Too drunk to clean – The morning after skincare routine

I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have been in this situation before; going out to drink and going past the point of sanity and control, allowing your inhibitions to fully take over your mind and soul. I’m pretty sure you’ve also gone home and fallen asleep straight away, waking up in horror to find out you forgot to remove your makeup, or you did such a bad job washing that your skin ends up looking horrid the morning after. I’ve had my fair shares of hitting the sack with a full face of makeup on, contacts still in my eyes and vomit stained clothing worn to bed, so I definitely know the struggles of trying to make yourself look decent the next day. I wanted to share my guide to how to turn yourself from zombie to potato, because as I’m typing this post, I’m in this state and trying to utilize this time to the best of my abilities. I don’t know, maybe this little guide might help you one day.

First things first, treat the morning after as if you’re cleaning yourself up at the end of the night. Whether you managed to remove your makeup successfully or not, there may be a risk of not cleaning your skin effectively, especially if you have had a few drinks too many. I always start off by removing all of my clothing, and with clean hands, apply a heavy duty cleansing oil to my skin (I used the DHC Cleansing Oil, enriched with olive extract), making sure I target the porous areas of my skin by massaging in circles to lift the makeup, dirt and sebum away. Hop in the shower and gently wet your face enough to allow the oil to emulsify and further massage your face for a minute before washing it all off.

You’re already in the shower which kills two birds with one stone, so take the time to wash your hair and body, taking extra care to lather up around areas you may have gotten vomit onto. Nobody likes a person who smells like puke. It’s honestly up to you whether you want to wash your face while showering as well, but I prefer to wash after I’ve gotten out of the shower, since I shave every morning, and prefer to shave before I cleanse my skin.

Now, remember I mentioned to treat your skin like it’s night time, so take a cleanser that cleanses a little better than your general morning wash (I use the white April Skin soap for it’s strong detoxing effects and pore management skills) and effectively wash away all of the uglies, making sure to target the pores and areas of concern. At least, by doing this, you’re making sure your skin is definitely free of built up makeup in the pores.

You’d think to use a clay mask or a detoxing mask right after, but you have to keep in consideration your skin may be dehydrated from all the drinking you had, so try and avoid any masks that may further dry out your skin. You’ve already used an oil and a strong cleanser so don’t make your skin even more parched than it already is. Instead, try and introduce moisture back into your lifeless face and tackle the deep cleans in the evening. For now, take a super hydrating toner (I used the History of Whoo Soo Yeon skin since it’s purely based on hydration) and with a cotton pad, gently wipe against the skin texture in an upwards motion to prep the skin for skincare and condition the skin texture from any damages.

I forgot what brand the DIY masks are, but you can find them in most Asian beauty outlets, stores like Daiso (or Miyu if you live in Perth) and other Asian small ware stores.

Now, this is where the skincare actually starts. Rather than a sheet mask you can by at any road shop store, make your own using a DIY mask pack. Here, I took a single piece of condensed mask and a hydration based essence (I used the IOPE Bio Essence because I ran out of the Missha FTE and had this on hand instead, since it works similar anyway). These masks are a great way to save money, and they’re so convenient to use, especially if you have too much toners, or your toner is about to expire. Take your mask and completely soak it in your essence. It will expand and elongate, almost looking like a miniature tape worm, and at that point, you can unravel it to reveal a full faced sheet mask. Apply the mask to your skin for a 5 to 10 minute mask pack that works just like a normal sheet mask. The reason I personally do this instead of using a regular sheet mask, is simply that the DIY mask keeps your skin feeling light but hydrated, whereas regular sheet masks tends to contain thick essences on your skin which may leave your skin too heavy feeling. The morning after a drinking night, your body tends to feel heavy and weak, so rather than making your face feel the same way, keep things light so at least your skin isn’t feeling fatigued either.

Excuse my choppy ass nails.
On God I am so ugly. As you can see, this mask has a TERRIBLE fit and the sheet itself, the image shows you just how thick the paper is. But, being a DIY mask you really can’t (and shouldn’t) expect much at all if you’re fussy about the cutting and paper like me. Oh, and do you see the skin tone difference between my face and my neck?

Take your DIY sheet mask a step further if necessary; I drowned my face in mist (I used the Avene Thermal Spring Water; I had it in the bathroom but it’s literally just a can of pure water) and applied a thin layer of a light gel cream (I used the Naturie Conditioning Gel because it contains coix seed which is known for deep nourishment and moisturizing capabilities) on top of the mask to add extra hydration and allow my skin to drink up the gel cream slowly. This makes your sheet mask a little more saturated, again, without the super heavy feeling. Oh, forgot to mention, keep in mind the DIY mask material isn’t the best, nor does it have a nice fit at all. In fact, you’ll probably hate the material just as much as I do, yet it’s so much more simple than using a regular mask, and you’re cutting the usage time by almost, if not, half.

