Q&A with Anthonay [ 28 ]

As this segment goes, I come back every weekend to compile a list of questions to answer that you guys all have sent in to me. Welcome to the weekly corner of my blog that you guys all love to read, the Q&A with Anthonay. You guys messaged me A LOT through the DM’s on twitter and inbox feature on Facebook, and it’s nice and all, but sometimes I’d love a comment once in a while too. Nonetheless, you guys sent me a few questions that I wanted to answer so here we go.

Do you spend more money on skincare or makeup?

Two people in store asked me this recently, but I’m answering it here since through my personal messages, this question came up. I love spending money on the latest makeup trend or the need sensation taking everyone by storm. I love trying out the new lip pies that hit the counter, or a revolutionary eyeliner that has become so hot it’s selling out fast. At the end of the day though, your makeup is only makeup and it can only perform optimally on a well looked after face. I don’t see the point in investing in a $400 makeup product, only to waste it if your face remains unclean and your skin issues aren’t well treated. I therefore spend more money on the skincare side, since good skin is what makes your makeup look beautiful. Taking good care of your skin is what sheds time off in the morning when you’re applying that BB cream or concealer. You’ll notice, that when you tend to your skin concerns starting from the skincare, you’ll need less time, product and effort in treating it or hiding it with the aid of makeup, which saves you extra minutes looking after, or doing something else. It’ll cut back on how much you need to use on your face which then leads to more natural looks since you’re not applying heavy layers of foundation or concealer to your skin.

To summarize, good skin means less makeup. Less makeup means less money thrown away, so I think personally, it’s vital to invest your money into skincare, so you’re not needing to buy unnecessary makeup products to conceal your flaws.

Can you overdose on beauty supplements?

Of course you can. Just like how you can overeat meats or have too much of one thing in your life, over consuming supplements can cause detriment to your body, and it ain’t pretty. Overdosing on things like vitamin C tablets or ceramide can cause your body to become upset. Vitamin C is well known for the benefits of a brighter and livelier kin tone, and high doses of vitamin is linked to skin whitening as well. However, consuming more than the recommended daily intake of vitamin C can cause your stomach to flip upside down and give you the runs, if not, harmful damage to your digestive system.

Ceramide, a building block for the production of collagen, water retention and healthy skin/hair is often consumed and found in a lot of beauty supplements to keep our bodies healthier and stronger. Overdosing on ceramide though, can actually decrease the strength of your hair, worsen your skin’s appearance and cause opposite reactions within your body.

Your best bet, go see a doctor or enquire with a pharmacist beforehand so you can get enough information from them in order to take your supplements in the correct dosage. Enquire with them the minimum and maximum YOU personally can take so you can adjust your levels according to what you want to improve in.

How did you get your hair grey?

I underwent multiple bleaching sessions. I tried to do it myself and my air ended up looking rainbow with 50 colors in my hair. Since I gave up on self bleaching, I went to a salon where they took my hair from a grade 8 (orange-blonde tone) to a grade 10 (light blonde). From there, I went for another bleaching session to lift my hair up to as close to white as possible. Please keep in mind though, that before I bleached my hair, the color was dark brown, so possibly sitting on the lines of a grade 3 or 4. While my hair was being treated, the damage I caused my hair with the self bleaching became incredibly aggravated, and my hair started to melt away. By the end of the bleaching, I had to chop almost all of my hair off, since I had huge balls of jelly sitting off of my scalp. Whatever was left over, seemed to be the healthier parts of my hair that was able to endure the vigorous bleaching sessions over time.

From there, my hair was a grade 12, basically white with the slightest tinge of yellow. My hairdresser added a purple toner to my hair, to remove all traces of gold and warmth from my hair, and we left it in for half an hour, which gave me the grey hair color. To maintain my hair color, I make sure to treat my hair with purple shampoo every few days to remove any yellow tones peeping through the grey.

Do you have to use serum when you care for your face?

No you don’t. Serums are basically thick creams you apply before your moisturizers (don’t forget to moisturize after because serums are NOT moisturizers, and though they hydrate fairly well depending on what you get, they can’t keep your skin hydrated for long) that are power packed full of special treatment ingredients to target certain specific skin issues. I’d say, unless you’re looking for a particular skin treatment you wanted to tackle, serums aren’t that all important, and you can simply stick with your 3 step skincare regime.

My lips are always dry. What can I use to help keep them hydrated?

I also suffer from excessively dry lips. I don’t go a day without chapped lips, so I can understand your struggles a lot. The only thing that has worked for me throughout my 21 years of living on this planet is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I apply that every night before I go to bed, and I wake up with very soft, well nourished lips. From there I will put another layer of mask onto my lips again in the morning whilst washing and tending to the cleansing routine of my face. Now, once I’ve done with cleansing using my foam cleanser (and any wash off masks I may have used during that period as well), I wash my lips with lukewarm water to remove any trace of the lip mask, and follow with a simple lip balm to keep my lips well hydrated.

To avoid dry lips throughout the day, stick to lip glosses, tinted lip balms or hydrating lipsticks. Anything that is matte will cause your lips to become chapped again, and lip tints are a huge no-no. Whenever you put anything against your lips, be it food, a tissue, whatever it is, apply a layer of lip balm to your lips to keep them from becoming dry. Until I find a better solution, this is what I’ve been doing (and it’s a pain in the ass).

What is your most favourite thing to wear during the morning, afternoon, night and during your sleep?

I hate clothes so much; sometimes I wish it was possible to just walk around naked. I love taking my clothes off at the end of the day and sleeping completely nude, doing things nude and just being nude altogether. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not a nudist or anything, I just hate the feeling of heavy clothes sitting on your body, especially during a hot Summer’s day/night.

In the morning, unless it’s freezing, I will slip into a singlet and some shorts. If I have to go out, I will most probably wear jeans and a shirt of some kind. Most chances, I’ll also bring a jacket of some sort with me to cover up my skin to prevent damage or burning. During the night, I’m usually at home, so I will strip down to the bare minimum and wear a singlet and some light shorts just to cover up. Whenever I sleep though, I try my absolute hardest to keep at least my underwear on, but somehow I wake up every morning and I’m completely naked. I must subconsciously take my clothing off while I sleep. I don’t even know.

Do you use whatsapp?

No I don’t. I used to before my phone number mysteriously went around and everyone started adding me, and talking to me. Look, I don’t mind sharing with you guys my wechat, Facebook or anything like that for that matter, since it doesn’t reveal my personal contact number or anything like that. Whatsapp however, sort of did, and when random people started to add me and message me everyday, it got out of hand, and I deleted the app altogether. Nowadays, I generally keep my number to myself, my family and closest friends. If I don’t recognize the number, I don’t pick up. Don’t ask me how it got to this topic, but to answer your question once again, no. I do not have whatsapp, and possibly will not get whatsapp again.

That’s it for this week’s installment of Q&A with Anthonay. Remember, you can always message me your questions through to my SNS or leaving comments below here. I check my emails everyday as well, so if you didn’t add me on my SNS (I will ask why! No not really) you can also submit questions through to me via emails as well. Until the next Q&A.

Anthony signing out.


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