Q&A with Anthonay [ 29 ]

I have been very busy as of late, and trying to manage a lot of things on my plate at the moment, which will explain the decrease in posts for this week. Please bare with me. Some of you asked whether I’d be doing the Q&A for this week and I’m glad to tell you that I am. If you guys are regular visitors to my little space, then you’ll know what this segment is about. For those who are new here, welcome to my little weekend corner that I call “Q&A with Anthonay” where every week, I’ll answer your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions you submitted into me through SNS or comments down below. Let’s get started.

Do you play video games a lot?

Well, being Asian, there’s always that connotation where people will assume that I’m a huge gamer. Unfortunately, I don’t play video games much at all; I rarely play the XBOX set in the gaming room, and I rarely ever touch any other console lying around the house. Sometimes, I will watch my brother play but to play myself, I hardly ever do. I have probably two games on my phone that I play occasionally. I have Words With Friends installed into my phone just to keep in par with my spelling and vocabulary that I play on and off, and a game called Brave Frontier. Initially, my brother wanted me to install Brave Frontier into my phone to help him out, but now these days, I’ll log in every day to pass the time whenever I’m bored. Do you guys play? It’s not that interesting so I’m confused as to why I still play but eh.

Any makeup reviews coming up?

Yes, definitely. If you read my haul video, I’ve experimented with all my cushions I got, and some of the freebies too, so I’ll try and push them out as well. Not only that, but I’m compiling a list of cheap products like some of you requested for those on a tight budget. Again, let me remind you that I may be busy now that it’s nearing Christmas so I’ll get to it as soon as possible.

What time do you wash your face at night?

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’ll wash my face during the golden hours of the night to benefit the repairing stages during sleep. I’ll wait every night until 10PM to wash my face and then sleep not long after. I’ll fully explain it as a few people have asked me, through the Skin’s Solutions post for the coming Thursday.

What’s your favourite animal?

Did I mention I have a phobia of animals? I don’t like animals at all, so my closest bet to choosing a favourite animal would be a dog. I’m completely fine, as per say, to dogs and we actually have a little dog now. She’s less than a year old and her name is MieMie, a Lhasa Apso.

Do you prefer online shopping or retail shopping?

I always prefer shopping in a store to shopping online, because at least then, you can try on products or look at whatever it is before making a purchase. However, online is always cheaper, and you get better deals shopping online. I suppose it depends on what it is you’re purchasing. If I already know every detail of the product, I’ll purchase online to save some money, otherwise I prefer physically shopping. There’s always the risk of fraud and fakes when shopping online, so I try my hardest to steer clear from online stores, and will only shop at that particular website if I know everything is legit.

Best and worst subjects in school?

Have I answered this before? i can’t remember. My favourite subject in my entire schooling years would definitely be Japanese. I pick up languages really easily, and I found Japanese fun. Not only that, but I’ve already had the experience of the language throughout my childhood so it was a breeze for me.I wasn’t the top in Japanese but I still did incredibly well in the class. I suppose that was all I was good at throughout my education, that and media studies.

Worst subject would have to be science courses, or english. Although I had the grasp to answer the questions properly in english class, I found it tedious to write essays and do oral presentations. They’re not my style. Science in particular was really hard for me, and I didn’t understand it at all. Ugh, it was so hard and a good waste of my time learning, although I’m thankful for my knowledge in pH and stuff, so it was all good in the end.

Do you prefer Western makeup or Asian makeup?

Anything matte is way too drying for my skin, so I dislike the formula for Western makeup. Although, most of the payoff is pretty good, since it’s not that compatible with my skin, I’m too big of a fan. Asian makeup however, have more dewy formulas that help my skin from being too dry so I will always choose Asian makeup over the Western makeup based solely on that one aspect alone.

That’s it for the Q&A for this week. As per usual, I’ll take in all your questions through the SNS accounts I own, or through the comments below. Just submit them, and I’ll answer them all happily on this corner. Like this post if you found this interesting, and submit comments below for your replies to my answers, or if you had questions of your own. Stay beautiful and until the next post~

Anthony signing out.



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