[ REVIEW ] Doctorcos Sheet Free Amino Mask

As heavily requested, I am on a mission to find cheap products to review,  and this one was something I was putting off purchasing for a very long time. Now that I have my hands on it, I am kicking myself for not making the purchase earlier. Guys, I finally have the Doctorcos Sheet Free Amino Mask and I’m excited to review it for you!


Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced is an innovative water-enriched facial treatment that boosts skin’s moisture levels by 98.19%! Moist veil network technology restores skin’s elasticity and smoothness to give a velvety, even textured complexion. Skin instantly appears brighter and whiter with weekly use. This unique mask creates actual droplets of moisture upon contact with your skin! Unlike conventional masks which contain only one type of humectant (e.g. sodium hyaluronate), the Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced also pampers your skin with various nourishing ingredients.

The Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask (ugh, long named products kill me) is a multipurpose, multi functional cream product that has the ability to address many Asian skin woes. I say multipurpose, because you can use it for a variety of skincare steps with just this product alone. This product can be used as a cream, a sleeping pack, a primer, mixed with your base product for a more hydrating finish, and (apparently) also as a wash off mask. The product has five key ingredients that help to protect and nourish your skin.

  • Amino acids that are easily absorbed through the skin’s dermal layers to accelerate the cell metabolism, enhancing the skin’s ability to retain moisture levels
  • Hyaluronic Acid which is a well known moisturizing ingredient that efficiently moisturises skin for over 24 hours
  • Epidermal growth factor EGF which helps to promote repair of the skin’s tissues, locking in moisture and promoting skin cell regeneration and turnover
  • Water-soluble vitamin B3 which minimizes free radical damage and whitens (evens out the skin tone) by inhibiting the formation of melanin
  • Royal jelly which is a rich blend of proteins and nutrients that nourish skin and reverses the signs of aging which include fine lines or wrinkles and sun spots

INGREDIENTS LIST: Water, Cyclomethicone, Butylene Glycol, PEG-32, Dimethicone, Vinyl Dimethicone Crossopolymer, Sodium Hyaluronate, Niacinamide, Alcohol, Cetyl PEG, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Sodium Chloride, Betaine, Raffinose, Velvet Extract, Ganoderma Lucidum Stem Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Asparagus Cochinchinensis Root Extract, Astagalus membranaceus, Ceramide 3, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Fragrance, Disodium EDTA, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Hydrolyzed collagen, Human Oligopeptide-1., Hydrolyzed Royal Jelly Protein, Copper Tripeptide-1

Butylene Glycol and Dimethicone were flagged as acne triggers in the skin, so if you’re incredibly prone to acne, then keep that in mind, since the ingredients are high in the list. Benzyl alcohol is flagged as one of the more harmful ingredients in the list, though it generally is found naturally in teas, fruits and plant materials. The reason it is flagged is because synthetic Benzyl alcohol has been known to cause irritations to the skin which results in scarring, hives and rashes.

I will say though, that despite the flagged ingredients, I haven’t encountered any problems with using this Amino mask. I suppose it’s one of those YMMV (your mileage may vary) moments where each individual is different and will react to different things and blah blah.

Doctorcos has revolutionized the sheet free mask through its advanced moist veil network technology to provide seven amazing benefits in just one application. This new beauty technology allows a three layer effect to ensure the skin is provided with nutrients, skin pore tightening effects, increased elasticity, intensive moisturizing and incredible hydration capabilities to give skin a soft youthful, dewy glow. No need for external serums, this all-in-one product does it all”


This image is clearly not mine. Credit goes to the person who owns the image and in no way do I claim this material as my own.

The Amino Acid Sheet Free Mask has many claims which include skin tone evening (whitening), hydration, pore care, anti aging and improved skin elasticity. I’ll go through each claim individually and let you guys know how I felt these claims were realistically.

PORE CARE: I have mentioned multiple times that my pores are in no way able to get smaller now, nor will they be any cleaner than what I can get it to at this point. To assess the pore effects, I omitted my usual pore treatment products from my skin care routine and monitored the effects of this product on it’s own. I can definitely say that my pores seem more lifted (as in, they aren’t as oval shaped and saggy as they used to be) and my pores seem to be more tighter than ever before.

HYDRATION: This one is the key claim for this product. It really DOES hydrate incredibly well, and I love this for the hydration care it gives. Not only does it make your skin feel like water, but it actually produces water molecules on the skin, which the skin is able to absorb effectively. It literally looks as if you just splashed water on your face and left it to soak into your skin naturally.

WHITENING: I will admit that I see little to no results for the whitening care, but whenever I use the mask, my skin tone appears more brighter and illuminated each and every time I use this morning and night. The next day when I go to cleanse my skin in the morning, I notice the brightness of my skin still there up until I wash the product off with my regular cleanser, and my skin has maintained that brightness ever since using the mask.

ELASTICITY: My skin feels and looks more firm and lifted, though it really is a small change to my skin’s appearance. I notice that it looks more bouncy and youthful, and I really do love how this product has changed the appearance of my cheeks in particular.

Now for how to use the product, once again, I’ll address each method individually and let you know how I went with the results.

CREAM: This is really thick and feels heavy upon application, but once it absorbs into the skin, it feels like nothing is on your face at all. I think this makes for a great Summer cream substitute if you cry for hydration, or have really oily skin. Sometimes, I’ll apply two layers or focus more product on areas around my face that are either too dry or too oily.

