[ REVIEW ] The History of Whoo Inyang (공진향) Set


I’m usually pretty good when it comes to my review, since I generally pick out some affordable items to trial. This range is NOT one of them, and it’s practically a wallet killer in terms of price. Nonetheless, I’m excited to tell you guys about the Inyang range from History of Whoo, which I’ve been using for a good two months now. I previously used the trial set until it was near finished, and lasted for so long with daily use. Now that I have a full sized set, I feel like my summer skincare is practically complete and if you’re not fussed with price compared to quality then keep reading.


A secret royal court formula that presents heavenly skincare to empresses – Gongjinhyang

If you’re not familiar with History of Whoo, then I need to shake my head at you.

The History of Whoo is one of the most prominent Korean cosmetics lines in the world. Exclusively formulated through an ancient oriental medicinal process, this amazing skin care line is made from rare natural ingredients, which were once only accessible to ancient era Royal family members. Enriched with powerful herbs like wild ginseng, snow lotus and others, The History of Whoo is effectively fights the signs of aging skin and reduces fine lines. By revitalizing your skin from the inside out, The History of Whoo products leave your skin looking and feeling young, lustrous, and flawless.

The line made it’s name by promoting with the theme of royalty, to allow their consumers to feel like they are, indeed, royalty. The background of the skincare is to recreate a flawless complexion that fights aging, darkening and dull skin to achieve the same skin appearance of those who were a part of the royal family. Needless to say, this range is definitely up there in terms of quality and price, as well as their extensive ranges to suit most people to tackle certain skin conditions that many Asians want to tackle. If I’m not mistaken, Inyang is the range that helps to recreate balance in the skin using ingredients to even out the yin and yang harmony in our appearance and overall skin health. It provides deep nourishment and skin conditioning by adding supple hydration to all the layers of the skin.

Again, let me state that I picked up a tester set for myself to try which didn’t hurt the pocket really, and lasted a very long time. The trial Inyang set comprised of the following:

– Balancer (Skin) 20mL (150mL for full size)
– Qi & Jin Essence 10mL (45mL for full size)
– Lotion 20mL (110mL for full size)
– Qi & Jin Eye Cream 4mL (20mL for full size)
– Qi & Jin Cream 10mL (30mL for full size)

The set I received on my birthday has the full size products of the balancer, lotion and cream. It has tester sizes of the eye cream, essence and a 17mL sleeping pack, which I’ve tried once. I’m not going to do a packaging impression because, if you look for yourself, it’ll get 5 stars right away. There will be no point in me describing what it looks like.

Inyang Balancer

inyang balancer

The skin (balancer) is an oriental herb tonic that provides the skin with softness and moisture by supplying skin with water essence to dry skin, whilst balancing oily skin.

Apply along the skin texture with two to three drops onto palms after washing in the morning and evening. Gently press with palms to penetrate deeply after applying. Additionally, use a cotton sheet beforehand to remove any excess makeup, dirt and grease from the face.

I still have my trial size from two months ago; half empty. This bottle really does last a very long time, even with only 20mL to spare. I really want to open up my large bottle, because the glass bottle feels so luxurious to hold, and really does make me feel special using it. Ah well, best not to waste the tester bottle and use it up first. Upon my first use of the balancer, I noticed how similar in texture it felt to Sulwhasoo’s products. It has the same thick but watery feeling, despite Whoo’s balancer being a bit thinner and more runny. It absorbed so well into the skin, and really restored all the hydration I lost from cleansing. It has a slight florally scent to it, which I didn’t mind, but it is fragranced so if you’re not into smells, then this may not be the one for you. Using with the Inyang range, I could see the effects almost immediately. My skin tone brightened unlike any other product I’ve tried, and my face felt pretty smooth after, which is a huge plus in my books. Using with my old skincare routine, I could see the same effects, if not less brighter, since my other skincare works for oil control, which skimps out on the dewy radiant finish. The price for the Inyang balancer is $68 for 150mL, which is pretty high, but cheaper than Sulwhasoo.


Product quality ★★★★★

Price ★★★☆☆

Repurchase rate ★★★★☆

Overall ★★★★☆

Qi & Jin Essence

inyang essence

The essence is an oriental herb concentration that contains gongjin bidan, which helps to nourish and firm the skin texture and penetrate deep into the epidermal layers of the skin.

Apply gently along the skin texture after using the skin. Penetrate deeply by placing palms against the skin texture, focusing on the cheeks, forehead and chin.

