Episode 3 fits with the current theme talking about different skin types, and oily skin is one a lot of people like myself sure, so from this I can actually talk from experience now that it’s Summer and my skin looks as if it’s bathing in a pool of sebum. If you haven’t already, please read my post about dry skin and pore cleansing to keep up with these skin solutions episodes. I’ll be briefly reflecting on the pore post quite often as well, so if you read the post, you’ll have a better understanding of pores and why oily skin types suffer far more pore issues than dryer skin types do.

What is oily skin?

Going back to introducing someone with normal skin, they have the perfect balance of moisture and oil and are likely to have no issues arising when it comes to their skin. Those with oily skins tend to overproduce sebum in the pores due to the sebaceous glands working in overdrive, which reflects on our faces where it tends to look incredibly shiny. When the sebaceous glands produce sebum, it is released from the pores and onto the skin surface. Now, when the sebum is mixed with dead skin cells, which we shed virtually all the time in huge quantities, they can clog our pores which causes pore malfunctioning and possible breakouts of blackheads and pimples. Not only that, but oily skin types are more prone to having even oilier skin during hotter days, since for every degree the temperature increases, the sebaceous glands produce an extra 10% of sebum from the glands which are ejected onto the skin. It’s a vicious cycle that’s almost unbreakable. This is why more than likely, those with oilier skin types tend to be more acne prone or have pore issues.

How do you treat oily skin?

To treat oily skin, you need to take into consideration that some people will produce more sebum than others and it ultimately comes down to how your skin and body are functioning. In almost most cases, oily skin types have aggressively running sebaceous glands so since they’re producing too much sebum, you need to try and control the sebum for as long as possible to reduce the signs of excessive oiliness on the skin surface.

For starters, and this goes for all skin types, wash your face thoroughly twice a day; no more and no less. Under washing your face won’t take away the excess oil on your skin, and over washing can strip you of too much oil which isn’t good either. A lot of people, my friers in particular, think that by taking away all the sebum from your skin is going to be beneficial for them. Unfortunately they fail to realize how important sebum really is, and it helps to protect our skin and boot the acid mantle layers to prevent bacteria from damaging our overall skin health. Stick to two washes per day; once in the morning and once in the night.

Also watch what products you’re using on your face. Again, this goes for all skin types, but with oily skin types in particular, you want to observe the pH level of the skincare products you’re using. Those with oilier skin types have a higher pH level than normal so using anything overly acidic like chemical washes or overly acidic toners can cause detriment to your skin. With your washes, opt for a pH balanced foaming cleanser that can gently buff away the dead skin whilst controlling the sebum output, that can also help to tackle pore care as well. Try and avoid cleansers with the beads in them as they’re actually toxic to your skin and body, and over exfoliating is also incredibly damaging to your skin because they stimulate your sebaceous glands to produce even more sebum, and irritate the fresh skin under all the dead layers you’ve peeled off. You can read more into detail about the beads found in cleansers if you click here.

Use toners to restore your natural pH of your skin. If you can, try and find a toner that has cooling effects as well since cooling products can not only help to reduce pore size, but also inhibit the production of sebum for longer. Lastly, moisturize using a cooling gel type emulsion that isn’t too heavy on the skin, but has high water content or strong moisturizing capabilities. Keeping your skincare simple, but strong is probably the best way to care for your skin if you’re oilier skin type, or during hotter days like Summer. For me personally, I tend to ditch a lot of my serums and extra care during Summer, as the heat can make my usual routine too heavy or sticky for me during the day when the temperature exceeds 40˚C or the humidity is higher than normal.

One tip I tend to forget to do on occasion myself, is to use blotting papers throughout the day just to absorb excess sebum sitting on your skin surface. There are different types of papers; some are made of yam, some are films that change colors upon oil absorption and some are coated in loose powders to mattify your face without the need for extra powder on top. Simply press the paper onto your shiny areas and watch the paper become soaked in oil. It’s disgusting but fascinating at the same time as I end up finding myself, and my friends staring at the sheet for a few minutes before discarding.

One tip that is probably the most common when it comes to oily skin alike, is to use clay masks to absorb all the oils from your skin. The most common and most popular masks are derived from volcanic ash or the clay from volcanic areas. They are able to absorb excess oil very well sitting on the surface layers of your skin, and also deep into the pores, whilst deep cleansing and refining pore texture. It is recommended that you use clay masks twice a week at maximum, as they tend to be drying and the more dry your skin is, the less you should use a clay mask. Otherwise, opt for a gel type mask that is enriched with volcanic ash so it can help to deep cleanse your pores, remove oil but also keep your skin hydrated. I alternate between the two masks just so my skin doesn’t feel parched dry all the time.

