[UPDATED] Fighting Acne

Some of you guys read my post on tackling acne, and since some of you still had questions, I decided I’d re-type that post and give you some tips that I personally used to clear up my skin. Looking at my face now, nobody even realises how bad I had it with acne. Ask anyone who saw me right after graduation from schooling; they’d tell you how terrible my skin was back then. Now, my skin is near flawless with the odd zit here and there and occasional redness around my nose. What should you do in an acne emergency?

1) Don’t blame yourself for it

Putting yourself down or making yourself feel terrible about your acne isn’t going to do you any good whatsoever. It only adds to your stress, which can trigger more breakouts. A happy mind gives you healthy skin, so try and not stress about the spots appearing on your face. Sometimes acne is caused by genetics; my mom had acne just as bad as I had it during my schooling years, and it’s a fate I was never going to escape.

2) Pay close attention to your diet

People say that diet has no real effect on the condition of your skin. Compare someone who eats only healthy foods to someone who eats only high fat foods or junk foods; who has better skin? Diet plays a huge part in our overall health, so it’s obvious that eating the right foods will not only make our bodies work a lot better, but improve the appearance of our skin too. Acne can be triggered by allergies or certain food intake your body isn’t really digging. If you’re lactose intolerant, and eating dairy, not only are you going to put yourself in a position where you’d need frequent toilet trips, but also you’re exposing your skin to environments that can harm your appearance and skin vitality.

3) Don’t overclean

I find that people with acne skin actually clean their face too often, or are using harsh abrasive actions in order to clear their skin up. Please put down your scrubs immediately. Sometimes overdoing it will cause more breakouts, and that’s not what you want. Instead, opt for something more gentle, since your skin is probably irritated and in need of something soothing. Aloe vera and tea tree are excellent acne inhibitors which help to calm the skin down and reduce redness or swelling. As far as cleansing goes, you only need to scrub once a week; twice if you really need it. Otherwise, use a gentle foaming cleanser everyday to kill bacteria causing pimples. The bubbles in a foam cleanser act as a cushion to protect your skin from the friction between your hands and your face, calling for less irritation triggers.

4) Give your skin a drink

Moisturize every single day, twice a day to reduce the output of sebum in the skin. I cannot stress enough about how important it is to moisturize daily. I know so many people with acne skin who skip moisturizing because they hate the greasy feeling they get when using one. It’s probably because you’re using a cream which doesn’t agree to your skin at all. There are milky type and gel type moisturizers out in the market that can add enough hydration to the skin without that greasy feeling. You just need to find the one that works best for you.

5) Let your body drink too

As well as letting your skin drink by including a good moisturizer in your skincare, you need to drink water everyday to flush out your system in order for your body to work optimally. Flushing your body can rid yourself from toxins that may trigger acne, so removing toxins reduces the chance of bumps appearing on your face. Drinking water daily can also keep your skin hydrated, which means less sebum output.

6) Salicylic, not benzoyl peroxide

Proactic, if you’ve ever heard the name, uses benzoyl peroxide as their star ingredient for acne clearing. Well actually, its not very good at all in the long run, since the molecule particles are too big to clean your pores. In the long run, it only aids in temporary relief and you’re not going to see any drastic changes at all. Salicylic acid is a less common ingredient used in skincare, that works better in deep cleansing your pores and fighting acne and the bacteria associated with it all. The molecule is way more smaller in size add can effectively clear your skin up in the long run. The one I’m using at the moment, and is my favorite to this date, is the Etude House AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser, which I reviewed a while back. You can read it here.

7) Stay Fit

Exercise is not only good for your body but for your mind as well. Working out everyday can relieve you of stress which in turn, can reduce the breakouts in your skin. People who exercise more also sleep more, so that gives your body more time to heal and regenerate itself throughout the night.

8) See a dermatologist

Sometimes your acne isn’t a normal spot. Some people suffer from cystic acne, which is a huge pain in the ass and literally looks like little cysts growing on your face. It’s always best to get a proper examination of your skin in order to treat it effectively. The dermatologist will also be able to tell you what kinds of products you should be using on your skin so you can tackle other skin issues like dryness or oiliness, depending on your skin type. Using the wrong products for your face can throw the balance out of whack, meaning your skin will be harder to clear up. Sometimes it takes a professional’s help to help yourself.

9) Go back to basics

I know during summer, if I use too much on my face, then I’ll break out like crazy. I switch up my skincare based on the weather I experience in the day. Colder times of the year call for more hydration and luminosity, and hotter days call for more simple acne treatments. I use a three step system during summer; cleanse, tone and moisturize. If I apply more, then I find my face feeling too heavy since I’m quite oily myself during Summer. If anything, I’ll apply very fluid type products or cooling products to my face rather than richer cream types.

10) Keep your hands to yourself

Your hands carry so much germs and one way to transfer that to your face is by constantly touching yourself with your hands. I must admit, I myself, like touching my face, and it’s a habit I need to stop doing ASAP. Your finger pads ask carry heaps of oils that can transfer to your face and cause excessive sebum layers in the skin. What’s worse is when someone else touches your face. Isn’t that gross when someone shoves their hands all up in your grill and you don’t even know how clean they are? You should also keep your fingernails short, or at least, as clean as possible. Your nails carry so much bacteria and if you’re one for scratching, think of how much dead skin and dirt you’re wiping onto your face from the fingernails alone.

11) Love yourself

At the end of the day, you need to learn to love yourself; spots and all. You’re not going to clear up overnight, and that’s something you need to accept. Skincare isn’t a miracle product that will make you flawless right away, but persistence is key in order to achieve healthy skin. I’ve been working for 4 years now, and it’s literally taken me 2 to 3 years to clear my skin up to the point people comment on how “flawless” my skin has become. It was a rough journey, but one I’m greatful for having to go through. Why am I greatful for suffering really bad acne? I now have reasonably clear skin, and it’s thanks to my hard work and understanding. I feel like I can now try and help other people with their skin concerns in order to share beauty with you all. Beauty is a gift and it’s something I’m proud to share with you all, whether it’s a whole line review or simple tips like this. Any information can help, and I’m happy to help you all if I am able to.

That concludes my little tips on keeping my skin healthy and I hope my words can help you guys in the end. If you enjoyed reading this, or found anything helpful, then don’t forget to like and subscribe to my blog, and share this post around with your friends and family who need a bit of help in their lives. Let me know what else you want me to blog about, since it’s my job to write careful reviews or posts about skin concerns you’d like to hear about. You can do so by dropping a few comments down below, emailing me or communicating with me through my SNS accounts, which you can find in my Add My SNS. Until the next post~

love anthony β™‘


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