[ RANT ] Y’cant be nice no more.

You know what? It’s honestly hard to be nice to people these days. You genuinely try and be as kind as you possibly can, to make or mend relationships between people, and no. You instantly get shut down and accused for something that you never intended. My question was really quick and simple. “Is it your birthday today?” asking a person who appeared on my timeline with a birthday notif thingie. Facebook is an online social network, open to everyone. Some people put their real birthdays, some people fake it because they want to keep their personal information to themselves. So, me asking if it was their birthday, was a genuine question to see if the notification was true. Instead of an answer I was hoping for, the person’s girlfriend immediately, without a second to spare, responds back with “Really Mate? Blind?” in those exact words. Now, I’m pissed off, because yes it’s obvious that there are people writing posts congratulating your birthday, but how do I know if it’s real?

This response actually made me feel annoyed. Usually I’m all cool with it, but I don’t know. Maybe just today, I decided to care about things, and the response I got annoyed me. Continuing with my story, I explained my reasoning behind asking, what seemed to be, a stupid question, and I got more bullshit replies like “Why don’t you check her wall?” or “Did you even read my status?” Come on, as if I really give that much of a fuck about you for me to go out of my way to read your status, which would have possibly been hella lame and crusty anyway; boo miss me with your shit.

The final result ended with me not even saying a happy birthday to this person, because her bitch ass girlfriend who needs to take everything as an attack to herself or her girlfriend. I was honestly trying to be nice, because I’ve had people wish me a happy birthday on a random day, and it’s hurtful or infuriating. Thinking of my past experience, I didn’t want to do what some people unintentionally did to me, so I tried being nice. Nah, you can’t even do that anymore. Having good intentions in your heart clearly don’t get you anything these days anymore. Well, nothing than some bitch who needs to be a bitch complaining about someone’s bitchiness expressing how bitchy they can be, making you think of how much you need to cut this bitch out of your life for being a bitch.

Eh I’m so done. Now the main reason why I’m writing this useless blog post. I’m coming out of hiatus on Thursday morning, AWST so stay tuned. I’ll also take in questions now for the most popular thread on my blog, the Q&A weekly posts. If you wanted to submit any questions, then please send them through via comments below, or my SNS sites. I’ve completely ditched the idea of monthly faves because not many of you guys liked it. I don’t do many reviews, which you guys are insisting I do more of, so that will need to change definitely. What else? You guys seem to be quite interested with my general life as well, so if that’s the case, should I do regular life updates for you all? Let me know what you think, and what you want. Up until then~

love anthony β™‘


2 thoughts on “[ RANT ] Y’cant be nice no more.

  1. aww feel better! it’s true the world and time we live in nowadays require us to build a backbone! it’s the age of impatience and sarcasm! sad but true.


    1. i don’t even care anymore honestly; if it’s really that bad of an intention of wanting to know if it’s someone’s birthday, then there’s no point in doing it anymore. meh, let people live in their own hateful worlds while i continue to try and be nice to others who genuinely deserve it.


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