Q & A with Anthonay [ 22 ]

I completely missed out on last week and by the time I realised, its was already Monday. I’m back today with another Q&A where every weekend I’ll answer your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions you submitted in through messages, emails, SNS or via comments below.

What would you do if you had no wifi at home?

I currently don’t have wifi at home, so I’m restricted to only blogging off of my phone, which means my posts will look so choppy and terrible. Basically, I use wifi to write posts and download music. No wifi means I’ll just be using my data when need be, and my posts aren’t going to look as nice.

Can you suggest anything that will help to remove hyperpigmentation marks?

Any whitening agent will help to remove dark patches on your face and create even skin tone. Don’t mistake whitening for what the name suggests, which is whitening your skin. Generally, anything that whitens your skin is intended to create even skin tone, and this is where most people are mistaken.

The most effective ingredients I’ve found to work on my skin personally is arbutin, which naturally occurs in berries, particularly blueberries. Arbutin is a common ingredient found in many Asian whitening skincare products, so if you want to even your skin tone, then pick up a product with arbutin in it. Remember though, that most whitening products are only intended for whitening and don’t do anything else but that. Pick up a whitening serum and if your skin has other problems to deal with, then focus n those issues as well through other skincare steps.

Is whitening injections effective at all?

I actually had a customer come in a while back who asked us if we sold anything to inject for skin lightening. She actually got annoyed at us because we didn’t sell anything like that, and honestly, it’s good we don’t. Her skin was so white, I will admit, but her skin health was beyond terrible. Not only was it really thin, dry and very sensitive to touch, but she developed huge lumps all over her face and at the expense of all that for whiter skin, it’s something you really shouldn’t do. I’d say, do it at your own peril because I’m not advising it, but if it’s something you personally want to do, then go ahead.

What’s the deal with Asians wanting to go white when it’s cool to be tanned?

It comes down to basic stereotypes in Asia which causes our beauty standards to be so much different to the Western society.

For the Western culture, its shunned upon to be white, since most people who have the money, tend to go on more holidays and get that tan to show people they’ve been out in the sun a lot having fun. Those in Asia however, tend to work indoors doing office jobs or something similar, meaning they’re not out in the sun. Those with office jobs tend to be more wealthy and aren’t doing hard manual labor jobs, so if you’re Asian and tanned, well looks like you’re earning money by being trapped out in the sunlight. Most women try to stay as light as possible so people can assume that they’re indoors most of their time, giving the impression they’re raking in the money.

It honestly comes down to personal preferences, but that’s the basic stereotype. To sum it all up, if you’re light skinned then you’re rich, and if you’re dark skinned, you’re poor. I get many comments on my skin tone because I myself, am dark, and they often ask why I’m not using whitening products. I actually do, but not to lighten my face; more so to even out my skin tone and brighten to give the illusion of healthier skin. I also want to try and break that stereotype because I think skin colour doesn’t determine your wealth or socioeconomic status.

Are natural products any good?

Honestly, I’ve tried very natural skin products, and they’re not good at all. Firstly, they smell so strong and that’s a huge cross in my books. They also only have a shelf life of a month or two, so that goes to waste straight away if you use skincare sparingly. They also tend to make your skin purge as well, meaning pimples all over your face. If you’re n advocate of organic or natural skincare, keep in mind that the time between manufacturing and you receiving the product already chews up much of of the expiration time, so unless you get it straight after the product is made, then you’re probably already using expired products. Might I add that they’re also more pricey since preservatives found in so many skincare products aren’t used in natural products, and preservatives are so much cheaper to source than getting the actual product source to stay “fresh” in their ranges.

What’s better, tea or coffee?

Tea for sure. Though coffee has the benefits of anti inflammation, and is full of antioxidants, so is tea. Green tea in particular is used in so many skincare products because it helps with acne and soothing, and drinking it also allows you to reap those benefits. Coffee also stains your teeth yellow where tea tends not to do. I found out that using coffee can help you lose body fat, but for overall health, tea is more better for your body and skin.

I have oily hair but I have a dry scalp. What should I do?

Honestly, your scalp is more important than your hair is, since a healthy scalp produces healthy hair. Treat your scalp to the conditioning it needs so your roots will be healthy. You can always use loose powder to absorb oils in your hair, particularly green tea loose powder in translucent colour. Steer clear from any hair products that contain silicone as they only surround your hair and scalp which means any serums or creams you use can’t actually penetrate your hair or scalp at all.

What’s your music favourites this time around?

I was thinking of writing up a post on my favourite songs now, but I didn’t know if you guys were interested. I might do it soon actually, so I’ll keep it in mind for future posts.

I’m liking Red Velvet’s comeback with Dumb Dumb and Sonamoo’s Round n Round. I generally like songs with a good beat or a more retro urban feel to them. Any song with well executed high notes are amazing, and anything with good dances to them tend to catch my attention the most.

That’s it for Q&A for this week. Remember I’m taking in all your questions so don’t forget to submit them in by Saturday morning AWST through SNS, email or comments below. If you liked this post, then don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and click the star button. If you had any blog post requests, let me know too, because I’m running out of things to write about. Until the next post~

Anthony signing out.


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  1. Ah you like dumb dumb too? I have a makeup tutorial on that – such a catchy song. Red Velvet caught my eye with Ice Cream but this song is super good! πŸ™‚

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