[ REVIEW ] Aloe Gel Functionality

Have you ever looked at a tub of aloe gel and wondered what it actually does? I, from experience, HATE talking about the aloe gel we sell at work. Not because its bad, because I’ve gone through five already. I despise explaining the functions of it. I’ve tried so many aloe gels from different brands, and honestly they’re all the same to me. This review will be based on the one that I’m currently using, from Nature Republic.

I’m basing this on Nature Republic because it’s so easily accessible to me, being the one we sell at work, and I honestly can’t be bothered going to Missha to get one from there. I do like the Missha one, because as you guys know, I’m a Missha fan since day one of my skincare transition to Asian products. However, is it really worth traveling an hour to get one when I can get something that works the same way, where I just need to travel to work and buy one? Haha

What exactly is an aloe gel for starters? Basically, it’s a gel formula that multipurposes as many different items to treat your body from head to toe. It generally uses MINIMUM 90% aloe gel, and most brands will have 92% or 98% aloe in their gel formulas. I’ve seen some aloe gels have 100% aloe vera extract in their tubs, but they do retail a lot higher than brands that only offer 92% or around that mark. In regards to my experience, I’ve gone through aloe gel like no tomorrow, to try and find one I like the most. I struggled, and to this day, I’m yet to find a gel that stands out amongst the others. They do all feel the same to me, and all have the same finish regardless of aloe content or branding. Now, it’s really up to you as to whether you’d want a gel by a specific brand, price range, or like me, accessibility. Let’s get to the main part of this, and discuss the functionality of aloe gel, and whether they truly work or not.

1) Moisturizer

It’s currently winter here so my face is becoming quite dry around my cheeks and sensitive around the nose and where I grow facial hair. I notice during the day time, it gives me just enough hydration to combat dryness throughout the day, and works well to combat oiliness. It’s soothing around my sensitive areas and reduces the redness too. If you’re excessively dry, then I wouldn’t recommend this for a moisturizer since it only just gives me enough hydration.

Simply apply a coin sized amount to your face and neck and pat until fully absorbed.

2) Sleeping Pack

I actually like using the gel as a sleeping mask because I wake up completely normal skin type, and my skin appears to be brighter. Any acne I have becomes less prominent and less red, and actually, even my hyper pigmentation marks have lightened. I don’t understand why, because it has no whitening ingredients in it whatsoever, but the fact it reduces the pigments says something.

Similarly to the moisturizing step, apply and Pat until fully absorbed. However, you’d want to apply a thick layer of the gel on, and probably want two or three layers of it on your face for optimal results. I use this in replacement of my night cream three times a week, and it doesn’t cause me any dryness or oiliness at all. The next morning, all you need to do is wash off with warm water and follow with your normal skincare routine.

3) Wash off mask

I wanted to stretch the usability of the gel, so I tried using it as a wash off mask. I can definitely say my skin is a lot more brighter each time I use it, but as for moisturizing, it does a mediocre job. If you’ve ever used the water sleeping mask from laneige, then it feels similar to that. I wouldn’t really recommend using it as a mask from experience unless you’re oily, combination or normal skin type. It definitely controls sebum production very well, but for hydration, not so much.

Apply a thick layer over your face, without patting it in. You just want it smeared on your face, and let it absorb naturally for about 15 or so minutes before washing off. Now, while your face is damp, follow with your toner step. I tried it with honey mixed in with the gel and that worked a lot better, so I’d suggest mixing equal ratios of honey and aloe for a better mask experience. If you’re dry skin type, then I strongly suggest the honey aloe mask, since honey makes your skin really soft, smooth and supple.

4) Exfoliator

Now I’m really stretching it; I mixed some cinnamon powder with the aloe gel and gently buffed my t-zone with the mixture to see how it would do. The aloe gel acts as a binding agent so the cinnamon doesn’t go everywhere all over your face, which I found relatively helpful. It also seemed to keep my skin calm even with the exfoliation, so my skin wasn’t too red after. Eh, not bad for what it does and my skin did appear brighter because of the aloe gel.

Simply mix to how you’d want your consistency to be; I went equal parts gel to cinnamon and applied it to my face. Alternatively, mix in sugar as well for a stronger buffing agent, or replace the cinnamon with sugar if cinnamon is too harsh for you.

5) Hair pack

My hair is beyond dead and as dry as a winter’s morning. There is nothing that will help the appearance or texture of my hair other than chopping it all off. I’ll base this review on just the roots and regrowth to see how effective it really is. I tried the aloe gel through my hair for two weeks and I can definitely say my roots and regrowth appear more full of life and softer since adding aloe gel to my hair. My ends feel slightly better too, but again, there’s no help with my ends.

Apply a handful of gel to your roots and work down the length of your hair. Massage into the scalp and work it well into the ends and let it sit for 15 minutes before washing your hair as normal. I went one step further and mixed the gel with my shampoo and that seemed to help my hair quite significantly as well.

