Q&A with Anthonay [ 26 ]

I write these posts every single week but I often forget what number I’m up to. Welcome back to your favourite corner of my blog, Q&A with Anthonay where I get you to submit your beauty, off topic, stupid or though provoking questions into me every weekend. Let’s get started right away because I always leave this to the last minute and I have work omg.

Are you planning on doing more makeup posts?

I even thought about it as well, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve made makeup posts. I don’t have many ideas on makeup posts I want to do just yet, so please bare with me. I have an idea that I’m drafting up, which will engage you readers into commenting for this to work, but I’m not too sure yet.

My plan is to get you guys to post on my FB or twitter 5 makeup products of any choice (brushes not included) and making a beauty look using those products you listed. How does that sound? If you guys are truly interested, then please let me know.

Are you doing giveaways or do you not plan on doing any?

I’ve looked into doing giveaways but I’m not too sure how to extend it out of Australia just yet. For the time being, if I were to hold a giveaway, then I’ll probably only do it in Perth for now, but until I can fully learn how to do overseas sending, I’m thinking to hold any giveaways off just because it wouldn’t be fair on my international readers.

You wear contacts so I’m quite curious, have you ever fallen asleep with your contacts on before?

I literally woke up this morning with my contacts on and pulling them out stung so much. They were sticky but so dry and it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. My eyes are now red and I’m thinking whether to even wear my contacts today or not.

Would you prefer lots of fans or a small group of loyal fans?

I never intended on making this blog just to gain fans, so the fact I even have fans really surprises me. Honest opinion, I think quality is always better than quantity, and loyal fans are truly better than having a billion on and off fans any day, no matter the conditions or consequences.

I’ve recently gained a clientele base at work who actually read my blog and it’s so exciting to be able to open up to them more because it’s nice to finally get to know people on a more personal level. If y’all all love in Perth, or are visiting, then don’t be scared to say hello, because I’d like to meet every single one of you.

Any changes to your current favourite songs?

I’m still liking my songs a lot, but these days I’ve been listening to more dance tracks or EDM, just because they’re fun to dance or exercise to. TWRKS Badinga has made it’s spot high up in the list, and so has Nicki Minaj’s rendition of Boss Ass Bitch. As for KPOP, I’m liking Unicorn’s Huk a lot, Ailee’s Mind your Own Business and BTOB’s It’s Okay.

What can we expect from your blog these days?

I’m going ahead and finishing Skin Solutions because a lot of you guys have asked about different skin problems and I wanted to address them all one by one. Every Thursday or so, I’ll have a new post out for that mini series so you guys can have some stability with this blog. Otherwise, I’m going through more of my products and wanting to post about them too, which I prefer to post on Mondays.

I’m new to blogging and I wanted to become as popular as you are, any tips?

Honestly, I’m not that popular and my fanbase is pretty weak, but I have fans and that’s something to be happy about. When I first started, I posted 3 times a day which was the biggest regret of all, since most of my ideas were discussed within the first month of opening this blog. If you’re very new, then don’t make the same mistake I did. Stretch out your posts so you have material coming in frequently, but steadily.

I’m trying to post every Saturday or Sunday with the Q&A posts, every Thursday for info posts about skin or makeup, and every Monday or so with a new review. With stability, fans are able to learn your posting schedules and are more willing to take time out to read our posts and engage with you. If you have stability as well, then you’re more likely to be able to work around your own personal schedules as well, so you’re not taking out too much time of your life.

Something else to keep in mind is to have an inviting blog name that describes you and your posts, and visuals are key. We’re always saying that the quality of your posts are what makes your blog make or break, but in all honesty, you can’t get to that stage without attracting the viewer first. If your blog isn’t visually appealing, they won’t even make it to your posts at all. With my blog, I use what I find describes me the best, which is a plain blog filled with colours. For me, anything rainbow or vibrant stands out more from a plain white blog, which is my key to having a visually appealing blog space.

Are you using your blog to promote your store?

Well, I started blogging as a way to express my interests in the beauty world, but since starting work at Cosmehut, I’m revolving my blog around the workplace. So, to answer your question, yes I am. I’m proud of my job and it’s something I enjoy a lot. It’s also a way to be able to connect to a lot of my clientele because they all know I’ve used a majority of the products I sell, so it’s more to journal in all my experiences with all these products which we sell. Customers love to hear your personal experiences with these products more than you explaining how the products work, so in a way, blogging like this can be an insight for them.

That’s it for this week’s Q&A session. Remember this corner is all revolved around you guys and I rely on your submittions so go ahead and leave your questions down below, or through my SNS accounts. You can even come straight up to me and suggest blogging material since I’m always out of ideas to revamp. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and any ideas you had are always accepted and reviewed. Other than that, have a great rest of the week, and stay beautiful.

Anthony signing out.


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