[ LET’S PLAY ] Catching Up with A Friend & An Introduction to Bxplover


I’m starting a new chapter in my blog, where I go out, take photos and practically show you some things I do when I’m out. This is also an introduction to another chapter in this blog where I visit food places and go out to eat. Basically, I’m changing things up a bit, and becoming more of a beauty and lifestyle blogger because, heck, I love eating. I visited three places today for a huge meal (which I’m sort of regretting, because I actually think I may have over eaten just a little bit) and this is a little review of the places I visited.



  • Monday to Saturday: 11AM to late
  • Sunday: 11AM – 5PM


When you bite into fresh, properly prepared Japanese food, it tends to bite you back. And never really lets go. Once it has its teeth in you, you’ll often find yourself wondering when you’ll get your next fix of sashimi, sushi, katsu, ramen….

You’ll find every dish prepared with the freshest produce, using traditional Japanese techniques. Our specialty soups and sauces are all made from basic ingredients in-house, our chicken, beef, salmon and vegetables are delivered fresh daily and we never, ever, use preservatives.
Enjoy. But be warned; you will be back.

I didn’t even take any pictures of the store, which I’m somewhat regretful for, but oh well. I’m sure you can find images online to how the place looks. My word though, it’s incredibly fancy and the moment I walked into the store, I was jaw drop surprised as to how I never noticed such a place existed. Thank you Sarah for introducing me to such a lovely restaurant.

We came into Zensaki as Took Bae Kee 2 (our second stop) wasn’t open for another hour, so she came up with the idea of having a little snack to tantalize our tastebuds. We ended up eating 10 plates of sushi between us, because it was just too good to stop. Behind us, were two people freshly preparing sushi and slicing up salmon for sashimi as well. You basically get freshly hand rolled pieces of sushi delivered to you on the train. It’s similar to other sushi trains, except you get it so fresh, and with heaps of different varieties to choose from.

I didn’t take many photos since I was too hungry to even be bothered whipping out the camera to snap pics, but even with the few I got photos of, you can see how amazing they look; almost as if they were little art pieces on a plate.


All in all, I’m incredibly impressed with the quality of the food here and I wish I had discovered the place sooner. I’m definitely going to bring people here to eat with me. What’s even better is the wasabi has heat to it; I don’t have to layer heaps of paste to get the mildest heat. A little goes a long way with this wasabi, which is what I love, because I hate coating my entire piece of sushi with wasabi for the tiniest rush of heat coursing through my nostrils and mouth. Thumbs up for food, service, design of the store, and actually, it’s pretty decently priced in my opinion. We ate a fair bit, and still didn’t end up destroying our wallets. A few people online mentioned how it’s a tad pricey for them, and even Sarah told me to watch out, but in all honesty, I’ve been to high end Japanese restaurants, and this is nowhere in comparison in price. The prices for the sushi train begin with the blue plates at $3.80, which in all, isn’t too bad. The different colors in plates refers to how much the product and plate is worth, so select carefully if you’re on a budget and if you’re like me, then eat whatever you fancy.

Service for me plays a huge part in whether I’d like to return or not, and I quite enjoyed the atmosphere. I felt that everyone was working at all times, whether it’d be walking around to wipe tables, or actually preparing food. There was even one person circling the entire restaurant to take dirty plates away the moment it was cleared of food. They constantly came to check on people to see if their needs were met, and that’s something I’m a huge fan of. Two thumbs up.


Food ★★★★★

Service ★★★★★

Appearance ★★★★★

Price ★★★★☆

Overall ★★★★★



  • Monday: Lunch and Dinner
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday to Saturday: Lunch and Dinner
  • Sunday: Lunch and Dinner

Note: Lunch period starts at 11:30AM and ends at 3PM. Dinner period starts at 5PM and ends at 10PM.

