The Liebster Award!


I woke up and checked my phone, noticing a notification pop up on my phone screen. I thought to myself, “Hmm, two notifications; possibly replies to comments I made on other blogs, since nobody on WordPress really checks me out.” NOPE! Turns out one of my recent followers have tagged me and nominated me for the Liebster award, which I’m so ecstatic about. Thank you to the author of Hapa Bunny, who you definitely check out if you’re into K-Beauty, or any beauty for that matter. Her careful reviews and brilliant insight to things are worthy of reading.

Here’s the main segment and what the Liebster Award is about. Basically, it started out in the blogosphere as a way to get to know one another, and gain awareness for newcomers or underrated bloggers starting their big break. There are a few basic rules that you need to satisfy when awarded.

The Rules

  • Thank whoever nominated you by linking back to their blog
  • Include the Liebster Award sticker/button in the post or on your blog
  • Answer all the questions that the previous blogger posted
  • Post 11 random facts about yourself
  • Make 11 questions of your own for your nominees
  • Nominate (relatively new or undiscovered) 11 bloggers deserving of the award!
  • Copy these rules into your post.

Now for my bit; Hapa Bunny has selected 11 questions that I need to answer, so I’ll get into that right away.

The Questions

1) What is your favorite dessert (if you have one)?

I am not a very big sweet tooth, which you’ll find out about if you read my adventure post; coming up on Friday AWST. In saying that though, I like cake, ice-cream, donuts, tarts, anything pastry and smothered in cream. I just like food in general, as long as it’s not overly sweet, sour or salty. I’m just a fat person in disguise, using a thin person’s body as a cloak to conceal my hidden food babies.

2) Do you have any hobbies?

Clearly, blogging is a hobby of mine, and though I’m so lazy typing up and finishing posts (a post I started 4 months ago is only getting published next week), it’s something I enjoy doing on my days off or during my free time. I also love music, so shoot me a good song and I’ll sing (more like screech) the lyrics as best as I can and dance to the beat. I also love to paint, draw and cook. I’m an artsy fartsy person, and it’s really all I’m good at.

3) How did you get your blog name?

I initially started out as tvlips the beauty blog which got no recognition at all, since it was too common. I chose that name as my twitter account at the time was called tvlips to fit the twitter aesthetics going around during that period, and partly because I was too lazy to recreate a new twitter name. After three months into blogging, I decided to give my space a revamp, with a new header, new name and new appearance. I decided to call my little blog The Beauty Aesthetics since many people I know always tell me how my appearance is tumblr worthy (I don’t personally see how) and tumblr seems to be the home for aestheticism.

4) What are your favorite TV shows?

I don’t watch TV, mainly because I don’t have the time to, or I’m just too tired to stay awake and watch a program. Going back to my childhood though, I loved anything that revolved around the supernatural or classic anime, and even today I still like those kinds of shows. My all time favorite thing to watch would be Sailor Moon. I actually found it so inspiring for me, since I’m not very bright, always late, incredibly lazy and a bit of a crybaby, just like Usagi-chan, or Sailor Moon. She would always put everyone else’s lives before her own, and would even risk death, just to see those she cares about live another day. Something like that, with a good moral is something I love to watch, and Sailor Moon is definitely one of those shows that can dictate that. I feel like I can fit that character very well since I sucked at school, is terrible at sports, an incredibly lazy person beyond words can explain and my hair always stands out amongst the crowd. Also, she flies around naked in the last episode and I found that funny omg.

5) What is your favorite color(s)?

I don’t like colors based on the actual color. I’m way more complicated than that, and I choose my favorite colors based on what the color is used for. I am not sure how to explain, so I’ll word it like this. Someone is wearing a dress, but the color itself doesn’t suit the person. I’ll choose my favorite color based on what the person suits. To generalize how I perceive favorite colors, I associate them with something, and if it matches, it becomes my favorite color. I still lost you guys, didn’t I?

6) What is your dream destination?

I don’t really have a dream destination, but I definitely want to travel the world one day, to see everyone and meet them face to face. Even though I’m so awkward and shy, it’s something I want to do, since I’m better at conveying my true feelings in person than online, which I generally have to do most of the time, since most of my friends aren’t here in Perth with me. If anything, my dream detonation would be a place where all my friends and family could gather together and have no worries at all.

7) What is your favorite movie?

