Q&A with Anthonay [ 23 ]

Welcome back to another Q&A with Anthonay where you submit your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions in and I answer them every weekend (or so I hope). Lets get started!

Any tricks for covering dark circles? My concealer alone doesn’t do much justice for covering them up.

As I say all the time, invest in a good eye cream and get plenty of sleep to reduce the appearance of dark circles. If you wake up with really bad circles, as most of you probably will, myself included, then there is a makeup hack you can give a try that I teach my customers all the time.

Before you do anything to your face, always prime your face and eyes. Primer protects your skin from the damages of makeup, and also creates a strong foundation for your makeup to sit on. Straight after, dot some lipstick on your dark circles and blend. You want something more nourishing and moisturizing so don’t use a matte formula. Depending on your circles, you’ll need to invest in certain colours for a flawless under eye. Pink and plum lipsticks are great for those who have more brown toned dark circles, whereas a coral or yellow based pink, even orange will cover the bluish dark circles caused by veins peeping through the skin surface. From there, follow with a concealer and continue with your usual makeup and voila! Say bye to dark circles.

This old trick follows the fundamentals of the colour wheel by using complementary colours to negate unwanted shades around your problematic areas.

What colour eyeshadows do you recommend using for blue or hazel eyes?

I definitely suggest you learn about the colour wheel as they literally are the fundamentals for makeup. If you want something natural, then browns are definitely the way to go, and suits just about anyone if applied properly. If you want your eyes to pop however, then always choose the opposite colour on the wheel for your eyes to stand out.

If you have blue eyes, then you can’t go wrong with coral or orange toned eye makeup. Apply lightly and they’ll make your blue eyes shine. For hazel eyes, pink and red is your best friend. Use a pastel pink to shade your eyelid and a red or cherry toned shadow to contour and your greenish eyes will cut through all those warmed tones. Purple toned pinks or reds with cool undertones work even better with hazel as hazel in itself is quite a warm colour.

What’s the best advice for having great skin?

This goes for everyone, so it honestly doesn’t matter what skin type you are. If you tend to your pores, then you will have great skin. Those who get pimples a lot tend to have clogged pores a lot and are transferring bacteria to their skin which causes a bumpy surface. Those with dull and lacklustre skin have clogged pores and possibly unsurfaced blackheads. Whatever your skin concern may be, with clean pores, you can have beautiful skin. This is why most skincare (Asian skincare especially) works around cleaning the pores through cleansing steps to extract all the comedogens, excess sebum and dirt to reveal squeaky clean skin and radiant pores.

Can you overcleanse?

Most definitely! People often mistake sebum for being bad to our skin, but sebum is actually our friend. You want to thoroughly strip your skin from unnecessary layers of sebum surfacing along the skin texture, but you don’t want to cut it out completely as sebum is the main cause for our skin not to be completely dehydrated. If you overcleanse your skin, then you’re putting your sebaceous glands found in the pores to work a lot harder at rebalancing your skin with more sebum, which defeats the purpose of cleansing in the first place. It’s definitely suggested you only wash twice a day with a good cleanser that takes away excess sebum, but doesn’t strip you completely of it, for optimal skin.

Are cleansing brushes worth investing in, or should I just wash with my hands?

I have a lot of people ask me this actually and it honestly comes down to your budget. Don’t fret if you can’t afford a cleansing brush, because it’s honestly not that necessary. Sure, it improves your skin texture by a lot, but through other means, you can still have similar results just using your hands. Brushes just make things a lot easier for you by deep cleansing your skin, exfoliating and working deep down in the pores for more cleaning abilities and if you don’t have a brush, you can still have nice skin by using your cleanser and exfoliating with a good scrub anyway. My overall verdict is neither for or against brushes. Get one if you can, but if not, your skin condition isn’t going to be dramatically improved by using or not using a brush.

Can you use expired milk to wash your face?

I know a lot of ahjummas (older women) definitely hate to waste milk whether its good or past it’s holding date, and will use expired milk to wash their faces. However, expired milk WILL hold more bacteria and if you’re acne prone, then I suggest you steer clear from using milk in general, as bacteria causes pimples. It’s the safest option. Otherwise, if you don’t get pimples easily, then ahjummas do use milk past it’s holding time and they encounter little to no problems with their skin.

That’s it for this installment this week. Remember to submit all your questions through to me via email, SNS or comments below. Add me on my SNS as well if you wanted to talk or enquire about anything. Click the star if you liked this post and subscribe to my blog for future Q&As and reviews on Asian skincare. Until the next post~

Anthony signing out.


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