The Questions Thread – Common Questions Answered

Steering away from my usual AB posts  make occasionally, I actually saw this on twitter by a person who goes by the twitter name @sgabrielle_ (go check her out) and I really wanted to answer these questions since some of these are random FAQ’s that people often ask me; as unnecessary as they are, why not? I’m happy to let you guys know a little bit about myself and show you who the writer behind The Beauty Aesthetics really is. FYI this post may be a tad long, so if you follow through to the end, then props to you. Honestly, check out the questions that @sgabrielle_ tweeted on her twitter page and give her a follow while you’re there.

What’s your name?

My name is Anthony.

Got a nickname? If so, what is it?

My friend and old manager gave me this nickname because it was something she used to be referred to, but seemed to fit me a lot better.

My nickname is Fanny.

Favourite Color?

I really love beige, muted brick shades and yellows. I also like pastel blues, pinks and soft lilacs. If you consider black and white a color (although all artists would totally disagree and say they’re shades) I really love black and white. Monochromatic is something I really love.

Is your twitter (or SNS) on night mode?

I find that I’m not a huge user of SNS anymore, and I generally only go on whenever I feel like. Although, I do often check messages, emails and whatnot on the daily.

Favourite emojis?

I don’t use emojis at all to be honest. I prefer to just express emotions through words.

Single, taken, talking, wasting peope’s time, or you don’t know WTF is going on?

I would say I’ve been talking to people for the longest; IDK 3 years, but I’m not in a relationship at all. I guess I’ve been single since my last break up in 2014.

If single, how long?

As above.

Thoughts on LGBT?

If you don’t like it, then that’s fine. Nobody should be forcing to you like something you can’t bring yourself to accepting. However, that does not give you the right to mock, criticize or in any manner, degrade or judge someone based on how they identify or describe their sexuality. That goes for the opposite as well; no LGBT member should force their beliefs on another person just because you personally think it’s right.

5 words to describe your personality?

Cold but has a heart.

To expand, I do have a very strong and harsh personality, but I genuinely do have feelings and care. I just don’t show it very well, or am unable to really express my inner most feelings.

Is sex important in a relationship to you?

I wouldn’t say that sex is one of the foundations to a relationship though; I can go without sex for a very long time without the need to want more, so I’d say it isn’t as important. Given my past as well, I’m not one to be open to having sex, especially with random people, and most importantly, someone who I couldn’t trust fully.

Favourite restaurants?

I live in Perth; we have this revolving restaurant called C restaurant and it’s pretty darn nice. It has really decent food, but the price is up there. If anything, my utter most favourite place to eat would have to be the pho shop in East Perth, called Tra Vinh (which I believe my old school colleague’s aunt used to own).

Thoughts on abortion?

This is tough, since I personally think that all life, no matter if it is born or not, should be cherished with your heart in any circumstance. But at the same time, I completely understand those who want to abort, because if they truly think that they aren’t physically, financially or mentally capable to look after the life of a child, then they should have the right to abort if need be. Then again, there are heaps of people looking to adopt, so I feel that abortion should only be a last result, if there is virtually no other way to bring the child to the world.

What’s your relationship with your parents?

Hmm, well I’m a nuisance to them just as they are a nuisance to me HAHAHAHA.

Nah, I love my parents and I know they love me just as much back, even though we do NOT show each other at all.

What age did you lose your virginity?

Well it really depends. The moment my virginity was stolen off me, I was 14 years old. The time I actually gave it away with my full consent, I reckon I was 17, just shy of 18? Honestly, I can’t remember.

Do you want kids? If so, what age do you want them? If not, why?

I do want children, but I want children of my own flesh and blood. Sort of difficult, being that I’m attracted to my own gender hmmmmmm……

I want one boy and one girl (just like every other person in this damned world) and I would really like to have them by 25 years old, which is two years from now oh my god. See, my dream was to be settled by the age of 25 but clearly this isn’t going to work for me so I think I’ma need to wait till I’m like, 30 before anything happens.

What’s your middle name?

Actually, I wasn’t born with a middle name so I don’t have one.

What do you use more, snapchat or twitter?

I use both equally; ie never. HAHAHAHA if anything, snapchat whenever I’m feeling a little whore-y and I want to use the dog filter.

Favourite cartoon?