Honestly, I could probably do without the essence, and have a different one at my disposal. It does help with nourishment and hydration, as well as providing enough care to any lines you may have, but I feel this is more effective on an older consumer, and since I’m only 21, there really isn’t much it can do for me just yet. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty good, quite fragranced compared to the balancer, but works pretty well in brightening and evening skin complexion. I felt that this essence also whitening a bit, noticing my face became a little bit lighter with daily use. After I found out that there was a pore essence from the same range, I’m considering ditching the Qi & Jin essence for the pore scaling one instead. For 45mL of the product, you can purchase it online for $150, which is quite hefty considering it doesn’t last long at all. The tester size lasted me a month, using less than half a pump each time, which is not enough to cover my face at all. I need a minimum of one and a half pumps to cover my face and neck completely, which 45mL is not enough in comparison to the pricing.


Product quality ★★★★☆

Price ★☆☆☆☆

Repurchase rate ★★☆☆☆

Overall ★★★☆☆

Inyang Lotion

inyang lotion

The lotion is an oriental herb lotion that provides gloss and life to the skin by supplying sufficient nourishment and moisture. It keeps your skin healthy and clean when you allow the product to absorb into your face.

Simply apply by tapping gently with the palms after applying evenly onto the skin texture after using the essence.

Just like the balancer, I still have half a tester bottle left after two months of daily use. You only really need little bit each time, because the richness is buildable the more you apply. I can definitely say that if you need more hydration, then you can layer this lotion on, or if you’re like me, apply a cream after to lock in hydration. This has the similar floral scent that can irritate a few, but isn’t off putting at all. This helps to make my skin appear glossy the morning after when I apply this at night, and very dewy during the day if I apply this in the morning. I can’t say it’s very good for very oily skin types, because even me now, with pretty combination skin during the colder season, I have trouble with appearing a bit oily half way through the day. It’s not a gross oily where it looks like you haven’t bathed for hours on end, but it’s oily enough to question whether your skin is greasy or dewy. I suppose you could get away with it, but visit any skincare place in the Western market and they’ll tell you that you’re skin is incredibly oily when it really isn’t. The bottle itself is also worth $88 for 110mL, $20 more than the balancer, and you get less product. Even so, it still isn’t too bad considering you’d probably use the balancer a lot more than the lotion anyway, and the lotion will last you for so long. If a tester can last me for 2 to 3 months, then the full sized bottle will easily last me a year, if not more. I’d say in the long run, it’s not too bad.


Product quality ★★★★☆

Price ★★★☆☆

Repurchase rate ★★★★☆

Overall ★★★★☆

Qi & Jin Eye Cream

inyang eye cream

The eye cream helps to firm the skin around the eye area that has thinner layers of  skin which tend to crease and wrinkle easily compared to the skin around the other parts of the face. Qi & Jin solve the problems of wrinkles around the eyes with excellent wrinkle free ingredients.

Apply to the surrounding eye ares after using the lotion. Apply delicately using the ring fingers and draw small circles around the eyes, paying as you go to allow the product to absorb well into the skin.

Just like the balancer and lotion, I still have my 4mL eye cream tester that’s less than half way finished. This product is super rich and a little truly does go a long way. Apply too much and your eyes feel so jacked up on products it’s not funny. I don’t think you can apply too little of this product since it’s quite rich, but in saying that, it’s very easy to absorb into the skin and with it’s texture, I can definitely see this improving lines around the eyes. Since I have little to no wrinkles, I can’t assess the effectiveness of the wrinkle care, but as for dark circles, I noticed my under eyes were so much brighter, and less zombie looking, which I liked. It helped to de puff my eyes and firm the entire eye area for stronger looking and feeling skin. I think, by strengthening the skin around the eyes reduces the appearance of dark circles, which I felt and noticed it did. Again, it has that floral scent which I’m not too bothered about. It may irritate some people, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking to purchase. The full sized cream offer 20mL for $148, which is shocking in price initially, but for how long it can last, it’s definitely a worthy investment. Even with 4mL tester bottles, it can honestly last me a good 3 or 4 months alone, so technically speaking, the full sized eye cream will see me through more than a year.


Product quality ★★★★★

Price ★★☆☆☆

Repurchase rate ★★★★☆

Overall ★★★★☆

Qi & Jin Cream

inyang cream

This cream is an oriental herb nutrition cream that protects the face firmness from the epidermis that damages over time, due to sun exposure or premature aging. Secret court ingredients help to nourish the skin energy from deep within.

