Episode 2 of skin solutions comes from the majority of the public who come into the store asking how to deal with their skin type. Most of the people I serve at work who have now come to trust me as a person who can cater to their skin, are indeed dry skin types, and this post will discuss how to treat dry skin effectively and what products I use during Winter to combat flakes and lackluster skin.

What is dry skin?

If you guys didn’t know (which I’m sure you guys reading this would probably have a brief understanding of, but just in case) there are many different skin types; dry being one of them. Looking at normal skin types, they have a balance of sebum and moisture in their skin which means they need little maintenance for keeping their skin healthy. On either opposite spectrum, there is oily skin and dry skin. Those with xerosis, or more commonly known as dry skin, don’t produce enough sebum in their skin which leaves their skin really rough, flaky at times and incredibly prone to dehydration with many dry patches particularly on the cheekbones and around the mouth and nose. They also don’t have enough moisture in their superficial layers of the skin, so throw in the fact they don’t produce enough oil, they can’t rely on their bodies to give themselves enough hydration. People with a hereditary line of eczema, hypothyroid problems and thin skin are more likely to suffer from dry skin. Skin is mainly affected by the humidity; cold and dryer days have less water vapor in the air thus making your skin incapable of naturally soaking up that moisture.

As I mentioned earlier, those with normal skin produce a healthy amount of oil to hydrate the epidermis. The epidermis is composed of lipids (or fat) which help to hydrate the skin naturally, and proteins to keep skin firm and healthy. Those with dry skin types don’t have enough fat in their skin which is the main cause for skin dehydration and thus, dry skin. When the skin’s natural sebum levels decline or is removed entirely, the skin loses it’s protection and thus dries out and loses moisture more easily. When skin dries up, you’re more than likely to have your skin breakdown and become thinner, and are more prone to rashes, dry patches, skin conditions that leads to deterioration or disease and flakiness of the skin.

How do you treat dry skin?

Dry skin, as problematic as it seems, is incredibly mild and easily treatable. First and foremost, your skin lacks sebum, so you need to use more rich cosmetics in order to allow your skin to soak up all the hydration it needs. I’ve encountered so many people with dry skin, and each and every one of them tell me that they despise thick creams. Possibly because the reason they hate it so much is that with their dry skin, they’re already used to having rough skin texture, and trying to combat it may seem like they’re smearing on something too rich onto their faces and they just don’t appreciate the feeling. If you want to end your dry skin issues, then please have an open mind and open heart about it and give it a shot before casting your final judgements.

Most of the market sells products that are “oil free” which I think isn’t something to worry about; that is, if it can give you the hydration you truly need. Most cases, they don’t and they leave your skin feeling parched and crying for a drink. Try and look for products that don’t contain alcohols or silicones, and are focused for deep hydration to allow your skin to soak up all the moisture your products provide for you. Alcohols are known for giving you incredibly temporary relief before backfiring on you and soaking up every bit of sebum in the skin leaving you dryer than the Sahara desert. Silicones may seem like it gives you hydration but actually, it acts as a layer sitting on the surface of your skin, and anything you use on top of it isn’t readily absorbed by the skin at all. Basically, by using silicones, you’re wasting money, product and time.

My best tip for you is to avoid anything harsh, like soaps and cleansers, that can strip off way too much sebum. If there is anything to learn from dry skin, is that oil is actually your best friend and you need oil in your lives to stay hydrated. Opt for healthy oils like argan oil, coconut oil and anything that provides you with deep nourishing care. The Western market have introduced the ingredient known as hyaluronic acid, which is the new “in thing” for cosmetics, but has actually been around for years. They call hyaluronic acid the fountain of youth, being able to keep you from aging too fast (which is caused by dry skin) and giving your skin more resilience and hydration. There are two main types of hyaluronic acid out in the market; normal hyaluronic acid which is commonly found in cheaper products, and sodium hyaluronate. Sodium hyaluronate, commonly found in Japanese products have smaller molecules compared to normal hyaluronic acid so it can penetrate deeper into the underlying skin layers, and is readily absorbed into the skin compared to regular hyaluronic acid which tends to sit on the surface of the dermis for a while before being absorbed into the skin.

Another tip I have for you to keep dry skin in a is to drink lots of water. You can slather on a lot of products on to your face, but if you’re not keeping up with hydration then no amount of type of cream is going to work for you. 8 glasses of water a day can really improve bodily functions and have a great impact on skin. Most of the people who I serve at work often tell me they don’t drink their 8 glasses a day, if any at all. Water is the foundation of healthy skin and a well functional body, and if our bodies can’t function at optimum, then our skin will suffer greatly.

Lastly, moisturize. Without moisturizing, you’re allowing for your skin to produce unneeded sebum in the pores and thus causing blackheads and skin issues. Those with incredibly dry skin may not even be able to get to the point of having clogged pores or an oily complexion due to the fact their sebaceous organs aren’t able to mass produce a huge quantity of oil to combat the dryness. Hydration is key for healthy skin, no matter what skin type you are, and is vital for dry skin types to prevent flaking skin.

It’s Skin Prestige Foam D’Escargot

41yZz4zr6zLI did a review of this entire line which you can read about here and I mentioned how I liked this cleanser for not only it’s ability to repair and thoroughly cleanse the skin, but also for the face it wasn’t drying at all, even for my ever-changing skin during the winter days where I felt incredibly flaky and sensitive. This cleanser uses snail mucin to nourish the skin whilst providing deep pore cleansing and a slight AHA effect to shed away dead skin cells, particularly if you’re dry skin type, as dry types tend to have more dead skin sitting on the surface of the dermis. The entire line is great for dryer skin types actually, so I recommend you give my It’s Skin review a little read for more details. I read online however, that a lot of people are allergic to snail mucin. The small studies show that their alleges were linked to dust mites where most individuals who were affected by allergies were more than likely allergic to dust and dust mites as well. Keep that in mind if you’re sensitive skin type, or have allergies before making a purchase.