We initially wanted to go here only, but obviously we had to take a little detour (which I’m so happy we did) and by 12:30 when we got in, the restaurant was starting to get crowded; I’m surprised we even got a table, since usually it’s too packed and I end up waiting half an hour for a seat. Our table was actually so close to another table, so halfway into our lunch, a couple (possibly first date? Not too sure) sat beside us as there were no other tables free. I was disappointed because I wanted this to be a fun experience with a friend but instead, the bitch sitting next to Sarah kept eyeing her and giving her the foulest looks. I’m not too sure if Sarah noticed it, but I really should have said something. Whatever, it’s in the past and I’m sure the date was terrible for her as well, constantly telling the guy she was with, that the Korean food images in the menu looked disgusting and something off the carcass of a dead pig. So, a cold hearted person AND a racist; what a lovely combination. This post is supposed to be about the restaurant though, so let’s end that little story.

We ordered jajjangmyeon, which if you’re not familiar, is black bean noodles. Sarah got her bowl normal, and I ordered mine extra spicy. Unfortunately for me, the spice level was relatively weak and was a let down, but nonetheless the flavor was still there and all in all, was still a good dish. We contemplated in getting ddeokbokki, or rice cakes if you’re unfamiliar, but chose not to as we were stuffed. Here’s some images for you.

tbk2 storetbbk outside 2tbk2 outside 3tbk outside 4tbk2 menutbk2 menu 2

Just note that this menu is outdated and these above pictures were taken off the internet, since I completely forgot to take pictures of the building once again. I suck at this job. For the jajjamyeon, the price listed here was $12; we actually got ours for $10, so a drop in price, but still same dish overall.


I’ll admit that I wish we ordered something else, because we got a normal jajjangmyeon; a big bowl of noodles slathered with black bean sauce and onions galore. Maybe even if we got the one with the seafood, it would have been a better meal. Ah well, our mistake for choosing and that’s our problem to deal with. Nonetheless, still tasty and still quite cheap too. I’ve been to other Korean restaurants and even though the taste is the same, the pricing is significant different. I actually think Took Bae Kee has the lowest of prices and don’t skimp out on flavor at all.

The service was pretty decent, as we were seated immediately and was given menus straight away, ordered as soon as we were ready and also received our meal shortly after. I personally think the Took Bae Kee store 2 needs a little revamp because the building interior looks a little dull and old, but it’s still quite nice inside, and for what it’s worth, at least the color scheme works. I’d say if any downfall here, that there was only one lady up the front, and someone from behind the scenes who does the janitorial work from what it seems, helped to take orders whilst cleaning. That doesn’t look appealing at all, but hey, at least someone is helping out.

The drink that’s displayed here is called maggeolli, which is basically a rice wine. I don’t drink much anymore, if any at all. I took a sip and my tastebuds rejected it straight away. Also, the alcohol went straight to the head and I became a little dizzy. That’s some good signs, meaning I can’t tolerate alcohol at all anymore. If you like traditional rice wine, then you’ll love the maggeolli here, but I’m personally not a fan, so I’m going to have to take a pass on that next time.

At the end of the day, I’m pretty happy with Took Bae Kee and it definitely does live up to the reviews it’s been given; 4 stars plus! Fast and friendly service, great food and it’s so affordable. The only downfall is that it’s a small space meaning tables are pushed up quite close to each other and that’s never a good thing, especially if you are in the same position Sarah was in when we went. Also, the uniform is pretty ugly with the use of that green and blue. Wardrobe changes and maybe a shuffling of decor, or mini revamp and you have a perfect Korean restaurant.


Food ★★★★☆

Service ★★★★☆

Appearance ★★★☆☆

Price ★★★★★

Overall ★★★★☆


Now we’re really pushing our stomachs after eating so much food and drinking makkeolli, we headed off to a desert store and stuffed our fat faces with an abundance of chocolate prepared in different ways.