Apply as the last step after using the eye cream by pressing palms along the skin surface to allow the product to soak well into the deep layers of the skin.

This is probably by far, the best product from the Inyang range, and unfortunately for me, the tester size that I got only lasted me two months, with daily use, and mixing with my BB creams for added hydration. Because I used double quantities every day, it lasted quite a bit, which surprised me. If you used this normally, I’d say a tester size can last you roughly 3 or so months. The scent is different, as it smells more ginseng like, or more earthy, if that fits the description better. It truly does hydrate so well, and locks all the moisture and nourishment deep in the skin. My skin tone became more even and helped to brighten my skin from deep within. I found the whitening capabilities of the cream to be pretty decent as well, despite the range not focusing on whitening whatsoever. It doesn’t shift your skin tone up by many shades, but with constant use, it’ll bump it up naturally by one or two shades, depending. I can definitely say my skin became more smooth, elastic and really firm to touch, without making my skin look artificial at all, like other anti aging products do. For a 50mL bottle, the price online was $199 which I think isn’t too bad, because the Hwa Hyun cream was exceeding well over $200 in cost. Again, not the cheapest, but a good investment to make, since the cream can honestly last you a while with proper use daily. I mentioned I mixed this in with my BB cream. It made the formulation more sheer overall, but doesn’t skimp out on brightening the skin, or hydrating. In fact, even though it meant I needed more coverage overall, it really did improve the appearance of my skin with the BB cream and it’s something I’d do everyday to achieve that lustrous glow and smooth, well hydrated and radiant complexion.


Product quality ★★★★★

Price ★★☆☆☆

Repurchase rate ★★★★☆

Overall ★★★★★

Since I haven’t used the sleeping pack enough to give a view on it, I will avoid talking about it throughly. However, using it for the first time reminds me a lot of the Overnight Repair Mask from Sulwhasoo, which I do. The sleeping pack has that ginseng but floral smell to it, which I like, but again, may irritate a few. I haven’t got my hands on the Inyang foam cleanser, makeup cleanser, the Nok Yong pack or the Pore essence yet, nor am I in any rush to get them. They seem like really good products to have in your arsenal, but I own way too much and it’s a mission to rid myself of these products before I go and get more.

As for the Inyang products I’ve used, I am overall very pleased with it all and do recommend you give the range a try if you are normal combination to dry skin types. Oily skin types need to keep in mind that the Inyang range is a little bit rich and may not agree with your skin, although I seemed to fair really well with it. If you’re sensitive type, then you’d want to patch test them on your skin before trying it out in case you have any sensitivity to the skincare. I’ve served a few customers with sensitive skin and they all came back to tell me that History of Whoo didn’t cause them any irritations. It’s always best to be safe than sorry though, so please keep that in mind. Yes it’s pretty expensive, but the lasting of the products overall throws the prices out of the window, so initially it will cost a sum of money. In the long run though, it’ll be reasonably priced since you won’t need to buy much of anything for a while using the Inyang range. If anything, you don’t really need the Qi & Jin essence as it only works for brightening and smoothing, and there are other serums that can do that just as well, for a fraction of the cost; and you can get more volume from other serums too. The other products though are one of a kind and if you’re looking to treat a variety of skin concerns which include aging, dry skin, dull complexion, natural skin lightening and rough skin texture, then this range is perfect for you.

Overall, I looked at the price of the pack, and it totaled up to $248, which is surprisingly cheap (you can find this price at Cosmehut) since I’ve checked online and this exact range was selling for $385. If you’re living in Perth and can get to a Cosmehut store, then omg GO AN GET YOURSELF ONE BECAUSE IT’S CHEAPER AT COSMEHUT THAN ONLINE. I’d also like to mention that History of Whoo products in Cosmehut stores are also 20% off for the time being, and if you want a good range for a decent price, then grab yours before they sell out. I’m giving the Inyang range ★★★★☆ overall because of the quality and how effective it is for your skin. The price brings the rating down, as well as that essence which I’m not entirely enjoying based on size and price.

Doesn’t my review look more fancier than usual? This time I blogged off my laptop which has more features than the phone app, which I’m constantly using, haha. If you liked this review, then give me a like and hit that subscribe button for more reviews and random blogs. Don’t forget to like my Facebook page and communicate with me through my SNS pages you can find on my Add my SNS page. Have you used a History of Whoo item before? Are you planning on getting one for yourself? Let me know in the comments below. Until the next post guys~

love anthony ♡

p.s: only the title image and the image of the set are of my own. The product images are taken from amazon and I do not claim these images as my own.


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