[ TAG ] The TMI Tag – A window into my life


I was on my usual stalk of blogs under the beauty tag, and came across a really fun tag by Simply Sammie Louis, which I wanted to do. She tagged everyone to do it, and because I like to pretend I have friends, I’m choosing to do it as well. Reading some of the questions, I realized how similar they were to some of your questions you submitted in to me through facebook, twitter and email for my daily Q&A. Without further ado, let’s get into these questions and hopefully entertain you at the same time.

1) What are you wearing?

Lmao nothing; I literally took my clothes off and I’m going for a shower after this.

2) Ever been in love?

Way too many times. Unfortunately, because I’m pretty ugly, I won’t be able to hold a relationship.

3) Ever had a terrible breakup?

Yeah, and funnily enough, it was due to my appearance. I wasn’t attractive enough for the person and now look at me. loOK AT ME NOW!

4) How tall are you?

I think I’ve shrunk slightly. I used to be 6’1 and now I swear I’m only just scraping 6’0 now.

5) Any tattoos?

Not at the moment, but I really do want one. The thing is, I’m not sure what I want on my body, or where I want it.

6) Any piercings?

Nope, but thinking of getting an ear pierced with a little black stud, or a star or something cool and aesthetic.

7) OTP?

VKook. Y’al kpop fans will know who I’m talking about.

8) Favourite show?

I love Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. They are my all time favourite shows to watch. For western shows however, I really did like Charmed and the Medium. I like things of the supernatural or anything to do with magic.

9) Favourite bands?

I don’t like bands, but I like groups if they’re counted. You guys know I like kpop; my favourite groups being BTS, 2PM, AOA, MAMAMOO and SPICA.

10) Something you miss?

I miss a lot of things, but at the moment, the thing I miss the most is companionship.

11) How old are you?

Freshly turned 21; I’m so old omg.

12) Zodiac sign?

I’m a leo if you follow the western signs, or a dog for the Chinese zodiac.

13) Quality you look for in a partner?

Not only must they be attractive, but they must have a good personality and be able to deal with my constant mood swings or applaud my spur of the moment vanity.

14) Favourite quote?

Bitch you’re trash.

15) Favourite actor?

I don’t really have one actually, since I don’t watch movies, or TV for that matter. If anything, I like Fan Bing Bing because she’s pretty, but I’m not even sure what she’s like on the big screen.

16) Loud music or soft?

Depending on my mood, or if  want to sing or not; most times than never I listen to loud upbeat music that gets my mood up and running.

17) Where do you go when you’re sad?

Usually to bed and cry whilst stuffing my face with chocolate and complaining how I don’t get fat from all this binge eating, then I go out for a walk and automatically end up at my friend’s house for a good 4 or so hours before returning home.

18) How long does it take you to shower?

Not very long at all; I usually average half an hour to the entire day depending.

19) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

I wake up at 4 in the morning and leave home by 9am, just to make it to work on time.

20) Ever been in a physical fight?

Can’t say I have been in a real fight before, but I have on occasion pushed my little sister over a few times just because it’s funny to see her face plant the ground and then get punched in the face by her. Mind you, she’s only 4 so she doesn’t know anything.

21) Turn on?

Everything basically.

22) Turn off?

Cockiness, and actually overly muscly people, or those who think the gym is most important in their lives. While I’m at it, I really hate people who use emojis or people who can’t type properly or spell. Messy handwriting as well, and people who honesty can not see any of their flaws because their heads are stuck so high up their assholes they can’t see anything around them other than their big fat egos. OMG and I can not stand people who just sit around and complain about everything yet they do nothing for themselves or for others, or people who are fat who complain about their health and wellbeing but go into a McDonalds drive through, orders a soft serve cone and inhales the damn thing in just two bites.

23) Fears?

I have a fear of everything, and nothing. I’m scared of so many things, I wouldn’t be able to list it all because I’d be too scared to see how long the list would be. I’m probably scared of you guys reading this as well.

24) Last thing that made you cry?

When I ran into the wall and cut my face on the corner bit, at 4:30 in the morning and couldn’t do anything because it was too dark and I couldn’t see where I was, or where the light was so I sat down and sobbed for an hour then realized where I was an went into the kitchen to grab an ice cream and question my life and sanity.

