[ REVIEW ] TOSOWOONG Enzyme Powder Wash

Wait… Washing your face with powder? That’s right! Washing your face with powder isn’t a new thing for us Asian beauty lovers, but for some, it’s out of this world. I’m talking the infamous Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash, which I’m definitely sure you guys have heard of multiple times. It’s not only a cult product in the blogging world, but in the Asian beauty world as well, and I can definitely see why so many people love it so. However, keep in mind that this writer has very troublesome skin. I suffer from a combination/dehydrated skin type (oily in the T and dry in the U), is prone to acne and has sensitivity generally around the nose and chin. How will a powdered wash that closely resembles something you use in your laundry, work for my troublesome skin? Keep on reading to find out.

****side note: this review is indeed sponsored and I will be providing a discount code for you guys, but as any other review I make in this blog, all comments are made up of my own thoughts and feelings and in no way am I changing up anything to glorify or bash this product to see fit, unless that is truly how I feel.  I also want to note that being a sponsored post, I will NOT be making any profits from any sales towards any of these products. If you feel uncomfortable making a purchase from this post, then feel free to shop elsewhere. Otherwise, the complementary code I will be giving you guys are free for your use. OK ONTO THE REVIEW!


What is Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash?

A powerful powder-to-foaming cleanser that washes away deep-seated dirt and impurities, revealing clearer, more moisturized skin. Enriched with Vitamin E, it also leaves skin feeling soft and fresh with a flawless finish.

Free from silicones, alcohol, formaldehyde, coal tar, talc, mineral oil, peg, phthalates, formaldehyde-releasers, dye, mit, parabens, tea, triclosan, propylene glycol AND has a ph level of 5.5, it’ll keep your skin soft, moisturized and balanced.

Not only are the claims impressive, the powder comes in a whopping 70g worth of product. I don’t know about you, but compared to other cleansers, you’re looking at a very LARGE amount and a lot of uses. A pH level of 5.5 means that it is well balanced for virtually all skin types and will work well to not only cleanse the skin, but protect the acid mantle from any damages. The description strongly emphasizes that it is free from so many bad ingredients, which gives you the impression that the cleanser will be packed with only good right? Let’s examine the ingredients list now.

INGREDIENTS: Corn Starch, Sodium Lauroyl Aspartate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Palmitate, Badger Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Papain (140 mg), Maltodextrin, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Titanium Dioxide, Alcohol Denat., Phenoxyethanol, 1, 2-Hexanediol, Perfume

OK so this list of ingredients, I can say isn’t the best mix for your skin. The ingredients that are in BOLD writing have an acne/irritation alarm, and ingredients HIGHLIGHTED in color show a safety rating alarm. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) according to COSDNA, has an acne rating of 5, which raises alarms for my skin since I am very prone to small bumps and pimples. Papain  shows an irritation level between 0 to 3 and Alcohol Denat show an irritation level of 5. The ingredients in the light orange have a safety reading of 3 whereas those in the dark orange have a rating of 4. Now, with safety, it only raises an alarm as there is a possible chance there might be skin damages from using these ingredients, and basically comes to how your skin tolerates them, and of course, personal discretion.

I’m a little upset that this wash contains titanium dioxide, as this ingredient is commonly used in physical sunblock to protect the skin from UV rays and isn’t the most kindest to the skin if left there. Also, there seems to be an equal amount of “safe” ingredients to those that raises some sort of alarm, which is a bit disappointing. HOWEVER, and I want to strongly emphasize that, though the ingredients list seems absolutely shit, we have to remember that some of these ingredients (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Alcohol Denat in particular) work by stripping the skin IF the cleanser is sitting at a pH too high for our acid mantle to tolerate. With a pH of 5.5, these “nasty” ingredients aren’t as effective as they are made out to be and instead, are more likely to work only as a solvent or surfactant to clean the skin.

That said, I’d only really advise someone to not use this product if your skin literally can not tolerate SLS, alcohol denat and the other various ingredients. If your main concern for avoiding using this cleanser because the ingredients are stripping of moisture, then you have nothing to worry about.