Any gel will do honestly, but I love the Naturie Conditioning Gel simply for the fact that it provides more hydration than the Aloe Vera Gel that I previously used, and this has brightening effects that can help to fight the signs of hyper pigmentation in the skin.

Now that you have the treatment done, you can go a little ham with the hydrating products. I tried keeping the skincare as simple as possible but maximizing the hydrating capabilities. First, apply a pea sized amount of serum to the driest parts of the face (I targeted my cheeks and under eyes with the History of Whoo Ja Saeng essence) using less than half a pump. Pat to absorb using the middle and ring fingers. Next, apply 3 to 5 drops of facial oil to the finger pads of your hands (I used the Innisfree Green Tea oil) and gently pat into the skin, again, focusing more on the dehydrated parts of your face. This combination works really well to replace the eye cream stage in your skin care, as eye creams tend to be heavy. If you’re an avid contact wearer, or your eyes just feel too heavy, this really helps to replenish the lost hydration without the heaviness that your regular eye cream may give you.

Honestly at this point, you can pick and choose what skincare you want to use, or your skin is crying for. This is just to show you some of the products I used today to fight of the signs of ugly from a night out drinking at the club.

Lastly is the final hydration stage. It’s honestly up to you whether your skin needs a lotion, a cream, a mist or all three. I used just a lotion (The History of Whoo In Yang Lotion) and mist (STYLENANDA 3CE Glossing Face Mist) for the entirety of my face, and a cream (History of Whoo Secret Court Cream) only on my neck to bump up the hydration levels, and give my skin a little bit of dewiness.

With skincare done, some of you might have to go out in the morning, or have a hectic schedule to complete by the end of the day. I have this problem where I enjoy drinking the day before I have work, a function or just something on in particular. So in saying that, after my skincare, I have to have something that makes my skin appear less zombie like and at the very least, potato like, but avoid using makeup. I’ve been loving this skincare powder from Club Yuagari which contains hyaluronic acid and collagen and applying it after my general skincare to lift the appearance of the skin. Unlike regular powders, you can wear this alone on top of your skincare and fall asleep in it without the risk of skin irritations, or implement it into makeup as a regular powder if you choose to.

My powder casing looks so terrible that I had to borrow the work tester to take this photo. Show of hands from the people who don’t care about their products and ends up with faded packaging, or dirty/smeared packaging. I know I’m not the only one!!

The powder itself, is finely compressed and applies to your skin white. It doesn’t leave your skin with a white cast with flash photography if used in an appropriate manner, and makes your skin naturally brighter. The powder comes in three scents; pastel rose (which I own), orange blossom and white flora. I bought my skincare powder from Cosmehut in Carousel for $35 AUD.

This photo, you can find on my Instagram, where I posted it there as well. Literally this is my bare face with just the powder on, and my eyebrows recovering from a failed tint. My friend said I look like a girl that I know, which made me feel both, happy and sad. Happy that I look like someone pretty, but sad that I’m not pretty enough to have my own identity as labelled “pretty”

I have a feeling that someone will ask me why I went out drinking, and in a hungover state, why I’m typing up a blog post. Well, Perth had it’s very first KPOP event and I really wanted to go (not only do I like KPOP, but I haven’t been out in a VERY long time and who knows when another KPOP event will happen here). Now, at the club (yes the event was held at a club, and a small one at that) there were lots of people and when there are too many people, momma has to have a few drinks to calm the heart because there were many fINE ASS BOYS THERE, but going with my friend, I guess I had a sense of responsibility and so I was successfully able to leave in one piece, and not drunk. So after the event, the both of us went back to her house, and since it was only 1am, I decided to go back out on my lonesome and play around a bit, got myself shit faced and here I am now, trying to utilize this time with something productive and this blog post is pretty much the end result.

If you too have any beauty tips and tricks to help your skin after a long night of drinking, please share them all below. This little guide is just a routine that I personally follow each and every time, and has not let me down yet. If there are any other KPOP events coming around in Perth, know that I will most likely be there and yes, you may see me being ugly, in a drunk state, or both. Be warned.

******ps I’m not going to GOT7 in Perth, sorry. I don’t think I will have time, since the concert falls on the day I have something planned from a whole 2 months ago. If you guys are going, please let me know how the concert was, and take lots of photos of Junior, Mark and Jackson for me please โค

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