25) Last time you said you loved someone?

This morning, to my little sister, when she was being a brat and didn’t want to have her hair tied up in a front pony tail, as in, I braided her hair so her braid would be at the front of her body, starting from under the chin.

26) Last book you read?

I don’t read books, I read blogs. The last blog I read was this TMI tag done by Sammie Louis.

27) The book you’re currently reading?


28) Last show you watched?

I was on Youtube watching the Weekly Idol show with Girl’s Day; that counts right?

29) Last person you talked to?

Again, little sister. This time I was being nice to her and telling her she couldn’t go outside and she was crying and being annoying so I pulled my tongue at her and walked away.

30) The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

Her name is Sarah and she’s the biggest bitch out; hate that chick. Nah she’s actually cool we talk almost everyday.

31) Favourite food?

I like food in general; there are some ingredients I dislike, but overall I will at least try and eat everything. Basically, I’m a fat person trapped inside this petite, beautiful body that makes all my friends really jealous.

32) Favourite drink?

I love bubble tea like no tomorrow. gain, I drink basically any bubble tea and there are only a select few I dislike, otherwise give it to me and I’ll polish it within 3 minutes.

33) Last time you were insulted?

5 minutes ago by my dad; he said I was a clown and had funny hair.

34) Last time you kissed someone?

I think it was before I started to feel like I had a col, so must have been 4 days ago.

35) Place you want to visit?

EVERYWHERE! Mainly around America. I want to visit LA, Memphis, Chicago, Oregon and Nashville most of all. There are important people living there who I really want to go and see. Otherwise, definitely Turkey and all over Asia. Probably not Bali, since I’ve heard it’s so humid there all year round and I can’t stand heat whatsoever.

36) Favourite flavor of sweets?

I like anything grape or watermelon flavored. I can do orange, but it’s not the greatest. Mint flavor is meh but I really love mints. That doesn’t make sense does it…

37) What instruments do you play?

I used to be able to play so many instruments as if I was musically talented, then I gave up and chose not to be good at anything anymore. I can barely play recorder as it is, and that’s one of the mont easiest instruments you can learn.

38) Favourite piece of jewelry?

I love rings and watches a lot, although most of my jewelry are ones I’ve bought myself. The only thing I hold to this date that I haven’t bought myself is the 21 charm my friend got me for my birthday, which I’m probably going to treasure for the rest of my life.

39) Last sports you played?

Pshh sports.

40) Last song you sang?

I don’t sing, I screech. I cackled to So Crazy by T-ARA does that count as singing even though it probably drove some of my clients away?

41) Favourite chat up line?

I’m pretty dense. It literally takes someone to ask if I wanna do the nasty for me to realize they were even flirting in the first place. Yet, apparently I’m the biggest flirt of all. WHAT EVEN IS FLIRTING?

42) Who should answer these questions next?

I have a few people in mind who I would want to answer these questions, but other than those who I am about to tag, I hope all of you guys who are reading this will do it too!

For the special people, I nominate a few of my favourite bloggers:

  • Mish Misha
  • Dorkchops (except I have a feeling she’s already done one)
  • Omie Hester
  • Deborah
  • and I really wanted to tag a guy, but I have no guy followers so uhm… yeah please follow me male bloggers and let’s be friends so I can make you do these tags with me. Inserts the crying emoji three times.

Don’t forget to tag me in your posts so I can read your answers too (and hopefully you all do it otherwise I’ll be super duper sad and actually cry for real, meaning I’ll need to change the answer for question 24 and tag you in it.)

Enjoyed this post? Give me a like and hit that subscribe button for reviews on cosmetics or other silly posts I come up with. Any other tags that you think I should do? Don’t forget to let me know about them through the comments below, or through my SNS sites. Until the next post~

love anthony ♡

btw I’m sitting at the computer looking at the title image and found out if I moved my head away from the screen, the colors became more vibrant, and if I moved my head closer to the screen, the flours became opaque and almost disappeared. Yes, I’m a loser like that and simple things keep me occupied. Peace out ✌


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