I grew up watching Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura, so those two are my favourite shows of all time. In fact, I have both on DVD and watch it quite regularly.

Heck, I even got Sailor Moon in live action, on DVD as well, that’s how much I am a Sailor Moon fan.

How old are you?

Too damn old.

When’s your birthday and what’s your zodiac sign?

I was born in August, and my zodiac sign is Leo/Wood aligned dog.

Do you wear glasses?

On days off, or when my eyes are tired, I do. Otherwise I wear contacts. My prescription is -2.25 on both sides.

What would be your dream date in your opinion?

My dream date is set in an amusement park from the afternoon, where we go on rides that I don’t like and I cry because I’m terrified of heights, scary things, people, everything in general. My date notices and calms me down by trying to make me laugh doing something stupid or ridiculous and we share a cotton candy and an ice cream. Then we have a picnic under a shady tree and talk for a bit before I fall asleep, waking up with my date watching over me because I look cute and then we go home all shy and awkward because we’re little cute fluff balls who don’t know what the hell we are doing.


Miss anyone?

Multiple people. If I listed them all, this post would well excess 10000 words and I’m not prepared to have you guys read a page of names.

How many siblings do you have?

3; two brothers and a sister.

Favourite sports team?

I don’t watch sports really, but I like the Korean volleyball team that played in the olympics. Not for their performance, but for the characters that they are. Each member truly cares for one another and do everything for each other to jump over any hurdles that stand in their way; professionally and personally. They almost act like a family.

In your opinion, what’s wrong with this generation?

The respect has gone; what ever happened to showing respect for everyone, no matter who they are? Why do the kids these days feel that their lives revolve around themselves, and that everyone has to bend over backwards to appease them all, just so they can walk all over you. It’s terrible and the kids of today’s age need to wake TF up and realize that they’re gong to be leading a generation of their own soon, and need to be a good example for the future.

Thoughts on Donald Trump?

As a business man, he’s very smart at drawing attention to himself for publicity. People always have something to say about him, whether it be bad or good (mostly bad) and from a business point of view, it’s a very good stunt to pull to grab the eyes of the public. As a politician and a person, he’s not someone I can put my life in the hands of. If shutting out a race from your country in order to “restore the old America” is something you think is correct, then you need to step down from power and realize that America is a country that should embrace multiculturalism, and a nation that thrives off the differences in individuals. I fear that with the wrong PM elected in Australia, we too may end up becoming like the America that is slowing coming into being, and I honestly do not want that. If living in a country brings you more fear and isolation than it does freedom and joy, then you’re not really in a good country, now are you?

How is 2017 treating you?

I lost 3 close friends, 2 people had to fly out of the country to obtain their VISA because Australia makes it hard to stay here, and I’ve more than failed so many examinations that I’m beginning to wonder if I even have a place here on this planet anymore.

Pet peeves?

I hate people burping in front of me, or near me. If you need to burp, that’s fine. I don’t condone burping, but just not near me. Also, people who think I prefer to speak NOT in english, when I am fully capable of communicating in the english language.

Can you call this a pet peeve? People who use the word “nigga” without the full realization that this word, even though is spelt differently, can be offensive to some and shouldn’t be used if you aren’t a POC. Here in Australia, there are a lot of children who think it’s ok to use the word whenever they want, and quite frankly, we don’t have the POC community here to stop these people from using these words.

Do you have a favourite or lucky number?

I think every single Asian in the planet loves the number 8, because it is believed that the number 8 draws in good luck and forces bad luck out of your life.

That said, I like the number 6.

Are you employed anywhere? If so, where?

All my readers know that I’m currently employed at Cosmehut in the Carousel branch, where I work every Thursday from 11am to 4pm. It’s a coincidence that I started blogging because I landed the job after I started my first blog posts on skin care, and Cosmehut happens to specialize in Asian skincare and cosmetics, which I’m fond about.

Have you ever wished that you had a different birthday?

Honestly, no and I’ve never thought about it before. I actually like the day I was born, and whenever it’s my birthday, IDK I feel a little warm inside. However, don’t ask me why cause I want to know as well, but I always burst into tears every year.

Are you an animal lover?

I don’t like animals much, but I prefer dogs over anything else if I had to choose.

What’s something you really love, other than food, money and sex?

Well damn there goes my options.

