Presents Galore!


For the love of God, please don’t delete again. This is the third time I’m writing this post, so please don’t clear all my hard work. I’m back, and unfortunately this was supposed to post yesterday, but however, WordPress was being a total bitch ass and wanted to delete ALL MY CONTENT

Over in America, it’s still my birthday, but here in Perth, its a new day and someone else gets a turn in celebrating their age. You guys all flooded me with phone calls, texts, inboxes, posts and mentions. With all of that, I got a million cakes as well, and I think my body is fatigued from the sugar overdose from yesterday.

I got heaps of presents, and even though I’m always telling people not to get me anything, some of you did and now I have too much items. What am I going to do with it all? Here’s some bad quality photos of some of the things I got on my birthday.



A painting canvas is such a simple, but thoughtful gift. I love art and painting is something I rarely do. It’s nice that people want me to have something I enjoy doing, so this gift is one of my favourite items in my haul.


Apparently having things with the number 21 on it is a must have item for turning that particular age. Is it because it signifies adulthood? I’m so worried that I’ll break it because I’m clumsy, so this one is staying put in it’s box and displayed somewhere out of the way. It’s a nice glass though, and a treasure I’ll cherish for years to come.


Another 21 memorabilia; a necklace charm. I don’t wear necklaces really, but I’m thinking of buying one just for this charm, and wearing it, because this was given to me by a dear friend of mine. Little things like this always make me happy.


Leaders Insolution make really awesome sheet masks packed full of serum. This is only one of the ranges they produce, and is by far, my favourite of them all. It’s cooling and really effective for acne treatment, and I absolutely love how the sheet feels on my face. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, I enjoy a mask better if the sheet feels nice on the skin. I’ve gone through hits and misses solely based on the texture of the sheet, and this one definitely doesn’t disappoint.


I’m so keen to try this hair mask. This one is also from Leaders Insolution, so I’m excited to see how well it performs. Just saying, if you guys want a really effective mask, then give Leaders a go, because I’ve never been let down, and most of my friends also agree; they’re so great for their designed skin concern, and feel so nice on the face as well. This hair one seems to be really heavy full of product too, so I wonder if it will give me similar effects to the SD hair mask I’ve tried earlier.


SNP apparently make good masks as well. I’ve never used SNP before, so it’ll be a first reaction for me. This one is different in the sense that it’s slightly more comical with the panda design on it. More scaring power is a plus in my books, since normal sheet masks tend to scare everyone enough already. I’ll probably review this one first, so stay tuned to my space here.


Very neutral eyeshadows with a few warm shades perfect for summer. It’s pissing down with rain at the moment, so probably not appropriate for this kind of weather, but nonetheless the colours look pretty and I’m excited to give these small palettes a go. They even have cute names and the colours are inspired by flowers.


Have you guys heard of the brand Clio? They’re slowly becoming incredibly popular and here in Perth, they’ve already established a name. The main focus for their makeup is matte products with brightening or hydrating effects, so I’m keen to see how these lipsticks fair with my overly chapped lips. The colours are divine though, and they look like they’ll have great colour payoff. Please don’t disappoint me!


The main feature of my birthday haul. I’ve used the trial pack from the inyang range and now I have a larger set. I know how amazing the products from History of Whoo are, so I already know how most of these items work on my skin. I’m so excited to finally use full sized versions of the skin, the lotion and the cream. The pack comes with a small tester of the eye cream, which might I add, lasts for so long. I still have my trial size and it’s gone through a month already, and only half way through. I do wish the Qi & Jin essence was larger because that tiny bottle isn’t going to be enough for me. Ah well, can’t complain because it’s still a Whoo set and one that I know I’ll enjoy using.

I have so much more products, but I wanted to keep this post short and sweet, so I’ll end it here. I now have so many different things to sample, try out and review, so I need to conquer procrastination to keep you guys updated with this birthday haul that everyone has provided me this year. What kind of things did you receive on your birthday? What mist have items do you want for your birthday if it’s coming up, or for next year if it’s gone by already? Please let me know through the comments below, or on one of my SNS accounts. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my blog for many updates on beauty and until the next post~

love anthony ♡

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