[ REVIEW ] Cloud 9 Cream


You guys heavily request whitening products, so I’m back with another whitening product that seems to be selling pretty well in our store. This is the Cloud 9 cream that is always sold out whenever I’m working. I was lucky to snag myself one to try out because, literally, people buy them in threes to stock up, otherwise they’re waiting a while. I didn’t even do any research on this cream, nor have I really sold one of these before, so I went into using this blind, as in to say, I didn’t know the functions of this cream, nor did I know what it would be like on the skin, or for what skin type for that matter. I was next to clueless when I used this, so here are my findings for you.

Cloud 9 seems to be under the brand name Claire’s, which was established back in 1997. I’m not too familiar with the brand myself but it seems that the products they produce are tested at the P&K Skin Research Centre. This is what the packaging states.



Blemishes? Freckles? If you are confused, be doubtful about freckles. Treat certain freckles which appear consistently with the anti-freckle cream, Cloud 9. The Cloud 9 Whitening Cream was featured in a popular Korean Beauty Show, the Star Beauty Show. They tested this product for 2 weeks. Cloud 9 Whitening Cream gives instant whitening that lasts for hours! The cream doesn’t feel greasy, gets absorbed quickly and can be easily removed by water and can be mixed with other products as well, like sun block or facial scrubs. It doesn’t look cakey even if you put foundation or bb cream over it. The whitening effect also looks natural just don’t apply too much and it can be a little drying too when you apply a lot. It gives a dewy finish and reduces redness slightly. You can use this to even out your skin tone. Spatula is included and so hand-free!

It was so broken that I had to slightly fix the grammar to somewhat make it more understandable. Even I didn’t do a good job. Ugh. Nonetheless, it seems to be a whitening effector product that targets melanin production in the skin. It claims to do the following:

  • Help reduce melanin
  • Maintain skin brightness for 12hrs
  • Reduce redness caused by UV rays
  • Improve immediate skin brightness

The packaging also claims that it was tested on 23 healthy women aging between 20 to 55 years old. If I’m not mistaken, then it has similar concepts to the Lei Lani Wear White that I reviewed a while back. Have a read of that too, which I’ll link here.


I opened the package for the first time and was so glad to see it was sealed with a foil peel off lid thing; a definite plus in my books, because it means no air exposure and less bacteria able to get inside. Peeling off the foil though revealed a glob of white stuff that resembled curdled overdue yoghurt. It looked pretty disgusting and I’m surprised that the Cloud 9th cream was supposed to look like that. Putting that thought to the back of my head, I went on to use it regularly for the sake of reviews.

It did what it claimed to do, which is whiten. Whenever I put the Cloud 9 cream on, I could definitely tell my skin became brighter with each use, and definitely kept it that way for a while. However, being a cream, I imagined it to be nourishing and hydrating, because that’s what your typical cream does. Nope, not this one. If you have oily skin, then this one is a good one for you. It skimps out on hydration so much, that even I can’t tolerate it, and I much enjoy the feeling of being dry sometimes. If whitening comes down to having skin as dry as the Sahara desert then I’ll happily choose hydration over skin whitening any day. Don’t try to put anything on top of the cream, because not only does it NOT work, but it makes the whitening effect on your skin really patchy. As to my hypothesis, it definitely is the same as Lei Lani in terms of effects; that is to say the whitening seems to be temporary, and with constant use, you’ll become lighter over time. A little goes a VERY long way with this one. If you use too much, be prepared for your skin to bump up 4 shades. You need to use it sparingly, because not only is it difficult to even get product out of the jar, but if you use the slightest bit too much, then the results will be incredibly noticeable. Be warned now, as nobody warned me.

On the plus side, the product is 50mL which is quite a good quantity, the cream has little to no fragrance, and seems to be uncolored as well. Well, it’s white, and it’s a whitening product so obviously adding a white whitening cream to your face is going to make your face white. Besides that, it’s the cheapest cream I own to this day, retailing at $35 at Cosmehut or for a fake version, go online and grab your one for $28.95 yay! Honestly, go grab a real version of the Cloud 9th cream because I’ve seen fake ones flying around on online stores selling for way cheap. Don’t risk it guys. I found the retailing prices for real Cloud 9 creams online and they exceed $40, so if you’re wanting to save a bit, and live in Perth, then go down to Cosmehut and buy one.

I tested to see how well it performed mixed with other products. It didn’t go so well. Whatever I tried, it honestly just felt as if I was wiping the cream onto my face straight from the jar. Even with something as rich as Sulwhasoo’s Overnight Repairing Mask, it felt so dry mixed with the Cloud 9. Definitely not something I want to do again.

I think I’ll happily use this sparingly during the hotter days when I want to keep my skin tone from darkening, and it’ll be great as a cream during summer when it’s so hot and I can’t stand having anything too rich on my face. It definitely works like Lei Lani Wear White did, and does seem to hold color pretty well. It skimps out on so much hydration which I do not like, and the is going to bring the score down by a lot. You can’t wear hydrating products underneath because Cloud 9 sucks it all up, and you can’t put it on top either otherwise you’re wiping off that layer of cream on your face, which would be a waste. Overall, definitely not a cream for anyone other than purely oily skin types who can  handle the dehydration a lot better.


Product Quality ★★★☆☆

Price ★★★★★

Repurchase rate ★★★☆☆

Overall ★★☆☆☆

This was only a quick review, since it was pretty easy to sum up. If you liked this, then give me a like and hit the subscribe button for more reviews and random blogs about my life. Don’t forget you can add me on my SNS accounts, which I’ll give you all the links to here. Have you used Cloud 9 before? Let me know your experience with the cream through the comments below. As usual, I’ll see you in my next post.

love anthony ♡

p.s: none of these pictures belong to me, and in no way do I claim them as mine. Credit goes to the owner of these images.



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