Again, I don’t watch movies very often, so I’m basing this on my childhood, and my all time favorite movie in the entire world would have to be So Close, a Cantonese movie I loved watching when I grew up. I love action movies so much, and especially love Asian fighting movies. I find that they really get me fired up and they’re so exhilarating to watch. NEVER watch a stay movie with me, because I hate scary movies first of all, and secondly, I’ll probably rip your arm off, or have a heart attack.

8) What is your favorite thing to do with friends?

I love to go and eat out with friends, I find that eating together comfortably is a great way to bond, and strengthen friendship. If I can’t go out and eat with you comfortably, or even be myself around you, then we can’t be friends. That means I need to be ultra annoying and eat very sloppily and judging by how you react, I can decide whether I will enjoy my time with you or not. Basically, any activity that I can do comfortably with people, I’ll enjoy.

9) What are your talents?

I had to ask my friends what my personal talents were, since I’m not too sure myself. They all said I was good at languages, as I’m able to remember a lot better than other people, and actually, music. Beauty is another talent they mentioned, and also the fact that I’m able to speak about beauty for hours on end, is something in itself. Now, asking my very close friends, they said my most biggest talent of all was being a f@!&ing b*%$# a#^ c*(% mother f&$%*%. I have lovely friends.

10) What is your biggest goal in life?

Achieve world domination. No, not really. I just want to be happy, well off and be able to make everyone proud of me. I’m very simpleminded like that, and little things like happiness is all I truly want (as well as millions of dollars to continue this line of work cause damn beauty products are so pricey at the end of the day).

11) What is your biggest goal for your blog?

My biggest goal is to get this blog noticed by more people, since my initial plan was to try and help those who needed some guidance to achieve their envisioning of perfect skin. I also want to try YouTubing as well, since it looks like fun, and it’s best to talk through a camera rather than typing it out, because that way, it feels a little more intimate. Basically, the more people I can help or interest, the more I am able to push posts out to you all. That is a huge goal and one I don’t see myself succeeding any time soon, but I’ll still try!

11 Random Facts

  1. I’m single (hint! DATE ME! Nah just joking my standards are way too high).
  2. I can (somewhat) stand on point still, even though my toes are barely able to support my weight standing on them now.
  3. I eat more than what people assume I’m able to eat.
  4. I actually don’t have perfect skin as people say I do, and struggle really badly with controlling my acne.
  5. I wanted to be a makeup artist since grade three, after seeing my aunt apply makeup on the night she went clubbing with her friend.
  6. I love to sing where nobody can hear me, or if I’m around comfortable people.
  7. I love coffees and teas and I think I survive off them every single day.
  8. I take three tablets of placenta and 1500mg of collagen a day to keep my skin in this condition. Beauty is a struggle and I’m not even sure how it’ll work for me in the distant future, but whilst I’m struggling, might as well use it to my advantage.
  9. Although I’m very mean and rude, I actually still have a lot of people who will stand by my side. Possibly because of my kind heart, which I don’t like to show very often.
  10. I’m known for being wise beyond my years, although I don’t personally see it.
  11. I get annoyed with wrong spelling, overuse of emojis and people who don’t use correct punctuation or grammar. I’m not too fussed with lowercase letters or uppercase letters for everything, but everything else, yeah.

My Questions for You

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What do you do in your free time?
  3. What’s your “go to” song when you’re in a good or bad mood?
  4. Have you experienced love before?
  5. Have you ever splurged a bit of money on unnecessary stuff before? For example, an expensive hand wash, simply because you like the brand.
  6. What is your approach to things you’re unfamiliar with, or never done before?
  7. What do you seek in a potential spouse? Are you vain and shallow, or are you more intimate with feelings and personality?
  8. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  9. What do you think about (or do) whilst you’re alone in the shower?
  10. How long have you been interested in beauty, and when did you finally get around to talking about it on the internet?
  11. Where do you see your blog in 5 years time?

The Nominees

I don’t know many people in the blogging world, so I can’t tag 11 people. I also don’t know who’s actually done it or not, but I’ll go ahead and tag you guys anyway, and hope to read your responses to this fun tag!

I was also going to tag Misha but she was already tagged by Hapa Bunny, but ah well. I’m excited to see her response too!

Thanks again for nominating me! Hopefully this tag gets me noticed a little more so I can share my stories and experiences with you all. If you liked this post, then don’t forget to click the little star and hit the follow button for a subscription to my future posts. Don’t forget to leave your comments and add me on my SNS sites to communicate with me about anything! I already clocked 2000 words so I need to stop. Until the next post~

Anthony signing out.



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