Q&A with Anthonay [ 21 ]

Welcome back to the (usually) weekly post called Q&A with Anthonay, where you submit your beauty, off topic, stupid or though provoking questions to me and I answer them honestly and to the best of my abilities. In all honesty, I’ve been writing up other blogs that I completely forgot to do this segment, so apologies for that. Apparently my most popular time of the day is 10PM on Sunday anyway so, as long as it’s up before then~ Let’s get started.

Do you type your blogs on your phone or computer?

Actually, I feel more comfortable typing them up on my phone, and generally stick to using my phone when I create blogs. If anything, I’ll save it as a draft and then edit it on the computer just to keep it clean. Otherwise, I don’t really touch the computer at all when I blog.

What kind of blogger are you and where do you see yourself in the future doing this blog?

I initially started it as a means to educate my friends in skincare and whatnot, which is how I started. From there, I went a little bit crazy and purchased so much products to review them, which I never ended up doing. I suppose I really just wanted to try new cosmetics and new skincare items to let people know how it works on my multi dimensional skin (since I practically suffer from almost every single skin type) to really help not only my friends, but an entire world of helpless people turning to online for tips in keeping their skin fresh too. I think I need to write a full post about it, which I’ll possibly do later on, so keep tuned in.

In the future, I hope that I can become someone who is known, not for fame, but known as someone of inspiration or as a helper. I never intended this blog to be a means to gain stardom, but I did make this blog so that people can read my experiences and understand my knowledge, and hopefully be of any help to anyone who’s lost or needs a little bit of guidance.

I saw on twitter you’re expanding to the food life. Will you transition slowly to become a food blogger rather than a makeup blogger?

Not really, since my passion is skincare and cosmetics. If anything, I just wanted to expand a little bit, since I tend to go out to eat a lot whenever I get the chance to hang out with friends. I’m not ditching my love for updating you guys with my pretty face, reviews and all that jazz, but it’d be nice to share with you places I’ve enjoyed eating at, and if you’re a Perthie like I am, then maybe you too can try out the local foods and let me know how you went too.

What is your favourite skincare brand to this date?

Most of you are probably thinking it’s Missha, but actually, I’ve expanded out from that brand loyalty and I’m starting to enjoy brands I’ve never thought would be compatible with my skin. I’ve jumped ship so many times; first it was Pola, then Olay, Neutrogena, Etude House, Missha again, It’s Skin, Sulwhasoo and now, without a doubt it has to be History of Whoo. You know when you’ve gone through so many brands and you just can’t be settled on just one brand because you like too many things? I am in that position right now, and I actually feel like I’m cheating on all my previous favourites. Sorry~

Do you bleach your skin? Your photos look like your skin is getting lighter and lighter.

Nope, and I possibly won’t bleach my skin at all. Having white skin doesn’t mean anything, and dark skin is just as beautiful. Sure, I may wish I had lighter skin and use products to enhance that lighter skin tone from time to time, but I am still going to be dark regardless, and I’m happy with that. As for the photos, I don’t know how or why, but my camera tends to whitewash my face all the time. If I try to edit my skin darker to match my real skin tone, it looks incredibly blackface, which is not something I want to do. Possibly why people are surprised to see me in real life because I am so much darker in real life than I am in photos.

When was the last time you were embarrassed?

Not too long ago actually. I get embarrassed when someone shouts my name, regardless of the situation. I was in a position where I was too far away for someone to say my name and I would be able to hear. Since I was far away, they shouted my name really loud, which caused people to look at me, and yep. That’s the last time I was embarrassed.

That’s it for this week’s Q&A’s. Submit your questions in via commenting below or through my SNS sites. You know the rest of the ending right? I’m too tired to finish the rest, so I’m going straight to bed now. Catch you guys in the next post.

love anthony β™‘


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