Q&A with Anthonay [ 25 ]

I’ve finally hit post number 25 with this weekly tag that you all love so much. Basically, every weekend, I’ll get you guys to submit in all your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions into me and I answer them here for you with honesty. If you haven’t already, add me on my SNS accounts, which you’ll find here and get into submitting any question and have it all answered for you. Let’s get started shall we?

How did Q&A even begin?

I had a heap of questions come in at one time, and since I wasn’t able to dedicate a post to each and very question, I decided that it would be ideal to begin with a tag post where I’d answer those submitted questions briefly in order to satisfy you all. From the first post, it became incredibly popular amongst my other posts so I continued with it all. Now, it’s become an integral part of my space here on the internet and I’ll continue to do these Q&A’s up until you guys get bored, or I leave blogging (which I hope won’t be for a very long time).

You know how Korean products have all these weird ingredients like horse oil. bird saliva and snail excretes, can I just grab them from the garden and do my own facial?

Uhm, no. First an fore mot, I don’t think you are able to physically harvest the fat from a horse by going up to it when you see one at a farm. That’ll be weird and you’d probably get arrested for trespassing or harassing an animal. Secondly, snails found in the garden may contain toxins that are lethal to the skin and it’s not advised to just grab the old run of the mill snail you can find in your veggie patch to put on your face. The snail secretes found in our skincare are from snails that are bred by dermatologists for skin purposes only and are exposed only to environments that allow us to benefit from. Thirdly, good luck trying to get a bird to spit on you. Again, just like the snail, birds found in the wilderness may carry disease or toxins that can harm us, so not advised.

What do you think of the new iOS update?

I don’t have an iPhone and I don’t plan on getting one honestly. I think I’ll be ok for the time being, but for those who do have iPhones and are suffering from this new update which, from what I have heard is a huge pain in the ass, I am so sorry for you all and that’s why I am using a Samsung.

Why is it so important for you to use a toner?

Your skin naturally sits at a pH of 5.5 and after cleansing, your skin pH levels may shift, depending on the type of cleanser you use. If y’all don’t know what pH stands for, it basically means potentials of hydrogen that are found in substances with determine the acidity or alkalinity of products and molecules. The pH scale is graded from 0 (most acid) to 14 (most basic or alkaline). The lower the number, the more acidic it is and vice versa. 7 is the middle ground and is neutral, and this is where distilled water sits.

The acid mantle, or the skin’s natural barrier helps to fend off germs and pollutants to protect your skin from harmful damage caused by the environment. If your skin is too alkaline, it can become more sensitive and dry, and if your skin is more acidic, your skin produces more sebum which calls for oilier skin. Now, using a toner is essential to restore the balance in your skin to recreate the pH 5.5 balance that your skin calls for. Without the toner, your skin can possibly suffer from either spectrum of the pH grade and may lead to skin damages and alterations.

I think I may write a post about this, whenever I have the chance, or remember to.

What is one of your biggest pet peeves when going out?

I generally don’t go out these days and whenever I do go out, it’s generally to a restaurant with friends or family. The most annoying thing would definitely be the water they serve at restaurants of any kind. I am very picky and only like the taste of certain waters, so if the restaurant isn’t able to provide a nice tasting water, then I’ll be incredibly pissed off and possibly avoid going to eat at that place again.

What would you tell your younger self now that you’re an adult?

Study hard. I actually enjoyed studying, but being the lazy person I am, I often procrastinated and would rather spend my time doing other things to avoid boring myself with a huge workload. I wish I had studied more harder but nonetheless, because of my fails during my schooling years, here I am today, blogging and working a job I’ve always been interested in.

i most important thing though would have to be me pretending to like everyone. I was so fake and oh my god did I fool a lot of people into thinking I liked them when really I despised every single person I met. I do apologize and honestly out of the so called friends I had back then, only a select few are people I’d keep in my life. I suppose growing up made me realize who I could possibly trust or like.

Any decisions you regret taking?

There are so many that I can’t possibly list them all since everyday brings a new regret that I’m fretting over. However, there will always be a new day and it’s something to reflect upon in order to avoid it from happening again. With every mistake you make, you can learn and hopefully overcome them as time goes on. It’s one of my mottos I try to live by.

What’s your favorite contouring kit?

I prefer naturally shaded kits where you can see the natural gradation between your facial structures to your skin texture, so anything too harsh looks way too fake. I love Korean contour kits the best since they’re not too opaque and they allow you to gently shade in your face without it going past the natural benchmark. Saying that though, I haven’t found my favorite liquid type yet, but I am absolutely loving the Artclass by Too Cool For School for powder contour as it has three shades to suit almost all skin tines between NC10 to NC35 without it being way too artificial. I use it every working day and I still have a fairly huge amount after 3 months from purchasing, so it lasts a while as well.

That’s it for this week’s Q&A with Anthonay. As per usual, I rely heavily upon your submissions and feedback so don’t forget to let me know your questions or any comments you want to leave behind. Don’t forget to like this post and subscribe to this space for future Q&A posts, beauty content and random blogs about my life. Until next time~

Anthony signing out.



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