Q&A with Anthonay [ 18 ]

Welcome back to another Q&A with Anthonay where I answer your beauty  off-topic, stupid or thought provoking questions every Saturday or whenever I feel like. Apologies for this coming out on Sunday, I honestly thought it posted, but clearly it didn’t. Here it is now, so again, I apologize and thanks for the submissions.

There have been comebacks lately since it’s Summer in Korea. Who’s comeback have you enjoyed this season?

I love a lot of the comebacks but the ones that have really caught my attention this time around gas definitely got to be Girl’s Day, AOA and Apink.

Girl’s Day came back with Ring My Bell which is an upbeat sing that caught my attention with their bridge. I absolutely love how they sang the “ring my bell” part right after the chorus to link straight to the verses. If you haven’t seen it yet, then have a look; I thought Sojin slated this time around.

AOA came back with Heart Attack, and giggled at the dance. I don’t think people grab their breasts in a seductive and cute manner whilst having a heart attack. I’m sorry but its too funny. The song is a little bit out of range for them as I can somewhat here them struggling to sing it in their lives, but nonetheless they did have a really fast paced song which I absolutely love and have on repeat almost all the time.

Apink has a song out called remember, and they stuck with their cute concepts again, which is a change from all the sexy concepts everyone has these days. I think the cuteness they exert is a breath of air which is needed for them to really be noticed amongst the other groups. The introduction grabbed me right away, with Hayoung’s voice which had slight sorrow in it. She really has improved so much and I’m so glad. Actually, all the members that I used to doubt have improved significantly and I’m happy for the group. I think this song is my current favourite, so have a listen and see how you think about it.

Its cold here in Perth, as you probably know, so what lipstick brand should I invest my money in?

I understand your struggles, wanting a lipstick that isn’t to dry during these colder days. With dry formula lipsticks, your lips can become quite chapped and isn’t a great look. I’ve turned my eyes to the Étude House Dear My Wish lip range with creamy lip formulas that nourish the lips, have great colour payoff but also stain very well with minimal colour transfer. Check out this range because I haven’t been disappointed and they’re incredibly cheap too!

What can I do to prevent colour transfer from my lips?

As I said before, invest in a good lipstick. Remember the more procure it is doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best in the market. It comes down to trial and error to suit your needs. Definitely opt for a staining product that has excellent colour payoff, as the stain types tend to have little colour transfer throughout the day, but needs little to no reapplication. Again, I suggest the Étude House range in lipsticks.

Rimmel Japan has a product you apply above your lips that practically lock the colour underneath this lip cream to prevent colour transfers. From what I’ve seen, it works wonders at preventing colours rubbing off your lips. As for the texture and how it feels, I’m not too sure  so I’ll try it out and let you guys know what it’s like.

Is it okey to wear matte makeup during Winter?

There definitely is no problem with matte makeup in any season as long as your skin doesn’t look too dry. Same with dewy makeup throughout any season provided you don’t look oily. During Winter, your skin under your makeup tends to look dry as hell so I think you need to add some radiance and nourishment back to your complexion to compliment the weather. Hughlighter and subtle glow, whether it’s a silky or dewy finish is necessary for that healthy finish. You can definitely have a matte makeup look, but still have a healthy glow; it comes down to your personal application and the uses of highlighters.

Why does most Korean makeup make your face look pale?

Since most Korean makeup have SPF in it, the addition of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide make the complexion lighter than western makeup does. I’ve even noticed some Korean makeup containing the whitening agent niacinamide, which is a KFDA approved whitening ingredient used in skincare.

Basically in any Asian culture, there is that stereotype where pale skin translates to how beautiful you are. They encourage keeping the skin as light as possible to get as close to the standard as they can. Hence why there are whitening skincare and makeup products in these kinds of markets.

How do you deal with being depressed?

I’m still learning the answer to this honestly, so I’m of no help for you, sorry. What I’ve done to stay as happy as I can really though, is to keep myself distracted by being with good friends and doing what I love doing most. For me, listening to upbeat and catchy songs cheers me up, and dancing when nobody is looking lifts my spirit too. Being with friends who can make you shine will help you stay a happy and mentally healthy person.

Negative thoughts and mindset will make you become a negative person, thus leading you down the road to not recovering from depression. Try and stay as happy as possible and try not to let things anger you. That’s my advice, as simple and common as it may be, has somewhat helped me out, so give it a try.

The biggest advice for you is that you can cry. Let it all out. Sometimes, the road to recovery comes down to seeing yourself at your weakest and picking yourself up from there.

That’s it for this time around. Remember to submit your questions through my SNS accounts or via the comments below and until the next time~

love anthony ♡

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