Rohto Hada Labo Gokujyun Foam Cleanser

Moisture_cleanserThis cleanser is popular with our clients at work for it’s well known aid in moisturizing dry skin whilst providing a thorough cleansing experience. Hada Labo have made it’s name out in the market for it’s well moisturizing products and have implemented their specialty, the super hyaluronic acid into all their products for superb hydration care. It’s so popular that it’s crept well into the western market and is incredibly popular in the beauty realm of the internet. Most people who have purchased this cleanser have not switched since starting and swear by this product to maintain supple and well nourished skin.

Rohto Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

$_1This image depicts the moist version of the toner; I believe there is a regular version and a smooth version, as well as other hyaluronic acid toners stemming from this particular one. From what the website has told me, the Hada Labo hyaluronic acid toner sells every 12 seconds in Japan, which I think is complete bull, but needless to say it is a pretty damn good toner, particularly if you have dry skin. It absorbs quite fast into the skin, and with constant patting, it becomes quite sticky but is able to penetrate deep into the bottom layers of skin. Some people say that this toner alone is enough to hydrate your skin without the need of a moisturizer on top; I’m quite weirded out by that since I see the need for moisturizing no matter how hydrating your toners may be, but for many people to have said this gives you an idea of the capabilities this one toner has to offer.

I mentioned there were other types of hyaluronic acid toners branching off from this one. The regular one is the most basic and focuses on hydrating dry skin, this moist one is targeted to those with incredibly dry skin and the smoothing version works better on those with normal to combination skin types. From there, Hada Labo has created one with vitamin C for whitening care for an even skin complexion, and a retinol alpha toner enriched with collagen and vitamin A to combat the signs of aging by promoting the formation of fat cells in the skin for a more tighter and youthful appearance. Take your pick on which one is best suited for you since the Rohto Hada Labo range has a toner for just about anybody.

Sana Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Lotion


This toner focuses on soybean to deeply hydrate the skin. Soybean is well known for it’s high water content and superb whitening effects. The isoflavins are extracted from the soybean and are placed into the toner for more nourishing and hydrating  care, whilst preventing melanin production in the skin and giving your skin more resilience and elasticity. It also contains no added colors, fragrances and no mineral oils so it’s a perfect candidate who are often opting for 3-free products or have more sensitive skin types. Once again, this sells pretty fast in Japan and is often said this is incredibly hydrating to the point some people skip out on moisturizing. The whitening effects are so evident that some people have noticed freckles disappearing and their skin tone bumping up a few shades. Alas, this post is about hydration and this one is ideal for those who have dry skin types of all spectrums who are looking for the added benefits of whitening.



There are different variants of the BA range from POLA. Red BA is rich in texture and is great for those who need extra hydrating care and is recommended for those who are 25 or older. Black BA has a higher collagen content and is far better at anti aging than the red BA range is, and we generally recommend this range for those who are looking for a stronger anti aging effect. From there, we have White BA (blue version) and White BA (red version, which are the whitening versions of the black and red BA ranges respectively. What these products all have in common is that they are incredibly hydrating and work to improve the current condition of your skin by providing immaculate hydrating care down to the bottom layers of the skin whilst improving the skin clarity, brightness and skin texture with it’s high content of collagen and hyaluronic acid. POLA is also allergy tested and have shown great improvements to a variety of skin concerns that many people are seeking to control or treat. Red BA from the original and white series are targeted for those who have more oilier skin types and are similar in effects to the black BA range. The original BA and white BA range is more for those with moderate dry or combination skin types and are more easily absorbed into the skin than the red BA is. Since the white range of BA also has whitening effects, it is able to control the melanin production in the skin to prevent further darkening and improve skin dullness and tone.

The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Soo Yeon Jin Cream

Soo Yeon Cream

As per all Whoo products, the packaging is immaculate. This cream comes from the Soo Yeon range which targets dry skin by soaking skin in hydration to penetrate deep into the bottom layers of the skin. Unlike other Whoo products, this cream is gel type and absorbs almost immediately the moment you apply to the skin. This cream is possibly the best I’ve ever used on my face as it provides that much hydrating care that I’m not needing to use too much and feels like nothing on the face. Perfect for summer now that the humidity has increased significantly. This cream, like the other products from the Whoo ranges all contain various herb and root extracts for promoting healthy skin and function, and is great for anti aging as well. On certain days, I’d literally use this as a pre-cream, as in to say, I’d use this before my regular cream just for the added hydration, and it doesn’t make my skin oily at all.

Any tips you have for dry skin type, or was my post able to help you overcome your troubles? Let me know in the comments down below or through my SNS sites. As per usual, you can submit in your skin concerns for me to talk about and how I overcome these issues. Until the next post guys~

Anthony signing out.



3 thoughts on “[ SKIN SOLUTIONS ] Dry Skin

  1. Loved this post- been trying to get rid of my dry skin for a while recently, since the weathers changing it’s been bad! Laneige Water Sleeping Pack is my current savior but I definitely need something extra, going to try out some of these products for sure!

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    1. i found the water sleeping pack to be quite mediocre compared to these products I’ve listed; I’m also going to be reviewing the sleeping mask very soon so please stay tubed for it cause I’d want to hear how you went with your usage of the mask


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