6) Hair treatment

After showering, I applied another layer of gel through my hair and I noticed my hair felt less damaged and somewhat looked more glossier. Maybe if you had healthy hair, then the results will be more evident but for me, I’m just happy that my hair isn’t so frizzy and dead looking using the gel as a treatment.

Similar to the hair pack, apply a good amount to your roots and ends, and work it in for the best results.

7) Makeup base

I ran out of primer once so I decided I’d just control the sebum levels in my skin with the aloe gel. Usually, my makeup will slide around on my face or break down throughout the day, meaning many touch ups. I was surprised to see how well my makeup looked and lasted using aloe vera gel alone. My face appeared more brighter, healthier and overall improved the quality of makeup sitting on my face.

Exactly the same as using the moisturizing step, apply a thin layer to your face before base makeup and pat until fully absorbed. Apply a second layer if necessary, to control any oily areas around the face.

8) Dewy makeup

If you can use aloe gel as a primer, how would it work mixed in with BB cream or foundation? I gave it a shot, and my foundation had that crusty appearance as if the makeup broke down. What a waste of product. I decided not to trash it and apply to my face anyway, because that’s the kind of life I live. I go out of my way for reviews like this, and I’m certain the coverage was piss weak, but overall my face appeared very natural and even toned with an ethereal glow to it. If you already have a flawless complexion, then I suppose the very weak coverage won’t bother you, but for me, it didn’t cover much. I did like the appearance on my face though, and just meant I needed to spot conceal certain areas, which I’m not fussed about. As long as you blend the product in, then it should be okey, because my face didn’t look like it needed retouching after a while, which I liked.

Mix in 1 part aloe gel to 3 parts base makeup and apply to your face. I had the best finish using my bare hands, as brushes just made the product cake on my skin. Sponges alone soaked up way too much product, and since the formulation is quite sheer already, it would do virtually nothing. If you want to use a sponge, then at least work it into your skin with your hands first, then blend using a sponge for better results.

9) Body moisturizer

Should I even write a review for this? It works exactly the same as it does on the face, so yes, it gives you great oil control and reasonable hydration. If you have sensitive areas around your body, or shave often, then it will soothe those areas quite well. Actually, if anything, aloe gel is quite cooling so I noticed my pores reduced in size from the cooling effects.

As you would use a body lotion, work the aloe gel into your skin and allow it to be fully absorbed.

10) Cooling gel for burns

I carry a tube of some of the gel with me in case I get burnt at work, or my skin reacts to the sunlight. If you guys know, people often apply aloe vera to burnt areas to help cool the skin down and aid in the process of healing. Unfortunately, aloe vera doesn’t grow everywhere so the fact aloe gel has been created, it makes carrying some around with you in case of emergencies really is a life saver.

How do you actually apply to a burnt area properly? I merely apply it liberally and gently press my palm against the affected area to allow the skin to absorb the gel. If there is a proper technique for applying to burns, then please let me know.

11) Sheet mask

How do you use a gel product as a sheet mask, you may ask. It’s as simple as mixing a huge amount of gel into a bit of water to make a runny consistency before adding a sheet mask pack to the mixture and allow it to absorb before applying to your face as per normal. I do this on days where I can be bothered, because who honestly has the time to mess around with skincare? I can vouch and say that it improves skin clarity and makes skin ultra bright in doing so, plus it’s so much cheaper than buying bulk premade masks. The process is the only thing that kills me because it can chew up quite a bit of time, especially if you’re a busy person.

12) Eye pack

If you’re one for suffering morning puffy eyes then keep reading. I mentioned that aloe gel was cooling, so by applying some gel to the eye area, you can depuff the eyes gently, and keep them hydrated at the same time. It’s up to you how to use it; if you’re more of a wash off person or a sheet mask lover.

For a wash off pack, smear a bit of gel around the eyes and on the bottom eyelids and leave for 15 or so minutes before washing off. It feels heavy while the mask is on but all that discomfort will pay off in the end. You’ll notice that the eye area is hydrated, less puffy and the general eye area will appear brighter too. It’s not going to reduce the under eye circle discolouration, but it will reflect more light to appear more brighter. It can also reduce the appearance of blood vessels around the eyes too, to brighten that area even more.

For a sheet mask, simply grab a thin cotton pad and soak it with aloe vera gel and apply for 15 minutes or so and pat dry when done. The same effects are evident in this method, so it’s really up to you how you’d prefer to use the aloe gel.


Have any other ways to stretch aloe vera gel? I’ve gone and tried as many things as I possibly can, but maybe some of you have found other ways to implement aloe gel into your lives. Let me know how you have gone with the aloe gel, because I’d like to hear and see your results from using it. If you liked this blog, then don’t forget to like and subscribe to me, and comment below if you had any questions. You can also follow me on my social networking sites and see what I get up to in the day. As always~

love anthony โ™ก


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