  • Monday to Wednesday: 9.30AM – 5PM
  • Thursday: 9.30AM – 9PM
  • Friday: 9.30AM – 11PM
  • Saturday: 12PM – 10PM
  • Sunday: 11AM – 5PM

2015-KB-Winter-Table-Menu-Online-Aus copy

This is the menu taken from the original website, and only half of what they have to offer. They even have a selection of chocolates to choose from and they’re all designed so intricately they literally look like little gems, only in chocolate form. I believe the single pieces of chocolate are $2.30 each according to their chocolate menu, but I’m not 100% certain.


We ordered two desserts and two drinks to share and try, and they were packed full of chocolate. I’m not too much of a fan of sweet foods, especially if all I can taste is sugar. This isn’t to my personal liking because I can’t handle the sweet overload, however, if you’re a sweet tooth, then this will be heaven for you. I ordered an iced mocha, as I was tired, and I could only taste the strong bitterness cutting through all the richness of the chocolate; perfect for me. Sarah chose to order a hazelnut affogato hot chocolate, which looked beautiful and according to her, tasted amazing. With her one too, she claimed it was bitter sweet, so perfect for those who aren’t into overly sweet drinks. She ended up making a mess everywhere, which I’ll showcase right now.


Actually, the last image was my little spill but I’ll still blame it on Sarah since I have an image to maintain. HAHA!

To complement our drinks, we ordered a degustation plate packed full of chocolate made in different ways, and an apple crumble to cut through all the richness. The degustation consisted of a s’more, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake and two bits of chocolate. Definitely chocolatey, and definitely sweet. I did enjoy the ice-cream and the chocolate cake the most from the plate and took little bits of everything else, since I couldn’t stomach them at all. I’m making this review sound terrible, but I can’t help it. The apple crumble had the right amount of sweetness and tart, to cut through that rich desert we had before. It was so light and refreshing after all the chocolate we devoured. I especially love the bits of cubed apple at the bottom, and the panna cotta on the top to tie everything together. If I come here again, I’m ordering fifty of these, because YUM!

Everything was way too rich for my liking. I am definitely not a fan, but in saying that, everything was very chocolatey and again, if you’re a sweet tooth, then this will be the best place for you to have desert. I’m not going to mark down on the score just because I don’t like sweet foods. It didn’t agree with my personal palette but if I was a confectionary lover, then everything would be perfect in terms of taste wise. The appearance of the food also speaks for itself, I can’t fault them at all. The restaurant (if you can even call it that) has a huge window overlooking the kitchen where people are handcrafting the chocolate deserts and preparing the foods, which I love so much. You can see the skills these chefs have in making all of this product, and it really gives off a classy atmosphere. You definitely feel something else walking into the store and eating at Koko Black; not to the extent of royalty, but definitely special. I found the service to be pretty decent too; just like the other two places we visited, we were greeted right away, and was served shortly after. The waitress who served us was incredibly polite, and looked like a white version of a Korean pop star, named Sujeong. LEGIT THE SIMILARITY IS NO JOKE.

Overall, I’m probably never going to come here again, because it’s too sweet for me, but I’m definitely recommending it to everyone else. If anything, I’ll just order 50 of the apple crumbles since it agrees with my palette. Do check it out if you’re in Perth because I will guarantee you’ll like it if you’re into sweets and chocolate.

Food ★★★★★

Service ★★★★★

Appearance ★★★★★

Price ★★★★☆

Overall ★★★★★

So, we came to the realization that we were fat and we need to cut back on eating so much. Nonetheless, still such a great day filled with foods and no shopping at all. We didn’t even buy anything that day really, which was our initial plan since she needed a blouse to work with her pencil skirt. Ah well, still a successful day at the end and we did satisfy our stomachs. I think that’s the most important thing to do. If you’re in Perth, then definitely check these places out because you won’t be disappointed at all. Like the post if you enjoyed it and if you’ve been to these places then let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for more adventures and beauty posts. This post was a little collaboration and an introduction to Sarah, who is only starting out as a blogger too. Her page is titled Bxplover so give her a little read too.

Don’t forget to add me on m SNS accounts (and Sarah’s) and until the next post~

Anthony signing out.


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