Q&A with Anthonay [ 27 ]

Welcome back to everyone’s favourite weekly corner, Q&A with Anthonay where I answer your beauty, of topic, stupid or thought provoking questions every weekend. As usual, I read your submissions that you provide me on twitter, Facebook, email or the comments and I publish them in this segment every single week. If you had anything to ask, then shoot them at me! Let’s begin.

Do you only review expensive products?

Haha, my friend asked me this as well. No I don’t review only expensive products, but honestly all the things I’ve been using have been expensive and I am aware that not everyone has the time or the extra cash to splurge on their skin. I am compiling a list of cheap products to review as well to mix it up with the multiple high end products I’m using to try and keep you guys happy.

Have you used the History of Whoo products before?

I wrote a review on the InYang range, which I’ll link here for you to read, but yes I’ve used a few Whoo products. The Inyang, which is what I’m currently using, is focused to improve skin health and pore care, the Ja Saeng essence which is their star product helps to treat a variety of skin concerns, and one of my favorites, the Soo Yeon is great for hydration and nourishment care, whilst tackling excess sebum.

I’m yet to try the Hwa Hyun range, the whitening range (which I’m thinking of getting next) and the other various lines they have, as they seem promising and from what I’ve heard and read, they’re all just as good as the over products I’ve already tried.

Do you think Sulwhasoo is better than History of Whoo?

I hear a lot of people are comparing the two brands as of late. They’re both incredibly good, but Sulwhasoo seems to be more rich in texture than Whoo is, so with my personal experiences, I enjoy using Whoo over Sulwhasoo. I’m not saying that Sulwhasoo is bad though, since I think, given the time and the climate outside, it’s incredibly hydrating, has great firming care and brightens up the complexion significantly. I think it depends on your skin’s compatibility with the product; Sulwhasoo may work better on some than Whoo would on others.

What’s your Summer skincare routine now that it’s getting hotter?

My skin care routine during the Summer revolves around keeping the skin hydrated with as little layers as possible, and also pore care. Since my skin tends to get oilier during Summer, I have to focus my attention to my pores more than anything else, as well as acne care. I’d love to do a whitening skin care range to prevent myself from getting darker, but unfortunately, whitening tends to be too dry for my skin, which causes me to produce excess sebum, leading to clogged and enlarged pores in the end.

I generally stick to what I started out with when I transitioned into Korean skin care. I always use a salicylic acid cleanser, a good pore reducing or cooling toner and a water based lotion or gel cream to lock all the hydration into my skin. From there, if I need extra help from serums, I’ll either use pore serums both day and night, or keep them solely for night use when my skin undergoes repairing whilst I sleep. I’ll do skincare routine journals as the weather changes if you like. Just let me know what you think down below or through my SNS.

Do you prefer Japanese or Korean music?

Honestly, any song, no matter the language will grab my attention if it has meaningful lyrics or a good beat. Sure, most of my music is Korean, but throw a good English song, a Japanese song or something unexpected my way and I’ll add it to my playlist if I like it.

Current favourite songs on repeat?

I search youtube once a week to see if there are new song releases that I might enjoy. Taeyeon, a member of Girl’s Generation (SNSD) came back as a soloist with her track “I”. It’s a beautiful song that leans towards indie pop that showcases her beautiful voice singing a song that seems to be about being free. I love the song, and the video complements the song very well. If you’re into KPOP and haven’t already, check the song out.

I also love Oh My Girl’s “Closer” and I talked about it on a recent post on how the song symbolizes the path of growing up. The video ideology is so complicated but the song and cinematography are amazing so check that out too if you haven’t already.

My favourite singing song now is an oldie but a goodie. Hyuna’s collaboration with GNA with the song titled “A Bitter Day” is one that I’ve had playing for the past week or so, and discovering the song at work was my highlight for the week.

What is your favourite thing to cook?

I like simple foods like rice with egg, or a potato dish, so anything tasty that doesn’t take too long is something I enjoy cooking. I find myself making the same egg dish every time I crave scrambled eggs or a potato salad if I see potatoes in the pantry.

I want to attempt baking, since it’s something I’m terrible at doing, and if I can make a cake that isn’t as hard as a rock, or isn’t darker than the night sky, I will feel accomplished. If you had cake recipes, please send them to me, because I want to learn how to make a nice cake.

How often do you eat take out?

I think I answered this before, but it was sent in so here I answer again. When I’m at work (which tends to be quite frequently) I will often eat takeout food because it’s a hassle preparing and bringing food with me to work when there is no fridge set up in the back. Plus, takeout is easy. I’d incline to say 4 or 5 times a week, but it’s generally healthy takeout food s like rice or sashimi, salads or sandwiches.

I try to keep these weekly posts short, but I always manage over 1000 words. Nonetheless, here concludes another episode of Q&A. If you had questions of any sort, don’t forget to send them in so they can be published and until next time~

Anthony signing out.




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