HAHAHAHA joking, I love the arts. Painting, drawing, simply typing like this; I take enjoyment out of it all. I have a very strong attachment to music, and I sing every single day. In fact, you probably can’t see me without headphones in my ears ever.

Are you from the country or the city?

I’m a city born country person.

Pizza Hut or Dominos?

Beef and onion from Dominos is my all time favourite pizza, alongside the vegetarian (bar the tomato and pineapple).

Yes, pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza. Fight me binch.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I have my left ear pierced. i actually want the cheek piercings cause I reckon they look cute, but naaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

I also want a tattoo of an hourglass on my wrist, a mustache on my index finger and a lotus flower on the back of my neck but naaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh can’t deal with the pain.



Do you believe in Aliens, ghosts, UFO’s etc?

I believe in ghosts, angels and spirits. Aliens, not too sure. Have’t made my mind up yet.

Do you believe in God?

Yes I do. With respect though, I often refer to God as the All Maker, trying to include as many religions as possible, because I don’t feel that any religion is more or less superior than another. My dad told me that there are two main religions. Islam and Christianity. The only difference between the two is that Islam follows the old testament that was written in Hebrew, and Christianity follows the new testament, which translate the Hebrew writings to the modern language, which I believe was Roman at the time. From there stems different religions, but all are alike since they all share very similar, if not, the same grounds as Christianity or Islam. Saying that, I strongly believe that no religion is better or worse than another and we all need to respect each other’s beliefs. We all pray to the same God at the end of the day. Some of us call him the father, some call him Allah. Whatever the name, God is still God.

I on’t know where Buddhism and Hinduism etc come in, because I never really learnt about those growing up, so if you guys practice any other religions, please let me know about them. I actually love learning about other people’s religions and seeing where they get their faith from.

How long does it usually take you to dig someone?

Depends on my mood. I can dig someone real quick, and sometimes I can really hold it in for a good week or so.

What do you look for in a person?

Since my life revolves around working and general life at home, I usually look at people from a worker’s aspect. Whether they’re lazy, helpful, kind or bossy, whether I can get along with them or not. Since I’m fairly shy myself and quite the introvert, I don’t like to talk to a lot of people and it takes me a while to fully open up to someone. I can’t talk to people for too long and I love to spend time on my lonesome. On top of that, I constantly try to keep myself occupied and tend not to ask for help, especially if I know they aren’t going to perform to the level I expect of them. That said, I don’t like lazy people and I really hate people who just talk for the sake of talking. People who don’t offer help when they see someone is struggling annoys me as well, because it shouldn’t be a matter of demanding or asking for help. It really should come down to whether someone willingly helps or not.

Do you sleep with socks on?

I used to until someone made me feel so shit about having socks on my feet to bed, that now I feel uncomfortable having socks on altogether. See, I find feet dirty, and I used to wash my feet before going to bed, and would always wear socks to bed because, feet are gross. I did that at a “friend’s” house one day and they literally tore me apart and made me feel so terrible about wearing socks to bed and literally from that day on, I stopped washing my feet before going to bed and stopped wearing socks altogether. I only ever wear socks with my working boots or shoes that I find are too uncomfortable to not wear socks with. Otherwise, I usually go sock free and I wash my feet the same time I usually shower.

If you could choose a super power, what would your super power be?

For the longest, I wished I had psychic abilities; controlling minds, reading minds and moving things using your brain. That was really cool in my books and something I wanted to have ever since I was a kid. Nowadays, all I want to do is to be able to fly away from everything and start afresh. If I had wings, I could go wherever I wanted and feel free.

Are you shy?

Ask my friends this question and they will reply with a NO without any hesitations. However, I know deep down I am a very shy person. It takes me a long time to get familiarized with a person, to be comfortable with them and to just express myself normally around someone. If I can be myself around you, then I’m comfortable around you, but the moment you tarnish that, I will become shy and reserved once more and most probably never open up to you ever again.

OK so I will end it right here, because I didn’t know that twitter user @sgabreille_ wrote 120 questions. If you want this to be a tag, then I tag anybody who reads this and wants to answer them. If not, then whatever. The whole purpose of this post was really to get to share with you my thoughts, and what kind of person I am outside of The Beauty Aesthetics. Also, because some of these questions are things that some of you guys all ask me as well.

If you guys have different answers, or the same as me, then let me know down below in the comments, or through my SNS which you can find below.

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