Q&A with Anthonay [ 20 ]

Welcome back to another Q&A with Anthonay where every weekend (or whenever I feel like it) I answer your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions you send through via comments, sns or email. Let’s get started shall we?

What did you do on your birthday?

I had work at Cosmehut so I did my usual thing there, and extorted people for cake afterwards. I watched a few episodes of Sailor Moon and then fell asleep. Basically I did everything you aren’t supposed to do on a 21st.

I’m oily skin type and I need something that will help to control my oiliness throughout the night. Any recommendations?

It sounds pretty stupid but I bought the water sleeping mask from Laneige because I liked the texture of the product. What happened was I tried it out on one of my lazy days where I really couldn’t be bothered going through all my products. I literally removed my makeup that day and slapped on a layer of sleeping mask. Usually by the next day, my skin will be so oily it feels like I haven’t washed in a few days. With the sleeping mask however, I felt my skin was normal, if not a bit hydrated after using the sleeping mask. Quite odd since the product is known to include essential oils and all them oily skin triggers which isn’t considered good for anyone with a high secretion of sebum in their skin.

I’ve noticed the same feeling the next day using aloe gel as a moisturizer or sleeping pack too. It helps to balance the water levels of the skin in order to reduce the levels of sebum secretion.

I’m Filipino and I noticed a brand called Beauspeaks being popular amongst other Filipinos. Is it something you’d recommend at all?

My god no. I checked the ingredients and they’re pretty up there for long term skin damage. Not only that, but it appears that only a select group of people with a particular skin type are able to use it with minimal (meaning there still MAY be side effects) damage to the skin. The packaging itself also looks incredibly dirt cheap and poorly designed. One of the ranges that caught my eye was the face bleach, which threw me into an outrage because not only is bleach so harmful for the skin, but absorbed into the body too can cause severe malfunctions to your health and growth.

From one person to another, I strongly suggest you steer clear from Beauspeaks because of how much damage in can cause to your appearance long term.

I have no eyebrows. Can I use eyelash serum on my eyebrows to grow hair there?

My coworker previously had little to no eyebrow hairs at all, so she decided to give the eyelash serum a go. She now has a very weak eyebrow game, but at least she now has eyebrow hairs. Trust me when I say this, but a good quality eyelash serum does indeed work, and can help stimulate hair growth in areas needed.

How do I achieve skin like yours?

Actually, I had a lot of people today, tell me my skin is next to flawless. I don’t personally see it at all, but whatever. If they say it’s true then it must be true. I’ve switched up my skincare a lot and I have found a good combination that works well for me. This is what I use.

Étude House AC Foam Cleanser (to help control my acne)
Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive (as a base for my skincare)
It’s Skin D’Escargot Tonique II (to tone and regime my skin texture)
It’s Skin Power 10 VC (as a serum to brighten my complexion and control acne)
It’s Skin D’Escargot Lotion II (to hydrate my skin)
The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Cream (for extra hydration, skin clarity and brightening)
Missha Time Revolution White Cure Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++ (to keep my skin protected from the sun and prevent future darkening during hotter seasons)

POLA D Cleansing Oil (to remove makeup whilst control pores)
It’s Skin D’Escargot Foam Cleanser (to protect and repair my skin)
Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Borabit Ampoule (as a base for skincare)
The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Balancer (to tone and refine skin texture, smooth skin and restore lost hydration)
My Beauty Diary Royal Jelly Sheet Mask (for multifunctional abilities to treat many skin concerns at once)
The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Essence (for hydration and improved skin texture, whilst combatting the signs of aging)
The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Kun Jay Yang Lotion (to saturate the skin with hydration and nourishment)
The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Eye Cream (to nourish my under eyes whilst treat dark circles and help slow the process of aging)
The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Cream (to add hydration to the skin and aid in adding enough lubrication on hands for facial stimulation through massage)

I use this practically every single day, unless I decide to switch up my skincare based on reviews or if my skin reacts differently due to weather changes and condition.  It does chew up quite a bit of time, but beauty takes effort and unfortunately for some, it didn’t happen overnight with little to no effort. It takes me quite a bit of effort and time for me to MAINTAIN the skin I have.

Has someone ever asked you “Why do you waste so much time and money on your face?”

Many times. In fact, I hear it once a week. Some people think I’m blowing my money on all this stuff I really don’t need. The reality is, I need to spend so much on my face to maintain the skin condition I have now. Yes, it does take time and yes it chewed up a lot of time from my life too, washing and tending to my face every day. It annoys me to the point I want to punch them in the face, when someone tells me to just pop a pimple and be done with it. Or, to have someone use the words “What The Fuck” when I’m doing a facial treatment on someone else. This is the path I chose, and this is something I enjoy doing. For you to “what the fuck” me is out of line, and only makes me assume you’re jealous or annoyed at how much I know about someone’s skin.

I have damaged hair. Will using temporary dyes make my hair worse?

I use temporary dyes all the time, and I can definitely say my hair condition has not become worse at all. They add colour to your hair and wash out, so you’re not adding as much of the harmful chemicals to your hair you’d find in semi permanent or permanent hair dyes.

That’s it for the Q&A for this week. Remember to submit your questions to me through the comments below, through my SNS or even send me an email. New Q&A posted every weekend, so please stay tuned. Until next time~

love anthony ♡


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