Q&A with Anthonay [ 31 ]

Do you guys know what’s happening with WordPress lately? I schedule in posts that I write up in advanced to have them either not post, or completely wipe out clear the moment it hits scheduled hour. If you guys know what the problem is, then please let me know so I can try and do something about it. In the meantime, here’s another Q&A session with Anthonay where you submit your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions into me every weekend, I answer them for you.

What register can you sing in?

Well, I don’t sing well, but I think I can sing in between G#1 and E#4. My vocal range isn’t flash hot so there’s really know way I can sing songs in a very low register or a vey high register. It’d be too hard for me.

Do you prefer doing makeup or skincare reviews?

I honestly LOVE makeup reviews so much, but at the end of the day, I still firmly believe that you can’t do a good makeup review if you can’t look after your skin properly, so I generally stick to skincare reviews more often than never, since skincare is the most important at the end of the day. I’ve got a lot of Kbeauty requests coming in for makeup that I’m trying to push out now, so for you guys, they’ll come in due time, but for the meantime, I do really want to focus on the skincare.

How do you feel now that Summer is here?

I think I’ve made it clear enough that I really HATE Summer. I love the cold and the rain, so Winter is my ideal season. With Summer brings about huge heat waves that I can’t stand, and so many flies buzzing around you and contaminating your food. Ugh, with flies also comes maggots roaming around your garbage and wherever else they may hang out, and they also crawl around and contaminate everything else around you. I wish flies didn’t exist. On top of that, Summer here in Perth generally sits at 35℃ to 45℃ and bruh, anything above 20 is when I am dying of heat stroke.

Do you proof read your posts at all?

I’m assuming you asked this because you found typos in a lot of my posts. Honestly, I read my posts a few times before publishing, but I am a decently fast reader, so I will more often completely miss a lot of typos when I read, and will have no idea of their existence until someone mentions it to me.

Why do Koreans have a “Summer” and a “Winter” makeup item for?

There are two main seasons in all of the world, so it’s logical sense to have two different types of makeup for each season as the weather, climate and humidity all play a part in what season is which. Obviously, in Summer, the weather is more humid and boiling hot, so you don’t want anything too heavy or dewy during Summer time to avoid the unneeded oilier skin look. Winter time is more colder and dry so something hydration heavy is more essential to prevent dry or cracked makeup and dull skin.

Summer Kbeauty items lean more towards matte but radiant finishes, and Winter products have more of a dewy finish with a super brightening effect on your skin. The main purpose of base Kbeauty items is to deal with the type of weather you have in your state or country, and work around it to brighten your skin depending on that particular climate.

Are you often mistaken for a different race to what you are?

Almost everyday. I get mistaken for so many Asian races that it gets annoying whenever somebody asks me. Every single day I get the “Oh, are you ______?” question and I’m very tired of having to explain my story to them. I am now basically giving up and telling them all “YES” just to satisfy them. Whenever I explain myself, it seems that people aren’t too happy with my answer, like, LOL sorry my race disappointed you?

Can you do a makeup guide through to your header icon?

I’m assuming you’re talking about my garden photo, and yes. A lot of you guys have actually asked about the makeup for that photo, and it’s very easy to accomplish. It focuses on the skin more than anything, and strong eyebrows with subtle shading and light features that still are able to hold it’s own. If you guys really want that tutorial, then I can definitely do something about it.

What are your views on idols getting cosmetic surgery, and would you get something done as well?

I don’t actually care if someone gets surgery or not. There’s a disgust built up for those who change their appearance, that seems to have come from nowhere that really annoys me. I think that anyone who gets surgery done is no less of a person they were prior. Any surgery done is their own thing they should be dealing with ALONE, and not with the accompaniment of the public eye. If someone can get surgery done, and if they choose to go ahead with it, then so be it. I will not judge based on that alone, because, who the hell am I to judge honestly. As for me, i would love to have a new nose that’s more slimmer and taller, since shading everyday takes so much time and I mostly have no time to contour everyday.

That’s the end of Q&A for this week. Remember to submit your questions in to me before every Sunday because I usually type these out really early in the morning and push it out to you guys. You can like me on my Facebook and read my past content, or message me your questions. You can also leave your questions down in the comments section below if you’re a blogger. Always stay beautiful and until the next post,

Anthony signing out.


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