Over to the packaging now, the bottle is quite large and made of sturdy plastic. The nozzle where the powder comes out from is covered with a blocker, to prevent powder from pouring out everywhere, and can be discarded if you like (which is what I did). Utilizing a flip top cap, you can protect the powder from contact with water to prevent product wastage. The actual opening for the powder is positioned in the middle, which is so convenient because it means only the powder in the cap comes out from the opening and not the entire powder. You can seriously control how much actually comes out from the bottle that way. Though, I find the packaging really nice, the only downfall is that you can’t see how much powder you have left inside, unless you give it a shake and judge from the sound/weight of the bottle. Everything else seems really good. Oh, people have mentioned that the wash is travel friendly because it comes in dry form, and I’d like to say that it is, though compared to the Suisai powder wash from Kanebo, yeah I think you’d all agree that the Tosowoong in comparison to that brand, Kanebo wins. Nonetheless, carrying your Tosowoong in your luggage bag isn’t going to cause you trouble at all.

The spout tip allows the powder to come out freely into the cap part of the packaging, whilst the dish carries all the powder that has been shaken out from the spout. If you kept your nozzle blocker, then you can remove and attach as needed, and is a useful addition to the design of this packaging that allows the product to be travel friendly.
The cap is a screw on which makes it really easy to adjust and open the product for the first time. This also means that the cap will be secure in place and you won’t be accidentally spilling all your product everywhere.
If you look at the opening, it sort of resembles a smiley face mouth shape.
So of course, I had to edit in some eyes.

For the actual product itself, the powder seriously looks like something you’d use in your laundry. No joke, even the granules feel like it and smell so as well. Don’t mistake this for laundry powder! I usually take a small amount (and by small, I mean slightly less that the portion you get with the Suisai powder, which is roughly 0.4g) into my hands and add a few drops of water to form a lather. Whipping the powder into the water creates a thick marshmallow like foam that you can apply to your damp skin and cleanse like usual. Another alternative to using this powder is to leave a few teeny tiny granules in your foam and work it into the skin like an exfoliating scrub to remove the excess dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin. Either way, the foam very gently cleanses your face and gives you micro exfoliation each and every time you use it. This also means you’re gently exfoliating your skin twice a day, if you choose to use the Tosowoong wash morning and night.

The granules feel very solid when in dry form and strongly resembles laundry powder on texture, size and scent.
When adding water, you only need a tiny amount to just dampen the soil to create your foam. It’s up to you whether you want to completely dissolve the powder into a foam, or leave a few granules in solid form to act as a foam type physical scrub.

Rinsing the face, I can immediately tell my skin becomes more brightened and so much more smoother in texture, and the most important, NOWHERE near dry. My skin is as soft and well nourished as ever, and I actually think I’ve found myself a new HG cleanser. I’m yet to experience an irritation, nor have I broken out from using it thus far. Most people usually use and review skincare after a month of trial, but I can already say that I am beyond impressed with this little powder using it in such a short time. I want to note that it works exceptionally well as a day cleanser, but as a night cleanser, it is gentle and though it actually cleanses your skin very well, I would prefer something a little more “heavy duty” feeling IF I am wearing heavy makeup on that day. For days like that, I would opt for my April Skin Magic Stone in grey, which you can read a review on here.

This might be a little bit unnecessary but I wanted to measure out my skin before washing my face. Since I wanted to be a little bit more accurate, I took three tests before washing my face to give you an average score on the condition of my skin. Prior to washing, my skin had an average water content of 33.6% and an average sebum content of 15.1%. Overall, the skin was imbalanced.
Just like the previous test, I once again took three tests to give you an average score reading of my skin after washing my face. On average, my skin had a water content of 56.8% and a sebum reading of 25.5%. That means my skin increased in moisture levels by 23.2% and sebum by 10.4%. Overall, the skin is balanced.

