[ SKIN SOLUTIONS ] Our Beautiful Skin

I was supposed to be super organized today and have a post out at 7AM today, but in all honesty I did nothing yesterday on my day off I ran out of ideas for skin solution. I tried drafting up ideas on what to write about, but nothing came to mind, so instead I checked my emails and I got a little message sent in from the community manager at Glossier dot com which I’m super excited about. Samantha, the community manager asked me to compile a little “purse essential” post on my skincare and makeup for natural beauty looks.  Her mission, along with everyone working for Glossier is to break the barriers of makeup usage and getting people to learn that makeup can only do so much. The full post will be up some time soon, but today for skin solutions is a little introduction to what I’ll be posting on the Glossier post later on.

Makeup is a way we can express our artistic side of ourselves, and also allow us to reveal our inner confidence with our appearance, but is it the right way to show our confidence? I believe personally that we shouldn’t solely rely on just makeup alone. Makeup is applied on our faces to usually cover up all our flaws and create a look that reveals what we can determine as beauty. I think beauty doesn’t come from what we apply on the outside, but whats on the inside of us all. When we’re all beautiful on the inside, we can reveal that through our skin, as the beauty from the inside will emanate and create an aura around us.

Besides beauty on the inside, the basis of any good makeup, no matter whether it is high end or road shop quality, whatever we apply starts off from the health and condition of our skin which is what I want to highlight not only today, but in the future post I dedicate to Glossier. When you’re able to look after your skin from the start of the day until you move on to the next life, you’ll start realizing you need less and less makeup to cover up any flaws and imperfections. When the skin under your makeup starts to become a lot better, your confidence starts shifting from the makeup your wear to the skin thats hiding underneath. A little quote I read online was “you don’t wear makeup, the makeup wears you” which is a great quote we should all practice, whether it’s once a week, or for the majority of our lives.

Basically the quote is saying that makeup can be a mask that we use to hide our true selves. Another quote which derives from Japan follows “We have three faces; one we show to the public, one we show to our friends or family, and one we show only to ourselves.” Why should we let a mask determine how we appear to the public when in this time and age, we should be expressing our true selves? Let’s ditch the mask for a little while and address the true problem which we all suffer from, being the skin that we work so hard to shield the public from.

When we are able to take care of our skin and address our own personal problems at hand, won’t you become more aware of what makeup items you’ll need to use to conceal it all? Rather than fixing it with a little concealer or a high coverage base product, let’s fix it using skincare so we can show our beautiful faces. I put all my trust into my Asian skincare products since it agrees with me personally. Though I don’t condemn Western skincare in the slightest (though I’ve had bad runs with it in the past) I still don’t disregard Western skincare in the slightest, it’s just it doesn’t work with my skin at all. Don’t let this post tell you otherwise, because there care definitely Western products I’d recommend to you guys, provided I know it will work for you.

My post in Glossier talks about my skincare story and how I used to suffer in the past with my skin and what I did to fix all my problems to achieve the skin I have today. I talked about my severe acne and dark circles that I used to fix my appearance which were the biggest troubles I had back then. What I did was did a little research (which is common nowadays and hence why some of us bbloggers have started this little path we’re all on today.) All I can say right now without getting out of hand and writing too much, is that there are little steps you should start off with to slowly and steadily improve your skin to shift your confidence from your makeup to the skin itself.

My little tips are:

  1. Learn to love yourself without the need for makeup. It’s hard, I know, but when you can learn to accept what you look like, you’ll slowly feel like you need less makeup and that way, you can show the public what you truly look like. You are beautiful and you shouldn’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Also, the need for less makeup can ultimately save you money in the long run, so another bonus reason to start loving yourself now!
  2. Study your face. Sounds pretty dumb, but whenever I work at Cosmehut, I always tell my clients to actually sit down, stare at themselves in the mirror and actually take notes on the condition of their skin. There’s no reason for you to jump blindly into skincare when you don’t even know what it is you’re trying to address. When you learn what it is you have to fix, then you can make your job for shopping for the right products a whole lot easier. That way, when you go shopping and a beauty consultant helps you out, it makes their job to help you a lot easier as well (and you’re not wasting too much time shopping for one item, when you could be doing other things in that time wasted as well because you’ve already taken the time to study.)
  3. Third step is to figure out your skin type. As soon as you wake up, go to the bathroom and take a close look at your face through the mirror. Does your skin appear oily or dry? Take notes on certain areas of your face where your skin looks to be oily and dry, or where you suffer the most acne or darkening. When you learn which areas need the most help, you can pick out items that will work better for those areas that buying any odd product from a store.
  4. This is the most important. Figure out your time schedule. Do you actually have time for a complex skin routine every morning and night, or are you a busy person and need minimal time to tend to your face? Make sure you pick out the essential items catered for your skin but for your time as well. These days, there are creams and gels that can take out many steps from a good skincare routine using only one item. Multipurpose products are most commonly found in Asian skincare that can help address multiple skin issues all at one without you spending a heap of money, and consuming too much of your time.
  5. Start your skincare journey. Every individual has a different story and with each story, we can all learn from each other’s experiences. Some people already have flawless skin and need minimal effort to tend to their faces. Other people, not as much perfection and have more flaws they need to address. The common ground we all share though, is that we all have skin and it’s vital to start a routine as soon as possible. Whether it’s starting your basic three step system or employing the powers of layering multiple products, as long as you start as soon as you can, you can notice the changes a lot faster than leaving to the last minute.
  6. The last tip I can share with you is that no matter whether you see results instantly or whether you’re yet to see any changes down the path, at least you’ve already started. As long as you start now, the light at the end of the tunnel will continue coming closer as you progress. Skincare isn’t a miracle product, but at least it works and with your dedication and time well spent, you will see changes soon enough. Just be patient and always tell yourself you’re beautiful no matter what your appearance may be. I can tell you now, my skin didn’t look this good at the beginning of my journey, but with my constant dedication, I’ve finally achieved what I thought I wasn’t able to when I first applied my creams and lotions. Just keep working on it, and as long as you believe, you can achieve anything at all.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, this is only an introduction to what I will share with you in the future Glossier post, but at least now you know where I’m going with this post. Makeup is only a shield when you put all your faith into it. Makeup at the end of the day is only a disguise that we need to take off one day. Why not let that day be today? All your trust, all your faith and all your confidence should go towards where it should be needed, which is your skin. At the end of the day, people WILL see your skin and if you can take your skin to the next level of improvement, you won’t need as much makeup at the end of the day, which doesn’t sound like much now, but further down the track, it’ll sound like heaven. As long as you believe you are beautiful, everyone else will start believing as well.

Here’s to Anthony signing out for now.




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