Q&A with Anthonay [ 35 ]

I can’t believe Q&A got this far; I’m so happy I have regular readers for this little tag I started. You guys are probably wondering why I’m late this morning. I overslept, easiest explanation HAHA! I worked 12hrs yesterday and also, the day before I didnt get home till really late as well. Let’s just say fatigue might be setting in again, but I’ll stay strong. Let’s get started.

Honey, you looked really angry on Thursday, how come?

I wasn’t angry, more tired. I have bitch dace syndrome and when I’m that tired, I can’t find myself smiling at all. Sorry if you did get the impression I wasn’t happy that day. I ensure you, I was in a good mood and I just couldn’t force a smile anymore. I wanted to sleep.

How did you get your skin condition to be so flawless?

With a heap of concealer and high coverage base makeup. Literally, my face has just as much flaws as any other person, so I can’t verify with you that my skin is flawless. I will, however tell you that I do spend a lot of time dedicated to addressing my skin everyday, which is probably a huge factor in how my skin is today. Daily cleansing and correct products will ensure you a path to great skin, so just keep up with it, and make sure you have the right products for your face.

You’re an asshole, but a good kind of asshole. You proved that on Saturday and I’m very impressed.

Thanks. This isn’t a question but more of a statement, and I will take this as a compliment. I will assume I know what you’re talking about, and yes, I am an asshole. I’ve been lied to so many times and that has made me this kind of person. I prefer to be direct and honest when needed because sometimes sugar coating isn’t a good thing to use when talking about something at all. At the end of the day, you’d prefer the cold hard truth over something slightly fabricated right?

What’s your next plan with your hair?

I want to change my hair colour once again, and probably going back to almost black since I’m too lazy these days managing silvery grey hair. My main focus is reviving my hair back to somewhat of a healthy condition. Once I get to that point, I want to maintain healthy hair, even if it’s coloured.

You’ve been drinking A LOT of coffee I see. Why, and do you always get coffee at Tommy Sugo now?

I like looking at beautiful faces. Enough said. HAHA

Your date on Thursday going to Ogilvies looked fun. Is the cafe honestly good?

Yes it is. I will note that the owner is someone I know and you guys might assume I’m being biased. Please keep in mind though, that food is most important, no matter who is working there, so if the food is good, I can happily recommend the place to you. Ogilvies is definitely up there for cafes and one of my new favourite places to relax with a cup of coffee and a sandwich without the hefty prices. If you are around Subiaco, please check it out for yourself. Mention my name “Anthony from Cosmehut” as well if you go there, because that might get you extra favours HAHA!

Are you planning to do a giveaway soon?

I’d like to, when I become more popular, so yes. It’s something I want to do, because who doesn’t like to receive free things? Promote my blog and I’ll hold a giveaway for y’all.

That’s it for Q&A for today. If you had any questions, then don’t forget to send in your submissions through to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or message me on Wechat.

Anthony signing out.

love anthony ♡


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