The price of this is incredibly cheap. Let’s go back to the Suisai powder again for comparison. For 15 pieces of Suisai, it can cost you around $20 AUD and for a 32 piece pack, you’re looking at $35. Usage for the Suisai is strict, in the sense that one individually wrapped piece can only be used one time, so 32 pieces will only last you 16 days AT MAX. The Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash on the other hand? One bottle is $15.95 and shopping with Style Story, you can get three bottles, where the 3rd bottle is half price, sitting at $23.90. If we do a little bit of maths here, then three bottles of the Tosowoong sits at $55.80 AUD. If you want to get the Suisai powder for a similar price, then you’re looking at buying one pack of 32 pieces, and one pack of 15 pieces. That gives you a total of $52 spent, and only a measly 47 washes, whereas the Tosowoong can easily exceed 3 months per bottle, and on average, 9 months with 3 bottles? If that isn’t a bargain than I don’t know what is.

If that isn’t clear enough for you, then the cheapest ASIAN beauty face cleanser I have ever used in my life (ETUDE HOUSE BAKING POWDER SOMETHING WASH THING), sits at $18 AUD and lasts the same amount of time of usage, and frankly the Tosowoong is even cheaper than that. If you really wanted to, you could even stretch the powder distribution out to your own discretion and get even more uses out of it than the 3 months.

An extra bonus for you guys; if you shop at Style Story and use the coupon code ANTHONY15, then you can drop the price even more by 15%, which then makes the price sit at $13.55.


  • pH balanced at 5.5, which is perfect for your skin.
  • Dry formula means you can transform a foam cleanser to a foam exfoliant with ease. The fact that the standout ingredient is Papaya, the cleanser naturally exfoliates your skin when used normally anyway.
  • Dry formula also means that it is fairly travel friendly and won’t cause you too much of a problem. If you’re comparing it to the Suisai however, then you will be disappointed, but otherwise, it’s really good in that aspect.
  • Gives your skin a strong brightening effect without stripping it from moisture or giving you that tight squeaky feeling.
  • So incredibly cheap, even without my special discount code you can use at Style Story. For a cleanser to sit at only $15.95 per bottle and $55.80 for three, it’s by far the most cheapest cleanser I’ve seen in the AB buyers market, in forever.
  • Gave me no irritations whatsoever, and didn’t break me out.
  • Gives me washing powder nostalgia; I love the scent of laundry detergents, and I love sniffing laundry so I instantly fell in love with this fragrance. Probably might be a con for you guys.


  • Ingredients list will definitely raise eyebrows, but it’s not going to affect the final outcome of usage. You still will get really nice skin that feels soft, bouncy and looks refreshed and brighter.
  • I’d actually say it works exceptionally well as a day cleanser, but for heavy makeup users, I would prefer something a little more heavy duty. Don’t get this wrong though, because this DOES clean your pores after makeup very well; I think it’s more just my personal preference.


PRICE ★★★★★

★☆☆☆☆ – I want all my time wasted and all my money back for this crap. If I could turn back time and tell my past self not to use this, then I would without a single doubt. If I find this in my collection or if someone gave it to me, I’ll set it on fire and pray to the All Maker to repent for using such a terrible product.

★★☆☆☆ – It’s pretty bad and I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anybody, but it’s nice to give it a go for myself. I’ll only use it if it was given to me for free and I’m severely desperate.

★★★☆☆ – It’s nice but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get another one for myself. Maybe if it was on special then I’d consider buying it, otherwise there are better products that I like a lot more than this.

★★★★☆ – It’s quite good and I would repurchase definitely. It’s not a staple yet, but if I can’t find anything better, then I’ll happily stick to this product.


Now that you know what the stars mean, you can figure out what I mean by my personal ratings.

VERDICT: It’s HG. Need I really say more? The Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash is perfect for day time use, and even night use. Though it doesn’t feel like your skin is clean from anything after washing your face with this, visible results will definitely speak for itself. I can’t believe I have been sleeping on this product for so damn long!

Have you used the Tosowoong Enzyme Powder before? What are your thoughts on it? Looking to make a purchase after reading this post? Let me know how you’re going as well, because I’d love to hear your experiences too. Is powder your thing, or is it a weird experience that you’re not budging to try? Don’t forget to check out Style Story and browse their online store, because they’re offering 15% off purchases using ANTHONY15 as the discount code. Don’t forget to like this post if you found it interesting, share with your friends and family, and stay tuned for the next blog update.

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