Q&A with Anthonay [ 19 ]

I’m finally back from my hiatus, and this is generally my weekly segment I call “Q&A with Anthonay” where I ask your beauty related or off topic questions every weekend. These questions have been submitted through my social networking sites, or my comments on my blogs, so let’s get into it shall we?

Who is your rant about?

I take it you read my rant on people being unkind. I don’t want to name and shame anybody, but the people, or person I should say, is no longer a friend. Not because of this stupid incident, but because I’m not one for continuing a friendship with someone who disregards people’s feelings or opinions.

What colour is your hair, I’m fairly excited.

I’ll post a photo of a before and after when I get my hair done on Tuesday. Currently its a whole lotta rainbow and I stuffed up when I ran out of colour on Thursday.

Are you doing videos?

At the moment, no, but I do plan on making videos when I have the time, and the money to get essential equipment. First of all, I will need a better camera to shoot, haha.

When did you last wash your makeup brushes?

Honestly, a month ago. I know how bad it is, and how much bacteria is bred On dirty brushes, and it can cause bacteria transfer to the skin, but its okey. I tend to use my clean hands for makeup application anyway haha. I also have a few brushes so I tend to swap them out for clean ones and bulk wash them all at once.

I saw on Facebook you got a new puppy. What kind of breed is she?

We have a Lhasa Apso, which, according to Google, is a natural guard dog. Apparently the breed originated from Tibet to help monks guard the palace and whatnot, and are incredibly wary of strangers. Possibly why she prefers to nibble rather than lick me. Sad face.

What’s the one thing you do every morning to keep yourself awake after a night’s rest?

I wake up, brush my teeth and go outside to have a cup of coffee with amino acid collagen. On days I forget to have my coffee, I immediately notice the effects of fatigue, so if I don’t have my morning dose of collagen with my coffee, I am incredibly lethargic and don’t have the energy, or mood to do anything.

I walked into an Asian beauty store and noticed they have mascaras for eyebrows. What do they do exactly?

Unlike mascaras for eyelashes, they won’t make your eyebrow hairs long or voluminous. They actually add a coat of color to your eyebrows to match your hair color, whilst set the hairs into place. Using an eyebrow mascara is a great way to temporarily lighten your eyebrow hairs, particularly if you naturally have dark eyebrow hairs like myself, with a head full of light hair.

That’s it for the Q&A for this week. Remember to send in your questions through SNS or the comments below. I take any questions you have for me, whether they are indeed, beauty related or completely off topic. Until the next Q&A~

love anthony โ™ก


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