WASH OFF MASK: This traps all the moisture into the skin very well, but being a cream type moisture product, it didn’t wash off very well after 15mins. I felt the water just sat on the surface of the mask and did nothing to budge it at all. ULTIMATE FAIL!

PRIMER: This is really great for controlling the sebum in the skin, and hydrating, but I feel like my BB products alone have enough lasting power as is. Using this as a primer didn’t really show results other than throughout the day, I wasn’t getting as oily as I generally do. I suppose if priming the skin effected how your skin condition lasted over a few hours, then this is a miracle worker. Otherwise, meh.

MIXED WITH BB CREAM OR FOUNDATION: According to the sites online, if you use BB cream then mix with the mask in 4:1 ratios. If you use foundation, then mix into 2.5:1 ratios to avoid the “cake” makeup look. Whenever I mixed my BB creams with anything at all, they break down. Foundations seem to be more stable when mixed with creams and such, but still eventually turn into goop after incorporating any cream into it. When I used the mask however, neither the BB cream nor the foundation broke down at all. In fact, the BB cream which was my biggest issue, seemed to hold incredibly well. The consistency became a lot sheerer mixed with the mask, but provided a film on your skin upon application, that made your base and anything underneath it, to become almost waterproof. If you guys go swimming or if it’s raining outside, then mix your base with the sheet free mask and you won’t have to worry about your makeup running everywhere.

SLEEPING PACK: Similarly to the cream, I used this as the last step before sleeping and the  morning after proved to be really great for my skin. Not only were my pores still appropriate sized (which usually isn’t the case) but my skin still felt hydrated even after a long night’s sleep, and my skin retained the brightness the day after. I really love using this at night since I don’t wake up with oily skin anymore.

Now for the package, it is a tub with a screw top cap, which may raise a few alarms for those who are wary of bacterial transfer and hygiene matters. I’m definitely not too fussed about it, but I will admit, that I need to be more careful when using the cream, since I’m starting to see little specs of dust in my cream after a really lazy skin day (i.e. 1AM in the morning after working a 12hr shift at work). The tub itself is made with a very sturdy plastic that feels really heavy, so there’s probably little to no chance of you breaking the packaging; idiot proofed for people like me who are incredibly clumsy.

You get 110mL of product within each tub you purchase, which is awesome, since not only is it a lot of product to begin with, but I’ve used it twice a day for a good month now, and struggling to get through a quarter of product. It will last you probably 6 months, if not, more, even with twice daily usage. I couldn’t find an opening expiry date, so I’ll safely assume the product lasts for a year before you toss it into the trash. The smell is very fresh, but I’ve heard people tell me that they aren’t a huge fan of the scent. I’m going to tell you that the scent is light, but fresh smelling, and if you’re not into light scents or linen smells, then you won’t like this at all. It definitely is a hit and miss scent. I picked mine up at Cosmehut Carousel for $28. Best investment ever.



  • Multifunctional
  • Multi purpose to address different skin woes at once
  • Incredibly hydrating
  • Great for controlling sebum output
  • Gives my skin a dewy finish without looking oily. More like a radiant skin appearance
  • So cheap
  • So much product that can easily see you longer than 6 months with twice daily usage
  • Fresh, light smell
  • Great for people who have lazy skincare days often, or prefer to use minimal produce on their face
  • Waterproof when mixed with your BB cream or foundation
  • Doesn’t break down the BB cream or foundation when mixed with the mask
  • True to it’s claims and has results shown within a week or two after using


  • Some people don’t like the smell
  • Claimed to be able to be used as a wash off mask, but didn’t do any justice at all
  • Why did I not try this out earlier?


PRICE ★★★★★

★☆☆☆☆ – I want all my time wasted and all my money back for this crap. If I could turn back time and tell my past self not to use this, then I would without a single doubt. If I find this in my collection or if someone gave it to me, I’ll set it on fire and pray to the All Maker to repent for using such a terrible product.

★★☆☆☆ – It’s pretty bad and I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anybody, but it’s nice to give it a go for myself. I’ll only use it if it was given to me for free and I’m severely desperate.

★★★☆☆ – It’s nice but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get another one for myself. Maybe if it was on special then I’d consider buying it, otherwise there are better products that I like a lot more than this.

★★★★☆ – It’s quite good and I would repurchase definitely. It’s not a staple yet, but if I can’t find anything better, then I’ll happily stick to this product.


Now that you know what the stars mean, you can figure out what I mean by my personal ratings.


Instant HG product without a doubt. What else can I say?
Not only does this do everything that I need it to do, I also don’t get breakouts from this, and I can use it every single day. It controls your oily skin by boosting the hydration levels in your skin significantly, perfect for those with dry skin types, great for brightening the skin tone and giving your skin a luminous appearance. You can mix it with your base makeup, use it as a primer, or if you’re lazy after a long day and want to spend as little time on your face as possible, simply wash your face and slap the sheet free mask on. It’s that easy.

I’m all for spreading the good news about lazy creams like the Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask. If you liked this review then go out to your local Asian beauty store and pick one of these babies up RIGHT NOW and experience my love for this cream for yourselves. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Have you guys already tried the cream? Share your results with me down below, or even on my Facebook page and tell me how it went for you. I always take in product suggestions so if you had something you wanted me to review, then don’t forget to let me know as well. Until the next post~

Anthony signing out.



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