Q&A with Anthonay [ 30 ]

I’ve finally hit post 30 for this tag and I’m super excited for it. This one is a little late; I woke up today with a cold, a migraine and I might actually have conjunctivitis from God knows where. Thank you all for supporting this little tag and getting me this far, because I didn’t actually think honestly that it would progress this long. As usual, you can always submit your questions in to me, and I’ll answer them all one by one.

Do you like, or have used Western skincare before?

I have, and it’s not that I entirely hate Western skincare altogether, but i find that the formula for Western skincare is a bit too dry for me. I do enjoy looking dewy since my skin looks bad with a matte finish, and Western products tend to give my skin a matte feel to it. I’ve used all different types of brands, from low end supermarket brands to high end brands, and I find that they don’t agree with me at all. I enjoy using Clinique’s serums and La Mer, but other than that, I’m not liking a lot of Western products for the finish on m skin, and the feel it has.

How do you get lots of likes or followers on your blog?

If I knew the answer to this, then I’d tell you, but I don’t. I generally sit on 2 to 3 likes, and I’m rarely able to gain new followers on my blog. I’m definitely fine with that since I don’t write any of my posts just for the likes or gaining a huge follower count. I don’t actually care about that at all. The reason I blog personally, is because I enjoy doing it and it’s something to chew up some free time. I started off just wanting to journal in everything I learnt and from there, I progressed into doing small reviews on products I’ve tried. My biggest focus is to help others with their learning of skincare products and drawing their attention to products that I enjoy using. If I get likes because of it, then good. Otherwise, it’s not a concern for me. I think to be a good blogger means you dedicate your passion towards doing your job and you’ll be recognized eventually, but putting in the hard work from the start till the end is utmost important.

Your blog seems to be changing a lot; an reasons why?

My blog changes with me. It evolves around my evolution and expansion of knowledge, ย which is possibly why my posts haven’t been the same as it used to be when I first started out blogging. I remember when I used to just write off the top of my head and engage a lot of readers. These days, it seems more like a journal entry, and that’s simply because I’ve now adapted to that format of writing. I will definitely say with confidence that as I get older, this blog will as well, and it will change regularly with the way I change as well.

Do you like gardening?

I don’t like doing the gardening, but i love plants a lot. I think trees and flowers are beautiful, but ask me to plant one and I’ll heavily disappoint you.

Do you prefer BB creams or foundations?

I think BB creams work better with my skin, since I don’t need the ultra high coverage that foundations tend to give. I mean give me a good foundation and I’ll use it, but the medium coverage a BB cream gives me makes it so much better looking on y skin. That, and BB creams are formulated to be more hydrating, with the benefits of a base color, a primer and essences to treat your skin as well. Foundations generally don’t give you that benefit.

Why choose to use a Korean style skincare routine when you can just use two products on your face?

Korean style skincare works better for me. It comes down to the person individually and I prefer layering in moisturizer and extra care rather than relying solely on one product that could feel too heavy on my skin.

That’s it for this week’s Q&A. Thank you once again for supporting this tag I started, probably at the beginning of the year. It’s definitely something I’ll continue to do if you guys keep submitting your questions in. Remember that this will only work with your help, so keep sending in all your concerns, thoughts or anything you like and remember to always stay beautiful.

Anthony signing out.



4 thoughts on “Q&A with Anthonay [ 30 ]

  1. You make really great points about blogging! And I couldn’t agree more. Many people seem to think a mainly-Korean (or just Asian) routine means we think “Western” products suck, but really, it’s all about finding what specific products work for us as individuals.

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