Q&A with Anthonay [ 32 ]

As you know, I went MIA last week and didn’t post anything, so after that week went by, my messages exploded and it’s time for me to answer a LOT of them all; though the majority are all questions about Paris and religion. I will try very hard to not upset some people with my stance of view, because it’s really easy to say something that can offend someone these days. If there is something you’re not happy about within this Q&A session today, then by all means, let me know ASAP because I want this to be a little happy post where people can read my responses without being bound by my words. With that said, heres to another Q&A session with Anthonay where you guys submit your questions into me via the comments down below, or through my Facebook and I answer them all here for you.

What is your viewpoint of the France incidents?

Of course I’m devastated about it all, but as you may know, I didn’t change my display icon with the flag colors. I don’t see the need to. It’s honestly not that I don’t care, because I truly do, but there are other countries suffering all the same and I wanted to change my display to show my support for ALL countries that are suffering. Unfortunately, there isn’t a flag for all the countries united that I know of, and so I didn’t change my icon.

As for the killings itself, there was a news report on it, and a live message from France. A man and his child were obviously horrified, and the child asked the news crew whether he had to leave the country or stay. The man replied, saying that there is no need to flee the country, because France was their home, and whether they had to leave came down to their personal choices and not be influenced by what was going on around them. To flee a country based on the incident alone, was not an option for the man, because at the end of the day, if they were to do that, then the man would feel that the attackers won in a way. I was incredibly moved by that report, and couldn’t hold back my tears. I agree with the man where they shouldn’t feel they have to leave their home, but there’s a little part of me wishing they all did, because why live in a country where there are killers lurking around them all? I’m just super worried about everyone and wish that the All Maker can guide them all to a safe place for shelter and protection.

How do you feel about the Muslims now that all these killings have happened?

Well, I feel the same way about it all when it comes to Muslims. I see them all as normal human beings who are just as devastated by everything as the rest of us are. Anybody who tells me that Muslim people are the cause for this all and damn well block me from their lives and avoid contact with me altogether, because Muslim people are not the cause, and do not deserve what we all are giving to them.

Islam teaches love, just like any other religion, and they abhor killing and murder of ANY kind. For a killer of ANY religion to say that their God or Deity told them to kill are all disgusting people, because we are taught that God loves each and every one of us, and there is no need to kill people at all, no matter our emotions and whatnot. If you’re abusing Muslims for the bombings, mass murders, or for anything at all, then can I please ask you to stop and look at the bigger picture? If we continue to view Muslim people and the religion Islam as a threat to our countries, then how can we possibly move forward and slowly become a planet of love and peace?

What is your religion by the way?

Thanks for asking; I don’t think I’ve clarified what I believe in. I don’t have a religion, and I don’t view any religion as wrong. I think that each religion all follows the same basic principles of loving each other, and wishing peace for the world. I avoid picking a religion just for myself, because I agree with many views from each religion and to pick one that I want to practice just isn’t my cup of tea. The only thing I hate about religion itself, are that there are religious extremists who try to force their practices on other people. I understand you love your religion a lot, and you are dedicated to practicing, but there isn’t any need to shove a religion down someone’s throat. We all have to make our own choices, and if we don’t agree on something, we all have a right to say “no, I do not believe.” At the end of the day, no matter what religion you practice or follow, as long as we do our little part to make the world a better place, we can all rest better when we finally pass.

Why do you refer to God as the All Maker?

There are different religions and each religion has their own God. I think referring God to as the All Maker can show that I’m not picking one religion over the other, and that way, I feel that I can include all religions in whatever I’m talking about. I don’t know how to explain properly, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Will you still be doing skincare reviews on Monday?

I chose to do more makeup items recently, because I haven’t been talking about makeup items a lot, and people seem to be more interesting in the makeup aspects of beauty than the skincare itself. I always say that skincare is utmost important, and I will put my foot down and say it is. Makeup though is something we all as beauty enthusiasts can relate to, so I want to push out a few makeup posts before going back to the fundamentals of skincare.

How are you like when working at Cosmehut?

I’m always told to calm down and stop being an idiot. I find that being myself whilst working though can draw more people to me since I’m already at a disadvantage to sell to Chinese customers who can’t speak english very well. I’ve been told by customers that I’m very warm and friendly, with an easygoing personality. I have the ability to allow them to feel very welcome and relaxed, which is my goal at the end of the day. If a customer feels too hot heeled and nervous to speak to one of us at work, then they’re not likely to return, right? If I can at least show them that I can make their experiences more fun, then I’ll be happy. I’m not like any other person working there, since I am crazy and always trying to have a lot of fun at work.

Are you continuing with the skin solutions posts?

I probably will when I have more content to talk about. The one topic that I want to discuss, which was heavily requested was a skin whitening post, which I’m not too sure how to approach yet. When I get around to do it, I will promote it on my Facebook before posting so y’all know when it will go up.

Any big plans for next year?

I want to be able to drive, have (or maintain) a good job and possibly be able to love myself for who I am, rather than make a disguise for myself as to how I want myself to be. As for the future ahead, I hope to be able to become a successful informative on this blog, and progress further with wherever this is taking me. Eventually, I do want to make this blog somewhat of a personal career that’ll take me places I’ve merely dreamed about, but for the time being, I’m content with where I’m sitting at the moment.

That’s it for this week’s Q&A with Anthonay; remember this tag only survives with your help, so if you had any questions for me, then feel free to leave them in the comments below, or message me on Facebook. Until the next post~

Here’s to Anthony signing out.

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