ate out. Nene Chicken in Victoria Park to be exact. We were welcoming a new member to the team; another guy and it was my first time to ever meet him properly. We ended up spending a good $100 on fried chicken and drinks, which was totally worth it; that was until I got so wasted I couldn’t even sit down properly. I think we left at about 10 o’clock and going into work the next day, I was told that I was really quiet and I threw up everywhere. I must’ve drunk that much for me not to remember anything after 7pm, because I found out so much shit the next day from al my coworkers. Apparently, my mouth is so unfiltered when I’m drunk, and I literally spit the truth if you were to ask me something.

Ah, the memories. All I can say, is that for the past two years, it has been one hell of an adventure, and it’s sad to have to pack up and leave. However, there always is an end to everything, but for now, here’s me closing the doors on a world of sales and opening up the door back into the blogging world once more.

As per usual, like this post if it was your cup of tea, share with your friends and family, and don’t forget to comment on any of your thoughts if you have ever met me, if you still visit the store, or if you want to hear other stories that have happened in my life.

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