Q&A with Anthonay [ 33 ]

Welcome back to my little blog, and as you guys know, the weekends call for weekly Q&A with Anthonay. This is a little segment where you guys can leave all your comments, messages and mails with me and every weekend, I will answer them here on this blog. The vest part is, you guys can ask me ANYTHING you like; it can be beauty related, off topic, thought provoking, random and even stupid questions. Let’s get started right away!

OMG you’re real! Do you think I could get a job where you’re working?

Haha, thank you! Yes, I am real and I’m so happy I’m being recognized. Being incredibly honest with you, chances are quite slim as we already have quite a lot of people here already, and even me getting this job is quite a surprise. It took me a very long time, and with great dedication was I able to even have the manager notice me. It’s surprising since I don’t have a Chinese speaking ability, and since most of the clients are indeed Chinese, it makes this job a little bit difficult.

I’ve noticed you’re doing more sheet masks, but are you interested in wash off masks at all?

Honestly, I don’t like using masks at all, and I try to steer away from using them. I have two pore care masks and the Clinique Even Better mask, and I barely touch them, but I’m thinking to do reviews on them soon because I think these masks would be great to have at your disposal.

I read your review on the Meiji collagen, and tried it for myself. I can’t taste the powder at all though, how come?

Not everyone has the same taste unfortunately, so for me, I noticed the taste. Some people don’t and I will note you guys are lucky. I can’t take the collagen any other way than with my morning coffee, which sucks because I’d prefer to take it at night instead.

Do you wear makeup every day?

No I don’t. I am not one for wearing makeup everyday, if any at all since I’m so lazy putting it on. However, whenever I do, I will at the minimum, put on my base and draw my eyebrows on. Otherwise, I’m fine with just sunblock when I’m out the door.

Do you think whitening actually works? Is Asian whitening more effective than whitening from other brands?

I personally believe whitening is bull. It’s all illusion in my opinion and it comes down to how you perceive your skin. I use whitening products to not lighten my skin, but control my skin tone, and I find that to be effective. Overall though, with an even skin tone, your skin appears lighter but it’s not really whitening in my eyes. Whitening products that give you immediate results are always temporary  and ones that seem like they’re doing nothing are products that control melanin.  At the end of the day, it comes down to your preference whether you want a more long term effect or a temporary, but sunblock everyday can definitely help whiten your skin over time.

I read on your blog that pores play an effect on your skin health. Any other tips to keep pores clean?

For those who haven’t read my post, I’ll give a quick response here. Pores are fundamental in the appearance of our skin. With clean pores, your skin becomes smoother, tighter, brighter and more lifted. In order to have great skin, pore care is a vital step you must include in your skincare routine. I find that removing the small hairs on your face allows your pores to become more easily clean and will brighten your skin tone a lot more. Take a brow razor and brush it along your skin texture to remove the small hairs and you’ll notice a difference immediately. Follow with cleansing your skin correctly and your pores will appear more clean, smaller and as long as you persistently tend to this, you’ll notice a huge difference in how your skin will look.

For a male, you know a lot about the skin. How come?

I took a great passion to it once I set my mind into removing the stubborn acne on my face. From there, I delved deep into studying my face and the skin I have to keep my skin as healthy as possible. From there, I also studied about other skin types and how I can help others with their skin woes. My mission is to be able to be informative for others so that they can achieve their definition of beautiful skin as well. I always say this; “beauty is a gift worth sharing with the world” and it’s something I stand by. Not everyone can have the same aptitude as I do when it comes to the skin, but as long as we are able to help each other, we can all have healthy abs beautiful skin.

That’s it for this week with the Q&A. Don’t forget to like and follow my blog if you found this interesting and until the next post.

Anthony signing out.

love anthony ♡

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