“I’m Lazy” Skincare Routine

One of my friends, who happens to be a loyal reader of this blog submitted an idea to me through social media, and asked me to share my skincare routine I use whenever I’m too busy or too tired to properly tend to my face. It’s true that everyday I won’t go ahead with my typical Korean skincare routine, but I try to do my best with only a few products that’ll keep my skin moisturized enough without the need for too many steps. I have my lazy days too, and here in this post, I’ll share my lazy steps with you to keep your skin looking good when you’re feeling bad.

When it comes to lazy skincare, I immediately think of my first days of tending to my skin, using Proactiv and their 3-step system. Though Proactiv sucks my derrière and is the hugest waste of time, I learnt that you only need the three key steps of cleansing to help keep your skin healthy, without breaking the bank or wasting too much time. Basically today, I’m allowing you guys to be just as sloppy with your skin as I am sometimes.

STEP ONE: “Properly” cleansing your skin from makeup

Sometimes, I do both methods of cleansing, where I use oil and a cleanser, and sometimes, I get too lazy and do the bare minimum to remove off all the makeup. Below, I have two methods I generally use, and whether I use both methods simultaneously depends on my energy levels, or how early I need to wake up the next morning.


CLEANSING TISSUES: I absolutely abhor using cleansing tissues and wipes since they’re usually too high in pH and shift your natural levels to extremes; which in the end can cause skin troubles for you including but not exclusive to acne, dryer skin and premature aging. However, on lazier days, who doesn’t like being on the go and using a makeup tissue to rid your skin from the layers of cake sitting upon your face? I admit I will still use tissues to wipe my skin clean whenever I have a late one at work and have to go back in the next morning. I will literally be walking around or sitting on some transportation vehicle on the way back home, and be wiping my skin clean using a cleansing tissue.

Simply grab your tissue and wipe that mug of yours clean until you remove as much makeup off as you possibly can, remembering to be gentle with each sweeping motion.


OIL CLEANSER: Sometimes, I have enough energy to whip out my Missha Oil Cleanser from their M Perfect line. I take a pump or two to my hands, smear the oil onto my face and in circular motions, quickly buff at my skin focusing on areas around my nose or areas with the heaviest makeup. Usually with oils, you are to dampen the oil a bit to create an emulsification which looks milky, just to dissolve the makeup off your skin. When I’m lazy, I completely skip this step and go straight to rinsing off. Technically you’re still emulsifying the oil anyway, right?

STEP TWO: Toning your face

After ruining your skin with makeup tissues and poorly cleansed skin using oil alone, I use a toner to restore the pH balance in my skin WITH a cotton pad. I never use cotton pads when applying toners on my usual days, but if I know I won’t clean my skin to normal extents, then I will always have a cotton pad ready to help strip my skin of any debris that may be left behind from poorly cleansed skin. On top of that, since I never get to see the brown coloring on pads whenever I usually use them on normal skincare days, this is the only chance I get to see how unclean my face is.


MISSHA LONGER NAME ESSENCE: This is supposed to be used before your toner, but I’ve heard stories of people replacing their usual toners for this treatment essence, so I do the same too when I have a lazy day. I don’t like to forget to use this product, since it tackles multiple skin issues in just the one product, so I highly recommend it to people whenever they’re plain lazy, or don’t want to use too much on their skin.

Simply take a cotton pad and with a few drops of essence, wipe along your skin texture, focusing on the areas with the largest pores and areas you wore the most makeup. This helps to rebalance the skin pH levels, but also with the cotton pad, removes excess gunk off your skin that may be left behind.


IT’S SKIN TONIQUE D’ESCARGOT: This toner has a bit of serum inside, so if I want to use a toner, then I go for this one. This helps to tackle pores, skin tone, brightening, hydration balance in the skin, acne, aging care and irritated skin all at once, and as I said before, this also has serum inside, so you can skip the extra care steps when using this one product. The It’s Skin toners come in ginseng for extra aging care, light for oilier skin types, and rich for dryer skin types. Usually, I go for the richer formula, since it makes your skin appear healthier the morning after, and whenever I have a lazier day, it makes me feel better when my skin looks glossy and really smooth.

STEP THREE: Pretending you applied serums and lotions with one hydrating product

When it comes to the other steps, you want to reduce the amount of time used on your face, so I rely heavily on sleeping packs with multifunctional abilities or creams that can replace your serums and extra care steps. You don’t want your face to look like the excrements of the local cow down at the farm, do you? I surely don’t, so my secret to keeping my skin in good condition is to use these sleeping packs and creams to take the hard work out of my skincare routine. The biggest concern for people undergoing lazy skin days are usually acne, dry skin, pores and visual appearance the morning after.


DOCTORCOS CREAM: I did review this very recently and I’m pretty sure it was the only product I awarded with 5 stars. Have a squizz at it here. Basically, you can use this as a lotion, serum, essence, night cream or a sleeping mask, and it’s up to you how you would like to use it. In this post, I’d use this straight after toning to cover serum, lotion and cream. This is a key item to have at your disposal, since it covers pore care, brightening, evening skin tone, hydration, oil cut and aging care all at once, without you needing to break the bank, or using too many products on your skin. I truly love this product, and once you give it a shot, you’ll understand why I gave it 5 stars.


SNAIL SLEEPING PACK: I recently picked up the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask (another long name, ugh) and I’ve been using this religiously on lazy days. If you’re familiar with sleeping masks of any kind, they’re similar to night creams, just more potent and have greater effects on your skin than night creams do. Basically, using a sleeping mask, you can get away with skipping the serums or night creams because this will still hydrate your skin effectively, whilst covering your laziness with it’s strong abilities to correct your skin troubles whilst you sleep.

Snail sleeping masks in particular, just like this one, helps boost collagen levels in your skin, tightens pores, restores the hydration balance in the skin, heals scarring and cuts, prevents acne, brightens the skin, soothes, smoothens skin texture and aids in aging care. Whenever you guys have lazy days, I will more likely than never tell you to invest in a good snail care product since they’re widely multipurpose and will help you in more ways than one. Besides, how funny would it be to tell your friends you wiped snail poo on your face, huh?

For a skincare routine, that seems too little right? But with the most basic skincare, you literally only need to cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin, so despite basic skincare being incredibly simple and almost nothing, I chose to use multifunctional and multipurpose products to take the hard work away. The key to having good skin on lazier days in my opinion, is to reduce your time spent on your face, but maximize the effects it can have on your skin through wonder products that have more treatment abilities than one or two.

If you liked this post (which I hope you do, since this time, it was a lot shorter and not as complicated as usual) then click the little star button below and comment whether you found this helpful, or if you also had tips on being lazy with your skin without breaking your face. You can also find me on Facebook where I take your messages on requests and questions for the weekly Q&A segment I do on Sundays. I took a different approach to my posts, and tried to be comical. Was I funny, or did it make you want to gorge your eyeballs out? Let me know as well, and until the next post.

Anthony signing out.



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