[ REVIEW ] Leaders Insolution Steam Power Hair Mask


My hair is beyond damaged. It’s at the point where if I add any new chemicals to my hair, or apply way too much heat onto my hair, I will end up with jelly ends. Quite literally, jelly hair that will never dry or become healthy ever again. I’ll be doing a first impressions review of the Leaders Insolution Steam Power Hair Mask.

If you’re not familiar with Leaders Insolution, then I’ll give you a brief overview of the company.

As a prestigious skincare line with estimated sales of more than 800,000 masks monthly, Leaders Insolution is Korea’s Best-Selling dermatologically tested mask. Leaders Insolution high quality masks have also become very popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan in the recent years, and are well liked by many celebrities and beauty junkies. 

Leaders Insolution focus on creating masks for different treatments for your face, hair and body. They have created many different types of masks from wash off packs, to sheet masks and even sheet masks to wash off. They specialize in masks from different fields to address multiple skin issues people undergo daily.

Steam Power Hair Mask Pack


An at-home treatment that uses a steaming effect to repair frequently colored, damaged, dry hair. The treatment supplies active ingredients to deeply replenish moisture, and the results are softer, fuller, noticeably healthier hair.

These claims seem to be very promising, but as all hair products go, I’m not getting my hopes up. The front of the box, just like all Leaders packages, tells you what symptoms you have in order for you to use their products. For the steam pack, you should have some or all of the following:

– Dry Hair
– Weak Hair
– Damaged Hair
– Split Hair Ends


I received a box, which contains five sheets; each sheet contains 30g of product in each mask. I’m assuming that because it’s a mask so you don’t need to do this every single day. If anything, only once a week for incredibly damaged hair, and possibly even every two weeks for normal to dry hair.

Simply apply the mask after towel drying your shampooed hair. Don’t condition. Remove the hair cap and place onto your head, securing your hair inside and using the tape provided on the mask to fix into place. After 5 to 15 minutes, remove the steam cap and rinse your hair with water.


Opening the packaging reminds me of the SD hair mask I used ages ago, which gave me pretty good results, considering my hair was so brittle, touching it made it break apart or fall out. This looks practically the same to the SD mask and seems to work the same way too. The scent of the mask reminds me a little bit of washing powder for your laundry. No, more fragrant. It smells like fabric softener, or something similar. I don’t know, I do like the smell but I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly. I massaged my head with the mask on for 5 minutes upon putting the mask on, to work the serum into my scalp and roots. It was slightly difficult to contain all of my hair, since my hair isn’t that long to begin with. My hair was being a nuisance and some of the shorter bits at the back and front always managed to slip out of the mask. To my surprise, I could feel my scalp and hair getting hotter; not to the point it was uncomfortable, but I could definitely feel the heat building up inside. The SD hair mask didn’t do this, so it was a new experience for me. After 15 or so minutes, in my case, 20 minutes, I removed the mask cap and massaged my hair for a further 3 minutes before washing out with warm water.


Because my hair was already dead, I wasn’t expecting extravagant results. After washing and drying my hair, it looked no different; still scraggly looking and dead asf, but with a comb test, my hair didn’t rip out to my surprise. It helps to keep my hair manageable, which is pretty good in my books. Not only that, but I could run my fingers through the back of my hair without catching a knot, which was something I could never do since dyeing my hair. Although it didn’t look much different, it certainly felt a lot different, so I think I’ll continue to give these masks a try to see if the results are more evident or only temporary. I looked into the pricing and online retailers are selling the pack for $37.50, discounted to $25 if you have a special code (shipping not included). If you pop into Cosmehut, then they’re selling it for $25 for a pack or $6 for a sheet, which is practically the same pricing, and if you live it Perth, it’d be so much easier to just pick it up in one of the stores.


Product quality ★★★★☆

Price ★★★★☆

Repurchase rate ★★★★☆

Overall ★★★★☆

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love anthony ♡


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