Welcome Back to The Beauty Aesthetics

Hi all,

It’s been quite a while hasn’t it? The last post I wrote was back in August, which now, has been 3 or so months ago. Since that date, I have been crazily busy and basically getting myself together again. Within three months, I have seen my skin turn from decent to something that I’m not happy with, my life slowly crumbling apart with so many issues arising and my emotional state in ruins with so many fall outs and departures.

It really started back in July with the passing of my grandfather, who has been a part of my life ever since I was young. He, and my grandmother helped raise my brothers and I from a young age while my mother was finding a stable income and a home for us to stay in. I guess, he was somewhat of a father figure in my life that I needed from when I was still in early primary years. He unfortunately left this world on the 17th of July, which was a hard time for all of us and I guess, ever since then, all my passions have slowly dissipated to nothingness.

With that also, I ended up working myself to the bone once again, rarely having a day off for myself to just have a sit down and relax. In fact, I don’t think I have even been able to just sit at my table with a cup of coffee, freely typing away like what I’m doing now in so long; it’s sort of therapeutical in a sense. Don’t get me wrong though, this doesn’t mean I have all the time in the world to once again, type up blog posts and have them up all the time; I’m still working way too much and sorting out working schedules to actually be able to have time to do normal house things like vacuuming or doing my laundry. Yes, I have trouble finding days to do all my washing in the week just because my schedules are all over the place. How can something so small and trivial be an exhausting routine in my life when for others, it’s a matter of just doing it?

I also have had so much family troubles at home it’s exhausting. I won’t go too much into detail, only because it’s quite personal and very troubling for me. All I will say is that I finally sat down with my father after 10 or so years, and that in itself, was something I never imagined myself to be able to do. I guess I can finally put all that behind me and realize now that I am myself, and he is himself. I will do me, while he can do him.

Where am I now as far as blogging goes? I’m still all over the place, doing blogging for fun, and still trying to be somewhat of an inspiration for someone sitting at home scrolling the world wide web. Have I got myself together yet? Of course not; I still have two jobs I’m trying to juggle, with working hours that will eventually kill me due to lack of sleep, fatigue and mental stress. Do I still like blogging and talking about beauty products though? Yes I do, and I hopefully can be in a position where I will do this for as long as possible. Please support this little space in this huge community and pray for a miracle that one day my dream of inspiration will eventually come true. I’m not too sure if I’ll keep my Facebook page, as you all may know, I rarely update there, and twitter is more for little chit chats and sorts (which by the way, feel free to talk to me about anything). I’m slowly revamping my Instagram with the faded blue theme so hopefully I can deliver pretty photos and such to you all. I guess all I can say is, look forward to in depth reviews from me, Anthony Jung, who looks over this blog, The Beauty Aesthetics, just as I have done long before!


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