Lastly, and this comes down to every skin type under the sun, remember to stay hydrated and up all your water content, whether it be ingested or through the means of skincare. By removing oils in your skin, you’re actually taking away necessary hydration, and with lack of hydration you need to restore the balance again, or all your hard work will go to waste. When your skin gets too dry, your body produces sebum to counteract this issue, and it’s vital for oilier skin types to restore hydration almost immediately if they want to keep their mug from being a pool of sebum. Moisturization is key to reducing your oiliness  on your skin.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


So I don’t see any changes to my pores, since I believe that they’re as small as they can get now. The damage is done and I need to learn to accept that my pores will forever stay huge and drag my face down. Nonetheless, this mask smoothens your skin texture while sucking out al your unnecessary levels of oil from your skin and pores. It doesn’t suck out every single bit of sebum, which is good as sebum is still important for us all. It does however, remove you from unneeded oils sitting on your skin’s surface caused by your sebaceous glands to produce levels of sebum that supposedly help to create somewhat of a balance in the skin. Keep in mind though, that you need to hydrate once you wash your skin, almost immediately or else your skin will produce even more oil than it did prior to using the mask. Clay masks like this only work to control your oil levels by drawing out any unnecessary deposits in your pores so without moisturizing, your pores will produce even more excess oils and thus defeating the purpose of using this mask in the first place.

Clinique Exfoliating Scrub


I’m not ditching AB products if you’re wondering why I included this product in my post. I used to use Clinique religiously before I transitioned my way into the AB world, and being introduced to this exfoliator by a helpful Clinique service lady made me fall in love with this scrub. It’s your general scrub so it helps to clean your pores and smoothen skin. Why I love this product is because it contains menthol, which cools your face down so much that your face feels ice cold for hours on end. Now, when you mix Summer and an icy face, you have happy pores and happy skin that’s free from oils and heat damage. This is probably one of the FEW Western products I’d recommend since I’ve reacted positively to it.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel


I wrote a very long review on how the aloe gel can be implemented into your skincare routine and how diverse it can really be, especially for those on a budget, or like to multifunction a single product for multi-kill purposes. You can have a read of it here. From my personal use, it’s incredibly moisturizing when applied but cuts oil incredibly well, especially during the Summer time when wearing too many things on your face gets too much for you when the temperature is at a high and the humidity causes you to swim in puddles of sweat. Aloe gel can also be stored in the fridge and applied onto the face to keep your skin cool, which will also help your pores and sebum output in the skin.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner


Way to go Etude House for making your product have a typo name. Nonetheless, I mentioned in an earlier post how decent this product is, and for oilier skin types, it’s definitely a dream. It sucks out all the gunk from your pores very well (unless you’re me and your pores just remain clean all the time) whilst receding the output of sebum in the skin. It’s also pH balanced to restore your skin’s natural acidity which also helps in the long run to reduce the signs of oiliness. I’m going to review this product actually because it’s made it’s way into my current skincare routine and I’m loving it now that the weather is changing.

Skinfood Pore Fit Cushion Bottle


Now, I’m yet to try this for myself, but my friends have used it, and it’s a popular item during the Summer time. Many Korean vloggers have raved about this and what better time to place an order for one. From what they say, it reduces your skin temperature down to -9°C and literally feels like ice when applied to tighten pores and give you amazing pore coverage. Looking back to how temperature affects sebum, this is said to also control your oily skin very well. Once I get my bottle, I’ll definitely be talking about it for you guys, so by the almighty please let my order come ASAP!

Clio Kill Cover Founwear Cushion


Summer means powder and lots of it to reduce unhealthy looking shine on your face throughout the day. However, I’m one to get incredibly sweaty, and as every makeup wearer knows, powder and sweat DO NOT mix at all. You look cakey, gross and your skin gets incredibly patchy. This foundation cushion by Clio though is great as it’s so matte, but still gives you the natural dewiness the makes Korean base products different from Western products. It goes on almost powdery but has the same coverage as a concealer, all in liquid format. The coverage is by far astounding and powder isn’t necessary at all when using this cushion as the formula adheres so well to your skin. I mean, you can powder on top if you like, but even with my incredibly oily skin during Summer, I have no issues with this cushion whenever I wear it without powder.

What are your Summer favorites? I’d love to try them all out so let me know what you use when the temperature rises down below in the comments or through my SNS sites. Have you used any of the products I’ve mentioned above? Let me know how you went with them too, because I’d like to hear your feedback. As per usual, send in your skin solution’s requests through to me so they can be featured here, and remember to stay beautiful.

Anthony signing out.

***disclaimer: these images are not my own, and credits go to their respectful owner.


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